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Top 5 Best Habit Trackers



best habit trackers

Habits lead to behavior that, in turn, makes up a personality. Building good habits and breaking the bad ones is essential as it is the only possible way to reshape your behavior. Most people are unaware of their habits; therefore, it is vital to take back control. To make your process easier, we have reviewed here the top 5 best habit trackers.

Habit trackers are designed to keep track of your habits, help you set goals, and tackle all your bad habits. They are a good option as they give a visual representation of your progress. Whether it’s reading a book, drinking plenty of water, hitting a gym, or taking a good sleep, the best habit tracker will remind you of everything. One habit tracker won’t work for everyone, so we have given you five options to choose from. Let’s have a look!

A Spotlight On Top 5 Best Habit Trackers

Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar Notepad
Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar Notepad e1606410398793
Track progress effectively
It helps in reaching goals
Extra writing space
Perfect gift
Check Price
Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar- Inspirational Habit Tracking
Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar e1606410390294
It helps in developing habits
Boost creativity
Durable and stylish
Gives inspirational ideas
Check Price
Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner
Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner e1606410383227
Scratch off habit tracker
Accountability journal
Fitness journal
Record habit progress
Check Price
Get Stuff Done Habit Tracker Journal
Get Stuff Done Habit Tracker e1606410374289
Improves productivity
Turn goals into reality
13-week planner
Best for achieving full focus
Check Price
The Morning Sidekick Journal - Habit Tracker
The Morning Sidekick Journal e1606410364478
Engaging and functional
Wellness journal
Prompts healthy habits
Provides daily content
Check Price


1. Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar Notepad, Gold Spiral Bound Botanical Floral Journal

Best Habit TrackersIf you are looking for the best habit tracker, then the Bliss collections habit tracker calendar has stopped your search. No need to find anything else as this beautifully designed tracker will help you track your habits for 12 months. To keep you motivated throughout the month, each month has a unique quote with it. habit trackers bullet journal

It will help you build good habits, break the bad ones, and meet your goals. The outer cover is beautifully designed with floral watercolor details that add an aesthetic impact. It includes an elegant coil binding, and a hanging hole is present in the center, which allows you to hang it anywhere. You can put it where you will see it every day; it may be your desk, on the wall, or in your living room.

The quality of sheets is premium and offers plenty of space to write. At the end of the month, you can record your progress, and it keeps you accountable. You can use it at work, school or home. Furthermore, this could be a great gift idea for someone special for whom you care a lot.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • It helps to achieve the target.
  • It can be hanged.
  • Perfect gift.
  • 100% unique.


  • There should be one page of reflection every month.


2. Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar – Inspirational Habit Tracking Journal with Spiral Binding

Best Habit TrackersAnother tracker that will help you in developing your new healthy habits is the Lamare habit tracker. This elite smart planner is perfect for a goal-oriented person to help you reach your destination. This planner helps you to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Improve your creativity, set your finance, track your sleeping, or organize your day with this best habit tracker. may bullet journal keep track clear habit journal sleep tracker bullet journal bullet journal for men bullet tracker

Achieving new habits will help you in self-improvement that brings a good change in everyday life. You can customize this, draw, paint, or even use stickers to make this a unique piece of artwork. Putting this tracker in your living room will add an eye-catching view. Every month in this calendar has a different color; this makes it unique.

Our atomic habit journal is not like the boring planners, the cover and thick and firm paper used in the tracker gives it a high end feel. The sturdy laminated cardboard and matte finish paper will make it look more beautiful. Instead of giving some impractical gift to your loved ones, make a difference by giving them the best habit journal them.


  • It helps in developing good habits.
  • Boost your creativity.
  • Acid-free paper.
  • Stylish and durable.
  • Strong gold wire hook.


  • Colorful stickers are not included.


3. Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner – Full Year Scratch Off Habit Poster – Clear Visual Self Care Habit Progress

Best Habit TrackersOut of all the trackers present in the market, Panda planner’s Habit tracker is only in its kind. The scratch-off habit tracker is an exclusive feature of Panda. Building good and healthy habits become easy with this tracker. You scratch the gold foil that reveals a blue circle every day; this helps complete your habit as the visual reminder will help you remind the habit. Furthermore, the visual streak of a blue circle will encourage and motivate you.

Developing good habits isn’t easy; the loop begins with a reminder, then routine, which leads to reward. The reward is scratching off today’s date. This calendar will hold you accountable and enables you to stick to your chores whether you want to become habitual of yoga, meditation, flossing, working out, learning a new language, reading, or anything. You can also set your fitness routine through this fitness journal. The progress and consistency of your habit are essential, so care for yourself and try this tracker.


