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With summer on the horizon, golf season is in full swing! A round of golf with your best friends, the cold beverage of your choosing, and the sun beating down on your fresh plaid golf-wear is a foolproof recipe for enjoyment.

We’ve compiled a guide for the best golf sets, including package sets that are complete and course-ready (bag included) as well as iron-only options for the golfer looking to mix and match their set.

Because every golfer says, “It’s the clubs’ fault” at least once a day.

Callaway Strata Complete 12-Club Set

Callaway offers this 9-club set as the perfect entry-level set for someone needing all the essentials in an affordable, ready-to-swing package from a top-notch brand.

Complete with a lightweight stand bag, this set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, six 9-irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

The driver has an oversized club head, and sweet spot, comparable to the pros play’s highest-priced clubs.

The 5-hybrid provides a great alternative to those difficult long irons. It’s also offered in 16- and 18-piece versions and for women.

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Adam’s Speedline Plus Complete 11-Club Set

Adams Golf Men's Speedline Plus Complete Set, Graphite, Senior, Right Hand
12 Reviews
Adams Golf Men's Speedline Plus Complete Set, Graphite, Senior, Right Hand
  • Aerodynamic shaped driver Aerodynamic shaping reduces the amount of drag during the swing for more club head speed which equates to more distance
  • Hybrids an ultra thin crown lowers the center of gravity for easier and higher launch and a thin face helps to increase ball speed
  • Tom Watson RC14 Sand Wedge The new Tom Watson RC14 sand wedge meets his very high standards of shaping, feel, versatility and performance

When it comes to complete sets, Adam’s Golf is at the top of their game with this year’s Speedline Plus.

This complete 11-club set has everything you need for a day on the course, including graphite-shafted driver and fairway woods, steel-shafted irons, a putter, cart bag, and a sand wedge designed by Tom Watson himself.

Aerodynamically shaped club heads provide faster club speed for improved performance to help keep your score low and your ego high.

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Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilson offers beginner golfers an affordable yet distance-yielding set that’s course-ready straight out of the box, with their Ultra 10-club complete set.

A massive 460cc driver head increases forgiveness for those that have yet to perfect their swing, and the steel-shafted irons provide more stability at contact.

Complete with a stand bag, this set has it all and at a price tag that won’t break the bank. It’s also available for women with an attractive cart bag.

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Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set

To reach the upper echelon of complete sets, look no further than the Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set.

This set is designed to make golf easier by delivering a higher draw-biased ball flight that is often needed by beginners (and seniors).

Modern-designed club heads provide the best combination of feel, forgiveness, and distance. If you need a top-notch full set with graphite-shafted irons, the Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set is sure to deliver.

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 470 Black Complete Set-Steel-RH

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 470 Black Complete Set-Steel-RH (B7SRSU12.B)
19 Reviews
Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 470 Black Complete Set-Steel-RH (B7SRSU12.B)
  • Set comes with a Driver
  • #3 & #5 Fairway Woods
  • 2 Hybrids come in the set
  • 6 irons included
  • Putter and bag

Value shoppers and weekend warriors will be pleasantly surprised with this 12-club complete set from Tour Edge.

With a 460cc driver for a big distance even on off-center tee shots and a forgiving 4-hybrid, this set delivers it all in a lightweight, price-conscious package.

Tour Edge: allowing everyone the chance to enjoy golf without needing to pawn the television to make rent.

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set

WILSON Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set — Senior, Right Hand
752 Reviews
WILSON Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set — Senior, Right Hand
  • Wilson's proprietary "Custom fit in a box" system has thirteen size options to fit every player!
  • Engineered with Super Game Improvement technology to addresses physical considerations and swing characteristics of senior players
  • Designed specifically for senior players with lightweight Senior flex graphite shafts (except putter) and soft, slightly larger diameter all weather grips
  • High-lofted driver has large sweet spot and is swing speed matched to improve ball flight for greater distance. Sand and pitching wedge are perfect for approach shots
  • Deep, perimeter weighted 431 stainless steel irons with very low center of gravity for improved accuracy

Fully customizable, the Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set is a custom-fit system-in-a-box that offers multiple options for club length, shaft type, and grip size to appease golfers of all shapes and abilities.

For those who know their preferred style and size of the club, this set provides a fit similar to that received by working with a club-fitting specialist.

The standard flex and steel-shafted irons are a great upgrade over the introductory-level Wilson Ultra Set for beginners.

