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The toilet is one of the most overlooked parts of a person’s house. It doesn’t matter if you have an extra bedroom. Your living room has more than enough space for any furniture and appliances that can fit.

People often forget about toilets when it comes to toilets because they’re not as important or fun as other areas like the kitchen with all its shiny gadgets and new faucet designs.

A toilet sink combo will save you room without putting any extra work on yourself when cleaning since all of your bathroom necessities can be done at once. Give them another thought before dismissing these handy solutions for small bathrooms or smaller houses with little living areas left over after remodeling.

Why not transform your bathroom with these amazing toilet sink combo ideas?

1. Sink Twice For Toilet Tanks

Sink Twice

The Sink Twice is the perfect modern bathroom upgrade. It offers touchless automatic handwashing with a water-saving system, so your hands stay clean and dry without having to use any soap or scrubbing! The sink also looks beautiful in its curved design that fits well right on top of most toilets.

The Sink Twice sink has many features that make it the perfect addition to any household. It is compatible with your toilet, making installation a breeze and helps create more space in your bathroom when not being used as an additional place for hand washing or laundry facilities. You can also order optional add-ons like expansion kits, so you never have to worry about having enough room!

The Sink Twice comes equipped with all of these great benefits, including compatibility with most toilets measuring 14 inches at their top measurement.

If you’re looking for a way to clean your hands and also have an extra sink nearby, the Sink Positive toilet is perfect. The installation process only takes 10 minutes on average, which means that anyone can do it themselves without calling in a plumber!

Just grab yourself one of those handy-dandy handwashing soap dispensers (installs within seconds) and place it next to this amazing double-duty bathroom fixture. You’ll never feel grimy again from not being able to wash up after using the facilities – or at least if there’s no running water around.

This 16.5-inch wide toilet sink combo features a kit that expands it to fit 21.5-inch width toilets! It’s made of molded plastic and looks like porcelain from afar, but the quality is high enough for most customers’ needs

This Sink Positive toilet sink combo comes with an expansion kit that helps it fit in longer tank sizes easily. Made out of sturdy yet elegant-looking molded plastic. This product has been designed so you don’t have to worry about what your guests think if they happen to see your fancy bathroom fixtures!

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Sink Twice

Key Features:

Touchless Flush System

Touchless hand washes are the perfect way to wash your hands after a bathroom visit without having to reach for soap or water. Simply place your hands under the tap, and they’ll be automatically washed.

Gravity Fed Unit

Nonetheless, all benefits aside, customers should not forget that these will only work with gravity-fed devices and cannot be used on tankless or jet models.


A simple but completely functional alternative that will help get the job done. It is perfect for saving floor room and can slot over tank sizes ranging between 14 inches to 16.8 inches! Sometimes though, it might not fit larger tanks, so be sure you measure beforehand as well, with dimensions of 8.8 x 17 x 2.2 in mind

Sink Twice for toilet tanks measuring 15.25' - 16.8' (measured with lid off)
532 Reviews
Sink Twice for toilet tanks measuring 15.25" - 16.8" (measured with lid off)
  • Compatible with Tanks measuring 14" - 16.8" as measured with the lid off and with larger tanks with the Sink Twice Expansion kit (sold separately)
  • Touchless Automated Handwashing
  • Excellent Water, Space and Money Saver
  • Large Soap Dish Is Perfect for Dispensers
  • "Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty Tabs" can be helpful in affixing to some toilets (sold by a separate seller separately)
  • Tank sizes ranging between 14 in and 16.8 in.
  • Very affordable and very easy to set up.
  • The high-pressure installation worked.
  • It’s not a great match on the rear of the tank

2. SinkPositive Toilet Tank Sink Combo

SinkPositive Touch-Free Water

SinkPositive is a company that specializes in retrofit projects. They offer movable sink tops for existing toilets, which can be installed by you without the need of hiring a plumber or purchasing an entirely new toilet, making it much easier and more cost-effective to get your bathroom renovated with style!

SinkPositive models are viable with most toilets – apart from a few double flush models. A couple of highlights are searching for incorporate faucet aerators in order to mellow the water next and reduce sprinkling.

Additionally, hunt for an integrated soap-holder on either side of your sink so that you have a spot to place soap or even a liquid cleanser aisle near the basin with the end goal that you don’t need to run back into this kitchen each time somebody needs some more hand washing materials.

On the off chance that you’re retrofitting an existing toilet, make sure to get a product that will fit your toilet’s size. That way, it won’t be too loose or snug and should work well with whatever plumbing hardware is already in place.

