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Pole Fitness: The Hottest New Trend in Fitness!

by The Mind Blown

Have you tried but failed to stay fit on several occasions? Do you struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym regularly as part of your fitness goal? Well, I think it is time you try Pole Fitness. You will be amazed at the variety of exercises you can do with a pole, similar to exercises you might do in the gym.

With pole fitness, you can do everything from chin-ups to crunches to work your arms as well as climbing to swan. If you’re unfamiliar with pole exercise, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. That is the crux of the matter.

To live a healthy life, it is vital to do exercise. There are several exercises like pilates, yoga, aerobic, and cardio. If you have tried each of them and find them exhausting and bored. But still, you want to do exercise that’s keeps you healthy and does not drain you. Then it’s time to switch towards an exercise form that is gaining popularity swiftly.

Yes, we are talking about “pole fitness”.Pole fitness will be your favorite fitness regime if you run away from traditional exercises. But you do not know what it is. Here we will properly explain everything you need to know about pole fitness.


Pole Fitness is distinguished by interesting dancing exercises that maximize the pole’s versatility as a piece of fitness equipment. It works the entire body, improving muscle tone, coordination, flexibility, posture, upper body, core strength, and so on.

Unlike other fitness exercises, pole fitness is recently picking up steam for its versatility and excitement. “Usually, people challenge their bodies horizontally, or you do things on the ground. But pole allows you to challenge body vertically in a way that makes you feel relaxed and improve your mood.” Says a renowned Pole fitness expert Vesna

Tania Sudan, a Pole Fitness Trainer, shares her experience before joining the steaming pole fitness trend “My health had fallen apart. My vitamin D became low, and so my cervical got really bad as well. I got blocked and felt like, okay, now that I’ve had so many issues with my body, I don’t even know if I want to push myself to work out. Because, even if I did join the gym or started running, I knew I would quit it. Because I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it.”

Pole fitness exercises are typically a combination of dance and gymnastic moves performed around a vertical pole in a flowing, graceful routine, with many different types of pole moves such as poses, spins, dance and other transitional moves, floor work, pole to the floor, and floor to pole moves, and inversions. Pole dancing is becoming more popular as a form of exercise as people become more aware of its fitness benefits. The good thing is that if you are a bad dancer, you can still do it easily.

Because many pole fitness maneuvers require you to lift and hold your body weight, it’s ideal for strengthening your back muscles, biceps, triceps, and forearms. There’s nothing to worry about if you begin your pole fitness exercise regimen with little upper body strength. You will quickly build it through a series of pole fitness exercises.

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pole fitness exercise

Pole fitness trends and the leisure of Dancing arts

Pole dancing is an excellent full-body workout. Even at the most fundamental level, the moves are dynamic and engage multiple muscles at once.

It’s no surprise that celebrities dancers such as Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Emila Fox, Eva Longoria, Kelly Rowland, Kirsten Stewart, Fearne Cotton, Kate Hudson, Lindsey Lohan, and Terri Hatcher are campaigning for increased pole fitness practices.

Pole dancing is no longer solely associated with dollar bills thrown in seedy nightclubs. Pole fitness exercise is now a legitimate form of fitness exercise. A large number of enthusiasts go to the pole fitness studio for both leisure and fitness. One can master a plethora of swinging, spinning, and static vertical, lateral, and inverted moves and combos on the pole.

Pole Fitness: The Inexorable Link Between Physical And Mental Well-being

While pole fitness exercises can help you build physical strength and satisfy your leisure needs, they are not the only benefits. Physical activity has been shown in study after study to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol significantly. This hormone has been linked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Pole fitness exercises can help you improve your mood, feel more energetic, and boost your self-confidence. Because pole fitness exercises in a group can be slightly competitive, each goal achieved and improvement made can significantly boost your sense of self-worth, independence, and creativity.

pole fitness exercises

Some inhibitions people face with pole fitness exercise.

The pole as a piece of fitness equipment can be intimidating at first because it appears to be easier than it is.

However, when one looks past the falls, chaffing the thighs and bruises, many people find it extremely rewarding. Another major impediment that people face is related to their clothing… they don’t want it too sexy. However, to stay on the pole for as long as possible, maximum skin exposure is required.

“At first, there is a little bit of hiding and a little bit of trying to say, ‘Oh, please, I can’t wear this.’ How can I be in something so brief? Could you please let me stay in my tights? I promise I’ll be fine.’ You know, things like that. Tania Sudan, a pole fitness trainer, says, “We just go and say all sizes and shapes are welcome, are beautiful.”

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Every time is a great time to start a pole fitness regime!

