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Top 5 Best Productivity Planners



Best Productivity Planners

All of us want to be productive in our lives, but it’s common to get out of track. In the end, what matters is what is consistent and is done repeatedly. Developing new habits and tracking them by maintaining a schedule can be possible by a productivity planner. The best productivity planner is the one that helps you to meet goals with efficiency, track tasks, and discover the purpose of your work.

When your life gets so busy, keeping a record of smaller actions is difficult, but tracking progress on paper will help you a lot. Despite all the digital tools available at your thumb, the benefits of owning a paper planner are undeniable. Here we have collected the top 5 best productivity planners for you to be more productive at work, goal-oriented, and focused. Let’s begin with a quick comparison of the best productivity planners.  

A Spotlight On the Top 5 Best Productivity Planners

The High-Performance Planner
Track progress effectively
It helps in reaching goals
Extra writing space
Perfect gift
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Power Place Daily Planner
Helps in developing habits
Boost creativity
Durable and stylish
Gives inspirational ideas
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Legend Planner PRO
Scratch off habit tracker
Accountability journal
Fitness journal
Record habit progress
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Get Stuff Done Planner for Productivity
Improves productivity
Turn goals into reality
13-week planner
Best for achieving full focus
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Panda Planner Pro - Best Daily Planner
Engaging and functional
Wellness journal
Prompts healthy habits
Provides daily content
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1. The High-Performance PlannerBest Productivity Planners

As evident from the name, The high-performance planner will increase your productivity through writing prompts, calendars, and self-assessments. This productivity planner is designed after thorough research on how high performers fulfill their set goals, create a positive mindset, and prioritize their tasks. Using this every day, you will start focusing on important tasks of your life and will ultimately start feeling much better.

You will find this planner the best of all, because of its unique features. Unlike others, each page helps you give motivation for your next move, and you will truly learn about your life. If you want to make your every day productive, this planner is for you, especially for a thinking person. Each daily page consists of a morning mindset and evening scorecard; this helps you set your day with a clear goal and end your day with a review of your intentions. This activity will help you in developing long-term good habits. Other than this, the planner also has weekly and monthly review pages that tell you about your progress.


  • Tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
  • Available in six colors.
  • Develops good habits.
  • Review of your progress.
  • It makes you focused.


  • No index in the journal.

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2. Power Place Daily Planner, Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity & Happiness, High-Performance Organizer Planner

Best Productivity PlannersLife is all about creating ourselves beautifully, and our different life experiences can do this. For living our lives to the fullest expression, we need to be more productive and goal-oriented. The daily planner will help you to keep your priorities clear and achieve your destination. Whether you want to incorporate productivity or gratitude into your life, this personal life calendar will help you in every step. With this productivity planner, you can set your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, live your life with passion, and create a broad vision.

No matter what post you are, a business owner, manager, teacher, or a student, this planner will help you plan your day. You can move day-to-day and add tasks-to-do lists; this will easily track your day. As your tasks get categorized, you won’t feel overworked or stressed. An increase in productivity will encourage you for other tasks and will ultimately lead to happiness. Make this year more productive with this best productivity planner, and enjoy your success.


  • Make your goal-oriented.
  • Tracks your progress.
  • Boost life quality.
  • It makes you more productive.
  • Eco-friendly material.
  • 24-hour scheduling.


  • No section of 6 months.

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3.Legend Planner PRO – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Increase Productivity

Best Productivity PlannersTurn all your dreams into reality with Legend planner; this planner will help you achieve every goal you have set. This planner will help you create your vision, break down your short and long-term goals, implement them, achieve work-life balance, and find the purpose of your life. It is specially designed keeping in view goal-setting techniques and the ways that are proved to increase your productivity. Using weekly and monthly sections, you will learn to prioritize your goals and focus your energy on important tasks.

The calendar helps you in time management and meeting all your deadlines without any hassle. As you reflect on your weekly and monthly overview, you will keep on striving for continuous improvement. Furthermore, this amazing productivity planner has a habit track section that ensures bringing positive rituals in your life and helping you stick to them. As it comes undated, so you can easily start it anywhere, anytime. Its outer hardcover is made with animal-friendly leather and is engraved with beautiful art-work. The pack also includes a pen holder, an elastic band, white paper, stickers, and a user guide.


  • Stay organized, focused, and motivated.
  • Tracks habits.
  • It makes you goal-oriented.
  • Undated.
  • Weekly and monthly reflection.


  • Month’s name is listed just at the beginning.

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4. Get Stuff Done Planner for Productivity – Habit Tracker Journal

Best Productivity PlannersIf you are looking for a tool to get more productive, then the Productivity planner is the best option. It is designed to give you great results in no time; empower you to focus your mental energy, and prevent you from overburden. Writing goals helps in achieving them more likely as compared to just keeping it in mind. This planner’s format is different from others and is planned, keeping in view the productivity principles and supported goals that help increase the efficiency of work.

As you start using the planner daily, you will be away from all distractions, and the goal-oriented system will enforce productive habits in you for a long period. You can become more effective with each passing day as you will rate your productivity at the end of each day. Review your weekly plans and stay motivated for future challenges. The planner is non-dated so that you can start it anytime without any wastage of paper.


  • It makes you productive.
  • Sturdy and functional.
  • Weekly Planning & Weekly Review
  • Prioritized Task List.
  • Extra Space for Notes.


  • Planner for five days a week, not for seven.

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5. Panda Planner Pro – Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity – 8.5 x 11″ Softcover – Undated Day

Best Productivity PlannersAnother best productivity planner is Panda planner pro, as it is based on scientific studies that ensure to increase happiness and productivity over time. While struggling to cope with daily life challenges, you will feel more exhausted and overwhelmed. This planner will help you empower you to back control, reclaim your peace, and flourish in every step. Our daily planner will help you to write down all your daily tasks-to-do list. You can prioritize your task and look at your progress report at the end of the day. You will be more organized and focused as your tasks will be completed on time.

The best thing about this product is that you will not only get the planner alone, but along with this, you will also get seven different ebooks and a video series that will help you to reach your goals quickly. Live your life vibrantly without any stress any problem by increasing your work productivity through this planner.


  • Improve you every day.
  • Increase productivity and happiness.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Comes with ebook and video series.


  • The layout needs some modification.

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Buying Guide for the Best Productivity Planners

Best Productivity Planners

Before choosing the best productivity planner for yourself, make sure to consider the following features that are discussed below:


The quality of a productivity planner is one of the most important aspects. While you are selecting a planner for yourself, make sure that it is made of high quality. A paper should be thick to avoid ink bleeding. Furthermore, the outer cover should be hard and made of sturdy material; this makes it more durable. A cheap quality planner will not stay with you for a longer period. leather planner vertical weekly planners planner for men spiral planner pocket planners smart planner full focus planner review


Different planners have a different layout, and the specifications vary accordingly. Some of them have a plan for days only; others may have weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. A preferred layout is the one that has separate sections for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning and also has a review section that tracks your progress.


You need to find out that for what purpose you need a productivity planner. If you want to have a positive mindset, and want to be focused every morning, go for the planners who encourage and motivate you every morning. However, if you want to develop a productive habit in yourself, look for the planners that include habit trackers in them; this helps you track your habits and develop the good one. leather planner vertical weekly planners planner for men spiral planner pocket planners smart planner full focus planner review


Some of the productivity planners come with a guarantee and prefer such models to claim your product in any mishap. best planners for productivity


Conclusion – Best Productivity Planners

The best productivity planner will positively change your life by making you more organized, goal-oriented, and focused. Your best planner is the one that matches your preferences, so choose your planner as per your needs. best planners for productivity 

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