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Top 5 Best Standing Desk Converters



best standing desk converter

If you have a job that demands continuous working in front of a computer, buying the best standing desk converter is an excellent option. A standing desk converter is a tool that rests on the top of your desk so that you can easily sit or stand at work.

Standing while working is essential as sitting for a longer interval while makes you lazy. A standing desk will help you increase your productivity, make you active, and maintain your energy. Get all the benefits of a traditional standing desk by converting your sitting desk into a standing desk. Whether you want to set this in your home or office, it works great.

A good standing desk converter is difficult to find, but we have helped you by reviewing the best 5 standing desk converters that will surely make you’re working easy and effective.

A Spotlight On Top 5 Best Standing Desk Converters

FEZIBO Height adjustable standing converterClone
Top surface: 31.5" wide
Adjustable range: 5.3" – 20.5"
Space for dual monitors
Affordable cost
Check PriceCheck Price
VIVO black standing desk converter
Top surface: 31.5" wide
Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 20"
Increases productivity
Minimal assembly
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SIMBR standing desk converter Computer Desk
Top surface: 30.2" wide
Adjustment Range: 4.9"-16.9"
Adjustable gas spring
Customizable set-up
Check PriceCheck Price
PUTROSEN height adjustable standing desk converter
Top surface: 31.5" wide
Adjustment Range:4.3'' to 20.4''
23% more space than others
Non-slip pads
Check PriceCheck Price
TechOrbits standing desk converter
Top surface: 31.5" wide
Suitable for all monitors
Premium finishing
Lifetime warranty
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1. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Converter, 32 inches Desk Riser, Sit-Stand Desk Ergonomic Tabletop

best standing desk converterThe FEZIBO Height adjustable standing converter is one of the best standing desk converters, and this is why it wins our winner tag. It is carefully designed and ensures a comfortable position that helps you maintain a healthy life. A complete balance between sitting and standing is maintained. The spring system allows the quick transition from sitting to standing by just the use of a handle. You can easily set the workstation as per your work demands.

The construction is done by strong and sturdy material; this enables it to hold 33 lbs. It has good space on the top, and you can set two monitors easily; the space for putting the keyboard is ample. The black finish in it gives a blend with any environment and adds an aesthetic sense. Switching between standing and sitting helps in increasing posture and improving blood flow. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of back pain, heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and many other physical problems.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Plenty of space.
  • Thoughtful design.
  • Smooth and quick transition.
  • Sturdy and durable structure.


  • A bit heavier than others.

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2. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter, Sit-Stand Dual Monitor

best standing desk converterGet the freedom from your work chair through the VIVO black standing desk converter. This fantastic desk converter provides a demand of standing throughout the day. Sitting continuously can make you lazy and cause many health problems; however, standing reduces your stress, relieves pain, and increases productivity. The upper surface of the desk is large enough that provides a room for dual monitors.

Due to its innovative design, you can simply touch to transit between sitting and standing. The height is adjustable, which makes it easy to use for everyone. The adjustment range is between 5.5″ to 20″; this means that you can go for this best standing desk converter no matter your height. Furthermore, the keyboard tray also raises in sync with the top surface. All these features altogether make up a super comfortable workstation for you. As you take out this from your box, just put on your table, connect the keyboard tray, and start working in your cozy zone.


  • Sturdy material.
  • Well-designed.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Moves up smoothly.
  • Plenty of room.


  • The keyboard tray is rounded somehow inward.

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3. SIMBR Standing Desk Converter Computer Desk Quick Sit to Stand Tabletop Height Adjustable

best standing desk converterAnother best standing desk converter that is most easily convertible and is loved by users is SIMBR standing desk converter. This incredible product gives you as many options as you need. As we discussed earlier that sitting for a long time may cause physical problems that include back pain, eye strain, and many others. The desk converter is explicitly designed to make your work environment more comfortable, ergonomic, and healthy, helping resolve all your problems because of sitting for an extended period.

