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Skip the Shave With These 8 Best Laser Hair Removal Systems

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Skip the Shave With These Laser Hair Removal Systems

Remove hair everywhere with these at-home alternative treatments that save you time, money, and all the effort put in to perfect that ultra-smooth shave.

If you’re over razor burn or the general hassle of hair growth itself (aren’t we all?), there exists another option.

Check out these at-home hair removal systems guaranteed to permanently take care of all that unnecessary hair.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Say so long to shaving cream because as far as this FDA-approved at-home laser treatment from Tria is concerned, razors are irrelevant.

Constructed with a dermatologist-preferred diode laser technology, the Laser 4X received InStyle’s 2016 Best Beauty Buys Award as it puts hair follicles on pause to permanently put a stop to hair growth anywhere you find undesirable.

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Silk’n Flash&Go; Freedom Hair Removal Device

Silk’n Flash&Go Express, IPL Laser Hair Removal System
132 Reviews
Silk’n Flash&Go Express, IPL Laser Hair Removal System
  • Perfect device for long lasting hair removal sessions in the privacy of your home.
  • Enjoy smooth skin using light pulsing technology that disables hair growth at the root.
  • Designed by physicians and clinically tested for a product that gets results.We recommend that adolescents wait until they are at least 16 years old before starting treatments with any of our hair removal devices
  • Works on legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and below the cheekbones on your face.
  • Safe and easy use with a built-in skin color sensor and adjustable energy levels.

Featuring a home pulsed-light technology that removes hair from the root, Flash&Go is a permanent solution to heavy hair growth.

Before and during laser sessions, a skin-color sensor measures your complexion to ensure appropriate pulses for your skin to reach optimal smoothness.

Silk’n suggests that each area be treated bi-weekly for the first four sessions, then once a month going forward until the desired area is hair-free.

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Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

This phenomenal laser-treatment tool from Philips is redefining hair removal.

Equipped with a few fancy features like the skin-tone sensor and Slide and Flash mode that makes application easy, hair growth reduces by 75% in just four sessions.

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Yachyee Laser Hair Removal Device

Yachyee Laser Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Permanent with Ice Cooling Function IPL Hair Removal at-Home Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes for Face Armpits Legs Arms Bikini Line
485 Reviews
Yachyee Laser Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Permanent with Ice Cooling Function IPL Hair Removal at-Home Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes for Face Armpits Legs Arms Bikini Line
  • Ice Cool Feature: With the optional ice-cool feature, this IPL hair removal device can cool the skin while emitting pulsed light. You will feel painless and cool and comfortable when doing hair removal with this laser hair removal.
  • Long Device Life: This hair removal device has max flashes of 999,999 flashes, which is enough for the lifelong and whole body. You will see clearly how many flashes are left on the liquid crystal display.
  • Effective: The pursed light with 16J/4CM2 energy and 510-1200nm length can arrive at the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair growth, and remove the undesired hair efficiently.
  • Two Modes: Manual mode is mainly used for small areas, such as the bikini line, armpit, and lips. Auto Mode can be used for large areas, such as arms, legs, and back.
  • Notes: Can not use it on dark brown/black skin; Can not use it on orange/grey hair; Must shave undesired hair before using; Need 2-3 months to see results.

Yachyee laser hair removal has taken on an innovative approach in a world filled with waxing and depilatory creams. The ice cooling technology will cool your skin while emitting pulsed light to make it easier to remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas like the upper lip or bikini line without any pain at home!

With features such as 9 intensity levels in two modes (one mode being constant) plus 999999 flashes device life. This easy-to-care device can be used anywhere on one’s body where they might have been wanting their beauty routine completed quickly + effectively just by turning those dials back and forth.

