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10 Best Bathroom Cabinets With Style

by The Mind Blown

For most houses these days it truly is very typical to have many bathroom cabinets to place items in. If it is a standard-sized bathroom it’ll possibly be integrated into a basin unit to help make it look great.

It will be perfect to fill the room with storage but sadly not many folks possess a bathroom that large.

Here are many fantastic bathroom storage cabinets that may store away all the stuff and let your bathroom look roomier than ever before. They are available in four fundamental kinds.

Cabinetry -recessed cabinets, medicine cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets, and bathroom wall cabinets.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Design House 587097 Bath Unassembled Modern 2-Door 2-Drawer Bathroom Shaker Vanity Cabinet Only, 36 x 21, Gray

You must manage to find bathroom vanity cabinets in these two types:

Frameless bathroom vanity cabinets or European design cabinets. These contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets can give your bathroom a more modern appearance. Frameless bathroom vanity cabinets will offer you heavy-duty cabinet boxes and hinges which are hidden and simply changeable.

Face-frame bathroom vanity cabinets. These bathroom vanity cabinets can give your bathroom a more formal and traditional appearance. The frame and panel doors are developed to frame your cabinet box, plus the hinges could be either hidden from view or visible.

Bathroom Wall Cabinet

  • The Wood Kind

In case your bathroom is metal-inspired, then the wood will be the perfect alternative.

  • The Glass Kind

Glass gives additional features and appeals to any bathroom.

The Multiple-Door Cabinet Kind

In case your bathroom is fairly little, a single door or a two-door cabinet must do. You must also think about the partitions along with the shelves within the cabinet. Get the ones at par together with your needs.

Unique Design Kinds

Spirich Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet, Bathroom Organizer Space Saver, White

Get the one that wonderfully fits that look for your home and bathroom for a far better effect.

2. Open shelving – surface mounted shelving, recessed shelving, and corner shelves.

3. Over the toilet cabinets – cabinets that use the wall space more than the toilet for storage cabinets.

4. Linen closets, towers with baskets, built-in closets, and cabinets or free-standing bathroom sink cabinets that generally extend from the floor to the ceiling and offer superb bathroom storage for linens as well as other bathroom items.

Bathroom Linen Cabinet

Wall Mounted Bathroom Linen Cabinet

TUHOME Urano Linen Storage Cabinet Organizer with Swinging Hinge Door and 9 Shelves for Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen or Garage, White

A wall-mounted kind of storage is ideal for folks without having big space but requires only a little something to store their linens or maybe their hairdryers, as well as other personal possessions to prevent them from reach of kids.

Contemporary Design Bathroom Linen Cabinet

Yaheetech Wooden Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Side Storage Organizer Cabinet with 4 Drawers and 1 Cupboard, Freestanding Entryway Storage Unit Console Table, Bathroom Furniture Home Decor, White

If you have a contemporary design bathroom, it’s excellent to select a wonderful linen bedding to fit with your cabinet along with the look of the bathroom. This is especially useful if the rest of the home possesses a contemporary appearance out and inside. Bear in mind, that only you limit the probabilities of that ideal bathroom storage cabinet.

When you finally realize the thing you need, and what you can spend you’ll do your shopping with considerable ease. A bathroom storage cabinet can add plenty of charm to your bathroom, but more to the point, an excellent bathroom storage cabinet exhibits a whole lot of personality about you.

The Way to Choose Bathroom Storage Cabinets


In the event you thought bathroom storage cabinets were just square boxes utilized to store toiletries, go on and try selecting a new one. We dare you. Which base color, material, and surface would you like? Flat or raised panels? Exposed or concealed hinges? The list keeps growing.

In the event you thought bathroom storage cabinets were just square boxes utilized to store toiletries, go on and try selecting a new one. We dare you. Which base color, material, and surface would you like? Flat or raised panels? Exposed or concealed hinges? The list keeps growing.

We constantly recommend mapping out your items in cabinet style and function prior to starting to look for ideas. On a blank slate, your requirements will stick out. In the center of a showroom, the bling may well blind you to the cabinetry’s benefits and drawbacks.

When setting up furnishings in a new home or redesigning your master bathroom, you may buy a built-in vanity, cabinet, and sink, with an attached or separate medicine cabinet. In case your bathroom has a storage room, a linen closet and overhead storage cabinet are going to be most effective. Otherwise, select a space-saving model that frames the toilet region.

When you choose which cabinets you require, take into account:

  • Who will use them
  • What will go in them
  • Positive aspects of distinct supplies
  • Risks related to unique styles

Who Will Use Your Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

Look at the end-user in your bathroom remodel, even if buying prefabricated cabinets. Those pesky particulars we mentioned—materials, design, and hardware—perform differently for distinct men and women. Body size, age, and physical capabilities all play into how well your bathroom storage cabinets will serve your household.

