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Best 11 Golf Sets That Make You Want to Take Fridays Off

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With summer on the horizon, golf season is in full swing! A round of golf with your best friends, the cold beverage of your choosing, and the sun beating down on your fresh plaid golf-wear is a foolproof recipe for enjoyment.

We’ve compiled a guide to 2016’s best golf clubs, including package sets that are complete and course-ready (bag included) as well as iron-only options for the golfer looking to mix and match their set.

Because every golfer says, “It’s the clubs’ fault” at least once a day.

Callaway Strata Complete 12-Club Set

Callaway offers this 9-club set as the perfect entry-level set for someone needing all the essentials in an affordable, ready-to-swing package from a top-notch brand.

Complete with a lightweight stand bag, this set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, six 9-irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

The driver has an oversized club head, and sweet spot, comparable to the pros play’s highest-priced clubs.

The 5-hybrid provides a great alternative to those difficult long irons. It’s also offered in 16- and 18-piece versions and for women.

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Adam’s Speedline Plus Complete 11-Club Set

Adams Golf Men's Speedline Plus Complete Set, Graphite, Senior, Right Hand
  • Aerodynamic shaped driver Aerodynamic shaping reduces the amount of drag during the swing for more club head speed which equates to more distance
  • Hybrids an ultra thin crown lowers the center of gravity for easier and higher launch and a thin face helps to increase ball speed
  • Tom Watson RC14 Sand Wedge The new Tom Watson RC14 sand wedge meets his very high standards of shaping, feel, versatility and performance

When it comes to complete sets, Adam’s Golf is at the top of their game with this year’s Speedline Plus.

This complete 11-club set has everything you need for a day on the course, including graphite-shafted driver and fairway woods, steel-shafted irons, a putter, cart bag, and a sand wedge designed by Tom Watson himself.

Aerodynamically shaped club heads provide faster club speed for improved performance to help keep your score low and your ego high.

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Wilson Ultra Complete 10-Club Set

Wilson offers beginner golfers an affordable yet distance-yielding set that’s course-ready straight out of the box, with their Ultra 10-club complete set.

A massive 460cc driver head increases forgiveness for those that have yet to perfect their swing, and the steel-shafted irons provide more stability at contact.

Complete with a stand bag, this set has it all and at a price tag that won’t break the bank. It’s also available for women with an attractive cart bag.

Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set

To reach the upper echelon of complete sets, look no further than the Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set.

This set is designed to make golf easier by delivering a higher draw-biased ball flight that is often needed by beginners (and seniors).

Modern-designed club heads provide the best combination of feel, forgiveness, and distance. If you need a top-notch full set with graphite-shafted irons, the Cobra Golf Airspeed Complete Set is sure to deliver.

Tour Edge HP25 Complete 12-Club Set

Value shoppers and weekend warriors will be pleasantly surprised with this 12-club complete set from Tour Edge.

With a 460cc driver for a big distance even on off-center tee shots and a forgiving 4-hybrid, this set delivers it all in a lightweight, price-conscious package.

Tour Edge: allowing everyone the chance to enjoy golf without needing to pawn the television to make rent.

Adam’s New Idea Complete 12-Club Set

With the New Idea 12-club set, Adam’s Golf sets itself apart by delivering a unique 6 and 7 “Hybiron.”

Specifically designed to provide more control and power on off-center shots, these hybrids bridge the gap between the low and high irons, the clubs that provide the most trouble for most golfers.

This new technology from Adam’s could be exactly what you need to shave a few strokes off your score.

Wilson Profile XLS Complete 11-Club Set

Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set
  • Titanium composite 460cc driver with power weighting technology for a large sweet spot and strong loft for greater distance
  • Large sweet spot fairway wood with a strong loft and low weighting design that is easy to hit from the fairway or rough
  • Hybrid club with a shallow face and high-launch technology for better trajectory and longer, straighter shots than a long iron
  • Stainless steel irons with low center of gravity for high launch and extreme perimeter weighting for enhanced forgiveness
  • Large unsupported face design on the irons boost ball speed to give you more distance

Fully customizable, Wilson’s 2020 Profile 11-club set is a custom-fit system-in-a-box that offers multiple options for club length, shaft type, and grip size to appease golfers of all shapes and abilities.

For those who know their preferred style and size of the club, this set provides a fit similar to that received by working with a club-fitting specialist.

The standard flex and steel-shafted irons are a great upgrade over the introductory-level Wilson Ultra Set for beginners.

TaylorMade M2 4-PW Iron Set

Designed with a faster face, higher lofts, and a lower center of gravity specifically for golfers with a slower swing speed, these irons from TaylorMade will launch the ball higher and land steeper.

At this price point, TaylorMade makes its highly respected brand reachable for less experienced golfers.

Ping GMax 4-PW Iron Set

Designed for less skilled golfers, Ping has created their longest, straightest, and most forgiving irons ever.

Rated Gold by Golf Digest, the Ping Gmax 5-PW iron set will help eliminate the words “duff” and “shank” from your golf-course vocabulary.

When paired with Ping’s G Series drivers and fairway woods, these stylish matte black clubs are sure to make the rest of your foursome jealous.

Titleist 528lgr5pe Golf Irons

Titleist 528lgr5pe Golf Irons, Men, Grey, 5-PW
  • New model 2018; Available in several colors
  • Provide Unparalleled distance and tolerance
  • With a explosive speed of ball and one side even more tolerant

With this set, Titleist expands their demographic from top-performing pros to those needing a little more power and control from their irons.

Designed to enhance launch height, increase club speed and maximize distance, the Titleist AP1 716 Irons pair is great with Titleist’s 915 D2 driver, making the perfect combo for a golfer who needs a set to grow into.

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