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Silk’n Infinity – IPL Laser Hair Removal System

Silk’n Infinity - At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men, Lifetime of Pulses, No Refill Cartridge Needed, Unlimited Flashes - IPL Laser Hair Removal System
444 Reviews
Silk’n Infinity - At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men, Lifetime of Pulses, No Refill Cartridge Needed, Unlimited Flashes - IPL Laser Hair Removal System
  • PAINLESS & EASY TO USE: At home system can be used with any skin type and on the face, legs, arms, upper lip and bikini line.
  • SIMPLE PROCESS THAT WORKS: The 12 week treatment at-home hair removal devices uses a technology which uses pulses of light to permantely remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation.
  • NO MORE EXPENSIVE TRIPS TO THE SALON: Save time and money and get the same results as a professional salon treatment. No more struggles with old-fashioned hair removal processes like shaving, plucking or waxing
  • WORKS ON ALL SKIN TYPES: Suitable for many different hair colors and skin types and leaves skin smooth and supple.We recommend you don’t use this device when you’re pregnant or nursing
  • NO REFILLS REQUIRED: Unlimited flashes in one device. Never have to worry about replacing your cartridge.

The newest installment to Silk’n technology comes from a lightweight device fit for all skin types, anywhere.

Designed by breakthrough technology exclusively used by doctors and containing FDA-approved technology, this hair removal tool promises beauty isn’t always a pain.

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Remington i-Light Pro Premier Refurbished

Remington iLight Pro At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ Powerful 16Jsper Flash & 3 Bonus Cartridges- FDA Cleared for Women & Men
424 Reviews
Remington iLight Pro At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ Powerful 16Jsper Flash & 3 Bonus Cartridges- FDA Cleared for Women & Men
  • Up to 94 percent of hair reduction in just 3 treatments
  • The most effective at home hair removal device.If needed, you can dampen the cloth with water and mild soap
  • With nearly 2X better results in fewer treatments
  • Professional Intense Pulsed Light Technology with a powerful 16 Joules per flash for greater hair reduction in fewer treatments
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven. 6,000 total flashes (4 1, 500 flash replaceable bulbs included for 8 12 full body treatments). Fast, gentle, and easy to use. Voltage 115-230 VAC. 90 day money back guarantee

Remington is our go-to for all things grooming. This i-LIGHT Pro Premier Intense Pulsed Light hair removal device is no exception.

A best-seller since its launch overseas in 2009, this system features a ProPulse technology that gives you lasting results, similar to laser treatment, for far less.

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DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System

DEESS Laser Hair Removal System GP590,0.9s/Flash Fastest Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Home Use with Unlimited Flashes,3-in-1 Suit.
434 Reviews
DEESS Laser Hair Removal System GP590,0.9s/Flash Fastest Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men Home Use with Unlimited Flashes,3-in-1 Suit.
  • [Most comfortable Ice Compress and IPL Technology] :3~8℃,built-in ice cool technology greatly increase the comfort of the hair removal experience.
  • [Fastest and time-saving ] 0.9s/flash with smart automatic flash mode make it easy to treat the lower leg in 4minutes, underarm in 2 minutes and 1 minutes for Bikini hair.
  • [Super long lifespan with 2 years warranty] Unlimited flashes, you don’t have to buy any replacement for it and it is 2 years warranty guaranteed!
  • [When to see result? ]: 95% hair reduction in 6-12-weeks . Continued monthly treatments the hair is prevented from growing back.
  • [Multifuction ] one station beauty and hair removal system.

For intense treatments that require extra attention, the Full Body system from DEESS comes equipped with two interchangeable caps: one for the body, one for the face.

The advanced device features an ultra-fast flash window for a speedy treatment, ComfortFilter technology.

Hence, sessions run smoothly, and a convenient cord that doesn’t require a frequent charge.

