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How to Save Money on Accommodation

by Olivia Bennett

University and college students are always looking for ways to save money. As a student, the one sure way to stick to your budget is to cut expenses, especially accommodation.

In some cities in the US, many students prefer to stay home or live closer to campus. Staying at home is because the cost of student housing is skyrocketing. So if you’re out looking for ways to save money on accommodation, you’re reading the right article.

Look for Used Furniture or Free Furniture

As a student, there are big chances that you will live in the same accommodation for a couple of years. To cut costs, you may look at not spending a lot on furniture.

Frequent websites like Craigslist and Freecycle, depending on the state you study in, or join Facebook groups where you can acquire used furniture or make requests on household goods you need at a fee. You can also contact international students through associations who can connect you to graduating students keen on disposing of some of their furniture.

However, you can also opt to wait for summer, where people hold yard sales or garage sales. Items at these sales are way below bargains, and you can find a hidden gem for a meager price.

Commute to class

If your accommodation is closer to campus, the total will be expensive than someone who lives a few blocks down the road. If you don’t mind walking to class, you can always live in a different neighborhood where rent is cheaper. However, make sure the area you rent is safe, and there is good transport access just in case you are a little bit late for your lecture. Public transport can be quite a big help at times.

You can even get a bicycle, better yet a used one if your campus is a little bit far away. It is also an eco-friendly way that will improve your fitness. The commuting and cycling options are better after a semester of studying abroad to get used to the area. It is also an excellent way to know the neighborhood you live in. Students at the University of Kansas can opt for KU student housing accommodation close to their campus, which is five minutes away from the campus. You can choose to hop on a bus, cycle, or hike since the trail is multi-use.

Have a Roommate

When you split the rent bill amongst four people, the rent is manageable and cheaper than splitting it among two. If you do not mind sharing the two-bedroom, this is an ideal way of saving money on rent and utilities, and food. Some international students even turn living rooms into extra bedrooms. More roommates mean more creative ways for you to save rent. Just make sure you don’t violate the lease agreement on the number of people allowed in a single home.

Save energy, save money.

Your electronics and even lights could be increasing your electricity bill without your knowledge. Devices with heating elements such as hairdryers, irons, ovens, and space heaters take up more electric energy than others. Whenever you purchase these items, check the watt levels to ensure they are not so high.

Please do not allow them on for a more extended period. You can also employ LED light bulbs that use less energy by 75%. The LEDs look cooler and last longer too. They are slightly expensive than other bulbs, but they last longer than incandescent bulbs. Another trick is to turn off you’re A/C heater when you leave the room.

If you are not good with calculating your watt usage, it is better off to check online guides for help.


If you are good at making stuff with your hands, try refurbishing some essential home items using a simple dash of creativity. For instance, you can change the fabric of a chair and give it a fresh look or fix a broken table. You can also look at Pinterest for ideas and inspirations on DIY projects that you can do to save money, as you enjoy, or fix something with your hands.

As a student, you should try your best to save money to live a better quality of life.

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