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Top 5 Best Habit Trackers

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Habits lead to behavior that, in turn, makes up a personality. Building good habits and breaking the bad ones is essential as it is the only possible way to reshape your behavior. Most people are unaware of their habits; therefore, it is vital to take back control. To make your process easier, we have reviewed here the top 5 best habit trackers.

Habit trackers are designed to keep track of your habits, help you set goals, and tackle all your bad habits. They are a good option as they give a visual representation of your progress. Whether it’s reading a book, drinking plenty of water, hitting a gym, or taking a good sleep, the best habit tracker will remind you of everything. One habit tracker won’t work for everyone, so we have given you five options to choose from. Let’s have a look!

A Spotlight On Top 5 Best Habit Trackers

Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar Notepad
Track progress effectively
It helps in reaching goals
Extra writing space
Perfect gift
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Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar- Inspirational Habit Tracking
It helps in developing habits
Boost creativity
Durable and stylish
Gives inspirational ideas
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Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner
Scratch off habit tracker
Accountability journal
Fitness journal
Record habit progress
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Get Stuff Done Habit Tracker Journal
Improves productivity
Turn goals into reality
13-week planner
Best for achieving full focus
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The Morning Sidekick Journal - Habit Tracker
Engaging and functional
Wellness journal
Prompts healthy habits
Provides daily content
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1. Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar Notepad, Gold Spiral Bound Botanical Floral Journal

If you are looking for the best habit tracker, then the Bliss collections habit tracker calendar has stopped your search. No need to find anything else as this beautifully designed tracker will help you track your habits for 12 months. To keep you motivated throughout the month, each month has a unique quote with it. habit trackers bullet journal

It will help you build good habits, break the bad ones, and meet your goals. The outer cover is beautifully designed with floral watercolor details that add an aesthetic impact. It includes an elegant coil binding, and a hanging hole is present in the center, which allows you to hang it anywhere. You can put it where you will see it every day; it may be your desk, on the wall, or in your living room.

The quality of sheets is premium and offers plenty of space to write. At the end of the month, you can record your progress, and it keeps you accountable. You can use it at work, school or home. Furthermore, this could be a great gift idea for someone special for whom you care a lot.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • It helps to achieve the target.
  • It can be hanged.
  • Perfect gift.
  • 100% unique.


  • There should be one page of reflection every month.


2. Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar – Inspirational Habit Tracking Journal with Spiral Binding

Another tracker that will help you in developing your new healthy habits is the Lamare habit tracker. This elite smart planner is perfect for a goal-oriented person to help you reach your destination. This planner helps you to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Improve your creativity, set your finance, track your sleeping, or organize your day with this best habit tracker. may bullet journal keep track clear habit journal sleep tracker bullet journal bullet journal for men bullet tracker

Achieving new habits will help you in self-improvement that brings a good change in everyday life. You can customize this, draw, paint, or even use stickers to make this a unique piece of artwork. Putting this tracker in your living room will add an eye-catching view. Every month in this calendar has a different color; this makes it unique. More: Best Affirmation Cards

Our atomic habit journal is not like the boring planners, the cover and thick and firm paper used in the tracker gives it a high end feel. The sturdy laminated cardboard and matte finish paper will make it look more beautiful. Instead of giving some impractical gift to your loved ones, make a difference by giving them the best habit journal them.


  • It helps in developing good habits.
  • Boost your creativity.
  • Acid-free paper.
  • Stylish and durable.
  • Strong gold wire hook.


  • Colorful stickers are not included.


3. Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner – Full Year Scratch Off Habit Poster – Clear Visual Self Care Habit Progress

Out of all the trackers present in the market, Panda planner’s Habit tracker is only in its kind. The scratch-off habit tracker is an exclusive feature of Panda. Building good and healthy habits become easy with this tracker. You scratch the gold foil that reveals a blue circle every day; this helps complete your habit as the visual reminder will help you remind the habit. Furthermore, the visual streak of a blue circle will encourage and motivate you. More: Best Budget Planners

Developing good habits isn’t easy; the loop begins with a reminder, then routine, which leads to reward. The reward is scratching off today’s date. This calendar will hold you accountable and enables you to stick to your chores whether you want to become habitual of yoga, meditation, flossing, working out, learning a new language, reading, or anything. You can also set your fitness routine through this fitness journal. The progress and consistency of your habit are essential, so care for yourself and try this tracker.


