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12 Ideas On How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch

by The Mind Blown

A daybed can be a great way to use space in your guest room. But what if you’re not sure how to make a daybed look like a couch? We’ve compiled some simple ways for turning a daybed into a couch without spending a lot of money.

What Are Daybeds?

Daybeds are a cross between a couch and a bed. That means it gives you the best of both worlds in one product. With the ability to use the same space for sleeping, lounging, or even small gatherings.

Types Of Daybeds

Today, different types of daybeds are available on the market made from different materials, including metal, wood, and fabric. A daybed is better than a sofa sleeper or traditional pull-out chair because it can be used when guests come over. It gives you more flexibility with your living space. Hence, you have the option to spend time with family members during their visit.

Traditional Daybeds Are More Functional When looking at turning a daybed into a couch, it’s important to know your lifestyle and needs because a traditional daybed may be the best choice. Having the ability to wash and replace bedding easily is helpful. You can keep your bedding clean. This way, you have more freedom if someone stays over often.

The Best Daybed For The Job

Once you have decided what type of material to use for your guest room, you might want to consider using a daybed with drawers in it. This way, you do not need an end table with extra storage space underneath it.

This way, if somebody is sleeping over, they have enough room to store things they might need during their visit. This will not clutter up the floor for them to move around on. If looking at turning a daybed into a couch, it’s best to go with a traditional fold-out bed. This takes up less floor space than most others and is easily accessible if someone needs something from the drawer underneath it.

How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch

Now that you’ve decided on what material is best for your living space, it’s time to look at how to turn a daybed into a couch.

Having The Right Pillows On Top

Daybed pillow

When somebody walks into your living area, the first thing they want to do is sit down. Placing pillows against the daybed will give them an idea right away that it’s comfortable enough to be used for lounging.

Pillows can make or break any daybed you have in your home. If looking at turning a daybed into a couch, make sure to use soft pillows that can easily be moved around while not thinking about it too much when somebody is trying to use the space for sleeping or resting. It is easy to have too many pillows on your bed. You should try three accent pillows before anything else if you have trouble deciding how to make a daybed look like a couch.


Using Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets can also help to give somebody a better idea of the space as well as giving them multiple options for resting or sitting if trying to figure out how to make a daybed look like a couch. In addition, they will have somewhere to put their legs up against while sitting down, so using throw pillows under them is not going to be necessary. This can also give them more room while getting into a comfortable position while using the daybed.


Clear Away All The Clutter

In any living space that’s being turned into an entertainment area, clutter can be difficult to control if you don’t have the right pieces in place. That means keeping everything functional and accessible while ensuring nothing is left behind when turning a daybed into a couch. It is easier to find things in your home when you have a place for everything. That way, your family members and guests will know where to put their things.

Use A Coffee Table When Needed

daybed coffee table

Coffee tables can come in handy when figuring out how to make a daybed look like a couch, as well as having something to set things on while eating snacks or drinking beverages. If you use a coffee table, make sure it is close to a wall or that there is space around it.

You want people to be able to reach the table and put things on top of it. It should always be accessible from any direction. This is also where a rug can come in handy as well if you have one available. Make sure it’s big enough to cover up any flooring areas that may not seem as comfortable as the daybed itself.


Use a Side Table

daybed side table

Side tables can be a great way to turn a daybed into a couch and keep the flooring open and accessible if looking to use it. If there is room, you can put two tables on either side of your daybed. This way, people who are using the bed will be able to reach out and place something on it without getting up.

However, if this isn’t possible due to lack of space or anything else going on in your living area, try placing them both against the same wall. That way, family members and guests will know exactly where they’re at even though they’re sitting just one foot away from the bed itself.

Getting Proper Décor Pieces

If you really want to take your entertainment area up a notch, think about investing in some nice décor pieces in front of the daybed that will get people talking over time. There’s always room for new items such as paintings, sculptures, or even wall decorations such as clocks and frames.

Just be sure they match the overall décor of the living space before throwing them into place if trying to figure out how to make a daybed look like a couch. Changing the daybed look and feel to something that works for you and your family is as easy as investing in the right décor pieces to make it happen.


Use Bolster Pillows

daybed Bolster Pillows

Use a bolster pillow for a fun little twist when figuring out how to make a daybed look like a couch. Place them all against one wall if possible, allowing people to prop their feet up on the throw pillows and use the bolster pillows as resting points.

This can also be used as an alternative for those who like to sit cross-legged or want to stretch out across the entire space instead of just resting their legs. Toss a few throw blankets over them for extra comfort before having somebody sit down.

Use A Backrest Pillow

In case the daybed does not have any sort of headboard or back support, use a piece that can be purchased at pretty much any store for this type of situation. Think about keeping it simple by getting something along the lines of a single-colored rug to line up with the floors in your entertainment area while also being comfortable enough to rest against.

Keep in mind that you don’t need anything too extravagant or expensive on your end unless you already own everything on display. There are plenty of ways to decorate without having to spend tons on décor pieces if struggling with combining two very different living areas together while trying to figure out how to make the most out of what you already have on hand.


Consider Using Bed Skirts

Using a bed skirt can make a simple alternative if wondering how to make a daybed look like a couch. These come in all types of styles and colors, depending on what you’re looking for. Some are designed especially for keeping family members and guests from seeing under the main sleeping area. In contrast, others add more color and flair to the overall décor.