  • Unique in its kind.
  • Helps developing good habits.
  • Gives motivation.
  • Chores get easier.
  • This is precisely what I was looking for and works perfectly.
  • Effective tool.


  • A bit huge printed chart.


4. Get Stuff Done Planner for Productivity – Habit Tracker Journal – Undated Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Agenda

Best Habit TrackersMaking plans is easy but turning them into reality is challenging, but the Get stuff done planner will make it easy. This best habit tracker is undated; you can start if anytime from anywhere. The journal begins with a section that gives a clear image, and then it maps your goals that could be attainable. Jot down daily, weekly and monthly actions. This habit tracker journal is specially designed for increasing productivity. It helps in focusing on your important tasks and prioritizing your goals.

This 13-week planner contains convenient tabs that enable a quick switch between daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Each month and each week has two separate pages for writing spaces. You can write whatever you want on extra writing space. The premium quality paper won’t bleed any ink. It’s fun to jot down schedules, goals, and habits on this amazing planner. You can also sketch out your ideas on the blank pages that are present at the end. With the journal, you will get two books that contain time-saving productivity tops. So, become an achiever by achieving your goals faster.


  • Solid planner.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Helps in achieving goals.
  • Maximize achievement.
  • Extra writing space.


  • Pen-loop needs improvement.


5. The Morning Sidekick Journal – Habit Tracker Journal! A Guided Journal for Morning Routines

Best Habit TrackersAnother best habit tracker is the Morning sidekick journal that helps in tracking your habits. A good and fresh morning is the one that begins with the achievement of a goal. If your goals are not fulfilled in the morning, then it makes you demotivated for the whole day. This simple, engaging, and guided habit planner will help you to have the best morning. You will get a guided journal that is perfect for morning routines.

The journal includes daily actionable content that is easy to apply. Making action plans is easy, but the motive is to implement and follow them. For encouraging healthy life habits, this science-driven daily journal is perfect. With this planner, you can plan your mornings and what you will do for the whole day. Out of 24 hours, this tracker will take your 5 minutes per day, and it will be beneficial for your routine and will add value.


  • Engaging and practical.
  • Tracks habits.
  • Makes your morning best.
  • Premium quality.
  • Develops healthy life habits.
  • A guided journal for routine.


  • Doesn’t comes with a pen-loop.


Buying Guide – Best Habit Tracker

best habit trackers

While choosing the best habit tracker, you need to consider some important features. Considering these features will help you in choosing the best option.

Design and Convenient

A good habit tracker is designed thoughtfully and is super easy to use. Choose a tracker in which adding the habits and tracking them regularly is convenient for you. Size also matters a lot; a perfectly sized tracker is easy to carry and fits easily in your pocket.


A premium quality tracker is the best choice. Sheets of paper used in it must be of good quality and wear-resistance. A poor quality tracker will not stay with you for a longer period. Furthermore, the outer covering also must be of hardcover so that the tracker is durable.


Find out your purpose for buying a habit tracker. Whether you want to set some good habits in yourself, achieve some specific goals, or want to set some reminders, these habit planners will work effectively. But all planners don’t have all the functions; each of them is specific in their roles. Choose the one that matches your preferences.

Extra spaces

Extra spaces at the end of the tracker will help you write your plan, schedule, or prioritize your goals. This will enable you to track your plan and review your daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

Conclusion- Best Habit Tracker

Achieve your goals easily by using habit planners. Good habits lead to great personalities. Track your routine and stay consistent on good habits with the best habit tracker. Choose the one that matches your goals and preferences.

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How to spot fake reviews



fake reviews

Can you trust online product ratings? Our investigation suggests even Amazon’s top-ranked, “consistently helpful” reviewers can provide ratings that are at best unhelpful and, at worst, display the hallmarks of fakery.

With millions of products jostling for our attention and cash, 55% of web shoppers turn to online reviews to help them make their choice, according to a 2017 KPMG report.

Retailers are acutely aware of the power of online reviews, with some creating glowing reviews of their own products or negative ones of their competitors’ (practices known as “astroturfing”).

In 2015, Craig Douglas, a partner in Christchurch building company Clearwater Homes, received a warning from the Commerce Commission for several testimonials on the Clearwater Homes website from supposedly happy customers.

The reviews were fake, written by Douglas and one of his friends, and had to be removed.

Concerningly, some websites may be in on the astroturfing game. This year, the commission filed charges against holiday accommodation site, Bachcare, alleging it misled consumers by manipulating online reviews.

