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5 Best Indoor Basketball Hoops – Buying Guide

by The Mind Blown

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Are you a basketball freak? Is staying at home, making you lazy and weak? Worry no more! We are here with a simple and best indoor basketball solution.  

Did you know the first actual basketball game was held in 1982? And ever since, it has become a Huge sport with massive popularity around the globe!

Besides, a mini basketball hoop can help polish the skills before becoming the ultimate champion for beginners. 

Furthermore, it is fun to play at home with no strict rules to follow. And it also keeps your kids active and away from the electronics. If you are a teacher, you can even buy it for your classroom for a little post-class activity. 

This extensive guide will deal with reviewing the five best indoor basketball hoop units and the things you need to consider before buying one. Let’s begin!

1. Super Joy Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop 

Super Joy Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop


Durable Backboard

The high-quality shatter-free backboard can easily be mounted on any door as well as on the walls. It is around 16.5 x 12.5-inches in diameter, small enough to fit in your room and the backyard. 

The best part is its tool-less installation when mounting it on the door. However, you will require the pothooks, and the good news is, they are included in the package.  

Sturdy Steel Rim

Every dunk is possible now, thanks to the solid metal ring with a spring-like action. It has a nice bounce every time you hit your highest shot. Moreover, Strong construction can even resist the weight of an adult man.

Robust Net

If you are tired of replacing the basketball net every few months, then this is the best indoor basketball hoop, for that matter. Why? Because, like the rim and board, the Net has a premium-grade quality as well. 

It will not come out that easily, so ultimately, lasting longer than the other basketball nets.

Two Basketballs Included

What’s a hoop without a basketball? So, keeping that in mind, this hoop set comes with the best indoor basketball. They are two in quantity and the best in quality. These rubber basketballs will make sure you and your kids enjoy every game you play.

SUPER JOY Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Over The Door - Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop Set with Complete Accessories - Basketball Toy for Kids & Adults
582 Reviews
SUPER JOY Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Over The Door - Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop Set with Complete Accessories - Basketball Toy for Kids & Adults
  • 🏀 High Quality Door Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop Set - The clear 16.5"x12.5" backboard is made of a high quality polycarbonate, shatter resistant and robust, has excellent durability. The thick protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets can protect your door from damage and reduce noise.
  • 🏀 Easy to Install on The Door or Wall - This indoor basketball hoop comes with a clear instructions and all tools necessary, can be easily hung on the door - it fits all common size doors in a home, classroom, dormitory or office- or mounted on the wall. Compared with the vertical one, our basketball set greatly saves more house space and is easier for mobile use, and safe enough for your little ones.
  • 🏀 Slam Dunk Like a Basketball Pro - The solid steel “break-away” rim with spring action, the maximum angle is up to 45 degrees, allows you to slam dunk and shoot with ease anytime and anywhere. The spring will instantly bounce the rim back into place once you make the shot, giving every player an authentic basketball experience.
  • 🏀 Flexible Basketball Games for Kids & Adults - The professional-grade basketball hoop and 3 6.3“ rubber balls will give you the game-like action that you need. It can not only bring fun to children, but also allow adults to enjoy relaxing moments in work. Whether bedroom basketball or office basketball, our mini indoor basketball set is your best choice.
  • 🏀 Play Basketball Now! - It’s made for play, but designed with the ultimate durability. Basketball games not only stimulate your kid's desire to exercise, get them kiss goodbye to video games and TV dramas, but also make your child learn more about competition and cooperation, get dual developments of Physical and Psychological.
  • Easy to install
  • Great for indoor as well as outdoor
  • Up to 45-degrees bendable ring
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The rim does not fold up when not in use

2. Meland Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set For Kids

Meland Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop



Shakeproof Backboard

Can’t think of a birthday gift for your little ones? No need to! This would be the best indoor basketball hoop set you can give them!

The mini hoop set measuring around 16 x 12-inches contains a high-quality backboard. It is designed to fit well over the door and on walls. 