For example, really smaller or tall persons might warrant the low or high placement of cabinets of suitable dimensions. Elders enjoy less reaching and smoother hinges and drawers. Young kids will keep their fingers unharmed with slow-closing door hinges.

Personal habits can guide consumers toward convenience. If you’re determining between a modern vanity/cabinet/countertop combo and an old-fashioned sink cabinet, think about who’ll utilize it. Somebody that likes to fill a countertop with soaps, sundries, and shampoos will run out of room atop a sink cabinet.

Unlike built-in vanities, these free-standing items resemble furniture pieces. Sink cabinets typically have a chest-style cupboard with doors or drawers below, and a washbasin and faucet above. Most are common with everyone who is enjoying a retro, picturesque effect, and who prizes looks over effortless care or accessible storage.

Who uses your bathroom storage cabinets can support you figure out even the smallest particulars. Handles, knobs, and drawer pull ought to be friendly towards the hands that use them. Do sliding mirrored doors above the vanity need to have handles? They do if smaller, sticky fingers are their best consumers.

What Function Will Your Cabinets Carry out?

Spirich 63" Freestanding Cabinet,Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Double Doors and Drawers,Tall Cabinet for Bathroom, Living Room,Whtie

Uncomplicated wooden cabinetry or fancy stone countertops work superior for some purposes than others. Are you currently redesigning a busy region or a guest bathroom? A lot of traffic may well dictate sturdy, water-repellent supplies. A retreat for visitors can lean far more heavily toward aesthetics.

Busy bathrooms need to have to be quick to clean and effective in layout. An all-in-one vanity cabinet would be a greater option than separate sink, storage, and countertop pieces. Tall vanities with drawers, enclosed shelves, a medicine cabinet and/or mirror, and an overhead lighting panel are preferred. Pick overlay instead of flush cabinet doors for extra strength under heavy usage.

Boutique bathrooms could be much more refined and much more extravagant. These are all about high-quality resources, thoughtful layout, and eye appeal. With the kids safely out of the way, you are able to decide on that costly stone countertop and cherry wooden cabinet. Know what tasks your cabinets will need to execute, and then make a decision on the components.

Rewards of Wooden, Stone, Solid Surfaces, and Stainless

SHUANGZ Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Double Door Storage Organizer with Shelves for Home Office Furniture, White

Now for the tough part. Here is exactly where form meets function: hardwood versus wooden veneer, laminate versus solid surface, marble versus granite versus quartz. This is exactly where a trip to the home decor showroom will aid.

The majority of ready-made bathroom storage cabinets are created of wooden. Your financial allowance will dictate whether you decide on solid wood or veneered items. National brands, for example, Armstrong and Ameriwood provide styles with distinct features, colors, and door particulars.

Choosing A Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom medicine cabinets are those things with a mirror that goes on the wall, traditionally above bathroom sinks. Choosing a medicine cabinet involves more than just getting one that satisfies your need for a space in which to store your medicines.

As a room furnishing, it will be a part of and have an influence on your total bathroom decor. When you are decorating your bathroom, whether you are fitting out a new home or redecorating an older one, you need to take several things into consideration.

First, your bathroom must be highly functional. It is a room in which most people spend very little time, but has several important uses that must be accommodated.

Additional furniture

All bathrooms, even small hall closets, must have at least a toilet and sink. And a complete bathroom needs to have a tub or shower in which to bathe. These fixtures should all blend harmoniously into a whole that is both useable and aesthetically pleasing.

Before you can decide on a bathroom medicine cabinet, you need to decide on a theme for the entire room. What will be your style and color scheme?

If you are redecorating an existing bathroom, but not installing new fixtures, their style and color will obviously greatly influence your choice of the bathroom wall cabinet.

Once you have decided on a general look, then you can begin to choose this important, but often ignored, item of furniture. Your first decision will depend on whether you are also installing a new sink or using the one that’s already there. In the former case, you may want to purchase a coordinated bathroom vanity set.

In addition to a bathroom wall cabinet, such a set consists of a “vanity”, which holds the sink, and contains a cabinet and drawers for storage.

Next, you must choose where you are going to mount the cabinet.

  • Will it be located in a corner or in the interior wall space?
  • Is it going to be mounted on the surface of the wall, or recessed?

And finally, we come to picking out the style. Many types of bathroom wall cabinets are available:

  • Mirrored or mirrorless.
  • Framed or frameless.
  • Rectangular or oval shape.
  • Single or multiple doors.
  • Modern style or vintage.
  • Factory-made or handcrafted.

All of the choices above, and more, will be discussed further on the other pages of this website. By adhering closely to the principles of design, you can be assured that your new bathroom medicine cabinet will be something in which you can take great pleasure and pride.

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