The commission claims Bachcare removed negative comments from some reviews and refused to publish any reviews with a star rating lower than 3.5 stars.

Businesses in the market for fake feedback can pick it up pretty cheaply – we found freelancers on offering to write basic reviews for NZ$8 each.

Major websites such as Amazon, Google, and TripAdvisor maintain they have robust procedures in place for detecting and removing fake reviews – from moderation checks to processes where users can flag suspicious reviews.

However, consumer investigations suggest suspicious critiques are still slipping through the cracks.

What we did

Amazon gives a little badge to top reviewers who provide “consistently helpful, high-quality reviews”. This badge appears next to their username above each review.

We scrutinized the 10 top-ranked reviewers holding these badges on Amazon, calculating the number of reviews over a 12-month time frame, the highest number of reviews posted in a single day, the average star rating, the number of times they gave a one-star review, repeated purchases, and overused stock phrases.

During the year, three reviewers repeated stock phrases in five or more different reviews, which we found suspicious. Survey results

Of the more than 1800 reviews left by the top-ranked reviewers, the overwhelming majority were positive.

All top-ranked reviewers gave an average rating of between four and five stars – indicating they’re easy to please or may have an incentive to rate a product highly.

Only three gave one or more one-star reviews during the year, though these accounted for just 0.05% of all their ratings.

One profile gave nothing but five-star reviews, though this was noted in the reviewer’s profile: “I’m a positive-only reviewer … This is my five-star account.”

Across the year, the most prolific reviewer (of the 10) posted 535 book reviews – which equates to a book-and-a-half every day.

The user often published reviews in clusters of three or more. On October 21, 2018, they posted 10 book reviews. Six reviews were published on December 14, 2018, and February 10, 2019.

Many of Amazon’s top 10 had “high-volume” posting days. Another user managed to crank out 14 five-star book reviews one day last October.

Our investigation also found profiles repeatedly relying on stock phrases to bulk out their reviews, which we found suspicious.

We found these phrases popping up repeatedly:

“This was my first book by the author, and it won’t be my last.”

“I can’t wait to see what [insert author’s name] brings us next.”

“Definitely a [book/series] I would recommend, and I look forward to reading more …”.

We reported the cases of repeated phrases to Amazon and asked it to investigate. The company said it “took appropriate action” but didn’t clarify what this was. The reviews we flagged remained on the site.

In a statement, Amazon said “automated technology and teams of trained human investigators” are in place to catch abusive and fake reviews before they appear on the website.

“Last year, we prevented more than 13 million attempts to leave an inauthentic review, and we took action against more than five million bad actor accounts attempting to manipulate reviews,” a spokesperson said.

By awarding a badge to certain users, Amazon lends credibility to these top-ranked reviewers’ seal of approval – despite the fact these reviewers hand out praise suspiciously often.

We’d like to see Amazon apply more scrutiny to anyone with these badges, including regular scans of their reviews for stock phrases.

We’d also like to see websites such as Amazon, which invite reviews, include an aggregate score with reviewers’ profile info. So if they hand out four or five stars like they’re going out of fashion, other shoppers will be able to spot this right away.

In assessing reviews, we kept an eye out for:

Skew. Real-life reviewers are typically measured – you like a few products, find another shoddy, rank most as average – so when you add up all your reviews, the score falls somewhere in the middle.

Not so with paid reviewers, whose overall score is likely to be suspiciously high or low because the company is paying for positive or negative feedback.

Even if they’re not fake, a reviewer who’s easy or impossible to please is little help in making a purchasing decision.

Frequency. Your average shopper isn’t going to spend vast chunks of valuable time-off posting reviews on Amazon.

High review counts or clusters of reviews posted on the same day are suspicious. At the same time, it’s questionable for someone to post a single five-star review years ago and nothing since.

Repetition. An ordinary punter is unlikely to buy similar gadgets over and over, particularly if they’ve given each product five stars.

Similarly, if reviews are written organically, it’s unlikely the reviewer would end up using the same phrasing.

There’s little incentive for independent reviewers, who are free to say as much or as little as they’d like, to “pad out” feedback. However, a paid reviewer might use stock descriptions – to meet a set word count and save time.

The UK organization, Which?, investigated the reviews on travel website TripAdvisor.

Analyzing the nearly 250,000 reviews on 100 top-ranked hotels, 15 hotels had the “blatant hallmarks of fake reviews”, according to Which? Consumer rights expert Adam French.

When TripAdvisor received a copy of the results, it said 14 of the 15 hotels had been busted with fake positive reviews in the past year.

Which? noted a suspicious pattern on many hotels: one negative rating and a quick succession of very positive reviews.

