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5 Best Coccyx Cushions for Tailbone Pain

by The Mind Blown

How do you permanently treat tailbone pain? Are Coccyx cushions any good?

Perhaps the most evident clinical benefit of a coccyx cushion is that it provides pain relief for the coccyx area and lower back. It is also specifically designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Using the coccyx cushion in a chair with a back gives you extra support, helps improve your posture by slightly elevating your hips.

Moreover, it enables you to sit up straight and eliminates pressure on your spine and pelvis. Another interesting benefit of this cushion is that it can be used anywhere—at your office, in your car, or at home.

In this article, we have researched 5 COCCYX CUSHIONS you can explore for your need.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion – Tailbone Cushion – Coccyx Cushion – Sciatica Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Tailbone Cushion - Coccyx Cushion - Sciatica Pillow for Sitting

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion is designed to provide comfort by easing pressure on the lower back, hips, waists, and thighs. It is soft yet firm; it is made of pure memory foam and uses body heat to mold to curves, which helps improve posture when sitting for long periods.

This cushion is one of the thickest, which makes it more liable to remain comfortable for long. The Ergonomic “U” shape cutout keeps your coccyx just above hard seating surfaces, relieving pressure in this sensitive area. It includes an ultra-soft cover that is machine washable.

Thanks to its non-slip bottoms, it stays securely in any seat, which makes it perfect for your kitchen chairs, vehicles, and couch. It even cushions the roughest of surfaces such as plastic chairs, stadiums, and airline seats. It can serve as an excellent Sciatica Pillow. Sciatica is a term for pain related to the leg and spinal nerves. The pain can vary wildly from mild ache to excruciating pain.

The cushion provides relief for your back, legs, hips, and from sciatic nerve discomfort. Its small size makes it easy to take the sitting pillow anywhere, which makes it an excellent travel companion. Finally, the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion boasts of a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair - Sit Longer, Feel Better - Butt, Tailbone, Back, Coccyx, Sciatica Memory Foam Cushions - Computer Desk Pain Relief Pad
93,466 Reviews
Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair - Sit Longer, Feel Better - Butt, Tailbone, Back, Coccyx, Sciatica Memory Foam Cushions - Computer Desk Pain Relief Pad
  • 🪑Simple Solution to Your Uncomfortable Chair Problem: Made with pure memory foam, our pressure relief seat cushion uses your own body heat to adapt to your curves, giving you the support your current office chair lacks
  • 🖥️Work In Total Comfort, Not Pain: Hard seating surfaces lead to pressure points in your lower body; with our seat cushion for office chair it cradles your bottom, reducing pain and fatigue in your lower back, hips, and sciatic nerve
  • 👍Effective Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion: Designed with an ergonomic "U" shaped cutout, our office chair cushion suspends your coccyx above hard seating surfaces, relieving pressure and improving posture
  • ☑️Made with Certified Safe Materials, Unlike Other Seat Cushions: In our commitment to providing you with high quality items, our memory foam office chair cushion has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label; meaning every component of our butt cushion is certified safe and harmless for human health
  • 💺Fits All Types of Seating: Add our chair pillow to your list of favorite work from home accessories, its large size (17"x14"x2") fits all types of chairs around your home, office, and car
  • Soft yet firm
  • Portable
  • Works perfect as a Sciatica Pillow
  • Too small for larger chairs
  • A little bit too thick and too firm

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion - Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain - Office Chair Car Seat Cushion - Sciatica & Back Pain Relief

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion boasts of having the Best Gel Enhanced Memory Seat Cushion. ComfiLife’s advanced Cooling Gel Layer is durable and provides long-lasting comfort, which is a cut above competitors.

While it has been said that sitting on a chair for an extended period of time takes a toll on your neck, back, and hips, ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is a natural solution for pain reliefs or just for being comfortable while sitting. The “U” shaped cut out is recommended by physicians and helps relieves pressure on the tailbone and helps relieve back pain.

This cushion is great for home, office chairs, wheelchairs, desk chairs, car seats, and pretty much anywhere. Its advanced heat-responsive technology adapts to your body to further increase your comfort level. It has a premium rubber texture that prevents slipping and the need for constant adjustments.

