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Top 10 Best Magnetic Door Screens

by The Mind Blown

Often, you find it challenging to keep bugs and insects away from your house, don’t you? And the trouble continues if you frequently get in/out of your room. Sometimes, it’s also difficult for your pets to roam freely if your doors are always shut. In most cases, toxic insect repellents and mosquito vaporizers aren’t preferred for the safety of children in your home. So, what’s the solution then?

That’s where a magnetic door screen comes to play. With a little investment as low as $30, you can protect yourself and your family from harmful bugs and insects without sacrificing the conveniences of keeping a door open. A magnetic door screen is a fine mesh on your door that keeps away harmful bugs, insects, and especially mosquitoes while allowing a gentle breeze.

Opening them is a piece of cake as one would need a gentle push. And for closing them, the powerful magnets stitched into its edges can retract the whole screen immediately after you’ve passed through. Surely you should install one or more in your house to enjoy the benefits that magnetic door screens deliver.

Following this, I’ll mention what benefits magnetic door screens bring and why magnetic screens are better than traditional ones. I’ll also enlist ten of my favorite magnetic door screens that you can check out on Amazon. 

10 Best Magnetic Door Screens You Can Buy

With that said, you shouldn’t purchase the magnetic door screen that attracts your attention first. Like any other product, quality and durability play a crucial role here too. All aren’t built to the same standards. Some are a piece of hem, whereas others are complete crap. While purchasing a magnetic door screen, you must keep in mind about maximum longevity and functionalities.

To provide you with a better insight into various qualities and standards of a magnetic door screen, we’ve gathered and enlisted ten such products that have gone popular recently. Apart from an affordable price, these magnetic door screens deliver some exciting conveniences as well. Also, I’ll provide genuine pros and cons for each product to help you choose the best magnetic door screen for your home. So, without further adieu, let’s explore them all.

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iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Covers Doors up to 34 x 82 Inches MAX. (Item Size: 36 x 83)
  • ↔ 🚪 ↕ Is Your Door Opening 34" by 82" OR LESS? If yes, this magnetic door screen will fit your door.Actual screen size is slightly larger (36" x 83") to overlap door trim & securely attachment to door frame. Instructions & safety tacks included. See all available sizes to order the perfect size for YOUR door opening.
  • 🌬 Why is fresh, bug-free air in your future? Because your new UnBugs Magnetic Screen Door is stacked with 26 powerful magnets, with full-frame attachment. That means no nasty flies or mosquitos get in with all that fresh air. When home is the place to be – be comfortable! And keep bugs out.
  • Do you have 🧒 or 🐶 ? Do they remember to close the door? Not your problem now, with your UnBugs door screen. With its magical closing powers, this hands-free screen door with magnets closes automatically: for pets & kids – and makes entry & closing a snap when your arms are full. Where has this been all your life?
  • 🔨 Now that you know you're ordering the right size for YOUR door, relax knowing installation is simple. You'll get everything you'll need to install it quickly on both wood or metal frames, including the optional safety tacks for extra strength, and the roll of hook & loop fastening strip. Just follow the quick video tutorial included, then enjoy your home like never before.
  • 🏆 Your new screen door is going to get a LOT of use. Your mesh door screen had better be this heavy duty version, which our customers have re-used from year to year. We're confident you'll love our products, and our "Bugs-Not-Invited" Guarantee assures your 100% satisfaction with our Lifetime Replacement Policy.

The first product and perhaps the best product on our enlistment is from iGotTech. With a dimension of 34×82 inches, this door screen is built for doors as high as 7 feet. Twenty-six powerful magnets stitched into its reinforced edges provide maximum retraction, which leaves no conceivable gaps for bugs and insects to pass through. Moreover, the edges are constructed with flexible polycarbonate that makes it robust as well as comfortable for daily use.

Other conveniences include its unique ‘hook and loop’ feature that allows you to seamlessly attach and detach the magnetic door screen without requiring any tools. The product comes with a pictured instruction guide and a video tutorial that can help assemble the magnetic door screen in the box. And guess how much this costs. Only $20. That makes it an ideal product for both economically and functionally.