“A flood of five-star reviews after some bad reviews could indicate that a concerted ‘push’ for positive reviews has been coordinated,” Mr. French said.

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Best Adult Coloring Books in 2021



Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is no longer an activity only for children but can be a relaxation method for adults if you choose an adult coloring book. The offer is vast, so you should know some information before you go shopping. For those who do not have time to read the entire guide, we present some recommendations, which can be purchased online. Johanna Basford, Secret Garden, includes landscapes and individual characters, which will put your creativity to the test.

To not get bored during the coloring, you will also find various interactive games meant to put your mind to the contribution and have fun. The pages are thick enough so that you can use any type of color. The second variant: Gary Chapman, The Five Languages of Love includes abstract images and motivational quotes.


Top 3 Best Adult Coloring Books in 2020

1. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

best adult coloring books


It is a coloring book based on a secret garden, which includes both individual characters and landscapes made with many details. Due to the complexity of the image, coloring can become a relaxing activity. In the book’s pages, you will discover other interactive games that will arouse your fun, and the sheet is thicker, so you can color with gel pens, crayons, or colored pencils. mandala coloring book adult coloring books target

Cons adult coloring books target

The white pages on which you should draw your own creations may not be to the liking of those who have not developed artistic talent. mandala coloring book


It is a complex product that includes several types of drawings and interactive games, so it can help relax after a demanding day. mandala coloring book

2. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

best adult coloring book


In the pages of the book, you will find abstract images that will test your imagination, but at the same time, they will relax you, and due to the motivational quotes during the coloring, you will meditate on the loves existing in your life. The 112 pages will be enough for many moments of relaxation, and the sheet is thick so that you can use even crayons.


It is not advisable to color with pencils because the page has a yellow tint, and the result may not be visible.


It is suitable for those who want to relax, combining psychology with creativity, because it includes complex images and encouraging quotes.


3.The Can’t Sleep Colouring Book: Creative Colouring for Grown-ups

adult coloring booksPros

If you are thinking of fighting insomnia with a coloring book, this would be the best choice because it includes drawings that can induce drowsiness: clouds, flocks of sheep and owls, and thanks to the abstract images, you can put your imagination to the test. It consists of 126 pages to use for a long time, and the purchase price is affordable.


The outline is too thick, so some illustrations may not be to the liking of buyers.


It is an affordable product, consisting of abstract and animal illustrations, which can help you relax and overcome insomnia.


Buyer’s guide for the best adult coloring book

Coloring is not just for children, as evidenced by many searches for coloring books for adults. Much richer in details and more complex in subject matter, books are an exciting way to relax when you have a few free moments, and you want to feel like an artist.

Moreover, the benefits of coloring are broader than you think. Many people who have shared opinions about the best coloring books for adults say that the activity is almost a form of meditation.

You empty your thoughts and focus on applying color and completeness. Drawing. Moreover, psychotherapists talk about improving panic and anxiety, improving motor skills and attention to detail, and the fruits of creativity.

So, if you want to enjoy all this, all you have to do is go shopping. Not before making a short documentary, so that you know better what to choose, and in order not to waste time, we did it for you. In the guide below, you will find some useful information that will help you buy easily.

best adult coloring booksTheme

Do you prefer more realistic images, which you can bring to life through colors or fairy tale scenes? Or maybe you want to get lost in different symbols and landscapes in nature? Whatever it is, the options are so vast that you are sure to find something that rises to the level of your imagination.

Some popular themes might please you. Among them, images inspired by nature, such as landscapes in the forest, jungle, or aquatic world, are in high demand due to the richness of details and the ability to play with realistic representations, which you can transform through color.

At the same time, you can get lost in fairytale land, where different creatures, animals, and magical objects can be brought to life as your imagination dictates, as there are no limits to the combinations of shades you can make. coloring book for me and mandala color me calm books colouring books flowerscolouring books flowers

You can look for a book with oriental motifs or mandalas for even more relaxation, which indeed invites meditation. After you get bored with them, you can move on to the other level: the animals’ contours, inside which you can create mandalas. coloring book for me and mandala color me calm books colouring books flowerscolouring books flowers

A special model is represented by the books that offer reproduced drawings and the artist’s original drawing (perfect for beginners). There are also books with famous people and even artists, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, or Taylor Swift, which recreate specific episodes in their lives or are merely inventive.