  • Unique in its kind.
  • Helps developing good habits.
  • Gives motivation.
  • Chores get easier.
  • This is precisely what I was looking for and works perfectly.
  • Effective tool.


  • A bit huge printed chart.


4. Get Stuff Done Planner for Productivity – Habit Tracker Journal – Undated Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Agenda

Making plans is easy but turning them into reality is challenging, but the Get stuff done planner will make it easy. This best habit tracker is undated; you can start if anytime from anywhere. The journal begins with a section that gives a clear image, and then it maps your goals that could be attainable. Jot down daily, weekly and monthly actions. This habit tracker journal is specially designed for increasing productivity. It helps in focusing on your important tasks and prioritizing your goals. More: Best Productivity Planners

This 13-week planner contains convenient tabs that enable a quick switch between daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Each month and each week has two separate pages for writing spaces. You can write whatever you want on extra writing space. The premium quality paper won’t bleed any ink. It’s fun to jot down schedules, goals, and habits on this amazing planner. You can also sketch out your ideas on the blank pages that are present at the end. With the journal, you will get two books that contain time-saving productivity tops. So, become an achiever by achieving your goals faster.


  • Solid planner.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Helps in achieving goals.
  • Maximize achievement.
  • Extra writing space.


  • Pen-loop needs improvement.


5. The Morning Sidekick Journal – Habit Tracker Journal! A Guided Journal for Morning Routines

Another best habit tracker is the Morning sidekick journal that helps in tracking your habits. A good and fresh morning is the one that begins with the achievement of a goal. If your goals are not fulfilled in the morning, then it makes you demotivated for the whole day. This simple, engaging, and guided habit planner will help you to have the best morning. You will get a guided journal that is perfect for morning routines. More: Best Fitness Trackers

The journal includes daily actionable content that is easy to apply. Making action plans is easy, but the motive is to implement and follow them. For encouraging healthy life habits, this science-driven daily journal is perfect. With this planner, you can plan your mornings and what you will do for the whole day. Out of 24 hours, this tracker will take your 5 minutes per day, and it will be beneficial for your routine and will add value.


  • Engaging and practical.
  • Tracks habits.
  • Makes your morning best.
  • Premium quality.
  • Develops healthy life habits.
  • A guided journal for routine.


  • Doesn’t comes with a pen-loop.


Buying Guide – Best Habit Tracker

While choosing the best habit tracker, you need to consider some important features. Considering these features will help you in choosing the best option.

Design and Convenient

A good habit tracker is designed thoughtfully and is super easy to use. Choose a tracker in which adding the habits and tracking them regularly is convenient for you. Size also matters a lot; a perfectly sized tracker is easy to carry and fits easily in your pocket.


A premium quality tracker is the best choice. Sheets of paper used in it must be of good quality and wear-resistance. A poor quality tracker will not stay with you for a longer period. Furthermore, the outer covering also must be of hardcover so that the tracker is durable.


Find out your purpose for buying a habit tracker. Whether you want to set some good habits in yourself, achieve some specific goals, or want to set some reminders, these habit planners will work effectively. But all planners don’t have all the functions; each of them is specific in their roles. Choose the one that matches your preferences.

Extra spaces

Extra spaces at the end of the tracker will help you write your plan, schedule, or prioritize your goals. This will enable you to track your plan and review your daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

Conclusion- Best Habit Tracker

Achieve your goals easily by using habit planners. Good habits lead to great personalities. Track your routine and stay consistent on good habits with the best habit tracker. Choose the one that matches your goals and preferences.

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