  • ‘Hook and loop’ function for easy detachments
  • Magnetic stripes for better sealing
  • The first installation may require professionals

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MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Fit Door Size 36 x 80, Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Sliding Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook&Loop-Grey
  • MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR SIZE – Screen door size: 38 x 81 inch--Fit door size: 36 x 80 inch.【HOW TO CHOOSE A SUITABLE SIZE: Before purchase, please carefully measure your door size and order that size (ONLY door size, doesn't include door frame part )】
  • UNIQUE HOOK AND LOOP HASP DESIGN - We are the only seller with windproof sticker hasp design on the middle and bottom of the screen door curtain, after many tests about wind resistance level, windproof sticker hasp can effectively consolidate and refrain the magnet screen door from being blown open by the wind. Excellent workmanship guarantees the screen door lasts a long life.
  • PET FRIENDLY SCREEN MESH DOOR - Lets your pets freely go in/out/keeps sealed, your lovely pets could push their way in and out of mesh screen whenever they want, and close up right after they go through it,save your time to get up and down to let pets out everytime.
  • TAKE MINUTES TO ASSEMBLE AND DETACHABLE - Truly Ready to Stick right on and go. Come with an installation manual helps you install like a breeze! Remove easily and you can rolled it up during the off seasons. Screen mesh door with strong magnets go all the way down the entire middle from top to bottom, sturdy adhesive strip with extra push pins to secure.
  • ECONOMICAL CHOICE - Compared to the previous nylon screen doors mesh with magnets, fiberglass material with better durability,fireproof,good shape. A good replacement for An actual door, much economical choice for you!

To match the aesthetics of your home, MAGZO has designed this product quite interestingly. It’s neither built of cheap plastic nor nylon. Instead, MAGZO has opted for fiberglass to construct the mesh of this door screen. Thus, with such premium material, you can be assured that it will last long. But don’t let the premium quality fool you in terms of pricing because this product only costs $25.

According to MAGZO, the screen can handle extreme wind speeds during a storm without coming apart. All thanks to 26 magnets throughout its interior edges and hardliner stitching into the mesh. Your pets can now move around freely without having to deal with heavy doors. It takes merely ten minutes to install the magnetic door screen onto your door and seconds to detach when not in use. From an economic standpoint, you won’t get such quality and affordability altogether.

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Magnet blocks for powerful retraction
  • Magnet blocks may not deliver maximum isolation

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Sentry Screens Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door - Many Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Door Exactly - US Military Approved - with Full Frame Hook and Loop Fasteners to Ensure All Bugs are Kept Out - Tough and Durable
3,006 Reviews
Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door - Many Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Door Exactly - US Military Approved - with Full Frame Hook and Loop Fasteners to Ensure All Bugs are Kept Out - Tough and Durable
  • FULL FRAME - The hook and loop fastener is sewn right into the curtain and goes around the entire edge to prevent things from sneaking in the through the magnetic screen sides. Open your door to let some fresh air in, flowing freely throughout your house, helping cool it down during the hot summer months. Best used on exterior back doors, front doors, on your RV, as a patio mesh door, French doors, or a pet screendoor.
  • HIGHER QUALITY - 60g fiberglass material instead of the standard 30g polyester, making it A LOT more durable and ideal for high-traffic and dog doors. 26 magnets that are 65% more effective (1,400gs instead of the standard 900gs), ensuring that your screen door closes faster, seals tighter, and withstands stronger breezes. Reinforced edges to prevent fraying and ensuring nothing sneaks through the sides.
  • US MILITARY APPROVED - Designed to keep annoying bugs out, these magnetic mesh screen nets are being used within military base camps all over Iraq and Afghanistan. 26 HIGH-ENERGY magnets are sewn into the seam (so they'll never break or fall off), are hidden from view, to ensure a quick, automatic close EVERY TIME. NO GAPS down the ENTIRE vertical closure means no invaders in your house, residence, shed, or trailers.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Assemly kit included. It's super easy to install in less than 10 minutes. No tools required. After you install it once you'll get the hang of it and you'll have it up in minutes with no help from friends or neighbors. Best used on exterior back doors, front doors, on your RV, as a patio mesh doorway, French doors, inside or outside, or as a pet screendoor.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our screens are backed by a no questions asked 30 day return policy AND a lifetime replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. Try it for 30 days on us and if it isn't everything you expected return it for a full refund. If the screen door EVER fails simply contact us and we'll REPLACE IT FOR FREE! Our friendly support team are only an email or phone call away.

