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7 Best Bathroom Heating Ideas

by The Mind Blown

The bathroom is often the coldest part of your home. The solid floor and the cold water that goes through can be tough to bear in the morning hours or when it’s cold outside. But there are many ideas to consider when heating your bathroom.

This listing of bathroom heating ideas includes many that focus on providing a comfortable feeling in this room. Many of these home improvement choices are easy to implement. Some require outside help, but the work will be worthwhile in the end.

Install a Heated Floor

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Your first option is to install an under-floor heating layout in your bathroom. An under-floor layout features either a piped hot water layout or an electric wire setup that goes under the main bathroom floor. The arrangement provides a warm feeling in your bathroom.

The design works well for floors of all sorts, although it is best to consider this option if you’re trying to install something new altogether. You might need to hire a professional for the task.

Bleed a Radiator in the Room

You might already have a radiator in your bathroom. There could also be a radiator in another room that provides warm air to the bathroom. But after a while, the radiator might not work as well as it should. You’d have to bleed your radiator to remove trapped air from the setup. By clearing it out, it’ll be easier for the unit to warm up all the way through.

You will need to turn the radiator’s bleed valve counterclockwise with a flat screwdriver. You should hear a hissing noise at this point. Turn the valve clockwise as water starts to leave the valve.

The move allows the radiator to become open and capable of heating your spot once again. The effort shouldn’t take long, but it helps to keep a review of everything happening here.

Add a Heat Lamp

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The lights inside your bathroom won’t make the room any warmer. But a heat lamp will make it feel a little better. A heat lamp will provide infrared heat that works fast and is safe to use. The added light can also be useful.

You’ll need to get a heat lamp installed in a new spot. Contact a professional electrician to see how you can get such a lamp ready where you are. The electrician will also ensure the new wiring used for the lamp is safe and not a risk to your home’s existing structures.

Install a Towel Warmer

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One of the most frustrating feelings you might experience in your bathroom involves wrapping yourself with a chilly towel after getting out of the shower. A towel warmer is a useful item to have.

A towel warmer is a traditional rack material that you can plug into a wall outlet. The warmer will create comfortable heat that goes all over the fabric.

A useful warmer should feature a switch or other feature that lets you adjust the heat setting. The design would make you turn it on, so it works only when you need it as necessary.

Find a Tub That Retains Heat

The heat inside your bathtub or shower can escape rather quickly. You’ll need a tub or shower model that can retain heat well enough.

A quality shower or tub can feature a copper or limestone body. Such minerals can retain heat to keep the area warm. These can also add brilliant looks that add a sense of style to the bathroom.

The heat-retaining materials might cost a little more, but the results will be worth it as you can stay warm after getting out of the shower.

Allow Light into Your Bathroom

Do you have a window in your bathroom? You’ll need to allow in more natural light. A cold bathroom could be a dark one, or it might have a window covering that prevents the light from getting in well enough.

Make sure the window is clear enough to where it allows natural sunlight to enter the room. The added light provides extra warmth without being too intense.

It helps to look at heat-trapping blinds or curtains that can go over the window during the evening. The curtains or blinds can retain the warm air that goes into the room during the daytime hours.

Add Plants

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The last idea to use involves adding plants to the room. Plants are more than beautiful items to include in the bathroom. They’re also capable of making a room a little warmer.

Plants can release moisture in the air. The work will increase the humidity in your bathroom. The effort causes the room to feel warmer.

You would still have to care for the plants well enough. You’ll need to add water on occasion, although it helps to check on how well they are feeling on occasion. A water gauge can help you review if the soil that the plants are in is wet enough for them. Seeing how a bathroom can become foggy after a warm shower, you’ll have to ensure the plants don’t have more water than necessary. Don’t forget to see that the plants you choose are capable of lasting in warm conditions.

Final Words

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bathroom feel warm and inviting. These ten tips will help you get started in the right direction. From adding insulation to installing a heat lamp, there are various ways to make your bathroom cozier without spending too much money. Try out a few of these tips and see which ones work best for you and your home.

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