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Best 10 Space-Saving Dish Racks That Work With Every Kind of Kitchen Set-Up



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The ideal dish rack is different for every household. Depending on the size of your kitchen sink, you may find in-sink or over-the-sink set-ups to be more practical than countertop options.

Here are 10 different sink rack varieties that serve as dashing places for dishes to drip-dry.

While this dish rack from Simplehuman certainly isn’t cheap, it provides designated slots for all of your dishes, as well as your knives and stemmed wine glasses! The angled tray underneath keeps your counters dry while letting moisture slide right back into the sink.

Umbra Sinkin In-Sink Dish Rack

Use this wire dish rack from Umbra either with a mat on your countertop or in the sink (as the name recommends).

Its simple, no-nonsense set-up holds plates, cups, and utensils on its 11-by-14-inch frame. And while we’re keen on the mint green, it’s also available in red, white, or black.

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KitchenAid Compact Stainless Steel Dish Rack

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This compact dish rack is engineered for maximum drying potential for those with a small space and overstuffed cupboards. The looped prongs bordering the frame are a unique design feature — in addition to holding plates upright, they can also dry individual glasses.

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Yamazaki Over the Sink Wood-Handled Dish Rack

If you have an extra-large or dual-compartment sink, add a little style to the space with this gorgeous dish rack from Yamazaki.

This steel, matte-white stunner is outfitted with drying space for plates, bowls, and glasses, and it has a detachable utensil container perched on the side. Its legs are also adjustable to fit to your sink, and the ash-wood handles let you keep a dishcloth at the ready for your towel-drying needs.

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Homemaxs Dish Drying Rack

This 17-inch-long dish rack works best in a truly tiny apartment where sink storage isn’t an option or if you have a dishwasher to take care of the dirty work.

If you can eke out a few inches of room on the counter, slot a mat under this aluminum rack, and your small-space drying station is complete. Just make sure you stay on top of the dish pile-up!

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Kohler Sink Utility Rack

Give yourself an extra dish-drying option with this expandable over-sink rack from Kohler, equipped with a utensil cup as well as a dishcloth rack. Users note that it’s great for drying specialty utensils and cocktail glasses that can’t be put in the dishwasher.

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Home Basics 3-Piece Dish Rack

This vinyl-coated steel rack covers all of your dish-drying needs, and it has a compact 12-by-19-inch footprint. Highly rated on Wayfair, it’s touted for its quality construction and for being just the right size for a one- or two-person household.

Premium Bambusi Dish Drying Rack

This two-tier bamboo dish rack holds up to a full load of heavy dishes, and its wood screws keep the unit secure and evenly balanced.

Plates and bowls are held upright in its multitude of slots, and cups and mugs can be placed underneath. You can even get a separate utensil holder to seamlessly coordinate with your natural-wood set-up.

OXO Good Grips Dish Rack

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For the minimalists in our midst, this plastic dish rack from OXO isn’t just all clean-lined looks: Each of the prongs has rubber tips, providing a better grip on wet dishes. The edge-less design also allows for more flexibility for drying unusually-shaped cookware.

1Easylife Adjustable Large Dish Dryer Rack

The Over Sink rack by 1Easylife is made with heavy-duty chrome steel, capable of holding plenty of dishes and utensils.
The compartments are often arranged to fit your needs. Water drips onto the sink while drying, keeping your countertop dry. Everything can be disassembled and washable to keep the rack clean.
It’s engineered to make sure each sort of item is separated, nothing gets within the way while drying -made dish drying and organizing a bliss!

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