The third product is from Sentry Screens and bears a price tag of just $30. Compared to other products, the thickness weight on this one has been increased significantly to counter with frequent use. This not only makes it durable over the years but also assists its 26 magnets to retract more naturally. Instead of polyester, this mesh has been constructed using fiberglass that gives enormous strength and lifespan.

The installation requires just 10 minutes, and you don’t need power tools either. It features the same ‘hook and loop’ feature for secure attachments and detachments. Furthermore, the brand provides 30 days replacement warranty and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. With such boasting an affordable price, you shouldn’t exclude this product from your cart.

  • Increased weight for natural retraction
  • 30 days replacement and one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Magnet blocks may not deliver maximum isolation

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Augo Magnetic Screen Door Mesh

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door - Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out - Pet and Kid Friendly - Patent Pending Keep Open Feature - 38 Inch x 83 Inch
  • BREEZY INSECT PROTECTION: Keep bugs, mosquitos and other pests out with a screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The polyester mesh allows fresh air to circulate while it is shut.
  • MOST SECURE: Unlike other screen doors that only have small strips every so often, our magnetic screen door has magnets that run along the entire length of the screen, and the Velcro-like strip to attach it to the door frame is also full frame.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Screen Door Measures 38” x 83”, Fits Door Sizes: 36” x 82”. It is super simple, quick and fast to install the screen door. Simply attach it to the door frame with the included Velcro-like strips. Extra push pins are included for added security and strength. For best adhesive results, clean and dry surface properly.
  • KID & PET FRIENDLY: The polyester mesh fabric is durable enough to withstand thousands of uses, it is also lightweight enough for children and small dogs and cats to walk through and open without using hands.
  • PATENT PENDING FEATURE: Are you walking through the doorway often, having a party or crowd or have another reason to keep the screen open? The handy snaps hold the sides in place and clear the doorway.

If you’re tight on your budget, you can purchase this product just for $20. Even in this price segment, the package includes some handy tools that others don’t offer. For installation, you don’t need to call any professional. The package contains metal thumbtacks, weather-resistant hooks, and a looping bracket, making the installation process easy and straightforward.

The dimensions are according to USA standards at 34×82 inches. Heavy-duty and durable nylon mesh ensures that the product will last for years with rough usage. Speaking of usage, this magnetic door screen isn’t only suitable for interior doors, but exterior doors too. You can install it anywhere you prefer, including garages, balconies, and decks. The robust construction can bear through every natural torture like rains and thunderstorms.

  • Affordable
  • Very easy installation
  • The first installation may require professionals

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Wolf and Moon Products Bug Off Instant Screen 

Bug Off 32 by 96 Instant Screen, Fits Tall Single Doors, New Construction Homes
  • Don't be fooled - Works better and lasts longer than the cheaper instant screens - We've tested them all
  • Made with USA Mesh and Magnets for superior durability and performance. - Installs without tools in 5 minutes
  • Keeps bugs out of your home without hassle - Works for people and pets
  • Provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit - No more slamming screens, or screens left open
  • 14 Standard sizes - Save hundreds screening your French doors and tall doors

At just $40, this may seem more expensive than other products. But believe me, the additional cost does serve added benefits. The product has been tested extensively in natural and artificial conditions to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction. The entire magnetic screen, especially the nylon mesh, has been built in the USA.

The magnetic stripes on the interior edges ensure maximum isolation to restrict bugs and insects from infiltrating your home. Now, you don’t need to worry if you’re carrying stuff or both your hands are engaged. Simply give it a gentle push, and it will open seamlessly. The dimensions are 34×82 inches, but you can simply adjust the size by slicing the excess mesh if your door measures less.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Magnetic stripes ensure seal-shut isolation
  • Quite expensive

Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door 

Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Fastener Tape,Let Fresh Air in.Close Automaticlly(Screen Size39"X83"fit 36"Door)
  • Magnetic Screen Door Size:39”*83”, Fits Doors Up to 36”*82” Max.Measure Your Door Twice.
  • Magnets Sewn Into Seam,14 Strong Magnet,12 Magnet Strips.Never Breaks or Fall Off Easily
  • Easy Installation: Hoobest Screen door is Strong Velcro sewn in.It Makes Install Screen Door Fast
  • Great for Pets .Let Fresh Air Into Home , Don’t need Open Doors, Letting Pets Out
  • If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Products ,Please contact with us.

