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Best Camera Tripods in 2021



camera tripod

Looking for the Best Camera Tripod? A bit of stability in life is always a good thing, especially when it comes to beating the photography shakes.

And while a growing number of cameras and lenses have built-in sensor-shift or optical stabilization, there’s no substitute for a sturdy tripod.

Not only is a tripod essential for shooting with slow shutter speeds and long exposures and for macro photography, but it also helps with composition.

Taking a little time to level the camera and to make precise positional adjustments can make a huge difference to the end result.

It’s true in anything from the landscape and architectural shooting to environmental portraits, still life images, and extreme close-ups.

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Sturdiness is a must

Balance a beefy body and chunky lens on a flimsy tripod, and your photography simply won’t have a firm footing.

We’ve selected tripods that aim for rigid construction for this group test and have a maximum load rating sufficient for even the largest SLRs with a telephoto lens attached.

That said, nobody wants to lug around a massively heavy tripod when they’re out and about, so most tripods in the group weigh about 2kg and can safely support loads of at least 5kg.

Clever tricks often include multi-angle legs, which can typically lock at three alternative positions.

Increasing the angle of the legs from the center column adds stability in medium-level shooting when you’re not extending the legs very much, as well as enabling low-level shooting by reducing the overall height of the Tripod.

Most tripods enable you to invert the center column and shoot from between two legs for even lower-level shooting, using the camera upside down.

Some also feature a pivoting center column, which enables quicker rotation for inverted shooting, plus the ability to use the center column as a horizontal boom.

This is especially useful in macro shooting and when using ultra-wide or fisheye lenses, where it can cut the risk of tripod feet getting into the shot.

Whether you shoot in the cozy confines of a studio or atop mud-streaked mountains, a good tripod is necessary.

As HD video recording has become an integral feature in most digital SLRs, tripod manufacturers have responded with smoother panning heads to ensure you’ll be able to cleanly track your moving subject.

While carbon fiber has lost a bit of the wow factor (we get jaded quickly in this high-tech era), it’s still the material of choice for high-end stabilizers expected to carry the weight of telephoto lenses.

Here is a list of 16 Best Camera Tripods in 2021

Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Tripod Bag

The Explorer Tripod is perfect for digital, video, and still cameras up to 4 pounds.

Featuring quick-release leg locks and a 3-way pan head, this Tripod is a breeze to set up.

Utilizing a geared center post, this extends from 22″ to 60″, giving great range.

Extra leg support offers better stability. Tripod bag included.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This lightweight tripod is perfect for most cameras up to 6.6 pounds. Setup is quick and easy. The included bag makes storage and transports a snap.

Ravelli APLT2 50″ Light Weight Aluminum Tripod with Bag

The Ravelli APLT2 is a very light tripod, but it still extends to a height of 49 inches.

With a weight of just over 1 LB (1.15LBS), you will not be weighed down. This Tripod is constructed of aluminum legs and a hard plastic head.

It has the ability to change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape. The legs have rubber feet for stability on different surfaces.

The legs have three extendable segments for varying heights. This Tripod also has an extendable gearless center post for easy movement and adjustment.

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Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand

Take your iPhone photography up a notch with the GripTight GorillaPod Stand from JOBY, the adaptable, all-terrain Tripod that supports any iPhone, with or without a protective case.

Designed with flexible, wrappable joints and grippy rubber feet, this stand allows you to secure your iPhone to objects, stabilize your camera on uneven surfaces and position the screen for the best perspective.

So get a grip and shoot time-lapse photos on your iPhone or comfortably watch a video—it’s possible to take your artistry anywhere with the help of your adaptable GripTight GorillaPod Stand!

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Ravelli APLT4 61-inch Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

The Ravelli APLT4 Lightweight tripod is great for photographers that are looking for a lightweight and versatile 61″ Tripod.

This Tripod is very inexpensive but full of features. With the ability to position your camera from a normal landscape orientation to portrait orientation, you are sure to be able to capture the photo you want.

This Tripod also comes with a handle, carrying bag, two bubble levels, one in the leg and one on the camera plate. This also has a quick release plate for your camera for easy setup and takedown.

The Center is gear driven to extend up an extra 11″. This Tripod is made from aluminum and dense plastic.

The legs and center channel are made from aluminum, and the head and section intersect are plastic.

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Joby GP1-A1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod

The Joby Gorillapod makes taking digital photos more fun than ever.

Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the Gorillapod lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots.

All you need to do is use the universal 1/4-20 screw to attach your camera to the standard tripod mount, then wrap the three flexible segmented legs securely to a nearby tree branch, fence, park bench, or anything else that’s convenient.


Professional 72-inch TRIPOD FOR All Canon Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, Cameras And Camcorders + BP MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth


ButterflyPhoto has Offered Top quality products for all digital cameras for over 15 years.

Every product is guaranteed to work 100% perfectly and is 100% Brand New in its original Package.

Each item includes a Full Worldwide warranty and is 100% sanctioned for safe use.

ButterflyPhoto is a Leader In the Consumer Electronics Business; Our ratings throughout the internet are second to None.

This 72-Inch Photo and Video tripod feature a special carrying handle as well as a professional foam grip.

It has self-leveling rubber leg tips as well as built-in bubble levels. It has a 3-way pan head and 3 section legs. It includes a deluxe carrying case and has a 3-year limited warranty.

Lightweight, versatile, and affordable, the 72″ Tripod is a great tripod for photographers of all levels of experience.

