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7 Best Golf Balls to Buy: the Perfect Golf Balls for Putting, Driving, and Learning

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Golf games can be incredibly close affairs, so it’s essential to take advantage of every edge you can. While many players will focus their energy and money on new clubs, your choice of the ball could be every bit as crucial.

Picking the right golf ball allows you to boost and support the key areas of your game.

With the right balls at your disposal:

– you can extend your driving distance

– master spin for your putting

– increase your ability to play in cold conditions.

There are golf balls to suit every budget and playing style, and we’re going to outline all the best options in the buying guide below. We also have some top tips on how you can save money while still picking up some premium balls.

Heed our advice, and your golf game should improve by leaps and bounds – and all without breaking the bank.

The Best Golf Balls to Buy This Year

1. Titleist NXT Tour golf balls: The best golf balls for the average golfer

408 Reviews
  • This mixed Titleist Mix pack is a great way to experience many of Titleist's popular models at a great price, without sacrificing the quality your golf game demands

Titleist is a highly revered brand in the golfing marketplace. The NXT Tour golf ball is a perfect choice for average golfers with a low or medium handicap.

They are designed specifically to improve playability for golfers in this intermediate category between beginners and experts, with a softer and responsive feel that will help you step up to that next level.

A soft compression core couples with a thin Fusablend cover to create a ball that will fly off the tee at pace but with solid shot-stopping accuracy that help you approach the green with confidence.

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It has everything you need to graduate from a medium handicap to a high one in basic terms.

Key specs

  • Quantity: 24 (used)
  • Different design options: None
  • Dimple count: 302

2. TaylorMade Burner Soft golf balls: The best golf balls for beginners

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball
1,000 Reviews
TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball
  • See below for description

With their Burner Soft range of golf balls, TaylorMade’s popular brand has gone for a very durable product.

The resilient Iothane cover and low-drag aerodynamics ensure that the Burner Golf balls are very long-lasting. This makes them perfect for beginners. You can practice endlessly with these balls, and they’ll keep delivering top-quality results.

These balls have a REACT core that makes them fast in the air. This should come in handy when you’re trying to hone your driving abilities and other long-distance shots.

However, they’re also still soft when you need them to be, so your short game won’t suffer at all. These are another strong all-around set, especially if you’re just starting out with the sport.

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Key specs

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: None
  • Dimple count: 360

3. Bridgestone E6 Speed golf balls: The best golf balls for distance

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls (One Dozen)
885 Reviews
Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Engineered for straight distance
  • New Delta dimple design allows smoother air resistance around the ball to resist pop-ups
  • Anti-side spin inner layer for increased accuracy
  • Soft surlyn cover and 3-piece design for low driver spin and improved greenside spin
  • Incredible initial velocity for faster ball speeds

If you’re in search of the perfect ball to improve your long game, Bridgestone’s E6 Speed golf balls will fit your requirements. Bridgestone employed their ‘Delta dimple’ here. It is designed to create smoother air resistance and better velocity. This should help your shots from the tee to stay in the air for longer. Also, getting you further along the fairway and quite possibly improving your handicap. Rather than focusing on the spin as some other balls do, these E6 Speed golf balls are dedicated to helping your balls fly straighter and longer. If you’re currently wasting extra shots on the fairway and struggling to stay on par, these balls could transform the way you play.

Key specs

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: White or Yellow
  • Dimple count: Unspecified

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4. Titleist Pro V1 golf balls: Best golf balls for high handicappers

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, used by many pros, are among the very best golf balls on the market. They are engineered to be true all-rounders. This makes them the ideal choice for high handicappers who want to improve their game as much as possible in every imaginable area.

These balls have the next-generation 2 ZG process core, contributing to longer distances from the tee. The 352 dimples should also aid your long-distance game, giving you enhanced consistency and control in your drive. And when you get close to the hole, the soft urethane elastomer cover system should deliver ‘drop and stop’ greenside control. This allows you to land the ball with top-notch accuracy. Finally, the responsive ionomeric casing layer should help with your speed and spin shots.

