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Best 10 Bar Carts That Showcase Serious Style



best bar cart

The bar cart’s design and style falls to personal taste, but in general, it’s better to go with classic designs that don’t take up all the attention in the room.

If your household has amassed a lavish liquor collection, give it a demure display on one of these 17 crowd-pleasing bar carts.

This bar cart’s weathered nickel frame and smooth wooden shelves showcase a lighter and more versatile take on the rustic-industrial style. Its leather-wrapped handle provides a nicely refined touch whether you wheel it from place to place or keep it stationary.

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Vasagle Bar Cart

Adding a shot of structural intrigue, this bar cart will no doubt become the standout conversation piece of your entire place. Its forged-steel silhouette draws the eye in, no matter what is stored on its reclaimed-wood shelves.

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Glitzhome Oval Gold Bar Cart

This cart’s rose gold finish in a oval formation frame makes it the epitome of modern elegance. Two spaced-out levels with glass-bottom surfaces also make your beverage selection look less crowded.

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Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar and Serving Cart

Bar cart or new bedroom accent? Whether used to stow booze, books, or baubles, this metal pick adds a delightfully delicate touch to your space. You’ll find the extra metal racks around each shelf will help keeping your bottles stable and in place.

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RiteSune Wine Bar Cart

One for the household that loves to entertain, this sophisticated stationary cart has a burnished-brass finish. It holds a wide selection of bottles and bar tools. Users tout its high-quality, antique look and ample surface space.

Winsome Albert Entertainment Kitchen Cart

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One to wheel out to the deck on lovely days, this walnut-wood cart is fully mobile. It can be placed beside your patio furniture to conveniently serve glasses, bottles, and finger food as you lounge to your heart’s content.

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Walker Edison Buchanan Modern Glam Two Tier Rolling Serving Cart

Industrial construction offsets the pristine marble storage surfaces on this striking cart. The top tier is perfect for accessing glasses, garnishes, and your trusty cocktail shaker. An extensive collection of wine and spirits can be stowed on the bottom.

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Safavieh Dulcinea Bar Cart

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This three-tiered stunner’s brassy tone and mirrored surfaces make for great display as a living room side table — until it’s party time, of course.

Upton Home Tuscany Espresso/ Black Wine/ Bar Cart Serving Table

Listen up, oenophiles here’s a cart just for you. This pick has ample storage space for your bottles and stemmed glasses, plus a roomy surface to be used for decanting, tasting, and snacking. Until you convert your basement, consider this your starter cellar.

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HEONITURE Bar Cart with 2 Mirrored Shelves

This distinctive, well-rounded pick is an essential decor piece for the high-spirited. Mirrored shelves, a subdued gold finish, and swiveling casters make this a party-perfect centerpiece with enduring style.

How to set up a home bar

The key to how to set up a home bar is organization. What supplies do you need to keep on your bar cart so you can make a cocktail or drink?

Once you have your favorite bottles and accessories ready to go, you can display them in a way that’s artful and appealing.

You should add splashes of color to your bar cart with flowers, books, colorful drink glasses, even a bright tray. Hang a large, bold painting or framed image over your bar cart to set the stage, and you’re good to go.

bar cart

Buying Guide

Bar carts are a great addition to any home. This trendy piece of furniture adds a touch of fun and creativity to any home. With its low tabletop height and large storage space, the bar stool can add an unexpected flair to any room. Whether you’re entertaining guests or hosting your own party, these handy stools will make your home feel welcoming and inviting.

Many people choose bar stools for their home because they offer a practical solution to a cluttered home. With their large storage space and modern design, it’s no wonder why they’re becoming so popular. Many homeowners love this versatile piece of furniture because it offers clean lines and a streamlined look that creates a modern and clean look in any space. In fact, with their simplistic lines, they look like they fit right into any living room or den space.

This unique piece of home decor helps provide a food place to be stored. With its wide storage capacity, you’ll never have to worry about spilling a glass of wine or accidentally picking up too much food.

Bar Cart

Its ergonomically curved legs will keep your feet comfortably elevated while sitting, and its swivel countertop makes for easy clean-up. No more clutter, just a clean look.

As a handy kitchen tool, this versatile bar stool can be found in most homes. With its durability and simple design, many have seen how much use it gets. As such, it’s not uncommon to find them tucked away in kitchens and pantries, as well as being used as a secondary counter where bottles of wine can be stored and rotated for maximum use. With its functional benefits, this piece of home decor will surely find a place in any home. With its stylish appearance, it will surely enhance any room or den.

For a bolder statement, try pairing this stylish bar stool with another bold home decor option. A contemporary coffee table with a mission-style faucet will give you a complete bar stool, and coffee table look. You can complement this look with metal wall art or photos of your favorite destinations. These two home accents will make for a bold modernistic feel in your space. A creative way to use this accent is to use it as an island with a bookshelf below.

For an old-fashioned look, try a wicker basket-style home accent made from rattan. Baskets were once used to store clothes, but they are now used more for their color, style, and linens. When using wicker baskets as the base for your home decor, be sure to choose one that is large enough to house everything but small enough to look great in the space. Add vintage touches like silver ribbon or floral arrangements to enhance this look.

Consider purchasing a resin plant stand or a uniquely shaped bonsai pot to bring a bit of nature indoors. A nice pot or cactus-shaped bench would be an interesting and colorful addition to your home. Matching cushions on your bar stools and a wrought iron vase filled with flowers or small plants would be a lovely touch. You can turn an ordinary stool into a stunning piece of home decor by adding an element of nature.

No matter what type of home accents you decide to use, it’s important to stay within your budget. Luckily, there are many affordable options. Look for sales at home improvement stores, thrift stores, or garage sales. Look online for websites that sell affordable accent pieces. Use these tips to create a chic and sophisticated home decor that you will enjoy for years to come.

What to Look For Before Buying a Bar Cart


Bar carts are generally small in size, making them perfect for tucking into convenient and hidden corners. Think about how much space you need to work with and how much surface area and storage you’re going to need.

Usually, there should be enough space for a few liquor bottles, some glasses, and perhaps room for a few accessories like ice buckets or stir sticks. The shape is another consideration here, and we find simple lines work best.


Style is hardly one-size-fits-all, but we chose pieces with classic and minimalist designs that easily fit most aesthetics.


Cocktail carts, being carts, usually come equipped with wheels. There is still the question of whether or not you actually need the cart to move.

In many cases, the cart simply stays in the same spot, which makes wheels rather unnecessary. Still, for others, mobility may be much more important.


A cocktail cart really needs very little other than two or three flat surfaces to place drinks, but a few additional details go a long way. For example, guardrails are a feature to look for, as are built-in racks for wine bottles and glasses.

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