Unlike other products, this magnetic door screen uses only 14 magnets, but a magnetic strip accompanies all. The robust magnets retract the screen seamlessly, while the magnetic strip ensures seal-shut isolation. All thanks to the fine nylon mesh, your children are now protected from harmful bugs and insects.

For day-to-day installation, this product benefits from a Velcro that provides a firm grip on the door frame while leaving no gap between the edges. With a price tag of just $18, it’s also light on your wallet. And if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can simply return it within 30 days to avail 100% refund.

  • Magnet blocks along with stripes provide exceptional retraction
  • 100% refund within 30 days
  • Nylon mesh construction may not be durable

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Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door Easy Install Screen Door Magnetic Door Screen Pet Friendly Fiberglass Sliding Door Screen Door Mesh Door Screen Door Net for Doors Screen for door
  • GENTLE BREEZE,PLEASANT: Magnetic screen door smooth mesh ensures that you enjoy the breeze outside. Magnetic door screen uses fiberglass mesh material featuring getting more air ventilation, more natural light. Magnetic screen for door can be used as a replacement for a fixed screen door or fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, balcony, glass, and even sliding doors.
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL:Magnetic screen door can be easily installed in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require any special tools or expertise for installation. Cleanse door frame surface before installing to ensure secure long lasting fit. IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our door screen will fit.
  • HAND FREE,PETS&KIDS FRIENDLY:The Magnetic Screen Door perfect for pets and small kids to go in and out of millions of times. The screen for door freed our hands.If you have friends live in the valley, the river, the pasture the screen door magnetic is as a gift to her, must be impressed.
  • NEW MATERIAL, DURBALE AND RUGGED:The magnetic screen door,made of fiberglass, is the strongest screen door on the market. If you have more children or more pets,choose this magnetic door screen. Not easily broken.Strong magnetic and full frame design,more durable and burable. The edge of mesh curtain is thickened, more wear-resisting.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:We devote ourselves to provide the best magnetic screen door and bring the best shopping experience to every customer.Try door screen for 30 days on us and if magnetic screen for door isn't everything you expected, just contact us only an email, we can offer a full refund. No questions asked! However, we are sure that you will be impressed with the functional effectiveness of our best screen door.

Using a combination of magnet blocks and along magnetic strips, the retraction on this magnetic door screen is quite natural. This door screen doesn’t use plastic clips to hold the magnets. Instead, the blocks and strips have been stitched into the nylon mesh that can handle years of household traffic without falling apart.

Comfort yourself and your family with breathability by choosing this product. The nylon mesh ensures that your home is safe from harmful infiltration while allowing the breeze to pass through naturally. It’s instant, ergonomic, and with its wide range of colors, it can easily match the aesthetics of your house. All of these exciting functionalities come for just $20. Isn’t that amazing? Admittedly, it is.

  • Inline stitching for increased durability
  • Available in several colors
  • Hooks may leave air gaps around the frame

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door - Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets - Keeps Nature Out
  • 🔨Installs in an Instant: Our magnetic door screen comes with everything you need to install it quickly; black all metal thumbtacks, a large roll of hook and loop backing, plus video tutorial
  • 🚪Fits Doorways Up to 38x82 Inches: Door net works on fixed, sliding, metal or wood doors as long as they measure up to 38x82 inches. Important: Measure your door before ordering to ensure fit
  • ↔️ Opens and Closes Like Magic: Our retractable screen door features a middle seam lined with 26 magnets for walking through any doorway with ease
  • 💪Durable, Heavy Duty Magnetic Mesh Screen Door: Our patio screen door's heavy duty polyester mesh and reinforced edges are designed to withstand constant use by you, your pets, and the elements
  • 🍃Keeps Nature Out: Our mesh door screen is perfect for letting fresh air in while keeping pesky outdoor irritants out. Fine mesh won't hinder your views of the happenings outside

This brand is committed to delivering exceptional products without adding any bulk to your budget. At just $25, you’re getting a fantastic nylon mesh, reinforced polyester edges, and strong magnetic strips that overall make it the most durable item on our list. Thousands of buyers have already reviewed this product and helped achieve an average rating of 4.5. It had been honored as the #1 best-selling product by Amazon.

