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11 Essentials You Should Always Keep In Your Golf Bag

by The Mind Blown

A typical round of golf can last more than four hours for an average golfer. Most golf courses allow you to come back to the clubhouse at the turn; however, this isn’t always the case, and one should be prepared for this.

The following list of golf bag essentials will help you be prepared for any situation you may encounter while playing golf. With these items, you’re all set to head out on the green. Additionally, the pro tips at AdeptGolf will take your game a notch higher.

Before heading out on the course, do a quick item check of the items in your golf bag to ensure you have what you need.

Your golf bag should have these eleven on-course essentials.

1. Golf Balls

Although it may seem obvious, you need some golf balls in your bag, and unless you can complete every round of golf with only one ball, you should always have an extra dozen.

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2. Tees

Another obvious one, but don’t overlook it. Most of us have known (or been) the golfer who asks their partners for a couple of tees. When you step up to the tee box next time, make sure you’re prepared by getting your tees.

3. Rangefinder

With today’s technology, your yardages can be calculated in seconds with a rangefinder. A rangefinder helps you play faster and more effectively.

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4. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial. The bottle is the most convenient way to carry liquids while out on the course. Additionally, some golf bags include a pocket made specifically for keeping your water bottle cool.

5. Towel

Towels are usually attached to golf bags, ready to be used whenever the clubs get dirty.

Golfers who tend to sweat during their rounds may want to bring a second towel. Having a clean towel handy for wiping off your face when you sweat will make your face feel fresher.

6. High-protein Snack

Having a decent meal before a game is important. The next four hours or so will involve a lot of walking. Hunger can strike at any time when walking along the fairway. A quick snack to have during a round is a healthy protein bar or homemade trail mix. If you find the other options too dry, the banana is another good option.

7. Rain Weather Clothes

When you walk the course, you’re always exposed to the elements. No matter if it’s windy, snowy, cloudy, or raining, you have to go through with the round. Bring rain clothing in your bag if you see clouds before your round begins.

8. Ball Marker – Fork

A coin, a toonie, a poker chip, a loonie,  or almost anything else you like can be used. Almost anything can be used as ball markers, provided they are positioned on the green and won’t move while playing, and they do not interfere in your partner’s way. Do not forget to fix the ball mark you left on the green when you landed that wedge flop when you were marking your ball on the green. You can use a fork to do this. Please make sure that the greens are repaired properly so that the next group of golfers can have a good game on the course.

9. Sunglasses

If it’s sunny, you might find it difficult to see the golf balls during flight and landing, so be sure to keep one in your golf bag or, better yet, get yourself a new one. Carry sunscreen also.

10. Band-aids

Band-Aids cover cuts and protect against abrasion, so they are worth their weight in gold. It’s hard to comprehend how important it is to have one until one day when you don’t have one. Make sure you have a box in your bag at all times if you want to avoid that feeling.

11. Extra Socks

It’s convenient to have extra socks on hand when your waterproof shoes let you down after walking through morning dew or when your feet get sweaty, and you want to cool them down.


There is no doubt that golf clubs are one of the most important items in every golf bag. In addition, these are a couple of other resources that you’ll need for an enjoyable game of golf. Though each player will have their own set of essentials, these are some items that are absolutely necessary. Don’t leave home without these items.

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