Use Your Creative Side For Extra Touches

daybed creative

Anybody can just place throw pillows down on top of their daybeds without too much thought. It’s the creative decorations that will make people talk about how awesome your entertainment area looks.

You can get ideas from others who know what they’re doing when it comes to decorating. So take some time out of your schedule to make your daybed look like a couch. You can use things that you already have if you want to save up for a fancier couch in the future.

Consider Seat Depth

Great for families or anyone with children, consider how deep the daybed itself is in order to determine whether you can sit down easily on it. This can also come into play when using a coffee table in your living area if wanting to make sure that everybody except for small pets can reach it without having to worry about bumping into furniture pieces while trying to get up throughout the night.

A typical daybed is 22 inches deep, while the depth of a couch will average around 39 inches. It’s much shorter than an equivalent sofa bed- usually about 20 inches or less (but sometimes there are longer ones). This means that pillows and arrangements need to make up 17 extra inches if you want your space for lounging at home!

Consider A Foot Stool Or Ottoman

Foot Stool Or Ottoman

Even though you’re able to use a few throw pillows instead, think about investing in some footstools that people can prop their feet upon. Not only does this provide extra comfort, but it can also be used as a makeshift table.

You can put one near the living area with storage space on the side. You need to make sure that you can clean the footstool easily, especially if it is made of fabric. This way, if something spills on the stool during snack time later in the day when you are changing sheets, then your footstool will be clean.

You can use these things to make a bedroom or entertainment area nicer for guests and family members. You don’t need to buy too many things. This will allow them to feel right at home when relaxing in your entertainment area. However, it’s important to keep the main daybed still the focal point of this type of living space.


Frequently Asked Questions – How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch

Can a daybed be used as a couch?

Yes, a daybed can be used as a couch. People often combine their daybed with a coffee table and throw pillows or even an ottoman to create more seating space for guests that come over. This is not something that is recommended if you have young children who may get hurt on the arrangement, but it can work well for guest purposes.

What is the difference between a bed and a daybed?

A bed has four posts at each corner, while a daybed only has two. A bed has feet, while a daybed does not have any visible legs sticking out from underneath the frame itself. A bed is made for sleeping, while a daybed is mainly meant for lounging (although it’s still possible to sleep on them if you need to).

What size is a daybed?

A standard day bed can measure anywhere between 70-75 inches in width and 42-45 inches in length. It’s important that you don’t try to combine two twin beds together, or else the size will be too bulky for what you are trying to do with your living space.

What type of mattress should I use on my daybed?

You can use any type of mattress on your daybed, but it’s best if you choose one that has a lot of support, so it’s comfortable while lounging around. Since there are no box springs used for this particular bed, the mattress itself should have some sort of thickness that isn’t going to cause back problems when sitting down.

How thick should a daybed mattress be?

A daybed mattress should be at least nine inches thick. If you want to use your daybed for sleep purposes, then go with something that is no less than 10-11 inches in total thickness.

Can you put a daybed in a living room?

A daybed can be placed in a living room as long as there is a coffee table or footstool to combine with it. If you use your living room for guests who come to visit, you should think about buying a footstool with storage on the side. This way, when people come, they will not take up all the space in your living room.

What is a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is a bed that has two parts. When it is not used, they are pushed together. This way, they take up less room in the bedroom. A trundle bed can also consist of two futons, depending on whether or not it would be beneficial for the family itself and how often they come into the bedroom area for recreational purposes.

What is an ottoman used for?

An ottoman is typically meant to rest your feet on top of it or use it as a makeshift table if you need extra space. It is also easy to find an ottoman with a fabric cover, so in case a guest spills something, it can be easily cleaned.

Are daybeds and twin beds the same size?

A daybed is slightly larger than a twin-size bed. However, it’s possible to combine two twin beds together if you feel the need for more seating space within your entertainment area or the living room itself.

What is the point of a daybed?

A daybed is mainly meant for lounging purposes. There are many different types of daybeds available on the market that vary in size, frame design, and fabrics used to cover up the actual mattress itself. A bed usually consists of four posts at each corner, while a daybed only has two, making it easier to get in and out of with a lower profile height.

How do you sit comfortably on a daybed?

It’s best if you put a pillow or two underneath your lower back before sitting down on top of the daybed itself. That way, it makes it easier for your spine to maintain its natural shape while staying relaxed.

Can you sleep on a daybed all the time?

You can sleep on a daybed all the time if you want to, but it’s recommended that you do not. It’s best if you only use your mattress for lounging around and sleeping purposes if necessary, such as when family members or guests come over to visit.

Is a daybed comfortable to sit on?

A daybed is comfortable to sit on, but it’s best to add padding underneath the mattress (for obvious reasons) and add a pillow or two under your lower back for support. This will ensure that your spine stays in its natural alignment while still reclining without any sort of tension at all.

Final Words

As you can see, there are some ways to make your bed into a couch. You can use it when you have people over who need the extra seating.

Finding something in your home will be much easier by using throw blankets, clearing away clutter, and using coffee tables. You can also get decorations that take up less room than most other options to help people who are visiting find what they need more easily.

If needing this type of furniture piece for your own personal space, you can even try thinking outside the box by adding cushions on top of the bedding, so it has more color and texture or large pillows to keep it looking more open and inviting instead of trying to turn a daybed into a couch.

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