Its shockproof ability comes from the padded strips. And it does not leave scratches or marks on the mounting surface either. 

So, prepare your kids for an ultimate noise-free basketball experience and give them a chance to explore their player side!

Four Different Colored Basketballs

This Basketball set comes with four balls with variable colors, one for each kid. It’s time to get rid of the all-time fights your kids bother you with! 

All four rubber balls have a Nice grip and fit well under the basket. They don’t weigh too much and will not strain your child’s hands. 

Solid Metal Rim

This hoop set also has a durable steel rim that neither withers nor give up. It is spring-assisted and can bounce back to its original position after each dunk. Furthermore, it allows you to hit excellent, smooth shots. 

Easy To Install

All the best indoor basketball hoop sets have one thing in common: their super easy installation method. And on top of that, it comes with all the hardware you would require to mount it. Plus, the Company gives proper instructions for an effortless installation. 

Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids - Basketball Hoop for Door with 4 Balls & Complete Basketball Accessories - Basketball Toy Gifts for Kids Boys Teens (Basketball Hoop Set)
2,318 Reviews
Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids - Basketball Hoop for Door with 4 Balls & Complete Basketball Accessories - Basketball Toy Gifts for Kids Boys Teens (Basketball Hoop Set)
  • Door Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Basketball Fans. Meland basketball toy set comes with 4 rubber basketballs, steel-rim basket, ball net, backboard, an air pump, complete mounting hardware like wrench, hoops, screws and screwdriver. A funny and exciting basketball game to keep the kids active indoors and away from the electronics. Backboard size: 15.7 inch x 11.8 inch , basket dimension: 8.3 inch.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Rim & Shatterproof/Resistant Backboard for Long Durability. Meland indoor basketball hoop set features with steel rim, shatterproof backboard and strong ball net as well as the thick shock-proof sponge strips of the backboard reduce scratches on the door and noise. Premium quality extend this mini basketball hoop toy service life and sturdy.
  • Dunking Like a Basketball Pro with Bounce Back Design For An Authentic Basketball Experience. The break-away rim with spring action stimulates the real feeling of playing basketball and allows your kids to slam dunk and shoot with ease anytime anywhere.
  • A Great Opportunity for Physical and Psychological Dual Shaping. Basketball game is not only stimulates your kids desire to exercising, but also enables your kids to learn more about perseverance, compete and cooperate. A good mini basketball set for little beginners to develop hand eye coordination, focusing on targets and body movement.
  • Durable material
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Keeps your kids active
  • The pre-drilled holes do not align well with the brackets.
  • Not sturdy enough

3. TREYWELL Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

TREYWELL Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop


Sponge Backboard

This indoor basketball hoop unit comes equipped with all the assembly tools. From metal screws to brackets, you are purchasing everything within a bundle. This makes it very easy to mount the board. 

Speaking of which, the heavy-duty backboard measures around 17 x 13 inches. This Polycarbonate blackboard is easily hung over the doors and can also be mounted on the walls.

Steel Rim

The 9-inch steel breakaway rim is what makes it the best indoor basketball hoop set. This is because, mostly, you might come across a rim that breaks easily within a month or so, but certainly not this one. It is long-lasting and makes sure that every shot is counted!

Rubber Basketball 

The bundle also includes a 5-inch ball that flawlessly crosses the rim with every jump and dunk. Plus, it nicely bounces on the floor.

However, if you have a full-carpeted floor, then it might not perform that well. Nonetheless, you always have an option to buy a separate ball with better bouncing capability.

  • Space-saving
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality materials
  • Super easy to install
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • The hoop does not fold up.
  • Flimsy net

4. Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop 

Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop


Foam Backing

This mini hoop has a slightly different construction. The backboard has a thin film of plexiglass. This film’s significance is that it makes the backboard durable since it’s hard to shatter it. So, it does not break no matter how many times it gets hit by the ball.