With a dimension of 38×82 inches, it can accommodate even the widest doors in your house. This magnetic door screen is weatherproof enough to endure severe rain and thunderstorms. The entire paint job in matte black maintains a clean aesthetics with your home, no matter where you install it.

  • Ideal for smaller doors
  • #1 Best-selling on Amazon
  • Nylon mesh may not be durable

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Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, 36"x83" Super Strong Mesh, 28 Magnets from Top to Bottom Ultra Seal Magnets Close Automatically
  • SHUTS LIKE MAGIC! : Thanks to the magnetic pieces, the two curtains close together automatically like magic. It's windproof and very durable, it doesn't leave any change for insects to pass but at the same time, you will notice how easily it pull apart when you pass through the curtain.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Apalus hand-free screen door is so versatile! Perfect for single doors, sliding doors, campers, RVs. Suitable for pets too! You don't need to create a doggie door nor a cat door in your curtain, your pets can pass through the curtain as they please!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Apalus Screen Door is super easy to install. No screw, no nails no other tool needed. Apply the adhesive hook tape provided on your door frame and apply on top the screen door, and it's done! The curtain will stay at its place for all the summer. It's removable, portable and washable. So when winter comes, you can take it down and store it away for next year.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Apalus provides a top quality mesh, a strong hold loop/hook tape and top seal magnets to guarantee the best screen door for your front doors or sliding doors that lasts for years. Its discrete design makes it suitable for every environment.Product size 36"x83",fits doors up to 34"x82".

Here’s another product that will fit comfortably in your budget without sacrificing top-notch quality and longevity. On Amazon, this product is available for worldwide shipping and bears a price of just $18. With an average customer rating of 4.4, this has also been chosen as an Amazon’s Choice item.

It’s removable, portable, and even washable. The quality doesn’t match the affordable price, though, because the mesh has been constructed using high-quality nylon and is held in place by inline stitching. The magnetic stripes, on the other hand, are stitched into the edges too. This ensures a reliable retraction between the screens while maintaining secure isolation to keep away bugs and insects.

  • Washable in detergent
  • Inline stitching for increased durability
  • Nylon mesh may not be durable

Easier Living Magna Mesh Screen

The last product on our list is also honored as an Amazon’s Choice item. This one’s the most affordable product at just $19. Unlike other magnetic door screens that use Velcros, this one features 12 hook loops and wood tacks. Therefore it securely stays on your door’s frame. The screen can fit most modern doors with standard dimensions. And even if your door measures smaller, you can easily slice it according to the required dimensions.

This can comfortably handle frequent domestic traffic without losing any strength in its long magnetic strip. It’s also ideal for garage doors and RV doors, weather-resistant and enduring even in heavy rains and scorching heat. Therefore, on your next checkout, you must add this item to your cart.

  • Shockingly affordable price
  • Ideal for garage doors and RVs
  • Hooks may leave air gaps around the frame

Reasons you must install a magnetic door screen

A magnetic door screen not only provides an efficient way of getting in/out of your room but serves other conveniences as well. For your pets, it’s nothing less than a surprise, as they can now freely move around your house. Moreover, you don’t need to touch the door at all if both of your hands are engaged.

The mesh on the screens offers translucent visibility through it. This helps in monitoring what your kids are doing while staying in the other room. Not only doors, but you can install these on your windows as well. But what about detaching them when not in use?

And the answer is Velcro and hooks. The entire door screens are held up with Velcros and hooks. Thus one can comfortably attach and detach the screens anytime. No need to light up toxic bug repellent coils or mosquito vaporizers anymore. All thanks to magnetic door screens.

Magnetic Screen Door Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to let the cool breeze in while keeping pesky bugs at bay? We hear you. A magnetic screen door does just that! It’s one of the easiest ways to enhance your home experience without actually having to do anything – except for installing it on your door, of course. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider while buying a magnetic screen door.