Drawing complexity

Coloring is not a big philosophy; at least, that’s how it seemed to you when you were little. However, find out that there are coloring books for adults that are made for multiple levels of experience. If you are a beginner, you will be bored by simple images, which require only 5 different colors to be ready, but just as annoying will be a landscape with 1000 leaves or fish. coloring book for me and mandala color me calm books colouring books flowerscolouring books flowers

It will also be harder for you to integrate into the outline of such small shapes, using pencils from the supermarket, which usually require special markers, much more expensive.

Therefore, for beginners, who do not want to waste a few hours/days to finish a single drawing, do not have high-performance colors, and are not very patient, we recommend to stay away from models very rich in detail and focus on those with simple contours and repetitive images.

Those who already have some experience and have even invested in a quality color kit, who master mixing pencil colors, know how to create shadows, contours, and other fireworks that give realism, can enjoy the most creative and complicated drawings.

Other anti-stress activities

In addition to the required colored contours, various riddles and toys can be hidden in the pages of an adult coloring page, which will not only increase the fun but will also easily cause your visual acuity. For example, in the popular book Animorphia, you have to discover elements along the way in order to unravel the story from the final drawing.

Also, there are pages that you can complete with your own figures, others have central characters waiting to be enriched with details, but also animals or objects that you can integrate into the landscape built by you. Of course, not everyone is good at drawing, and it can be annoying to find blank or filled pages, so when you are interested in finding coloring books for adults at fair prices, check the sheets of your choice.

Page quality

This is an essential aspect, especially for people who prefer crayons, gel pens, acrylics, watercolors, or other drawing tools that are more concentrated and color more intense. A quality coloring book should have the pages as thick and white as possible so that the pigment does not go upside down or, worse, on the next sheet.

To avoid such situations, it is preferable to draw on each sheet, not double-sided, so you do not have to worry about printing stains. These are a bit more expensive, but they also have the advantage of being able to be glued to a wall or framed. In any case, before folding a closed carioca, we suggest you test it first on the last page.


You would say that when you buy an adult coloring book, you don’t have to go into too many technical details, but just imagine what it’s like to discover a double landscape, which extends on both pages, but you can’t get the color in the middle, because either there is no space or the drawing is interrupted by the seam?

You will avoid such frustrations if you focus on perforated specimens. Not only will you color each end, but they will be even easier to remove, keep in a folder, or expose the really successful ones.

Suppose you are already excited, and you can’t wait to find out where to find coloring books for adults, at a reasonable price, other interested people. In that case, you can see below a selection of the most popular variants on the market. Moreover, you can buy them online, without wasting time in bookstores.

This way, you will not only buy them a little cheaper, but you also have the opportunity to search for images on the Internet and be inspired by the drawings made by skilled colorists and to steal from their tricks and techniques.


Best Adult Coloring Books in 2020

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

best adult coloring booksOne of the most purchased coloring books for adults, Johanna Basford’s “Secret Garden” is among the first models that helped the popularity of this method of relaxation method for adults. It is enough to browse it for a few minutes to understand why everyone chooses it.

In the 96 pages of the book, you will find single and double drawings, with landscapes from the garden, rich in trees, flowers, leaves, animals, and houses, but also individual characters, rabbits, owls, foxes, and peacocks, who can’t wait to take color.

You will also find garden corners that you will have to complete with your own creations, and some drawings hide small creatures waiting to be discovered. The sheets are thick enough to use even gel pens or crayons, the drawings, even if they are rich in detail, are clear, given the 25 x 25 cm format, and the price is also affordable. Are you looking for a new way to get rid of daily stress? All you need is the best coloring book for adults.


  • It contains complex landscapes, rich in details, being perfect for coloring enthusiasts.
  • Hide anti-stress activities, such as maze pages and other games.
  • Includes 90 pages of drawings, some of which are double.
  • The sheets are of high quality, being quite thick for other coloring tools besides pencils.


  • Spaces left blank for their own drawings can be annoying, especially for people who are not good at drawing.


The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

best adult coloring book

If you’re one of those people who enjoys reading motivational books, you’ve probably heard of Gary Chapman’s “The Five Languages ​​of Love.” Well, why not discover the secret of lasting love, even while coloring, and not anything, but different symbols that remind you, perhaps, of your own love affair.

The book contains 112 pages, in which, along with the various illustrations, you will be able to read some excerpts from the book mentioned above. You already know that using colors will make you relax and meditate anyway, and now you will be able to meditate on the importance of your relationship/relationships.

The drawings are also light, and the good part is that you will be able to color them with the help of doodles, without worrying that the shade will pass on the other side and will stain the pages. There is no need to bother with the reproduction of realistic images because this book requires only imagination. This coloring and meditation book is the best gift you could give yourself or your loved ones.