TaylorMade M2 4-PW Iron Set

Designed with a faster face, higher lofts, and a lower center of gravity specifically for golfers with a slower swing speed, these irons from TaylorMade will launch the ball higher and land steeper.

At this price point, TaylorMade makes its highly respected brand reachable for less experienced golfers.

Titleist 528lgr5pe Golf Irons

Titleist 528lgr5pe Golf Irons, Men, Grey, 5-PW
  • New model 2018; Available in several colors
  • Provide Unparalleled distance and tolerance
  • With a explosive speed of ball and one side even more tolerant

With this set, Titleist expands their demographic from top-performing pros to those needing a little more power and control from their irons.

Designed to enhance launch height, increase club speed and maximize distance, the Titleist AP1 716 Irons pair is great with Titleist’s 915 D2 driver, making the perfect combo for a golfer who needs a set to grow into.

How to pick the best golf set for your game

Buying the right golf set is key to your performance. It can change how you play on the course and help reduce a handicap, whatever that may be for yourself! There are so many choices available- it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different types of equipment out there. But don’t worry because we’ve got some advice to help you make the best decision for your game.

Purchasing a complete set or individual clubs?

Most sets come with all the clubs you need. However, not everyone is included in every set. When buying a new set, it’s important to consider what level of golfer is using them and what they will be used for.

A beginner may appreciate purchasing individual clubs so they can pick and choose which ones suit their style of play most effectively.

On the flip side, an experienced player may find that a complete set works better for them. They most likely already know what type of club configurations work best for them. No matter how long you’ve been playing, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs!

The Grip

It’s not easy to keep a golf club in your hand when swinging at 80-120 mph, but the eight-inch rubber grip that is glued onto each shaft of steel or graphite gives you something solid with which to grab. There are three sizes available: standard (best suited for smaller hands), midsize – perfect if you have average size mitts and oversize – best used by those whose large paws need more leverage on approach shots where wrist action may cause problems during stroke execution

Grip types vary depending upon what type of shot we’re putting, so, therefore, should our putter be thicker than another golfer might prefer? The answer will differ from player to player based on what suits their style.


What’s the right shaft for me? It’s a question every golfer asks themselves before they even step onto their first tee. The answer can be found by considering your height, body type, and physical strength.

Still, there are other factors as well, like flex of club head which is influenced by how far back in one direction (the swing speed) you hit it with each swing. If this sounds too technical, keep it simple – go shorter if playing more aggressively. Longer works best when using a laying-down posture or trying not to break any branches along the way.

Picking the right shaft flex to match your golf swing can help you hit the ball longer and under better control. It’s recommended to see a club-fitting professional if you’re unsure which one will work best for your game.

“L” or “A” stiffer flexing material is usually most suited towards beginners, women who have slower swings speeds (or older), while high-speed pro players often benefit more from “S” stiff flexing shafts.


Certain golf clubs like drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids have adjustable hosels which allow you to change the loft settings. Irons do not usually come with this feature, but it is an option on some models. Wedges also include a pre-set lie angle for optimal performance based on certain swings, while putters don’t offer any customization at all in terms of shaft alignment or loft heights because they’re designed specifically for one type of playstyle only (eccentric).

If you have been struggling to find the perfect club for your swing, then it’s time to get a custom fit. This is because professional golfers will often vary their posture and lie angles from what store-bought clubs offer in order to make themselves play more efficiently, which can help them win tournaments!

The clubhead

Club size is one of the biggest considerations for golfers. Suppose you’re looking to make your game more consistent. In that case, you must have different-sized clubheads available depending on how well-versed or experienced with using them are. All brands now offer standard (s), mid-range(m), and oversize heads, which can be bought separately if needed! The larger a head gets without being too heavyhanded in control, though, makes shots much easier, so keep this factor top priority when choosing what kind goes well best suited just about anyone anytime, anywhere.

Golfer’s Grip

For those that choose to play with their right foot slightly forward of the left (a more standard style), you’re probably best off using a cross-hand grip where your top hand is gripping downwards. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to execute shots that all rely upon timing accuracy and consistent striking positions!

Some people claim these types are not as strong, but this is simply not true. There’s really no reason why they can’t hold up just as well as any other kind! The only thing that should matter here is whether or not they feel comfortable holding whatever clubhead they’ve chosen in the position that works best for them.