Every season is an excellent time to begin your pole fitness exercises, whether you’re happy or in the darkest seasons of your life or dealing with heartbreaks. Try out the pole fitness exercise. Be eager to use your time for self-discovery and be open to meeting new people. Pole fitness is a fantastic activity to do after work.

Nothing beats entering ‘the pole fitness studio during holidays or other free time’ Practicing in some elusive space where time seems to stand still. Body, mind, and spirit are at one, with the pole is a great experience.

pole fitness class


1. A good way to lose weight with little worry

If you’re having trouble losing weight, then you’re in luck to have read this article. Pole fitness will assist you in losing that excess weight! It is possible to burn 500 calories in just one class and a lot more if you train hard. An advanced pole fitness class can help you to burn 700 calories in one hour.

This is more effective than one hour Zumba and swimming class. SlimFast-type activities can slow down your fat-loss progress because your body will need all the energy it can get to keep up with your new fat-burning hobby.

You will not only lose weight. It will help you in toning, balance, and strength your body. As many different effective exercises engage you in pole fitness, that’s why you can tone all muscle of your body. So combine pole fitness with a healthy diet, and you’ll be shedding pounds in no time!

2. Its fitness exercise for all: fat or slim

This is a popular reason for getting on the Pole fitness bandwagon. To get started with pole fitness, you don’t need any special abilities or backgrounds, nor do you need to be in good shape. It’s fascinating that people from all walks of life can be found at your local pole class, from vets to economists to shop assistants and health care advisors.

So, whether you’re in shape or out of shape, young or old, pole fitness is for you. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want. All you need is to stop at a level that feels comfortable for you.

3. It feels too easy to do than a typical cardio exercise.

Unlike a typical cardio exercise, pole fitness makes you feel more at ease. You’ll have fun in pole fitness classes and won’t realize how hard you’re working your muscles. This is a great way to stay motivated to attend pole fitness classes regularly.

4. With Pole Fitness, You Can Get Fit & Have Fun Doing It

Stop dragging yourself to the gym for the same old boring workout. Pole fitness is a lot of fun! You rarely notice how many times you lift your body weight when you’re busy learning exciting new tricks and spins.

There is never a dull moment, and the excitement and euphoria you feel after completing each new move give you the motivation to keep going. You quickly become addicted to what turns out to be the best events of your life.

5. Finding A Sense Of Community

Whether you begin pole fitness alone or with a friend, you will never feel excluded. Within the pole fitness community, there is a genuine sense of friendship and encouragement. You will be surrounded by positivity and optimism for the rest of your life! You’ll never feel judged in a pole fitness class because women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels are welcomed.

It’s also a great place to meet new people and make new friends, and if you’re starting alone at home, you can easily find support online. There are many supportive and encouraging like-minded people online. If you want to network in person, go to your nearest pole event.

pole fitness class

Benefits of pole fitness

  • Pole fitness is for everyone. If you are a kid, young and old, it does not matter. Although if you are not in shape or you do not have a dancer and gymnastic background. Even then, you can start it.
  • It is a full-body workout, but it does not look like a tiring workout. It just seems fun to do.
  • At the start, you will be shy in making moves, but it will boost your confidence level with time. But gradually, when you will learn new moves, it will feel rewarding.
  • Your body is at low risk of getting diseases by doing pole fitness.
  • Mental health
  • Endorphin hormones are responsible for releasing stress. Like other exercises, it also produces endorphins. Our minds feel more relaxed and calm. A healthy mind can ensure a healthy body.
  • Joint issues are very common, especially in elders. By pole fitness, your muscles become more flexible, and their mobility increases. So you will not face terrible joint pains.
  • Most of us have a lazy living style, or we work a whole day sitting at one place. This harms our blood circulation system. As pole fitness involves full-body movement, so it will improve your blood circulation.
  • Most of us fall while walking or climbing stairs. Do you ever think why it happens? It is due to a lack of coordination and balance in our bodies. Pole fitness increases our body coordination and balance. You will start feeling the visible difference in falling after taking few fitness classes.
  • Pole fitness is addictive. When you start learning, you will develop a passion for learning more. This passion can become a turning point for your financial life.
  • You can start to get a certification as a trainer. And then sell your services by pole fitness trainer.
  • There are several other options to earn money, like sell products related to the pole fitness industry.
  • When you join a pole fitness class, you will meet amazing and encouraging peoples. As everyone here is to learn, and everyone knows that no one is perfect.No one will mock you if you do something wrong. What is more good in life to meet a supportive and non-judgmental community?

It Doesn’t Have To Be Sexy

Most people want to get a good workout and aren’t looking to look sexy in the process. That’s perfectly fine; you’re not required to be. Many people begin purely for exercise, with little or no dance or floorwork. Just keep in mind that sexiness can be a long-term side effect of pole fitness.

