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Best Bathroom Countertop Choices: Which One’s The Best For You?

by The Mind Blown

The bathroom is a rather unexpected escape. It’s a place that has some very basic functions, but at the same time is a room where we spend quite a lot of our time, day in and day out. And it’s not just about function– a warm soothing bath at the end of a stressful day is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A lot of factors play a part in the ambiance of the room, but one, in particular, is a rather subtle centerpiece, and that is the bathroom countertop.

When choosing your bathroom countertop, you need to think about both design and practicality. This will be your workspace, so it must be sturdy, easy to clean, and of course waterproof. But at the same time, you need to choose something that will help create the right mood and will blend well with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

There are lots of options for bathroom countertops, including some unusual ones like frosted glass or mirrors. But we’ll take a look at some of the more common ones.

Granite Bathroom Countertop

48" Baltic Brown Granite Counter top Beckham Bathroom Sink Vanity & Mirror Set SW-3882SB-TK-48/MR-3882

Granite is a classic countertop choice. But if you’re thinking that granite means charcoal dark tones, think again. Granite is available in almost every color under the sun, from speckled earthy tones to brilliant turquoise. You can also opt for caesar granite, which is less expensive than pure granite. Either option will require next to no care and should last a lifetime.

Marble Bathroom Countertop

Eviva Acclaim 30 inch Gray Transitional Bathroom Vanity with White Carrara Marble Countertop and Undermount Porcelain Sink

Another classic choice for a bathroom vanity countertop is a marble. More expensive than granite, marble is the crème de la crème. Nothing can come close to the timeless elegance of a marble countertop, and if you can afford to choose marble you will never regret it– and neither will your guests.

Tile Bathroom Countertop

Tile Bathroom Countertop

Almost any look can be created with tile. From modern geometric design to a mosaic tile countertop that brings you back to ancient Greece, the options are endless. While tile can often be a less expensive and more versatile choice than granite or marble, keep in mind that it can be much more difficult to clean, as dirt can gather in the caulk between the tiles. One good precaution is to choose a beige or grey caulk instead of white, so that dirt is less likely to show.

One other thing to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom countertop is the type of sink you will have. If you choose an under-mount sink, then the countertop will be at a classic height, but if you opt for a vessel sink it will be about a foot lower. This can affect how you use your countertop, and also the way the light hits it, so keep your sink in mind when making your bathroom countertop decisions.

Benefits of Slate Countertops

bathroom Slate Countertop

Slate is a fine-grained natural stone that was formed thousands of years ago from volcanic ash and clay which had become dense sheets of crystalline mica. The natural process of intense heat and change in pressure caused the original clay to be transformed into a slate. This material is used in a wide variety of functions in the home from slate tiles for roofing and flooring, to slate countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

Many kitchen and bath designers choose slate over other materials such as marble and granite because the slate has a better natural stone surface and low porosity. Having low porosity means that it does not require sealing except for certain colors which may require some sealing. Using slate is a good choice for countertops, not just because of its many advantages, but also because it will provide stylish and elegant designs for your bathroom, kitchen, utility room, or any other room in your home.

Slate countertops have many benefits. They are stain-free, scratch, and heat resistant, as well as durable and easy to maintain. Over time, you may experience some mild scratches but you can usually get those out with a sponge. If you do happen to get deeper scratches, you can get them out with wet steel wool.

Due to its low absorption rate, slate is considered to be anti-bacterial which makes it great for countertops. You can cut up your vegetables and prepare your meals without worrying about bacteria buildup or scratching up your counter.

Cleaning your slate countertops is such a simple task. Just use a sponge or cloth with mild soap or your favorite household cleaner such as Fantastic and wipe them down. You can also use mineral oil to help maintain your countertops.

Slate comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you want a rough cut edge, similar to granite, then the slate is perfect for it. You can get your countertops made in various colors of slate such as different shades of green, gray, black, purple, turquoise, red, etc. If you choose black or gray, though, you may need a sealer.

You can choose to have your slate kitchen countertops with a honed finish which is a smooth matte finish or you can choose to go with the glossier look by oiling your countertops. Slate can also be used for desktops, bar tops, wall panels, vanity tops, window sills, and more.

Using slate for your countertops may cost a bit more but you can’t beat the quality. Because of its durability, you won’t have to replace your countertops for years. Not to mention, the unique look it will give your home. If you’re looking for something a little different than the traditional granite or marble, then slate is definitely the way to go.

Final Words

When you’re ready to choose your bathroom countertop, keep all of these things in mind. From cost to durability to style, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect countertop for your space. And don’t forget – have fun with it!

Your bathroom is your chance to really let your personality shine through. So go ahead and choose something that you love. After all, it’s your bathroom!

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