Polaroid 8″ Heavy Duty Mini Tripod With Pan Head With Tilt For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Regardless if you’re a casual photographer/videographer or a serious “prosumer,” there’s a Polaroid tripod designed with your needs in mind.

That’s because we design our tripods with intelligent in-demand features like fluid pan-head, braced center columns, all-terrain leg tips, dual levels, compact-footprints, ergonomically designed carry handles, and foam grips-and everything else you’d expect from a tripod line inspired by over half a century of imaging innovation.

And to ensure they’re part of your “accessory arsenal” for the long term, we’ve crafted them from industrial grade, lightweight aluminum to ensure they always keep your valuable equipment on solid ground.

No matter if you choose our ultra-compact desktop models, our unique monopod, or our ruggedized all-terrain models, you’ll immediately understand why Polaroid tripods are considered the ultimate in “classic image stabilization” Leg Diameter: 20mm

Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head

Dolica’s 62″ Aluminum Proline Tripod is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography. It is perfect for events, sports activity, capturing that one amazing shot.

Designed for use with Point-N-Shoot cameras and/or Digital SLR cameras Tripod Features: Professional Aluminum alloy construction and able to support up to 13.2 lbs. Base thread: 3/8″.

Includes ball head, quick release plate, and bubble level. 90-degree vertical platform. Standard-wide angle, semi-wide angle, full-wide angle. Quick-release leg locks and non-slip rubber feet.


Ravelli AVT Professional 55-inch Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head

The Ravelli AVT is constructed of pressure-treated aluminum and is unrivaled instability.

This Tripod incorporates a unique center brace strut system, reliable quick-action leg locks, non-rollback center column, and rubberized feet with retractable metal spikes.

The Ravelli AVT is a high-performance fluid drag video head that provides continuous drag control and operates on both pan and tilt axis with independent pan and tilt locks.

The Ravelli AVT tripod head features finely machined parts for greater positioning with smooth, definite action.

An easy to use fluid head comprised of titanium-line components for up to medium format and utilizes full two-way action allowing you to isolate the plane of motion and make precise adjustments to your compositions.

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series 60-Inch Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo for DSLR

The Dolica GX600B200 is ideal for indoor and outdoor photography.

Thanks to the modest 3.5lbs, you can take it anywhere, making it perfect for all events, such as sports activities, camping, family gatherings, and much more.

It can hold up to 15lbs giving you the flexibility for all types of cameras and camcorders.

The legs are 4-sided round tubes with extra firm legs snap locks that give it extra weight capacity.

The Ball Head has numeric degree markings suitable for horizontal panoramic shots. Includes a carrying bag and a tool kit!

Ravelli AVTH Professional Tripod Dolly for Camera Photo Video

The Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly is an excellent dolly for use with your professional camera and video tripods, light stands, and background stands.

The most important feature of a good dolly is good wheels. After all, the point of a dolly is to be able to smoothly move your tripod from one place to another.

Unlike less expensive models with smaller plastic wheels, our dolly uses large 3″ diameter wheels with all-metal ball bearings and a rubber outer surface for an ultra-smooth roll.

The ATD also features one-step easy locking wheels. Once you get the dolly where you want it, all you have to do is “step” on the locks for one or more of the wheels.

Some competing models, including the best names such as Bogen, Manfrotto, Quickset, and Linhof, require that you get down on your knees to “screw” a separate rubber stopper down to the floor to hold the dolly in position.

The universal leg locks used will fit nearly any Tripod. Many of the tripod dollies offered by the competition, including the best names such as Bogen, Manfrotto, Quickset, and Linhof, have a fixed attachment point at the end of the dolly legs.

This one has a leg grip that slides along the dolly leg, going either closer to the center or out to the end. This allows you to adjust the desired level of “spread” for the tripod you are using.

AmazonBasics 70-inch Adjustable Pistol Grip Head Tripod

The AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Head Tripod provides independent tilt axis control and full 360-degree panning.

Ravelli Professional 65″ Ball Head Camera Video Photo Tripod with Quick Release Plate and Carry Bag

The Ravelli APGL5 is a Professional Quality Tripod that provides a solid base for high-end photographic equipment.

This model is made from Aluminum to create a light weight and sturdy Tripod. The ball head provides smooth adjustments to any angle.

The center column is gearless, and the legs can be inverted for low angle shots.

Dual foam grips, quick release leg locks, 2 Quick Release Camera Plates, and rubber feet complete a very nice lightweight tripod.

Manfrotto BeFree Compact Lightweight Tripod for Travel Photography

The Quick Release Adapter design enables the legs to fold tightly together, making it even more compact.

BeFree is always comfortable and easy to carry around with its padded carrying bag.

The extra padding makes it easy to pack in your luggage while protecting it from any accidental damage.

Keep your camera steadily locked in the desired position with the integrated aluminum ball head. It is strong, fast, and simple to operate.

The angle selectors allow you to quickly select between 2 different angles for maximum versatility in getting the shot you want.

Manfrotto 190XPROB 3-Section Aluminum Pro Tripod

Designed for professional photographers, this is an extremely versatile tripod, ideal for small format cameras.

The 190XPROB makes the famous Manfrotto-patented Q90 center column even easier to use.

By extending the column to its highest vertical position, the Q90 center column allows the change from a vertical to a horizontal position without removing the head or disassembling the column itself.

Making setups between framing and positioning more convenient than ever.

The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks add to this professional tripod’s key features.

Also features two legs equipped with permanent leg warmers.

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