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5 Steps to Perfectly Pomade-ed Hair

by The Mind Blown

Thanks in part to smartly coiffed celebrities like Don Draper, er, Jon Hamm, pomade is really, ahem, taking hold these days. Pomades are traditionally oil-based, made from petroleum or grease, which gives hair a slick, wet look. But oil is nearly impossible to wash out in the shower, which all-too-often leads to product buildup.

This in turn prevents the scalp from “breathing” and only results in higher natural oil production. However, at least one brand is addressing that concern.

“In a sea of oil-based pomades, we decided to design a water-based pomade because we wanted to provide guys with the ability to get that slicked back, high-shine look while making it easy to wash out in the shower with water,” says Mister Pompadour’s Zack Henry, who co-founded the company alongside his partner in Pompadour, Matt Davis.

“Our Peppermint Pomade includes premium-grade natural ingredients that nourish the hair, and excludes ingredients such as parabens, alcohol or sodium chloride that can damage hair. The Peppermint Pomade also has a sweet scent of fresh peppermint, which men and women love, compared to the smell of chemicals or cheap cologne you’ll find in most pomades.”

Of course, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your product is if guys don’t know how to use it. So here, Henry (pictured below) explains how to properly apply the magical tonic.

Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste | Matte Hair Product for Men & Women | HIgh Hold & No Shine | Water Based - Easy To Wash | 2oz

1. Apply the Pomade to Partially Dried Hair

We’d recommend applying the pomade to either towel-dry or blown-dry hair. When applied to towel-dry hair, expect to get more shine and a slightly lighter hold as the product is impacted by the water still left in your hair.

Applying it to blow-dried hair is probably the more preferred method because the heat and air flow will naturally give your hair more volume and shape, and the pomade will be used to better define and hold your hairstyle in place. I personally use a combination of both methods.

First, I apply the Pomade when my hair is towel dry. Then I blow dry my hair into the shape and direction that I want, and finally, I top off my hairstyle with a little more pomade to give my hair its final form and structure.

2. Less Is More

pomade hair

Like with most styling products, start off with a small amount of pomade and gradually add more as needed. A dime-sized amount is a good place to start, and it’s important to spread thoroughly throughout your hair, starting from the crown of the head until you have even coverage.

Use a comb to help spread the product if needed, but simply finger-combing will also do the trick. Just remember that more isn’t necessarily better; adding too much product will result in hair looking flat and lifeless because the product will end up weighing down your hair.

Using hair pomade is not rocket science, but it’s important to understand that every guy’s hair is different. For example, guys with thicker hair will need to use more product than guys with thinner hair. Guys with coarser hair will require a different type of pomade than guys with softer hair.

3. Pair Your Pomade With Other Styling Products and Techniques

I typically find myself using our Sculpting Clay as pre-styler prior to blow-drying my hair. It’s another medium-hold product, and it adds extra body and thickness to my hair, which makes for a good base for applying pomade as the finishing product.

Matt, on the other hand, loves to use the Texture Powder after blow-drying to give his hair a needed volume boost and better hold power without the added weight. He finishes his look by finger-combing the pomade for added separation and a more natural look.

Hair pomade can also be used in conjunction with other styling products, such as hair spray, to give your hairstyle an extra hold. Simply apply the pomade as usual, then finish by spraying hair into place.

4. Fear Not the Blow Dryer

We are big advocates of using a hair dryer as part of any styling routine, and we believe it’s the single most important (and unfortunately, most overlooked) tool a guy can use. The combination of heat and air flow from the hair dryer gives hair natural volume and shape (think of wind-blown hair at the beach), then all that’s left is to finish it off with pomade for more definition and style.

Hair Pomade applied to damp hair and then blow-dried will give you a different result than if applied to dry hair, so feel free to experiment.

Note: We also recommend using a heat-protectant spray or cream prior to using a hair dryer to reduce heat damage to the hair. And don’t be afraid to try a round brush to help straighten your hair when blow drying, or use a spritz of hairspray to lock your hairstyle in place if desired.

5. Easy Does It

Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste | Matte Hair Product for Men & Women | HIgh Hold & No Shine | Water Based - Easy To Wash | 2oz

With a medium, flexible-hold pomade like ours, there really isn’t a need to add more product throughout the day. What you put in your hair in the morning will last you. Don’t be afraid to run your fingers or comb through your hair throughout the day to reshape it if needed, though.

A little pomade goes a long way, and if you find that you need to add more product as the day goes on, start with less than you think you’ll need (remember, it’s always easier to add more). And if your hair starts looking or feeling greasy, it’s probably time for a shampoo.

A good hair product routine should be easy and effortless, and using pomade is no different. With a little practice, you’ll find that achieving the perfect pomade-ed hairstyle is easier than you think.

Final Words

Pomade is a versatile styling product that can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, from classic and conservative to modern and edgy. And while it may seem like a daunting task to perfect the art of pomade-ing your hair, following these five simple tips will have you well on your way to Pomade perfection!

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