Its unique features make it the most favorite of everyone who wants to do his office work with an alert mind and stress-free. To ensure a smooth vertical transition, it has a durable tension spring power and allows you to customize your set-up with its height lock mechanism. The top of the desk is spacious for dual monitors, and its two-level is specially made for holding all your gadgets. When not in use, you can easily remove the keyboard tray. Give yourself a break from sitting and end your day while being energized and refreshed.


  • Premium quality.
  • Sturdy and stylish.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can hold dual monitors.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Space for all gadgets.


  • For some people, it should be wider.

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4. Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable – PUTORSEN 32 inch Stand Up Desk, Ergonomic Sit Stand Dual Monitor

best standing desk converterSolve all your work problems through the ergonomic design of the PUTROSEN height adjustable standing desk converter. Convert your workspace from sitting position to standing in no time. The gas spring system helps you in adjusting the desk converter according to your comfort zone. All you need to do is squeeze the handles on the right side, lower or raise your desktop. It can withstand up to 37.7 pounds of weight. This is because of the steel frame that is combined with pneumatic springs. You can put this desk converter in your home or your office; it blends with any environment.

Shape work surface makes it soothing for pregnant women and ladies who have an extra belly. This is also designed as this desk’s shape provides 25% more space for the keyboard tray than the ordinary ones. You can also remove the keyboard tray when not in use. Another fantastic feature of this converter is that it has non-slip pads that ensure extra stability. These pads not only give you the motivation to work confidently but also protects the surface from scratches.

It is sturdy enough to hold all your accessories easily. You don’t need to waste your time in set-up, just take it out from the box, and it is right away ready to go. So enjoy your working hours with this best standing desk converter.


  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Unique design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Removable keyboard tray.
  • Smooth transition.
  • Extra stability.


  • The size is a bit larger than the others.

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5. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter – 32″ Height Adjustable White Stand Up Desk Riser – Sit to Stand Desktop Workstation

best standing desk converterThe TechOrbits standing desk converter is designed, keeping in view your comfort zone and convenience. The material used in the desk construction is top quality, and unlike all other desk converters, a premium matte MDF wood is used to give a smooth finish to the surface. This finishing makes it stand out from all other desk converters in the market. You can easily adjust the height from sitting to standing, and creating a set up for dual monitors is super easy. A pre-set hole helps in the installation of a monitor mount stand; this is sold separately.

Heavy-duty aluminum and gas springs help in elevating the system to your comfortable position by using squeeze handles. The MDF used in this ensures extra reliability and durability for your work. All in all, you can put a total weight of 33 pounds, this can hold all your gadgets in one board, and the keyboard, the mouse, will be on the secondary board. This versatile and multi-use workstation is excellent for all.

Support your health by improving posture and increasing blood circulation through this desk converter. Revolutionize your home or office with this best standing desk converter.


  • Stylish and practical.
  • Fit for all monitors.
  • Premium quality.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Support health.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The keyboard tray is not removable.

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Buying Guide for the Best Standing Desk Converters

best standing desk converterWhile choosing the best standing desk converter, you need to consider some of the important features discussed below. Let’s have a look at these!

Suppose you are in the market for a new desktop computer or are simply looking for a good quality standing computer monitor. In that case, you should consider standing desk converters. Standing desk converters allow you to get the most out of your monitor while saving space. You can use these desktops with many different types of monitors, including flat panels and projection. These converters are also commonly used with laptop computers. They allow you to add a full-sized desktop computer to a laptop or notebook that already has a monitor attached to it.

The fully integrated Standing Desk Converters from Elemi is among the best value-for-money standing desk converters on the market, and it still remains one of our top recommended top picks for over four years. With a range of colors and sizes available, it is difficult to beat with its overdrive 350lbs weight capacity. This is the same weight as many light trucks! It comes with three monitor arms, which gives you a full viewing area on your screen, with an optional cable management compartment for keeping cables neat and tidy.