  • Coloring book for adults, cheap and good.
  • Includes abstract images and symbols of love (hearts, flowers, butterflies).
  • Along with illustrations, motivational texts are included.
  • It has simple and fun patterns, which will be colored according to your own imagination.


  • Some colors (cheaper) may not look very good, given the pages’ yellow tint.


The Can’t Sleep Colouring Book: Creative Colouring for Grown-ups

adult coloring books

We are sure that people who have insomnia have never thought of finding solutions in the pages of a coloring book, but this is not impossible at all and not as strange as it seems. At least that’s what some of those who bought the book “Pleasant Dreams” by author Claire Cater says.

With so many abstract landscapes included in the 126 pages, you won’t even notice when the colored pencil stopped filling in the black outlines, and you fell asleep. You will notice how the many details begin to compose a psychedelic landscape, but, along with them, you can distinguish more realistic shapes, which evoke clouds of sheep, feathers, hidden buffaloes, mandalas, and here and there, you will meet a dream catcher, meant to protect you from nightmares.

If you want to cultivate a new hobby and think of starting with adult coloring books, it may be an inspired idea to invest in this copy, which promises to get rid of the worries of the day and give you a good night’s sleep. Quiet.


  • Adult book, perfect for relaxing before bed.
  • It has illustrations rich in details, but simple and easy, from some abstract to different animals.
  • It contains 126 pages so that you will enjoy it for good weeks.
  • It’s cheap.


  • Some illustrations, in bold ink, can be annoying to some buyers.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Coloring Book

best adult coloring booksAlice in Wonderland is a book that you love at all ages, either when you are little, and you are captivated by the little girl’s adventures who fell through the rabbit den, or when you are big and understand the symbolism and philosophy hidden by each character.

If you’re wondering, like Alice, “what good is a book without drawings,” you might enjoy coloring the story landscapes included in the book’s 926 pages. Along with scenes from the story’s action, you will have the opportunity to give color to your favorite characters, such as the Cheshire cat, the Cup Queen, the March Rabbit, or the Mad Hatter.

The illustrations are quite extensive and detailed. These are the original reproductions of the illustrator Sir John Tenniel, who was commissioned to sketch them by Lewis Carroll, the author of the book.

The beauty of the illustrations and their richness are enough reasons to believe that “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the best coloring books for adults, which you can buy and give as a gift.


  • Explore an exciting topic for adults, inspired by the book “Alice in Wonderland.”
  • Includes original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.
  • It has 96 pages, full of characters from the book.
  • The sheet is thick enough to be able to color even with watercolors.


  • It has a reasonably large shape, being more challenging to carry in the bag by those who want to color anywhere.


The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire)

best adult coloring booksIf you are among the fans of the series “Warp of Thrones” or, more, the passion for the universe created by George R.R. Martin is so big that you’ve read the books, how about a new way to rediscover your favorite characters? This time you can give them a life of color, just as you imagined them when you read. If you prefer, you can try to render them as they are represented in the series – you already know that weddings are red and the fire is green.

The images are full of details, so you will be able to enjoy the illustrations for a long time, even if they are only 45 in total. The images are made by several internationally renowned illustrators, such as Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, or Tomislav Tomic.

If you want another way to stay in the world imagined by George R.R. Martin, you can buy this coloring book for adults at a reasonable price.


  • It has as its theme the action and the characters from the book/series “Warp of Thrones.”
  • It is rich in details, sets, and well-known characters.
  • The white pages will retain even the less pigmented colored pencils.
  • You can use crayons and other tools of this type.


  • Enthusiastic fans of the series will be disappointed to see that they have only 45 coloring illustrations.

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Best Fantasy Books in 2020



Best fantasy books 2021

How to choose the Best Fantasy books

Buyer’s guide

Although nowadays there are many ways in which you can spend your free time, none are as exciting and elevated as reading. In addition to the relaxation it entails, a book can be the starting point for an unforgettable adventure or important life lessons, having a proven role in stimulating imagination and creativity.

However, those in the Fantasy category excel in these chapters, as they represent the projections and extensions of real life in a fantastic and, paradoxically, incredibly true universe. Therefore, if you want to escape even for a few hours in such a world, here’s how you can come across the right novel.

best fantasy booksTheme:

Represents one of the most important aspects, given the fact that each reader has their own tastes and looks for a certain element of daily life in a book. In principle, Fantasy works designate, according to this parameter, several categories, of which representative are: Epic, Sword and Sorcery, Dark, Mythical, Romantic, Magic Realism.

