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8 Personality Traits That Separate Men From Boys

by The Mind Blown

Being a real man is not as easy as it sounds. Often a person fails to maintain that thin line between being a boy and being a man, and therefore he finds himself all clustered in two different kinds of personalities. A grown-up man is what a lady looks for to spend her entire life with.

Moreover, a boy-like personality has never attracted any woman. Thus, from physical appearances like dressing, fitness to morals and attitudes, there always remains a difference as to the personality of men and boys. TheMindBlown brings you the following traits that will help you understand the eight personality traits that separate the men from the boys.

The dressing sense

dressing sense

Whenever it comes to the dressing sense, the men excel. The fashion sense of men is way ahead of that of the boys. Yes, men usually prefer the formals or the classy wear to suit them up in the best they can. On the contrary, the affair is all casual and colorful, along with a lot of unwanted and bizarre accessories for the boys.

Men like to be taken seriously, and therefore they dress up in such a manner. If you are someone who is trying to grab the attention of a woman, then it’s essential for you to know that looking like a man does not mean wearing tight and hot pants or revealing your six-packs. Rather, in order to make an impression in the best way possible, it’s important for you to wear what suits your stature.

The fitness

One of the physical traits that separate the men from the boys is their fitness. No, we are not saying that all the boys do not remain fit. At the same time, it is not about being muscular that depicts the manliness of a person. But, the overall fitness in men has always remained better than that of the boys.

They do not go out of their way to work out in the gym, but they remain active throughout the day by meeting up their daily tasks. The boys instead are lethargic and therefore cannot take part in any physical activities, like sports, for any long period of time. The moment the boys decide to go back to their old selves, they start gaining weight and look unfit.

The attitude

Okay! There is a big difference of attitude or an opinion in between men and the boys. The boys are usually immature, and they think that the whole world revolves around them. On the contrary, the men are calm, composed as well as sorted. They like to enjoy life in their own way, and they make sure that they come out of the stress every once in a while.

Thus, it is always better to be mature in your approach when dealing with something important in life. Attitude does signify not only patience but also the way you speak and what you do in a particular situation. Thus, the sooner you understand this, the better it is for your career as well as your personal life.


men Chivalry

The behavior of a man towards a woman is what is important to judge or distinguish in between a man and a boy. Men are always well-versed with chivalry, and no matter what, they always maintain a polite behavior towards the women. On the very contrary, a majority of the boys are less chivalrous than the men.

They are always happy with their friends and do not bother to be chivalrous towards any woman in the vicinity. Chivalry is not about following the norms of etiquette, but it’s about the way you talk to any woman in the world. Also, it’s about how you carry yourself when in front of them. Men are always aware of their environment, and they never let anyone down in the matter of chivalry.

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The talk

Have you seen a man bragging about his new Audi? Or have you heard him telling you that he is earning very handsome and taking a number of holidays? Men do not have this habit of bragging about themselves.

They are as sorted as an open book. On the contrary, if you meet a boy, he will always keep telling you about his victory in a football match or a new brand that he has just added to his wardrobe. A big difference! Talking about your success is good but, overdoing it always hurts the image of a man. Men are humble, and they let their actions speak for them.

The goal

Men are focused and goal-oriented. They know their goals, they set their goals, and after that, they start working hard to achieve their goals. Their orientation towards their goal is what makes them impressive. On the very other side, the boys are usually very fickle-minded. Yes, they certainly are.

They do not set any goals for their upcoming life. They are neither concerned about the past nor about the future, but they merely live in the present. Men are always ahead of their lives, whereas the boys are living in the cracks. Having a goal in your life is important. Every man should have a goal, and once he sets his mind to it, he will work hard towards achieving that goal. That’s the way a man lives his life!

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One important point that always differs a man from a boy is the respect that a man shows towards others. Yes, the men are more respectful towards others if we compare them to the boys. These men respect their parents, their elders, and all other people around. They understand the value of respect, and therefore they never fail to show it.

On the very contrary, the boys do not often entertain the trait of respect towards others. In fact, they are more concerned towards their own self-respect, and this is what makes them very self-centered. Since they do not behave well with anyone, the chances of them developing good relations are always less. Respect is something that every human should have, and respect is written all over the personality of a good man.

Care and Love

Care and Love

This is what impresses the women most. A man is always very caring and loving towards her lady. He knows how to impress her woman. He knows how to make her happy. He knows how to care for her, and finally, he knows how to show everything that he feels.

Men understand the value of love and care, and therefore they exhibit the same to their loved ones. On the contrary, the boys live into their own world whenever it comes to showing their care or concern to someone. They do not know how to love someone rather, they need someone to love them. Caring for someone is important, and all the good men understand this.

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Men and boys both are different from each other. The factors that we have discussed here – the attitudes, the behaviors, the goals of life, and so on – make a very big difference between them. You can easily grab this point of difference if you had seen it anywhere else before as well.

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