Gillette Venus IPL Hair Removal for Women Silk-expert IPL BD 3005

Braun Gillette Venus IPL Hair Removal for Women, SilkExpert IPL BD 3005, FDA Cleared Home System for Permanent Reduction in Hair Regrowth for Body Face Corded, White
27 Reviews
Braun Gillette Venus IPL Hair Removal for Women, SilkExpert IPL BD 3005, FDA Cleared Home System for Permanent Reduction in Hair Regrowth for Body Face Corded, White
  • Clinically tested IPL for permanent hair reduction
  • The only IPL with SensoAdapt technology for a safe and effective treatment
  • Treat a lower leg in just 10 minutes
  • Gentle mode for IPL beginners or sensitive areas
  • Includes product pouch

Erase hair from every undesirable area with this gentle grooming device from Gillette.

It’s a salon-quality system that offers professional results with an LED light to ultimately improve visibility, so you don’t miss a hair.

Apply to face, legs, bikini line, and more for thermo-transmitters to penetrate heat into hair follicles, so hair stops growing almost instantly.

Buying Guide for the Best Laser Hair Removal System

Laser hair removal is among the most efficient ways to eliminate unwanted facial and body hair. When performed correctly, an ipl device emits a beam of light that chemically reacts with the melanin in the hair to damage it. This causes the follicle to die and prevents future growth. The good news is that this is often painless and makes it ideal for both men and women.

Laser vs. IPL

There is a slight difference between IPL and laser hair removal. IPL emits a beam of light with a broad range of wavelengths that target the hairs in your skin. Laser, on the other hand, is more complex. This complex technology uses a single wavelength with a very specific frequency to treat one color in one follicle at a time for more accurate results.

Since both types of devices are often referred to as lasers, it is common for people to get confused when choosing which treatment they should use for their needs.

In most cases, you will see better results from an IPL device. Still, with laser treatments, you can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles while treating spider veins using this method.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

When it comes to this topic, you need to know that the darker your skin tone is, the more difficult it will be for you to see results using an ipl laser. If you have light brown or dark blonde hair, it will be much easier for you to use a device safely. However, if your natural hair color is black or any type of red, then you will probably want to look into getting a laser treatment instead.

Skin Type and Sensitivity

The type of skin you have also had an impact on which type of laser would work best for your needs. People with sensitive skin are most likely going to find that they are most comfortable with IPL treatments because they deliver less heat than traditional lasers do. The best laser hair removal system for acne-prone skin is one that uses a combination of both IPL and lasers together.

What You Need To Know Before Buying

There are a few factors to keep in mind when trying to find the best hair removal laser systems on the market. These include:

How long Laser Hair Removal Treatments Take

Some laser hair removal devices can treat large areas in an extremely short time span. For example, the Philips Lumea Comfort Plus has a fast flash speed that’s ideal for treating legs quickly with minimal discomfort

On average, laser hair removal treatments take less time than they do to complete waxing, tweezing, or epilating. This is because some of the natural processes associated with hair growth are halted rather than simply removed one by one.

Number of Laser Hair Removal Sessions Required for Optimum Results

Although many modern laser hair removal systems allow multiple sessions to be completed in quick succession, most people will still need at least four or five sessions to achieve their desired results. It’s important that you stay patient and try not to expect instant gratification. Every body is different, and it may take longer on some than others.

Accuracy and Precision of Targeting Devices

The accuracy, precision, and consistency of your targeting device can make a huge difference when it comes to what type of body areas you can treat effectively with a laser hair removal system. For example, choose a device that isn’t particularly precise. It may not be the best choice for facial hair removal because smaller areas like your upper lip can be more challenging to target.

Easy-to-Use Interface

For optimal results, it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your laser hair remover is easy to use. That means investing in rechargeable batteries and extra cleaning accessories so that you can use your ipl laser system anytime and anywhere without worrying about finding access to an electrical outlet. It should also have a user interface with easy-to-follow directions or an automatic mode if possible.

What Body Areas can it be Used on

Most laser hair removal systems have a similar range of body areas that they can effectively treat to some degree. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, the Remington i-LIGHT Pro is only approved for use on the face and bikini area at this time, so it may not be ideal if you’re looking for something more versatile. Choosing the right type of system will depend mostly on personal preference. What types of body parts need to be treated most frequently or urgently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Laser Hair Removal Systems work?