In the first class are gathered all the novels that fix the narrative in a totally invented universe, and the action involves major risks: for example, the whole world is in danger of being conquered by evil. So, the story unfolds by the clash of two clans, the setting being fabulous and the characters exceptional. Illustrative for this subgenre is the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.

If you want more magic so that your imagination can roam freely through a world where anything is possible, then suitable works from the Sword and Sorcery category, which focus on this very subject. In this regard, we suggest you try the “Harry Potter” series.

Defined by the pronounced elements of horror and the presence of characters such as vampires, the Dark Fantasy novels give a gothic atmosphere. As a reader, you will experience the most intense emotions. However, we do not recommend you to start such a book if you do not know yourself able to cope with strange appearances and events. Still, rather you would opt for one in the Mythical category, given the fact that the setting is brighter. The action takes place in a distant time, knotting in some places with the legends of the world, be they Celtic, Asian or from another geographical area.

Also popular among readers are Fantasy novels that treat love as a subject. The events have as protagonists two beings who love each other and who have to overcome certain obstacles to be together. They are loaded with numerous psychological clarifications and sprinkled with meticulous analyzes, as well as with exciting dialogues.

Last but not least, for those who want to relax in the middle of a reality – which is described in great detail and from a purely rational perspective – where the supernatural insinuates itself, resulting in an ambiguous image, we indicate the well-known works of Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges or Salman Rushdie. These will push you to meditate on essential issues, such as life and death.


In which you read such a book decisively influences the reading experience, especially if the translation is not exactly successful. In fact, even if it would be impeccably aesthetically pleasing, some puns or depths of language are missing, so that descriptions and dialogues may lose their original flavor. This has been confirmed by the long history of mankind and is strongly supported by many opinions about the best Fantasy books.

Consequently, it would be recommended to choose a novel that you can read in the language in which it was written because this is the only way you have access to the atmosphere intended by the author. In addition, you improve your vocabulary knowledge.


It refers, beyond anything else, to the stage of a person’s mental development, which also determines which books are recommended so that growth is harmonious. Broadly speaking, three stages are taken into account: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

In the first order of ideas, you should know that “little pranks,” accustomed to classic fairy tales, you can give as a gift Fantasy books with angels or, simply, the classic adventures of “Alice in Wonderland.” Specialists recommend these because they help to consolidate an optimistic vision of life, extracting from this, at the same time, certain teachings.

From a psychological point of view, adolescents can understand even more difficult literary works and can turn to any wide-ranging novel, be it Epic, Dark, Sword, and Sorcery. The reason for this assumption is that they have a rich imagination and the ability to analyze different perspectives.

Last but not least, people over the age of 18, who already have some basis in terms of literary knowledge, can choose for themselves what they want to read. This freedom is also due to the possibility of understanding eroticism and even magical realism. Of course, if you are one of them and you enjoy rereading the Fantasy books of childhood, be sure that you will always discover a new key to interpretation so that you will not be disappointed, regardless of the work you are focusing on.


It is often checked by buyers, as it determines the portability, so the freedom you enjoy. In other words, you need to be interested in the dimensions and whether it is the printed or digital version to know if you can take the book with you wherever you go.

Usually, if you read on long journeys by train, subway, or tram, we suggest you opt for either the e-book option – ideal for those who have an e-reader or such an application on your smartphone – or for a physical format of smaller size – to fit in the bag. On the other hand, if you read in the quiet of your own home, you can decide on the option that you consider more comfortable.

Knowing all these selection criteria, all you have to do is find out where everyone else can find Fantasy books at a good price. We could give you some advice in this regard, namely to buy the desired novel directly from online stores. There are a lot of interesting titles, but also many offers and discounts. In addition, in some cases, the product is delivered free of charge, quick, and safely.

Recommended editions in 2020

George R.R. Martin – Game of Thrones

Best Fantasy Books

When it comes to the best Fantasy book, fans of the “Game of Thrones” series will definitely point out this series, given the fact that it was the basis of the screenplay. Thus, if you want to live more intensely the action and the exchanges of lines, to imagine on your own the fabulous descriptions and love scenes, then you should get your hands on these books.

Appreciated by many critics as an absolute peak in terms of narrative technique, this saga follows from one end to the other the fate of seven families – the most important of which are Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon – who fight and build plots to put a hand on power, that is, on the Iron Throne.

In this continuous warp, you should expect the action to have surprising twists, which increases the narrative’s drama and intensity. In fact, it is no small thing that it incorporates a lot of historical references that will fascinate you.


  • It is one of those series of Fantasy books with admirers of all ages, all over the world.
  • It was the basis of the famous series “Game of Thrones,” so you can’t help but like it.
  • It belongs to the category of wide-ranging novels, with a remarkable epic construction.
  • Considering that the package includes the entire series, the price is reasonable.