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SinkPositive Touch-Free Water

Key Features:

Instant Function

The Sink Positive toilet sink combo is a clean, new way of including ease and comfort to the bathroom. It’s automated, so you don’t have to turn on or off the faucet yourself-you just need your hands.

Easy to Install

The soap dish on the sink makes it easy to wash your hands and get a good lather going in no time at all. It’s so quick that you don’t even have to call out a plumber; installing this sink takes about ten minutes, maybe less.

Expansion Kit

This remarkable new toilet sink combo will have your guests in awe with its clean, sleek aesthetic. It measures 16.5 inches but can be expanded to suit toilets of up to 21.5 inches, making it the perfect addition for those who are not satisfied with their current setup.

High-Quality Material

This toilet sink is made of high-quality molded plastic that looks like porcelain. It’s a more expensive solution than the Sink Twice, but it has many advantages to show for its price tag.

SinkPositive Touch-Free Water/Space Saving Adjustable Toilet Tank Retrofit Sink/Faucet Basin White
21 Reviews
SinkPositive Touch-Free Water/Space Saving Adjustable Toilet Tank Retrofit Sink/Faucet Basin White
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
  • The setup is easy and simple.
  • The build is extremely good and looks extremely polished.
  • Works great
  • A little costly.

3. Sink Twice for Glacier Bay 2 Piece Dual Flush

Sink Twice for Glacier Bay two piece dual flush

Sink Twice is a breakthrough design that converts standard toilets into a water-saving combo. The sink, sleekly designed for touchless and automated handwashing only after you use the restroom.

We’ve all been there. You walk into the bathroom, and you just sigh because it takes up so much space, even with no one in your home but yourself! It’s especially hard to find a small or functional countertop when we’re aiming for something compact that doesn’t take as much room.

Well, what if I told you this product is perfect for those of us who despise our bathrooms?

The patent fill cycle diverter that comes with the Sink Twice is a brilliant feature. This makes it possible for forty or sixty% of freshwater to enter an overflow tube rather than going in the toilet, which helps save on potable water use and also protects against leakage onto floors near your toilet!

One other plus point about this unit? The durable design means you don’t need to worry so much about taking care of it because its easy-to-clean finish ensures any mess will be wiped away quickly without too many complications.

The idea of a waterless toilet is not new. Many people are using the system to save on their monthly bills and preserve our precious planet’s resources. If you want your tank cleaner disk instead, there might be something for that product too!

And if it doesn’t fit in with other toilets, don’t worry; this sink combo comes with choices to boost the pressure, so any model will work just fine.

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Sink Twice for Glacier Bay two piece dual flush

Key Features:


When you are installing a sink and toilet in your home, it is always best to go with the most water-efficient option. The Sink Twice for Glacier Bay 2 Piece Dual Flush combo does just this by offering one pipe for both of these appliances rather than two separate ones, as well as conserving up on precious drinking water supplies that way!


You have to know that the design of a Glacier Bay 2 Piece Dual Flush is functional and cost-effective. Whenever you install this sink and toilet together with the whole kit, then your installation costs are going down dramatically! Plus, since these two fixtures will be installed in one location at all times, there isn’t any need for extra plumbing or water lines.

Space Saver

To save space in your bathroom, install a sink that doubles as two separate faucets. The Glacier Bay 2 Piece Dual Flush will work great for those who live in smaller spaces and don’t want to have the hassle of having one area with limited functionality by not being able to have both sink or toilet at once.

Easy to Set Up

You don’t have to risk the headache of complicated pipelines with Glacier Bay’s toilet sink combo. If you’re looking for something that just works, we’ve got it here! You can stop worrying about your bathroom setup now- Sink Twice has everything covered

  • Setup is really easy
  • Great flow of water
  • Simple to use
  • There is no method for this to drain back into the fill tube for the bowl.

Final Words

The toilet sink combo is an ingenious invention that can save you time and space in your bathroom. It also reduces water usage! Whether this system will be popular here or not, it’s something to think about if you’re looking for a way out of the typical plumbing dilemma.

The Sink Positive toilet sink combo is one device you ought to think about getting in case you want to save money on water bills. This regular model has no aerator, and it’s a massage table look that blends with many existing toilets. In the event you did not understand any better, you’d believe that this particular device came with your current toilet.

Although the Sink Positive is made from molded plastic, it does not scratch as effortlessly as a lot of folks believe it’d. It’s a finish of the very same color as many toilets, giving it a glossy and porcelain look.

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