However, its flexible construction has a Bad side as well. The board is long-lasting for sure, but it is not shake-proof. So, it rattles a lot every time the ball hits the basket. 

Over The Door Design

Like the other indoor basketball hoop sets, this hoop needs a little bit of assembling as well. But don’t worry, as it is pretty simple and takes approximately 10 minutes before it’s ready to play. And the best part is that it comes with clear instructions. 

This hoop set is solely designed to hang over the door. And it fits pretty well on all the standard size doors. 

Steel Frame Rim

All that you are spending on this product is for this Strong, steel rim with an excellent quality net. The rim is backed up by the Spring, and it instantly snaps back. This makes it possible for you to slam-dunk and be at ease about the wrist injuries. 

Moreover, it also keeps the backboard safe by snapping back gently after you release it. So, this is indeed the best indoor basketball mini hoop unit, that too, at an affordable rate.

Rubber Ball

Along with the necessary assembly tools, this hoop also comes with a mini 5-inch basketball. It fits well under the 9.4-inch rim and also has a smooth bounce. 

  • Sturdy rim
  • Fits in all standard doors
  • Dunk approved
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flimsy backboard

5. SKLZ Mini Basketball Hoop 

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop


Glowing Equipments 

If you are looking for a cool, durable, and fun-to-play-with-style hoop unit, this would be the best product to invest in!

This basketball hoop set offers a playful experience, even in the dark. And this new-style experience comes from the glow-in-the-dark parts, making it the best indoor basketball hoop set. 

The high-quality backboard, the 3-ply nylon net, and even the hard 5-inch basketball – all of these parts illuminate in the dark, offering you a fancy way to play basketball.

Shatter-resistant Backboard

The flexible plexiglass backboard makes sure you hit every shot without any worries. It is very easy to hang it over the door with the perfectly aligned brackets and pre-drilled holes. 

However, it is a bit flimsy. Plus, the ball and the board together make a lot of noise. So, we recommend you buy a foam ball along with the included rubber ball.  

Break-away Steel Rim

Not to forget the bendable steel rim. It maintains its sturdiness as long as you don’t hang on the frame. Therefore, be careful while playing as it might break off. But that’s just the case with all the other rims as well. Overall, the hoop has Strong construction and a long lifespan.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
26,642 Reviews
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
  • EASY SET UP FOR MOBILE PLAY. With included door mounts, and all tools necessary this indoor mini basketball hoop is easy to set up for mobile use. The heavy-duty, 8-loop net will last game after game, giving you the swish you want
  • SHATTERPROOF BACKBOARD. The 23” x 16” backboard is made of a clear shatterproof polycarbonate. It has protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets in order to minimize impact on your door
  • PLAY LIKE A PRO. This mini indoor basketball hoop will give every player an authentic basketball experience. The professional-grade basketball hoop, and 5.5” Pro Mini rubber ball will give you the game-like action that you need
  • BREAKAWAY RIM. With a 9.5” diameter spring action “break-away” steel rim, you can practice your dunks anytime, anywhere. The spring will instantly bounce the rim back into place once you make the shot
  • GUARANTEED FUN. We know you’ll have hours of fun with the SKLZ Pro Mini XL Basketball Hoop. It’s made for play, but designed with the ultimate durability. This is the perfect addition to every basketball enthusiasts equipment collection
  • Glows in dark
  • Durable materials
  • Great quality rim and net
  • Keeps kids busy and active
  • It makes noise. So, a few additional paddings are required.
  • Flimsy Backboard

Buying Guide

Material Used

The Basketball hoop sets come in variable material construction. And once you enter the shop or look up on the internet, you will see that for yourself. However, knowing what material is the best for each part of the set is an essential factor to consider. 

The best indoor basketball rim has a steel frame. If it is plastic or non-elastic, it will break off easily, even with a slight dunk. 