Types Of Golf Clubs


Drivers are an essential tool in any golfer’s bag. They can be used to hit the ball further, which means that it’s important for players of every level and skill set up to get their hands on one!

A driver comes equipped with three loft degrees: 9°/10.5°/.12″- each varying by how high off the ground you place them during swing(the higher number being steeper). This affects both controls over height at the address as well distance capability depending on what type of shots suit your game better – 8 or 13-degree options may also exist depending upon whether certain types play into one’s strengths more than others.

Fairway Wood

A fairway wood is the perfect club to use if you want to hit shots over long distances but can’t do so with a driver. It’s also much more effective in terms of control than when using irons, so it might be suggested for higher handicap players looking to lower scores.

These clubs are often installed with one face-angle or another (square, open), which helps direct shots towards different directions depending on what each player decides. This type has the capability to not only launch the ball but draw and fade too, which depends entirely upon whichever swing shape they’re most comfortable playing!


While plenty of people swear by their brand new irons, others suggest that switching back to an older model that isn’t as advanced might actually help lower one’s scores- it really just depends upon who is using them.

Some of the most common irons are 3,4,5, and 6 but many modern brands will add more. Often, they’re longer in length to provide improved striking power when hitting low towards green(targeting specific areas). They’re also available in different face angles (open, square). This means that you can potentially get a more accurate shot from further away if a proper swing does remain consistent with each playstyle!


The final tool in a golfer’s arsenal is the wedge since its job is mainly to get out of tricky situations on the course- it can be used to chip and bump (carrying low and running along the ground) as well as cut the ball (bouncing it off a tight spot). Still, if you’re using them right, you should be able to do this at least close to ideal distances no matter what course you’re playing!

They come in three different types: lob wedge(-15°/-20°), pitching wedge(45-49°) and sand wedge(-54°/58°), which all perform best when hitting a shot from within 100 yards of the green.


Everyone’s favorite club is the one they use every second of every day, the putter! This tool isn’t just useful for putting because many players will actually use it whenever they hit any short number – that’s why they’re so popular. It’s also why you should be looking to find the best durable club that fits your style!

Many options come with a “belly” – this is an added weight between the shaft and head, allowing for greater control over loft angle depending on what type of shots you’re trying to hit.

Tight lies, long irons, slight fades, perfect fades, frozen ropes…every golfer has their unique bag full of clubs, but if you’ve got all the right equipment, then any shot is possible no matter what course you play on!

A beginner’s guide to the best golf sets for beginners

A well-made golf set will make you feel like a pro in no time, but there is more than just club-quality that matters. You’ll also need the right swing tempo and weight distribution if your goal is hitting chip shots from 200 yards away! When shopping around, ask yourself these questions:

Do I want tall or short irons? What kind (e Tours/Hybrids)? How far do I usually hit my ball before addressing it off tartan mats onto green grasses with sand traps on either side?) Lastly, remember safety first; always wear a wristwatch when playing near vehicles along busy roads and have a safe haven to help you with your golf bag so you can focus on your game.

Golf is a sport for all people, not just the strong and young! But having the right golf set sure does help – most importantly, it allows beginners to start from where they are without any second thoughts about their golf set. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of what we think are some of the best beginner’s options currently available on the market – most notably. There’s no need for them to be expensive either, which means anyone can get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good golf set for beginners that aren’t expensive?

Yes, a decent mid-range set is a great way to start without breaking the bank. Remember, you’ll need to learn your swing and how the club will respond before upgrading to anything better!

What is the biggest difference between beginner golf sets and more expensive sets?

Typically it will be associated with the material used. For example, beginner sets target novice players who are less likely to break them, so the metal in each club will be softer(easier to bend). Still, they won’t last as long when compared with mid-range aluminum, which doesn’t sacrifice durability for increased distance!

Can I use any type of golf set for beginners?

Absolutely, you can even purchase them individually if you feel that’s what would work best for your skill level – just try not to mix and match different kinds because this could cause injury (e.g., hitting drivers with short irons).

Are there regular-sized golf sets for tall people?

Yes, but they should definitely purchase sets that come with long irons because these clubs are best suited for tall people.

 Are there left-handed golf sets for beginners?

Yes, but finding them can be trickier than usual. Try asking your local pro shop if they have any in stock or contact manufacturers directly with requests – most are more than happy to accommodate shoppers!

What about golf sets for kids?

