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The Meaning of the Unalome Flower Symbol as Per Hinduism and Buddhism

by The Mind Blown

If you are interested in spirituality, you must have seen the Unalome symbol somewhere or the other. It is a commonly used symbol, and many people are even getting it tattooed on themselves. 

The Unalome flower symbol is believed to be another representation of Lord Shiva’s third eye. The symbol portrays spiritual awakening and a connection to a higher self or being. 

However, the Unalome is not the same in all cultures, as you would often find some variation in its Hindu and Buddhist meanings and design.

Here is the Unalome meaning as per Hinduism and Buddhism. 

The Hindu meaning

Hindu temple

It is believed that the Unalome symbol represents the third eye of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is regarded as one of the most important Hindu deities for those who do not know. He is often referred to as ‘the Destroyer’ in the culture as his followers believe that he destroys every obstacle in one’s life path.

Amongst other gods in Hinduism, Lord Shiva is believed to be on the top of the Hierarchy and is often also regarded as the watcher of the universe.

In the culture, it is believed that he watches over the universe and has the power to alter one’s course of life and reality.

When you look at the Unalome symbol closely, you will notice it comes in different patterns denoting a different meaning. In a Unalome symbol, there is a spiral on the bottom that is believed to be the all-seeing eye of Lord Shiva and life itself.

The spiral symbolizes that life has no direction unless you discover for yourself what path to choose. It leads to a line that is often a dotted line. This line signifies various spiritual instances of a person’s life. So, if you are getting a Unalome tattoo, you can get these lines following your spiritual milestones.

Furthermore, the symbol contains various knots that signify life’s hardships and how you have to learn from them to overcome anything life might throw at you.

The Buddhist Meaning


While the symbol’s meaning stays somewhat the same, the symbol itself is different. In the Buddhist interpretation of the symbol, you will see a half-moon over a seated buddha at the bottom.

The moon over the seated Buddha denotes intelligence and an increased sense of enlightenment. In Buddhism, the Unalome symbol represents enlightenment.

The symbol starts with a spiral that denotes Buddha’s head. The head is followed by knots and other components of the design. The knots herein represent the twists and runs of your life.

In Buddhism, the Unalome symbol signifies the existence of humans and the awareness you have in this life rather than focusing on spirituality.

Getting this symbol tattooed is to make yourself aware of life’s actions and your purpose and learn from your past mistakes. By making yourself aware of the effects of your action, one can attain selflessness.

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, these are the two common denotations of this symbol. However, many people consider it a symbol of Nirvana and higher levels of consciousness. But, in all cultures, the Unalome meaning somewhat remains similar – the sign signifies enlightenment, peace, and awareness of one’s actions.

Final Words

So, there you have it, the meaning of the Unalome flower symbol as per Hinduism and Buddhism. Whether you are looking to get a tattoo or just want to know more about this popular symbol, we hope this article has been helpful.

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