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Key specs

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: Standard Numbers (1-4), High Numbers (5-8), Pink Numbers
  • Dimple count: 352

5. Second Chance Callaway Warbird golf balls: The best cheap golf balls

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls (One Dozen)
5,310 Reviews
Callaway Warbird Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Designed for Distance. The Warbird Golf Ball is designed for distance and maximum flight from a high-energy core and a 2-piece design, along with a white or optical yellow color options.
  • Callaway's renowned HEX Aerodynamics reduce drag and promote high launch for increased speed, hang-time and distance
  • The extra-large high-energy core is highly compressible to unlock more potential distance at any swing speed
  • Thin, high-sensory ionomer cover works with the core to promote super-satisfying feel off every club
  • The package weight of the product is 9.1 pounds

The Warbird golf ball from Callaway is a powerful long-distance ball, boasting an optimized core, ionomer cover, and hex aerodynamics.

It’s perfect for getting up the freeway, while the soft feel will also come in handy when you’re putting. It’s a speedy ball with loads of positive reviews on the web.

However, to make them even more tempting, you can buy ‘second chance’ packs of Warbird balls second hand through Amazon.

There’s no shame in buying used golf balls when they’re of this high quality. You can stock up and improve your long game without over-stretching your budget. If that sounds good to you – and it should – then the Second Chance Warbird packages are perfect.

Key specs 

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: None
  • Dimple count: 382

6. Bridgestone E6 Soft golf balls: The best golf balls for winter

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
3,941 Reviews
Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Delta Wing Dimple pattern for less drag and optimized aerodynamics
  • 2 Piece golf ball with a super soft feel
  • Soft feel offers better Approach and Greenside Performance
  • Low Driver and Long Iron Spin (for increased straight distance)
  • Designed specifically for players with less than 105 MPH driver swing speeds

The dual dimple technology within the soft Bridgestone balls will give them reduced drag and increased lift.

This makes them perfect for zipping through the dense, cold winter air. The anti-side spin inner layer is designed to reduce hooks and slices. This could also help your putts to stay on target when you’re playing in frosty conditions.

They come in yellow, too, which could be useful if you’re worried about losing a white ball in the frosty grass. Even when the sun’s shining, these are top quality balls that will help you drive straight and putt consistently.

Key specs 

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: White or Yellow
  • Dimple count: Unspecified

7. Srixon Z-Star Men’s Golf Balls: Best golf balls for a spin

Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
969 Reviews
Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Even softer feel on all shots and improved launch conditions for more distance off the tee
  • Improved flight performance for additional gains in distance and full shot control.
  • Softer feel enhanced greenside spin and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie especially from the rough.
  • Engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance
  • Srixon Z-STAR golf ball delivers unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better

These Srixon Z-Star golf balls have a soft urethane cover and a thin urethane coating.

These are combined to create a very effective ‘spin skin’ on, giving them an excellent feel on the grass. This makes them the perfect balls for improving your short game and perfecting your putting technique.

Aerial shots will also be boosted, thanks to a new dimple pattern, which is designed to enhance speed and reduce drag.

As if that weren’t enough, the outer core of these balls has been through a temperature process in a vacuum, giving the balls an added firmness that will help improve the speed of your shots.

Key specs 

  • Quantity: 12
  • Different design options: White or Yellow
  • Dimple count: 338

How to Buy the Best Golf Balls

Golf balls

There are countless different types of golf balls to choose from, which can make it tricky for you to pick the exact right ball to suit your game.

What’s more, there’s a lot of variation in the pricing, and you don’t want to waste your money on new balls that do nothing to meet your golfing needs. Putting in some thought before you buy could save you cash and enhance your game.

There’s no such thing as the perfect golf ball. Ideally, you need to pick a ball that’s right for your style of play and budget. For example:


Players who want to gain yards off the tee will be looking at high-performance balls with high compression levels and aerodynamic construction, which can boost speed on each swing. However, lower-priced options also offer distance on the green, albeit without some of the bells and whistles found in long-range models.


Whether you like to putt with top spin or roll it on gently with backspin, selecting a ball that offers this kind of action is vital. You can choose from soft multi-layer balls to firmer tour-style models.


In colder weather, golf balls can lose a significant amount of speed due to the excess moisture in the air. A specialized model with a water-resistant cover can help you maintain a better ball speed when playing with wet clubs in winter conditions.


Factor bounce into your consideration if you play on particularly bouncy greens or have trouble stopping shots from running past the flagstick. You’ll need a soft-cover ball that can grip and absorb this force more effectively than harder options so that it stops quickly at the correct distance from the hole.