Plus, the best Nets are made up of nylon, and they should be well-knitted with no loose ends. And the last but the most crucial part is the heavy-duty backboard. 

When we say heavy-duty, know that it needs to be well-manufactured as it has to take the weight of both the rim and the nylon net. If it is not sturdy enough, as in the case of most of the plexiglass thin-film backboards, it will break away in a month or two. 

Besides, these plastic backboards are very flimsy and make a lot of noise if the ball hits too hard. However, they are soft and flexible, which gives them the advantage of being shatter-proof from a basketball force.

On the other hand, the polycarbonate, robust backboards are shock-resistant and hard enough to withstand the hard-hit balls. Furthermore, these strong backboards usually last longer than the plastic boards. 

However, we can’t ignore that these backboards tend to leave scratches and marks after being hung on the same surface for several months. So, either you should change their place now and then or hit your shots with less force.


No matter what material is used in the making, you should expect more from the product that costs more than the rest.Good quality material will enhance the lifespan of the hoop, and that’s a fact.

You would come across many complaints about the rim breaking off from its attachment point with the backboard. Or the backboard splitting into two pieces in just a couple of months. And sometimes, even the Spring loses its spring action after several uses. All these factors, in turn, make the whole product useless. So, you need to watch out for that too!

But one thing is for sure if you buy an expensive and professional quality hoop set, it will not give up for years, proving its value for the money.


Before you head out to buy an indoor basketball hoop set, first think about the place you will mount it on. 

If you are buying one for your room, then the next thing to do is determine how large your room is. Is it big enough to fit a hoop set with the pole and a base? Or does it measure less in diameter? 

If the latter is the case with you, then the best indoor basketball hoop for your mini room would be a mini hoop set. But don’t analyze its quality based on the small size. These mini hoop units have exceptional quality and playability, both. Besides, they are space-saving as well, thanks to the over-the-door-style design of these hoop sets.

Installation Method

The assembling part is not an issue. All you have to do is fix the net inside the rim, which takes less than a minute. And second, to attach the rim with the backboard. 

Besides, many hoop sets come with all the necessary hardware for assembling and installation, making it almost effortless. Moreover, ready to use or pre-assembled tools are also available in a broad range. 

Usually, you should be able to assemble it in less than 15 minutes. However, if the guide’s instructions aren’t clear, it might take an hour or more to assemble and then an extra hour for mounting. 

You need to check before paying for the product; First, whether the package includes all the hardware and second, if it comes with proper guidelines. 

So, if you notice issues in either of these, it’s better if you buy a pre-assembled hoop set. Otherwise, you will have to call a professional, who will obviously charge extra for the installation process. 


This is a less common factor to consider. But if you don’t have a specified place in mind, you can opt for a portable hoop unit. 

It should be lightweight, quick, and easy to install, and weather-protective so that you can mount it outdoors as well. All the best indoor basketball hoop sets that we have reviewed bear this quality since they are mini, it’s easy to carry them from place to place.

Moreover, you can take these portable mini-sets on trips or when you are moving to a new place. This factor is just a cherry on top for the passionate players offering additional benefits.

Breakaway Rim

Lastly, if you want to learn new and professional techniques at home, make sure the basketball hoop set you are buying has a breakaway rim. 

A Compression breakaway rim has a spring that is screwed into the backboard. Compared with a standard rim with no spring action, a snap-back rim has better performance and increases playability several times. 

These types of rims allow you to slam-dunk and shoot with high jumps without worrying about any injuries. Besides, a breakaway rim that has a sturdy steel frame lasts long as its flexibility outshines the possibility of it breaking off in the middle of your game.

best indoor basketball hoop

Indoor Basketball Hoop Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to put an indoor basketball hoop?

On a wall. However, you can probably do it on a door as well. It’s only about one foot off the ground, after all!

Is it difficult to install an indoor basketball hoop?

Not at all! Putting up the backboard itself is the longest part. It’s not complicated – you drill a few holes, attach some screws, and then voila! You have a backboard.