Screens are usually made of either plastic, fiberglass, or metal.

Plastic is the cheapest option, and while it might look good at first, you’ll see that it’s not very durable after some time. The plastic will get dirty quickly and might even break.

TIP: Don’t use a plastic screen as a permanent solution. Get something better before it starts falling apart.

Fiberglass screens are more expensive, but they are also stronger.  Thicker fiberglass screens will more likely break before they bend. Plus, if you’re looking for a screen that lasts for a decade without breaking or degrading, fiberglass is what you need.

TIP: Fiberglass screens are the best option for a magnetic screen door because they can last a long time.

Metal screens are the best choice – they’re strong, long-lasting, and durable. This makes them the best screen material for a magnetic screen door.

TIP: If you’re looking for something that will last and won’t break easily, get a metal screen.


You can get a screen door custom-made to fit your entranceway perfectly. If you have an unusual entryway size, then this might be your best choice because there aren’t many other options available to choose from if you have an odd shape for your doorframe.

However, even if you have standard dimensions, getting a custom-sized magnetic screen door has its benefits, too. These doors last longer because they’ve been precision made to fit your exact measurements.

magnetic door screens (1)

Area Of Use

Many of us use our doors more than any of the other areas of our house. If you want to buy a magnetic screen door, make sure it is durable enough to handle rigorous usage. Something worthy of protecting your investment.

Strength Of Magnets

Look for strong magnets. They are an inverse indicator of the strength-to-weight ratio that will prevent the screen from coming undone when opened or closed.

Waterproofing Ability And Maintenance

Are your kids always spilling water on the floor? Are you often clumsy in the kitchen? Do you have pets who go out with you every day? A waterproof screen will be able to take care of all these mishaps while staying true to its purpose at the same time.

Many models can be machine washed and can withstand water, oil, and harsh sunlight. Always check the warranty of your magnetic screen door because the company should offer at least one year for you to test out their product before having to buy another. Not much fun when these screens are an investment rather than just a splurge!

Types Of Screen Door Mesh

Many different types of mesh can be used as a screen for your door. Organized here from cheapest to most expensive:

The traditional nylon mesh screens, which you’re probably familiar with, are the cheapest option and will do just fine if you live in a small apartment or college dorm room where you don’t open it often.

Nylon material has the advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures – great for those who like to cook and even smoke on occasion (but we hope not!). The only problem with this type of mesh is that they allow large insects through because they aren’t tight enough.

TIP: If all bugs weren’t bad news for your home, then go ahead get these kinds of magnetic screening doors. Just remember to keep them out nonetheless!

The next type is the 100% polyester mesh screen which is more durable and tight than its nylon counterpart. These screens are a bit more expensive, but they will last years longer than their cheaper counterparts – if you’re looking for an investment, then this might be the right choice for you. It is very tight, so bugs can’t find their way in either. However, it has been known to tear from being pulled too hard.

TIP: Although there have been a couple of reported problems with these magnetic screen doors, they are still strong options, especially if they come with a warranty.

The next option is aluminum-coated polyester mesh screens. This material makes the best magnetic screen doors, and it’s also the most expensive. This type of mesh is light and strong but has been known to get pulled out from its hinges by very determined insects or pets.

TIP: If you have a pet that goes outside with you, then this might not be your best choice.

The final option is the aluminum-coated fiberglass mesh screens because they are extremely durable and can take a beating without ripping or tearing. The only downside of these types of screens is their weight – they can break if too many people pull on them at once because they’re stronger than they look! However, if you want a magnetic screen door that lasts.

TIP: If you live with a lot of people or have a bunch of kids running around, then your magnetic screen door might be getting pulled on more than the average person.


How much time do you have on your hands to install the screen? Some magnetic doors are available as kits that can be easily installed. Other magnetic screen doors come with detailed instructions, so don’t worry too much about this part of the task – especially if you are hiring someone to do it for you.


Of course, the last thing on most people’s minds is price. But when budgeting for something like a magnetic door screen, take into account that cheap products usually mean lower quality which means they won’t last very long before becoming unusable or unfixable. A good rule of thumb is to value your time at least equal to an hour per day and set this number as your maximum ‘acceptable price’ for whatever has just caught your eye!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are magnetic door screens better than traditional ones?