When the light comes into contact with skin, microscopic columns of heat are created in the dermis layer of the skin that destroys the cells responsible for growing new hairs. All the heat is contained within the columns, making it more effective at destroying hair growth without damaging surrounding cells.

What Type of Laser Technology Do Professional Devices Use?

Professional-grade laser hair removal systems typically use either diode or flash lamp light sources that can quickly emit concentrated beams of light over large areas. These latter options may take longer to complete. Still, they can also be used more effectively for simultaneous treatments and pain management.

Do Laser Hair Removal Systems have a Recovery Period?

Most hair removal systems will not require you to take any recovery time. Still, it’s important that you read the manufacturer’s specific instructions before commencing your sessions. Some systems may produce some mild redness or other side effects, but these should dissipate within a few hours.

Can Anyone Use a Laser Hair Removal System?

Although laser hair removal is often used by both men and women, it’s important to note that laser hair removal can’t be used on people with certain genetic conditions or who are taking medication for conditions such as psoriasis. If you have tattoos in the treatment area, find out if it’s safe to continue because dark pigments can absorb heat from lasers more easily than others.

How Long Do Results Last?

If you use your laser hair removal system as directed, the results can last anywhere from several months to several years. However, it’s important to note that hair growth only slows down and doesn’t completely stop during this time. If you’re looking for permanent results, consider electrolysis or another form of trapping.

Does a Hair Removal System Hurt?

In most cases, laser hair removal can be completely painless. Still, it’s also possible for some patients to experience some discomfort from the heat. As a way to ease this process, choose a system that offers cooling or numbing items such as gel pads or anesthetic creams.

What Areas of the Body Can be Treated with a Laser Hair Removal System?

Hair removal systems are designed so you can target different areas of your body on any given occasion. For example, if you want to focus more on your arms and legs, consider choosing a device with multiple treatment tips so you can treat large regions faster. If you’re looking for an efficient face-only solution, look for devices that have a narrow head and gentler laser energy.

How Often Does a Hair Removal System Require Maintenance?

A typical hair removal system requires very little maintenance. Still, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to cleaning your device before and after each use.

Are Laser Hair Removal Systems Safe to Use at Home?

Although there may be some small risks associated with home-use devices, they are usually safe for most people when used as directed. Many of these products have been tested extensively by dermatologists and other health professionals to ensure that they’re effective without causing any damage.

Can I squeeze out hairs after laser treatment?

After laser hair removal treatment, it is safe to squeeze out hair, but the surrounding skin may be painful.

Why does my skin burn after laser treatment?

The burning sensation in the skin after laser hair removal treatment results from the heatwave generated during this process. The intensity and duration of this burning feeling depend upon your individual characteristics such as age, sex, and weight, etc.

Are there side effects associated with laser hair removal?   

There are small risks associated with laser hair removal treatments, depending on the type of device used and the length of treatment. Common side effects include pain or a burning sensation in the skin during or immediately after your session, minor swelling, redness, acne breakouts, and temporary discoloration.

Is it possible for my skin to become too dark as a result of laser hair removal?

It is possible for your skin to become darker due to repeated sessions of laser hair removal due to overexposure to heat from the laser. This can be treated using a bleaching cream containing hydroquinone. However, consult your dermatologist before using such creams over large areas.

What should you not do after laser hair removal?

Do not expose your treated skin to the sun for at least 24 hours after laser hair removal treatment. After this period, you can safely apply sunscreen or other ointments to protect your skin against potentially harmful UV rays.


There are many advantages to using a laser hair removal system that can provide better results than other forms of hair removal. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience of removing excess hair at home without any pain or side effects. Using an effective device can last for several years before requiring replacement, so it’s well worth investing in the right solution. Look through our list of systems above and find one that meets your needs to begin enjoying smooth, silky skin today!

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