How do indoor basketball hoops work?

It’s a basketball hoop, man! What do you think?

How much space is required for the average indoor basketball hoop?

Usually, you’ll need about 10 feet by 10 feet or more if you want to install multiple hoops at different heights. However, there are some smaller options available for tight spaces!

What is the best type of backboard material?

Tempered glass provides good rebound. Glass is thick and heavy, which means that it can keep bouncing when hit by things like backboards. Acrylic also provides good rebound but is not as good as tempered glass.

What is the best material for a backboard base?

Although some players prefer a simpler, heavier base to minimize cost and maximize durability over time, a polyethylene plastic base is the most practical option

How do I find replacement parts for my indoor basketball hoop?

Finding your product’s manual online usually gives you access to its parts list. But if not, or if you just want to know what hoops are compatible with it in general, try forums like PlaygroundEquipment.com. It’ll save you lots of time searching through non-relevant products.

How can I customize my indoor basketball hoop?

1) Painting it! This is the most common method because it’s extremely easy to do. However, the downside of painting your hoop is that the paint will wear off over time. If you want permanent customization, go with vinyl decals instead (or use both for best results).

2) Putting on a new backboard like sheet metal or even plastic textured panels.

3) Attaching accessories like lights underneath it for that awesome nighttime workout session.

How long do indoor basketball hoops last?

Generally, indoor basketball hoops last around 10 years on average. That being said, quality plays a huge role in how long it’ll last – some can be used for decades while others just fail after a few months.

How do I upgrade my hoop?

You have multiple options: you can either buy an upgraded replacement part or a whole new set-up altogether! Sometimes the easiest option is to sell your old backboard and invest in a new one instead.

What maintenance do I need to keep my indoor basketball hoop in good condition?

Indoor hoops usually require very little maintenance – generally, cleaning it now and then or changing its backboard.  After all, what matters most is that kids are having fun.

Can I hang up my indoor basketball hoop anywhere?

Sure! It’s not the biggest of objects, so you don’t need to worry about it being difficult to install. While some hoops require more skill to set up, these are usually the bigger ones made for outdoor use – smaller indoor hoops can be hung almost anywhere. 

What are some common/fun indoor basketball activities? Can kids play alone without supervision?

All sorts of fun stuff are possible with an indoor basketball hoop – for example, kids can practice their slam dunks or play one-on-one games. You can also record videos of them playing or make them compete against each other in relays. As for solo playtime, they’re generally supervised by parents, but it really depends on the kid.

What are the upsides/downsides of an indoor basketball hoop?

Upside: Kids can play with it at any time and not have to worry about anyone elses’ schedules.

Downside: It takes up a large chunk of usable floor space in your living room – so think twice before installing one unless it’s really necessary!

What is a good skill to practice with an indoor basketball hoop?

A whole range! Discipline, shots, dunks, layups – it’s all possible with a simple premise: shoot the ball into the net. Practice makes perfect!

How high should my indoor basketball hoop be from the ground?

In general, about 10 feet should do it – but you can adjust your height according to your needs. In fact, if you’re just starting out, then practicing at a lower level will help your aim very much!

Why is my indoor basketball hoop not rotating?

It probably needs to be reset – how it works is basically the backboard physically rotates, so make sure it’s in the proper position. If you’ve rotated your backboard but still can’t see that it’s working, then try making sure the game keeps running for a while (by playing one round through).


A basketball hoop can become your ultimate boredom partner. Besides, playing your favorite sports keep you fit, giving your muscles a chance to thank you after one-hour gameplay. You will notice a huge difference in playing on the court and indoors. But, it won’t be boring, that’s for sure!

Finally, it’s time to wrap it up. These were the best indoor basketball hoop sets that, according to us, are worth investing in. If you keep in mind the Important factors we have discussed above, you will check out the best product. A few clicks are all it takes. Happy shopping!

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