Elemi also has several models of standing desk converters, which are differentiated by their lift capacity. Each model can lift up to a specified weight, so you must first determine what your lifting weight will be. Once you have this figured out, the desktop converter that you want to purchase can be adjusted to handle your needs. For example, the Elemi Electra RTA Convertible Desk with Lift Canopy offers a lower lift capacity than the Electra Eo2 Convertible Desk – but it still offers excellent support.

Suppose you need to store your computer or other important items. In that case, you should invest in full-standing desks with their own monitor storage compartment. The Fuzzy Logic Fast Track Stand Desk has received many positive reviews because it performs brilliantly, providing a full working space on its raised panel while keeping the computer safe from accidental knocks and bumps.

This desktop desk has a single and center drawer, making it easy to access all sections of a computer and its accessories. This unit has a hidden compartment underneath the monitor stand for cable management, making it easy to connect the monitor with the CPU and other components. Another great feature of this unit is that the keyboard and mouse are fully adjustable. In contrast, the slide-out keyboard tray makes it simple to reach every key.

You can also choose from standard height and low height full-standing desk converters, which have been designed to perfectly fit your existing desks. Both have the ability to adjust the height to your needs, with the low height desk offering up to 19-inch rails for various accessories. In contrast, the high height model offers up to 29-inch rails for your keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

Although both desktops have the ability to swivel and tilt, which allows you to adjust to any desk height, it is best to choose the height that most closely fits your height requirements and desk layout. Swivel chairs tend to offer an illusion of increased workspace, when in actuality, they shift back slightly when you sit, decreasing the efficiency of your desktop workspace.

When you are ready to purchase a new desk, whether you will buy a standing desk converter or not, you will find that many online dealers are offering great prices and special discounts. Some even allow you to price compare several units at once to see how much one unit costs with comparison pricing. You can also do quick price checks by filling in the zip code or city/state for your location, which will automatically display the nearest available electric standing desk companies. Some of the top standing desk companies offer free shipping and handling on large items or if you spend a certain amount.


The standing desk’s design is crucial as you are going to put your computer on it. If your keyboard, mouse, or monitor is not in the right position, you may suffer from neck or back pain. Different standing desk converters have different designs, size, keyboard tray shape, space, and comfort. However, the purpose of all of them is the same but choose the design carefully as it may impact your health.


Look for an easily adjustable model. The height of your standing desk converter should be adjustable; otherwise, it may disturb you. You can easily set the transition from sitting to standing; this helps you find your appropriate height.


Quality is one of the most vital aspects while choosing a product. The material used in the construction should be of good quality; otherwise, the low-quality material will cause a problem for you. The products made with durable and sturdy materials are preferable as it stays with you for an extended period.


Although the desk converter’s appearance doesn’t matter a lot, our main priority is the product’s function. But still, it leaves an impact on the user, so it must be sleek and stylish. Some models are fantastic in their looks and don’t compromise on their effectiveness. Make sure to go for those standing desk converters that are equally good in design and function.


Notice the area where you are planning to put this desk. The surface area that you have selected should be large enough to have a standing desk converter. And the size of the desk converter should be able to include a monitor and keyboard. In case you need two monitors, then look for the desk converter that can hold it. Make sure that it doesn’t have extra space in your office.


Some of the standing desk converters have extra features, including cup holders, double platforms, space for dual monitors, electric levers, and other special designs. I prefer such models that give you more benefits.


If you are blessed with a mechanical mind, then you need to worry about this feature. In other cases, you should look for the assembly of the product. Some of the standing desk converters require a very simple set-up, and others require a long assembly. Go for the one that is easy and quick to set up. Although most of them are pre-assembled, you should check this feature once.


Final Verdict for the Best Standing Desk Converter

We have reviewed our top 5 best standing desk converters, but it is ultimately up to the user. The best desk converter for you is the one that perfectly suits your work environment. Desk converters prove to have a good impact on work efficiency and the overall health of people. So, choose your product and enjoy your work.

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