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25 Rules for Buying a Suit

by The Mind Blown

Did you happen to catch Sean Spicer’s most recent press conference? Melissa McCarthy’s impression on SNL must have gotten to him, and he must have gotten to a tailor, as he looked positively dapper compared to previous appearances. The dude was even rocking a pocket square, for Trump’s sake. Follow his lead with the following tips…

25. Think about where you are going to wear this new suit. Is it a “funerals and weddings” type suit or will it be the basis for your everyday work wardrobe?

24. Not sure where to begin? Start at a larger department store where there will be plenty of options to choose from.

23. Don’t rush the decision. Last-minute shopping can only lead to sloppy dressing. And remember there are plenty of other suiting options outside of the store. The salesman is trying to make his commission and may do whatever he can to sell you one of his suits, even if it’s not the best one for you.

Steer clear of fabric that is too shiny. You want people to notice your suit because of how well it fits—not because it is reflecting light like a safety vest.

22. A simple navy or dark grey shade is ideal for everyday suits. Black suits should be reserved for funerals.

21. Know the size of your wallet, as this will influence where you shop.

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20. Spend some time walking around the store by yourself to get a better feel for what is available in your price range. Only once you have made yourself familiar should you start asking for help.

19. Bring some nice shoes and a dress shirt when shopping. Trying on a suit with a t-shirt and flip-flops does little to help you see how the suit will actually look.

18. Your suit won’t make a bit of difference if your tie is a mess. Try this fun way to tie one… without even putting it on.

17. Know your fabrics. No linen in the winter and no flannel in the summer. A mid-weight wool will be your best bet for year-round use.

16. Steer clear of any fabric that is too shiny. You want people to notice your suit because of how well it fits—not because it is reflecting light like a safety vest.

15. While you should try to find the best-fitting suit possible, a quick trip to the tailor can help your off-the-rack suit look like a made-to-measure piece.

14. A suit jacket or sport coat should fit like a glove. Once buttoned, you should be able to slide a palm between your chest and the coat. Anything more means the jacket is too big.

13. One breast or two? A perfectly fit double-breasted suit can be quite flattering, but stick with a single-breasted suit to start out. It’s a simpler, cleaner look that always makes a good impression.

12. Let’s talk lapels. Most suits are designed with a basic notch lapel that looks good on just about anyone. A peak lapel, while also classic, is a bit more eccentric, and should be worn with care. Jackets without any lapels, or even shawl collars, are a bit too fashion forward for everyday use and may be out of style in a few months.

11. When thinking about buttons there are a few options. Two-button suits are in style right now mainly because of their modern look. Three-button suits were strong in the ’90s. If you are going to buy a three-button suit today, look for one where the lapel rolls over the top button, giving the look of a two-button suit. No matter how many buttons you have, never button the bottom button when wearing your suit.

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10. How do you want your suit to breathe? There are two options for vents in your suit jacket: a conventional center vent placed directly in the middle of the suit, or the harder to find but more slimming double vents, which are placed on the rear side seams. Both are fine options.

9. No vents on your jacket? Don’t buy it! You don’t want to end up looking like a waiter or bellboy.

8. Your jacket sleeve should end at your wrist bone. You should always see some of your shirt cuff once your sleeve ends. A quarter to a half-inch is plenty.

7. While we are on the subject of sleeves: Most sleeves are too boxy and make your arms look like huge shapeless columns. Show off all your hard work at the gym by asking your tailor to slim the sleeves.

6. Your pants should not pool on top of your shoes. Current trends skew more towards the shorter hem, but a one-inch break is timeless. You will most likely not find the perfect length off the rack, so buy a little longer and have your tailor take care of the hem.

5. While pleats are coming back into style, they can easily add weight around your waist. Stick with a flat-front pant for a slim, timeless look.

4. Once you’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought your suit, don’t forget to remove any unnecessary stitching, usually found on the shoulders, keeping the pockets closed and keeping the vents together. Also remember to remove the tags the sleeve cuffs.

3. Don’t dry-clean your suit after every use. The temperatures and chemicals can really damage your suit.

2. Prefer to shop online? We still recommend heading to the store to try everything on first. If not, make sure they’ve got a damn good return policy. Oh and make sure to check out these sites.

1. Always remember to follow your instincts, not the trends. Otherwise you’ll just be, frankly, an empty suit.

Final Words

These are just a few guidelines to follow when shopping for a suit. The most important thing to remember is that you should feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. If a suit doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks, then it’s not the right one for you.

With so many options out there, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the perfect fit. Happy shopping!

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