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9 Gym Hacks For Beginners

by The Mind Blown

I know the first time going to the gym can be a little overwhelming. It’s not as bad as it seems! In my mid-20s, I finally got serious about working out and joined a gym. But to be honest with you guys-I was so clueless when it came to what equipment does what or how the weight machines work that it felt like an obstacle course just walking in there!

That’s why I know all these handy hacks for beginners that’ll get you up and running around Planet Fitness before too long.

I never thought I’d say this, but now I actually look forward to ending my long day at work with a workout session. Planet Fitness has become not just the place where I go for my workout routine; it’s also a community of people who support and motivate one another.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting into shape and want to try something new. I know it can be hard, but Planet Fitness has all sorts of classes that anyone could enjoy! Why not check out Planet Fitness Prices? They have some of the most affordable prices around!

When I first started going to the gym, it was hard not to feel like a newbie. Everyone has these days, and there have been plenty of times when I’ve gone in feeling low on confidence for one reason or another — but that’s just because we’re all human!

And while having an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve definitely helps me get through those more challenging workouts (both mentally and physically), what feels best is knowing why this whole thing matters so much: It gives you more energy, improves your mood, changes how others see you…and ultimately makes life better. So today, let’s talk about some ways to stay motivated at the gym even if things seem tough.

1. An Affirmation


The benefits of the gym are so good that it’s worth feeling a little uncomfortable in order to get them.

If you’re having trouble finding motivation, try telling yourself something like, “I’m just giving this a shot” when you walk through those doors at your local fitness center for the first time. You can also remind yourself why you decided to come by writing down some reasons or keeping reminders handy- either way is fine.

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2. Workout Clothes That Make You Feel Good

I’m all about the gym. I’ll wear whatever and go, even if it’s a bad idea – but you don’t have to break the bank in order to find something good for your confidence level when dressing down at home or outside of work. And hey- from what I’ve found? There is an unmistakable difference in my own personal feeling of swagger just by wearing some colors with pride, finding clothes that flatter me.

I know we’re often told not to worry too much about our appearance because “we are beautiful as ourselves” blah blah, but truthfully there does seem to be such thing as making yourself feel confident without having anything expensive on hand!

One thing you should bear in mind, wearing cotton clothes during a workout session might not be the best idea because it will keep you wet and sweaty. On the other hand, wicking fabrics pull sweat away from your body so that you can stay dry longer without having to worry about breakouts or uncomfortable sweating sessions. If only I had known this sooner!

3. Don’t Undermine The Importance Of Drinking Lots Of Water

I found myself running to the fountain every five minutes, and I realized that maybe this is a “duh”. Still, it would be way easier if I just brought my water bottle with me from the beginning. You might find that you’re thirstier than usual as your body’s getting used to working out – which makes sense because being hydrated when we work out is crucial! But remember not to overdo or try listening for what your body needs, so take a break if you need one.

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4. Go In With A Simple Workout Planned

Who says you have to get fancy with your workout? It can be kind of intimidating to walk into a gym, surveying a sea of contraptions and weight machines that may seem confusing or impossible for beginners.

Working out is hard. If you find yourself at a weight machine that leaves you perplexed, don’t skip it or plow ahead and hope for the best! Injuries often start with this kind of attitude. Instead, ask for help from gym staff who are there to help – they should be happy to show how weights work!

I know it can be a bit of an overwhelming task to think about what you’re going to do at the gym when there’s no one telling you, but that doesn’t mean your workout has to suck. Spend some time researching online before heading out so that when will be just you and nothing else on the floor space; there’ll never need for excuses!

5. Invest In A Pair Of Super Supportive Shoes

Workout shoes

The first time I ever went to the gym, it was like my shoes were on trial. A stranger actually said to me, “Oh god, you can’t work out in those,” and someone else told me they weren’t allowed because of a rule about no running or playing sports in them.

So yeah, eventually, I got myself some big girl sneaks! And yes, they made a huge difference- Saucony’s sneakers are currently my favorite as well because they don’t feel clunky even though there is still plenty of substance for stability when working out with weights.

I can’t believe how much of a difference good shoes make! I spent the extra money and forked over an hour in my local shoe store to get fitted with perfect, supportive kicks. It was worth it because now when I walk around all day on those hard surfaces like concrete or tile floors, my feet don’t hurt anymore, which has led me to feel happier and more energized as well.

6. Bring Your Own Towel

If you’re going to the gym, here’s a pro-tip: Bring your own little hand towel or washcloth for yourself. Trust me when I say this – it helps prevent things from getting gross and can be just what you need after an intense workout! And did I mention how uncomfortable it is to sweat all over without anything handy?

It might seem like not such a big deal but trust me, being drenched in sweat with nothing left on earth (or heaven) that will give us some relief is no fun at all. You know who knows first-hand about sweating rivers so much they look as though they’ve been trekking through the desert? Me.

7. Prepare A Perfectly Curated Playlist

Workout playlist

When I’m in the gym and feeling totally self-conscious, all of a sudden, my favorite song starts playing. All that matters is me working out to the beat! Halfway through my workout, you’ll see some people staring at their phones while others are bobbing their heads or tapping along with every note being played.

This momentary distraction has them miss something truly special: seeing someone who’s not giving up on themselves no matter how hard life gets – they’ve found solace in music like so many before they have done for generations across cultures and continents alike.

8. Indulge In A Little Spritz Between Sets

Did you know that after working out, some people smell? I’m not talking about healthy sweat, which is a good thing. No matter how nice-smelling your workout clothes are or what brand of deodorant you’re using, sometimes it just doesn’t cut through all the funk and stink!

Thankfully though, there are solutions for those who either can’t bear to shower at their gym because they have long commutes home from work (I mean showers take time!)–or simply don’t like them so much–there are always ways to freshen up with smelling better than ever before.

9. Bring A Buddy With You

I love going to the gym with someone else because it makes everything more fun! Sometimes, we both do exactly what each other does. But sometimes I’ll go for a run, and he will lift weights or vice versa so that way everyone gets their own workout in no matter what they choose.

Even if you’re doing your own thing after the initial meeting at the locker room, having someone there always adds something special: either laughter when telling jokes about how gross things are getting while working out together; encouragement from cheering on another person’s accomplishments – whether it be new personal records made during workouts or small milestones accomplished like 10-pound weight loss goals met; being able to help push themselves just a little bit harder knowing they have support even though its not physically present.

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