You might have guessed it already. Magnetic door screens use magnetic strips that help them retract automatically immediately. In contrast to traditional ones, it leaves no air gap between the screens. Even if you forget to close your doors often, you can be assured that bugs and insects won’t infiltrate your home.

The strong magnets can keep the screens intact even during severe storms. Suppose you ever need to decide between magnetic door screens and ordinary ones. In that case, you must always opt for magnetic ones. The conveniences that magnetic door screens bring are limitless, and thus now it’s time for you to install one.

Do magnetic screen doors really work?

Yes! – The mesh is made of strong materials that will not tear easily. They are also designed to fit standard door frames. You may install them permanently or leave them up all the time. They are an affordable alternative to traditional screens and can be taken down when you don’t need them.

Will these types of doors keep insects out of the house?

Yes, they do. The strong magnets automatically close the screen door whenever you go in and out of your home. To open them, simply hold on to the handle, and then it will slide open without touching the mesh! It is that simple to install and use. You’ll fall in love with its convenience.

Can children go through these types of doors without an adult’s help?

Absolutely not; there are no strings or flimsy materials involved. Although magnetic screens keep bugs out, they still allow fresh air to come inside your home. Their powerful magnets make sure that all insects stay outside while letting fresh airflow throughout your house.

How do you measure a magnetic screen door?

You measure the size of your door and then buy a screen that is 2-3 inches bigger than that. You can watch the installation video of the product you’re considering to ensure it’s as easy as they claim it will be. Most of them also come with instructions on how to install them properly.

Do magnetic doors keep out mosquitos?

Some types are designed specifically for keeping bugs out, while others are much simpler and just help to keep the bugs from entering in the first place. If you have an extremely large family or love being outdoors, consider one that helps to keep mosquitoes away!

What’s the best way to clean a magnetic screen door?

If you’re not planning on removing the door anytime soon, skip this step and skip to installing your new screen! If you plan on removing your magnetic screen to use it somewhere else or if it is already removed from its base, then follow these steps: Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any dirt that has accumulated; Spray down with light soap and water (don’t soak); Rinse thoroughly; Let dry completely before using again.

magnetic door screens

Where can I find a replacement screen for a door?

There are many no-see-um screens that you can buy for your home. Many of them have magnets that allow the flap to close automatically, which will keep out all sorts of bugs. You should be able to find replacement mesh easily on Amazon or eBay, usually with free shipping included!

What is the height limit for these types of doors?

These products usually have a maximum height of about 36 inches, but this may vary. Measure your door and use the product’s maximum height to decide whether or not it will work for you.

Can you install these doors yourself?

Yes! Although some magnetic doors come preinstalled, they are easy enough to click into place with only two people required! You don’t need professional installation help unless you’ve never installed one before – the instructional videos are very helpful.

How long does it take to install a magnetic screen door?

Most screen doors can be installed in 10 minutes or less. Some of them come pre-installed, while others only require you to click them onto the door frame (which is super easy). Watch the installation video available on most product pages for extra guidance!

Why are magnetic door screens better than traditional ones?

You might have guessed it already. Magnetic door screens use magnetic strips that help them retract automatically immediately. In contrast to traditional ones, it leaves no air gap between the screens. Even if you forget to close your doors often, you can be assured that bugs and insects won’t infiltrate your home.

The strong magnets can keep the screens intact even during severe storms. Suppose you ever need to decide between magnetic door screens and ordinary ones. In that case, you must always opt for magnetic ones. The conveniences that magnetic door screens bring are limitless, and thus now it’s time for you to install one.


As we’ve progressed through this article, you’ve gained a more explicit knowledge of why magnetic door screens are essential in your home. And once you start utilizing its benefits, there’s no going back. They are convenient, easy to install and serve more functions than just keeping out bugs and insects.

Each of the products, as mentioned above, has gained tons of customer reviews and praise. Thus, there’s no reason not to choose them. So what are you waiting for? Head straight towards Amazon, order your preferred magnetic door screen, and protect your family from infiltration like bugs, insects, and especially mosquitoes.

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