There are many different types of pole fitness. Some prefer more flexible and bendy moves, while others prefer pure strength. Some will perform theatrical dance styles or get a little cheeky and twerk it! Others will combine a few or all of these styles and incorporate other dance forms, such as belly dance. So, either way, put up your inner sexy and those 8-inch heels, or activate the beast mode and go barefoot!

Pole fitness exercises are hot fitness trends with a plethora of advantages. It improves your fitness, boosts your self-esteem, and encourages you to believe in your ability to continue breaking new ground. When done in a group, it can also provide you with the sense of support and belonging that community activities can provide.

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How to start pole fitness

If you are a beginner, then first find an instructor and pole fitness studio. You can easily search your nearby fitness studio on the internet. After selecting your studio and instructor. Now its time to learn all these basics:

  • How to climb and sit on a pole.
  • Learn grip on the pole and different types of pole moves.
  • Spinning techniques to the floor.
  • It is a must to learn fundamental invert and six basic techniques.
  • At the start, take everything easy as your muscle will sore for few days.

Start your pole fitness routine with a warm-up and end it with some cool-down stretches.

First, learn beginners level moves, then move to medium and advance level moves.

At the beginning of classes, make your mind whether you will go to an advanced level or not. At an advanced level, you have to learn more difficult moves.

Dressing for pole fitness


Yoga pants

Beginners can wear yoga pants. As in start, you are just learning some fundamentals spinning and gripping techniques.


After few basic lessons, you should start wearing shorts. Because the best grip is attained only by bare skin. When you start to learn to climb on a pole, it is advisable to wear shorts.

Sports tank top

At the start, you can wear half sleeve t-shirts. But after some classes, it is good to wear a sports tank top as you will feel more comfortable while learning advanced moves. Women should wear a sports bra for pole fitness.


It is fine to wear your normal socks, but the barefoot is good for gripping.

Other exercises to enhance pole fitness

Pole fitness demands a lot of core strength, flexibility, and upper body and full-body strength. Some exercises can enhance your pole fitness.

Yoga is the best exercise for body flexibility. Many yoga positions will help learn pole fitness because it’s all about practicing different positions on the pole.

Upper body exercises like push-ups and walking planks will add strength to your upper body. With a strong upper body, you will feel that now you can do basic spin movements with more control.

If you want to increase your body’s strength, then weight lifting is one of the best exercises. As with weight lifting, you have the strength to perform tricky moves that demand extra strength and power.

Core strength is essential for pole fitness. You can easily increase core strength by doing these core exercises like crunches, bicycles, leg lifts, and trunk twists.

To avoid any pole fitness injury, you must try swimming. As you learn arm rotation in swimming, it will help to improve your shoulder strength.

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pole fitness at home

Pole fitness at home

In case you do not find a nearby fitness studio or any other reason, you can start your pole fitness journey at home. This is how you can do at home.

First, select an online trainer, DVD, or Youtube channel to start this fitness routine at home.

Then find a space to put a pole. You need adequate space to put your pole. Otherwise, you cannot perform many moves.

Now it’s time to purchase a pole. Always find a good quality pole as it will save you from any future injury. Find a pole that cannot damage your ceiling. Other poles equipment you should need is spirit level and stud detector.

Other items you have to invest in are a mat, grip aid, and wrist supports.

Start practicing with some basic techniques. Then move forward to advance techniques.

Tips for pole fitness

Always check the distance between the pole and wall. There must be enough distance that your arms and hand do not touch the wall.

Avoid eating food that makes your skin oily. As oily skin cause hindrance in gripping the pole.

If your hands become sweaty easily, then use some powder or gripping lotion.

Knee pads should be used if you have a knee pain issue.

Before class, do not apply lotion to your skin, as lotion makes our skin sticky. Sticky skin will make the pole slippery, and it will hard for you to do exercise.

Always clean your pole before and after the class with a cloth.

Do not wear jewelry during a workout. To feel more comfortable, tie your hair in a bun or pony.

Never skip the warm-up and cool down, as it will save you from various muscle injuries.

Be open with your instructor. Tell them if you are facing any issues. If you want to improve any move, ask them for tips and tricks. On low days request them to cooperate with you in raising your spirit.

Learn your moves on both static and spinning poles.

To excel at pole fitness, try to learn dance if you do not have a dance background.

pole dance


We are sure after reading this article, you are now excited to start your pole fitness routine as soon as possible. As it was your long-time dream to find a fitness regime that is both effective and fun.

Pole fitness is beneficial both for your mental and physical health. You will love it after seeing good effects on your health. Let us know when you are starting it.

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