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

Best Fantasy BooksAccording to connoisseurs, the first part of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, written by J. R. R. Tolkien, cannot be missing from the top with the best Fantasy books. This is a continuation of the action from “The Hobbit,” resuming the same impressive scenery, populated with all sorts of fantastic beings.

But now, after Sauron has gathered all the rings to guarantee his power over Middle-earth, little hobbit Frodo, along with several other representatives of the other tribes, goes to hide the special ring that the lord of darkness desperately needs. In this journey, you will go through countless situations that test your emotions, you will know new regions of the world, and you will try to carry out your mission.

In other words, it is an adventure that will surely captivate you – you or your child. In fact, it is one of the most popular novels in this category, which is also because it enjoys a movie.


  • Once you have completed it, you can continue the adventure with the other two parts of the trilogy.
  • It is an adventure book suitable for adults and children alike.
  • The descriptions are extremely detailed, and many characters will fall in love with you for the first time.
  • The volume was screened under the same name: “The Lord of the Rings.”


  • If you can’t find it at a discount, it could be an expensive product.

Mark Lawrence – Prince of Thorns

Best Fantasy BooksDo you want to check and improve your level of knowledge of English while reading a pleasant novel? If the answer is yes, then you could focus on the volume “Prince of Thorns.” It opens the series “The Broken Empire,” which is a story about maturation, revenge, kingdoms, all set in an atmosphere like the Middle Ages.

In short, Jorg Ancrath, whose father is killed by Count Renar, is forced to learn the art of wielding a sword so that he can regain the throne of his family, as well as unite the kingdoms that emerged from the fragmentation of the Empire. For this purpose, he trains all his will, which you will be able to deduce from the fine psychological analyzes.

Therefore, it is a novel for fans of stories with swords and medieval flavor, being very well profiled, at the same time, a vision of the human psychological foundation, which means that especially adults will find a level of reading according to them. The book contains scenes of violence and has as its central character an anti-hero (sometimes even being considered a negative character) for whom the road to the castle passes only over the corpses of his comrades, so it will not be a highly recommended reading for teenagers.


  • It belongs to the subgenre Sword and Sorcery, including psychological analysis.
  • The language is rich, so you will be able to improve your English level.
  • It is a book that attracts with ingenious descriptions and dialogues, with a lot of lines, which can be quoted by the most cynical.
  • It proposes a gloomy perspective on life, which arouses the critical spirit of the reader.

Joe Abercrombie – The First Law Trilogy

Best Fantasy Books

For those who want a Fantasy book at a good price, we can recommend part I of the “First Law” series by writer Joe Abercrombie, appreciated by many critically acclaimed voices – for originality, humor, and character – this is one of the works that define the subgenre Sword and Sorcery.

The novel’s action is sprinkled with magic and battle scenes, so it will be a pleasure to watch the barbarian Logen Nouadegete manage to escape with his life from an attack or traveling to the Edge of the World with a famous magician. As you turn the pages, you will be completely caught up in the colorful and sarcastic dialogues, as well as the extremely realistically constructed characters.

In general, it is a story for several age groups: teenagers will travel with the main characters, and adults will have a lot of fun. Therefore, it is worth investing time in this reading.


  • It is the first book in a trilogy, as a result of which you can continue the adventure.
  • It belongs to the Sword and Sorcery category, being a Fantasy novel suitable for readers of any age.
  • You will not have to pay too much money, the price being affordable.

Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher

Best Fantasy BooksIf what you want to buy is a cheap and good Fantasy book, then “The Last Wish” (by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski) could be the novel that perfectly meets these criteria.

It is a writing that will fascinate the little ones, as the action takes place in a universe populated by fabulous beings – such as harpies, vampires, monsters of all kinds – where magic is at home. For example, Geralt, the main character, is endowed with all kinds of magical powers and has countless enchanted elixirs. Being in possession of this small arsenal, the protagonist, known as the hunter, travels through different lands to fulfill his purpose.

In short, you have in front of your eyes a novel that overflows with imagination, being, most likely, the right gift for your child. In fact, the entire series – which includes this book – is very popular with teenagers, which is mainly due to the video games The Witcher.


  • It is a Fantasy book that puts the reader in front of countless creatures and story sets.
  • It is part of a series that inspired the creation of famous video games.
  • It is sold with an exceptional quality-price ratio.
  • The format (13 x 20 cm) allows you to carry it in your bag or backpack.


  • It does not suit the novice readers, they are looking for a different kind of literature.


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