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Top 5 Best Fitness Trackers Of 2021



Fitness Trackers

Suppose you are one of those that crave excitement, adventure and like to exercise in unconventional ways rather than just grinding away on a treadmill.
In that case, it can be challenging to monitor your fitness level.

For that, you need a fitness tracker so that every hop, skip, jump, and stroke is tabulated.
If you are getting your exercise from hopping, skipping, jumping, and stroking, you could have more issues than just monitoring burned calories.

Anyone can get a cheap ball-bearing pedometer, but you need more than that for accurate fitness information.

A high-quality fitness tracker will store all of your data – not just how many steps you have taken – and it will sync it either with an online database or one on your home computer so you can track your progress.

It should be geared to monitor your chosen kind of exercise, be that swimming, rock climbing, pumping iron, or bar hopping.

It should be comfortable and easy to wear. If you’re lazy, it should have a built-in coaching mechanism to help keep you motivated.

Best All-Purpose: As was the case with our GPS running watches roundup, one of the most popular and beloved names in fitness tracking was Garmin.

The Vivofit is ideal for the average user looking to up their game.

It is wrist-mounted and easy to forget once it is on. It uses standard watch batteries, which will give you about a year of uninterrupted monitoring without the need to recharge.

It even tracks your activity while you sleep so that you get credit for calories burned between the sheets *wink*.

It is also a pedometer for measuring your steps and waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can take it for a swim so long as you aren’t doing any freediving.

The activity monitor will flash red if you are inactive for too long, so expect to suddenly be forced to do some office calisthenics or some dreaded desk dancing.

It learns from your activity over time and sets daily goals for you, which it keeps track of them through the Garmin Connect™ system. Connects via Bluetooth 4.0, so no cables are needed.

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Jawbone Up 24

Powerful Minimalist: The Jawbone is easily one of the most comfortable fitness trackers you can find. It is also one of the most extensive when combined with the UP App.

It syncs to your smartphone or computer automatically and easily tracks your food intake through pictures or barcodes, your daily water consumption, and your sleep patterns, as well as your active vs. passive periods while awake.

It suggests milestones and lays out a total body plan that will have you in peak condition in minimum time. It is unmatched for simplicity.

Despite its many qualities, the Up24 has two issues that may be a dealbreaker for some. First, it is ugly as sin. It looks like you have a synthetic earthworm wrapped around your wrist.

It might as well be a medic alert bracelet saying you are allergic to sex.

Secondly, it doesn’t have a built-in screen, so if you are a little OCD and need to check your status on the go, it won’t be able to help you unless you are lugging your phone around.

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Misfit Shine

Simply Stylish: The Shine is the opposite of the Jawbone in appearance. It was brought back from the future by stylish beings just to monitor your fitness levels.

The minimalistic silver or colored plate uses a simple light system to let you know how active you have been. At the same time, it automatically transmits extensive information to your computer.

It is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it is another good choice for swimmers. Tracks not only steps but speed, distance, and calories burned.

Also, monitors your sleep time and the depth of your sleep based on heart rate. It uses a replaceable battery, so no need to charge.

This is the smart fitness tracker that you can truly wear out to dinner with the boss.

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Fitbit One

Top Clip-On: The nicest thing about the Fitbit One is that it clips discreetly to your belt rather than riding around on your wrist.

This can interfere with its accuracy from time to time and cause it to come loose, but for those who don’t want a gaudy piece of jewelry, this is a smoother choice.

For a low-price fitness tracker, the One is packed to the gills with technology.

It gives you charts and graphs to track your progress, monitors your heart rate, stairs climbed, and even lets you upload your information online to compete with friends or strangers.

Logs your meals, your sleep, and your water intake to help you set a comprehensive diet and fitness plan. The only downside is it only works with a handful of mobile devices.

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Withings Pulse HR

Best Bang for Your Buck: There are two things that put the Pulse apart from many of the other fitness trackers.

First, it not only tracks your heart rate but also keeps an eye on your blood oxygen levels, so you know not only how fast your heart is beating but whether or not you are getting enough air.

For older users or those with infirmities, this can be imperative information.

Secondly, the HR can seamlessly interface with other Withings fitness gear to create a complete body-monitoring system.

Add in a heart rate or blood pressure monitor, a body analyzer, or scale, and you’ll know everything you need to improve your workout.

The wristband is also replaceable to complement your personal style.

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