While some brands offer premium range products, others have more affordable lines aimed at average players who want great value for money. It’s one of the few areas where affordable options don’t compromise on performance, so make sure you set your budget before you start searching to get the best balls for your needs.

Type of player

Once you’ve established your budget, it should be a lot easier to narrow down your options. Resist the temptation to choose a ball based on price alone, as this might not deliver the optimum results for your ability and style of play. It’s worth thinking about whether you need a 2-piece or 3-piece ball as well as checking out foam or urethane cover options too.

Although superficially, golf balls don’t seem like complicated pieces of equipment to buy, make sure you take plenty of time to research before choosing yours. The best balls will help meet all your requirements so that every shot counts towards making more birdies – which is what playing golf is all about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of golf balls?

There are some apparent differences between balls that you can spot just by looking. High visibility bold-colored balls, for example, or snazzy matte finish golf balls. But other differences can be more subtle.

Distance golf balls, for example, have a larger core than the average ball. This can boost the distance of your drives. Low compression balls give a softer ‘feel’, allowing for closer control. ‘Tour-level’ balls tend to be the high end, super-reliable options.

If you’re on a budget, it’s well worth keeping an eye out for ‘second chance’ balls: these are second-hand balls that the big brands are reselling.

They’re cleaned up and inspected to make sure they’re in great shape, and they’re a good, cheap way to get your hands on some quality golf balls.

Are you buying golf balls for a long game or short game?

Certain types of golf balls are more durable and reliable over time than others. Perfect for players that golf regularly and for lengthy periods of play.

Tour-level balls are usually designed for a longer and more regular playing routine. At the same time, cheaper options may force you to put in some extra effort, which can tire you out sooner.

The difference between long-term and short-term balls is often found in the ‘dimples’ on the ball’s exterior. If you’re looking for a ball you can drive with all day, keep your eyes peeled for deep dimples that maximize your distance.


Whether you are just learning the game or a seasoned professional, you have probably heard of the different golf balls that are available on the market today. With so many brands and options, how do you choose the perfect ball for yourself? When it comes to control and distance, many different balls stand out as better options than others. Here are some popular golf balls that feature a high spin rate and good overall performance.

The Titleist Pro V1 may be one of your favorite golf balls right now because of its high spin rate. Not only does it give great distance off of the tee, but it also does a great job controlling the flight of the ball. The Pro V1 offers an excellent golf ball solution for creating greater spin and improved control for the beginner. The high spin rate allows a golfer to create more loft and a high trajectory, which helps them get more distance off their shots.

Cobra Gold is another popular high spin ball from Titleist. Its high trajectory and excellent control make it a great ball for beginners. Cobra Gold is also used in the United States by professional golfers because of its ease of use. Cobra is not known for producing huge amounts of distance, but it does stand up well to tough impact. Even though it has a high spin rate, the balls’ overall quality remains outstanding, making it one of the most popular golf balls available today.

What is the best golf ball for putting?

The best putting golf ball in our research is the Srixon Z Star.

Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
969 Reviews
Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Even softer feel on all shots and improved launch conditions for more distance off the tee
  • Improved flight performance for additional gains in distance and full shot control.
  • Softer feel enhanced greenside spin and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie especially from the rough.
  • Engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance
  • Srixon Z-STAR golf ball delivers unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better

If you’re looking to improve your short game, then look no further than the Srixon Z-Star golf balls. These are some of the best on the market when it comes to getting that perfect feel for putting and chipping shots around obstacles or tight corners. The cover is made out urethane while an ultra thin coating provides a durable finish that makes these rounds super easy to control making it the best golf ball to putt with.

How do they help with putting?

They have designs such as dimples or grooves which makes it easier for the ball not to spin back when in contact with soft surfaces like grass or dirt.

The best golf balls have low spinning rates which will make your putting more accurate and consistent thus giving you the best chance at sinking the ball into the hole. Golfers who want to improve their game should try these golf balls for putting because of how paying attention to detail helps in golfing.

Golf is all about paying attention to detail, if you want to improve your game try getting best golf balls for putting that maximize your chances at sinking an accurate putt into the hole!  

Are you a beginner or a high handicapper?

Whichever stage you’re at in your love affair with golf, there will be a perfect golf ball to suit your needs.

