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4 Secrets To A Slimmer Waist

by The Mind Blown

Before we get any further into our top-secret ways to improve your waistline, I have to give you the best tip that everyone else is already telling you to get a slimmer waist: eat right.

If you are the average person out there, you probably just rolled your eyes, and you may even stop reading the rest of the article, but that’s ok because it had to be said.

Eating well will not only help you achieve your goals more quickly, but it will also decrease the amount of effort that you need to give to get to those points as well.  Enough of the obvious, let’s get down to business.

There are a few other obvious answers to this question out there, so I am going to give you four specific steps that will need to be used in conjunction with the obvious.

1. Work on your V-Taper


This has always been more of a bodybuilding term, but it has tremendous value for us as well.  The V-taper actually is pretty self-explanatory:  it is the V shape of your body from your shoulders to your waist.

We often try to do AB exercises (one of those obvious answers I was talking about) to shrink our stomachs, but we neglect our shoulders and back.

I understand that you are probably not looking to become the next bodybuilding champion, but you still have to work those shoulders and lats!  Think about the illusion it creates. You are going to slowly shrink your waist while your upper body grows.

The net of this transformation is that your waist will appear to have gotten smaller than it actually has! Brilliant right?  This is also something that Jackie Warner stresses in her workout videos as well, so get to it!  Right below this paragraph, I have attached a link to an upper-body workout that will help you achieve this V-taper.

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2. Do Oblique Exercises

Oblique Exercises

Many of us out there do plenty of AB exercises to try and get rid of the protruding object below our chest.  This leaves no room for love-handle exercises to get rid of the fat hanging off of the sides.  SO then we get frustrated and stressed because we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere.

This is where I will bring the obvious backup and tell you to EAT RIGHT!  This alone will make your life 100% easier…I promise.  The reasoning is because if you eat right, the protrusion underneath your chest will take care of itself and a lot more quickly than trying to do a bunch of AB exercises.

This leaves you the rest of the time to work on the smaller imperfections such as your arms, legs, and….your love handles.  A lot of us out there may not be familiar with such exercises, so I have attached links to a few of them on our site.  Start using them, and you will never look back!!

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3. Stand More

Stand More

How many hours a day do you spend sitting at a desk or riding in a car? If the answer is “too much to count,” then we need to try and take some corrective steps here.

If you are in a car or truck a lot, there isn’t really a good way to stand very often, so I sympathize with you guys.

The best idea for you would be to stop at as many rest areas as possible and walk around and stretch those muscles.  If you are in an office chair, I would also advise you to get up periodically and walk for a few minutes.

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4. Improve your posture

improve posture

Yes, you also need to improve your sitting technique.  You would be amazed at the difference that you will see AND feel if you straighten that back up while you are sitting, just like your third-grade teacher told you to do it.

If you do have bad posture, it may also help to go to your local chiropractor and have him adjust you.  This has helped me improve and maintain my posture over the years…and I think it even feels good afterward.  (Key term there is “afterward”).

This is another illusion, but it is also good for you.  If you are hunched all day long, your spine will begin to lose its shape, and you will be shorter, or at least appear that way.

But, if this is fixed, your body will be longer and therefore distribute the weight more evenly.  Like magic, right? Actually, this will take a while for it to become a habit, but it is well worth it!

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Slimmer Waist – Conclusion

So there you have it! Actual secrets to a slimmer waist and smaller love handles.

If you eat right (Yes, that is at least the third time I’ve said the obvious) and master these four techniques, you will be red carpet ready in just a few short weeks!

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