These are also tricky because smaller hands mean shorter fingers(and wrists) which means you need clubs that fit these proportions and won’t cause injury while swinging. A great option is junior-sized sets, but always ask a knowledgeable sales staff before making any purchases, and don’t be afraid to “trade up” if the ones you’ve got aren’t doing it for you!

What is the best wood/iron combo for beginner golfers?

There are many different combinations out there! A set that includes hybrids with 3-5 irons, 3 wedges, and various putters is considered one of the better options by most novice players because it provides variations in swing weight. That means more control over every shot you hit, which eventually improves distance and accuracy.

How do you know what length of golf set to buy as a beginner?

Believe it or not, there is an actual formula that can tell you what length of the club to use based on your height. A general rule of thumb is that 30% shorter than your height is about right for average men and 10% lower for the ladies. If the set doesn’t have this information available to you, go with a standard length because going too short will result in a low trajectory that reduces accuracy. Going too long will produce a steep one(leading to poor shots), so either option can cause frustration.

Is metal better than graphite when playing golf?

If you’ve got the money, then graphite shafts are considered better than metal because they’re lighter(and therefore faster). Still, most golfers with an average swing speed won’t notice much of a difference. If you can afford it, definitely go with the ones with larger sweet spots because these provide more forgiveness and increased distance!

What is the biggest difference between right-handed/left-handed clubs?

It’s all about weight distribution, so actually, there isn’t much difference – lefties just have to deal with having their hands on opposite sides of the clubhead, which means they’ll hold it slightly more awkwardly, but some are used to this variation!

When do I need to replace my golf clubs?

Typically if any damage has been done to them, then it’s time to get a new set. Still, you can also buy individual clubs if they’re worn out, and you don’t need an entirely new set!

What does 4 PW mean??

If the grip size is 1/4 pound, then you’re looking at a club that’s about 3 1/2 ounces which are considered standard for most players. The PW stands for “putter wedge” and isn’t really all that important to know unless you’re very new to golfing!

What does SW, GW, or LW stand for?

SW means “sand wedge”, GW means “gap wedge” (used for shots between 100-150 yards), and LW is another term for “lob wedge”(which can be used up to around 50 yards).

How do I know if my golf set will fit me?

Unless you’re buying them individually, it’s tough to tell without actually trying them out! If you already have your clubs and don’t feel comfortable, bring them to a pro shop for assessment or adjust their length.

What should I know about golf club grips?

Make sure they’re hard enough not to compress when you squeeze(softer ones give more grip but won’t last as long). Make sure they’re not too hard. This can lead to slippage, and if they don’t have a logo on them, then the chances of your hands slipping are much higher!

How often should I replace my golf club grips?

If they’re seriously worn out, you should definitely replace them immediately because they make the club comfortable to hold. If they’re just a little dry, then you can usually get away with touching them up with some leather/rubber conditioner – usually available in golf accessory bags!

How do I choose a golf set?

Look for a set that includes at least one wood, 8 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. This combo is the most versatile and will cover you on any course! If your budget allows, feel free to include more but don’t ever buy an iron-only set because they’re notoriously difficult to hit consistently.

Does the type of wood or iron I use matter?

It shouldn’t unless you’re playing an extremely difficult course that requires shots over 200 yards(in which case you should go with graphite). For most people, choosing either one based on their personal preferences is fine!

What type of wood should my golf set have?

For most people, one with a sole that makes contact with the ground first is ideal because these retain their shape better and absorb more impact when swinging. Plus, giving it face relief reduces drag upon off-center hits, which means more distance!

What type of club should I avoid if my goal is to become an accomplished golfer?

If you’re serious about improving your game, then avoid buying a cheap driver because these can be difficult to hit consistently. Save that money for lessons and spend it on something like wedges instead!

How do you measure the sweet spot on a club?

Your best guess-and-check method is to press down on the sole at the very bottom where the shaft meets it – this is also known as “the hosel” or “the neck”. If it gives way under pressure with no resistance, congratulations! You’ve found your sweet spot.

Why are iron heads often thicker than wood heads?

Because more weight results in greater inertia which means more distance from a swifter swing speed. It’s a good idea to get your iron heads fattened up unless you’re trying to play a course with narrow fairways!


If you’re looking for a new set, then the options are limitless! A good quality iron-only setup can be had for under $300, while many complete sets go for well over that amount. If your budget is flexible, just remember to buy something that will last – it’s an investment in your game! And of course, don’t forget to leave a comment if there’s anything else we should know.

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