If you’re just starting out, look for something that will boost your drives while supporting a softer putting game. You don’t need anything fancy just yet.

Once you’re getting the hang of the game, you’ll find that snazzier options can help enhance the trickier parts of the game.

Spin shots and chipping are the key areas where you can push towards a lower handicap and shave a few shots off your game.

How do I know when my golf balls need replacing?

If your ball looks old and marked, the compression levels may have become too low to keep going. It’s a good idea to make sure you replace each ball in your set every two or three years in order to give yourself a chance of playing your best game.

Is buying in bulk a good idea?

Buying packets of 20 to 50 cheaper balls might seem like an attractive option if you play lots of rounds, but other factors are at play. The package should state whether individual balls come with their own packaging. Otherwise, they could be recycled from other sets, which has an obvious impact on performance.

What balls should I choose for wet conditions?

When choosing your golf balls in winter, look out for models that have been designed specifically to cope with less-than-ideal weather conditions. Water-resistant models will ensure you can keep going even when playing under sprinklers, so they’re worth checking out if you play on courses where this is a regular occurrence.

How long should a golf ball last?

It’s impossible to give an exact lifespan for each ball, as humidity and temperature can impact this. As a general rule of thumb, 2 piece balls are designed to deliver longer distances. Still, they may not last quite as long, while 3-piece models are more likely to be drawn out by the wind or go into water hazards sooner.

What’s the difference between a tour ball and a standard one?

Tour balls are designed for players with above-average skill levels who need plenty of finesse to take advantage of these products. They’re ideal if you like hitting shots that fly high and land softly, which can help avoid difficult situations or waste strokes when playing on difficult courses.

Are high-priced golf balls worth it?

Premium range equipment is often the most expensive, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get excellent results by choosing cheaper models. It pays to do your research to make sure you pick the right ball before spending your hard-earned cash, even though many top brands like Callaway, Srixon, or Titleist are always popular with players at all levels.

How important is a golf ball’s dimple design?

In many ways, it’s not as crucial as other features which have been mentioned up to this point. Still, the number and pattern of dimples can affect flight performance. Different brands use different techniques to highlight each product – this includes using 3-piece balls with 330 dimples or 2-piece models with 300 holes. The exact number isn’t always listed, so you might have to do some research if you want to find the best choice for your style of play.

Is a solid core ball worth investing in?

Suppose you struggle with the price tag associated with premium range golf balls. In that case, there are plenty of affordable options available that offer great value for money. Look for balls with a solid core design that is slightly more forgiving on even the most difficult courses whilst still providing excellent distance.

How do I find out if I’m getting the right compression level?

Every player has their own ideal setting, but you can work it out by checking how long each ball will fly before dropping to terminal velocity. If you get around 200 yards or further, that’s an indication your compression level is fine. Still, if you’re not hitting the green, then it might be worth experimenting with softer spheres.

What’s the most popular brand on the PGA tour?

Srixon and Titleist are both widely touted as favorites, but most brands will offer clubs that suit players of all levels. This means that no matter what kind of level you’re at right now, you simply need to try a few different models and choose one that provides everything you need for your particular playing style.

Is there any difference between golf balls for men and women?

There used to be subtle differences in design between men’s and women’s range of products. Still, these days anything with a specific gender label has been designed to accommodate either gender. The only real difference is weight – ladies’ balls tend to weigh one ounce less than models which are designed for men.

Do harder golf balls go further?

Distance is a key factor when choosing the right ball, but softer options will also work well in different scenarios. These models are much more forgiving and can help you save shots on impact, making them ideal if you’re not looking for strength or distance.

How do I find out how long the ball will fly?

An easy way to work out how far each model flies before dropping from terminal velocity is by checking the number written on the side. For example, something with ‘300’ should go at least 300 yards before slowing down – this tool can help you pick the right product even if you don’t know much about golf balls yet.

Does bounce vary between different kinds of balls?

Bounce is simply an indication of how well a specific golf ball will perform when coming off certain obstacles or hitting the ground after dropping from terminal velocity. It isn’t always listed on labels, so try asking experts what they would recommend before choosing a new set.

Should you line up your ball when putting?

There isn’t an easy way to make a ball roll smoothly without putting all your effort into the swing, so take some time to experiment with this element of your game before changing balls. Look for models which sit up high on the green and give you plenty of room to take the right kind of putts.

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