With a built-in handle, its portability makes it easy to bring its comfort everywhere with you, and a machine-washable velour cover makes it easy to clean.

This coccyx cushion supports proper spinal alignment and helps maintain a healthy posture and relieve tailbone pain. If you are not satisfied, they offer a Lifetime Money Back or Replacement guarantee “with no questions asked”.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Sciatica & Back Pain Relief (Gray)
80,523 Reviews
ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Sciatica & Back Pain Relief (Gray)
  • Most Comfortable Gel Memory Foam Cushion On The Market - ComfiLife's all-in-one features are unrivaled: Non-slip rubber bottom, built-in handle for easy transport and machine-washable zippered velour cover for easy cleaning. The ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion is the best gel memory foam seat cushion on the market made of premium quality durable memory foam with cool off gel layer on top for superior comfort
  • Supports Tailbone and Relieves Pressure - Ergonomically designed seat cushion provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx / tailbone and promotes healthy posture
  • Provides Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief, Great for Office Use, Driving & Traveling - Supports recovery from lower back problems, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica and other spinal issues. Great for office, home, travel, car seat or wheelchair use. Machine-washable zippered velour cover for easy cleaning and built-in handle for easy transport
  • Our Customers Love ComfiLife Cushion - "I have already recommended this to all my office mates that sit all day, as well. I love it, and some advice...Lock it up after you use it, or I guarantee one of your sneaky cube mates will swipe it!" "This has saved my life as one with lower back pain due to pinched nerve roots" "I have herniated discs and sciatica for many years, this cushion allowed me to drive cross state with little to no pain"
  • Versatile
  • Superior gel construction
  • Helps with cooling and comfort
  • Flattens easily and lacks firmness
  • The shape is not too fitting for certain body constructions

Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Sciatica, Coccyx, Back & Tailbone Pain Relief

Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Hokeki Coccyx Cushion is made with an upped version of crystal velvet fabric, it is smooth, skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable, safe, and easy to clean.

For people under 280 pounds, this cushion can remain resilient for a long time. It can also be used to correct bad posture and relieve leg pain while driving or sitting for long periods.

Its size is made to fit just about any chair either in your car, on the plane or train, stadium seats, and so on. It is versatile and has a non-slip gel rubber bottom which stops it from slipping in chairs. It has a built-in hidden zipper on the side and a solid handle that makes it so easy to carry. Just open the zipper to wash the cover.

Like the others above, it also uses a “U” shaped ergonomic design as recommended by orthopedic and medical doctors across the globe to treat chronic or acute pain. It helps alleviate pressure in certain areas and relieve pain in areas like; the neck, low back, tailbone, lumbar, prostate, piriformis, spine, hips, leg pain, coccyx, backaches, and sores.

Sleepavo Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Butt Pillow for Sciatica, Coccyx, Back, Tailbone & Lower Back Pain Relief - Orthopedic Chair Pad for Lumbar Support in Office Desk, Car & Airplane
4,083 Reviews
Sleepavo Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Butt Pillow for Sciatica, Coccyx, Back, Tailbone & Lower Back Pain Relief - Orthopedic Chair Pad for Lumbar Support in Office Desk, Car & Airplane
  • Help alleviate back and hip pain: Sleepavo’s coccyx pillow has been ergonomically designed to help take pressure off of user’s lower back or tailbone and offers orthopedic tailbone pain relief while sitting. This cushion promotes healthy posture and proper spinal alignment.
  • Signature ergonomic shape with pressure-relieving cut out: The U-shaped design, with its cut-out center and contoured surface, removes pressure from the coccyx to ensure the tailbone hovers over the surface of the seat, thereby alleviating any discomfort caused by sitting for extended periods.
  • High density memory foam seat cushion: This coccyx cushion is made from a high-quality memory foam to offer comfort and to help relieve back pain, tailbone pain, and sciatica. This cushion is ideal for office chairs, wheelchairs, airplanes, or for use in a car. Great for short and long trips.
  • Includes washable cover, anti skid bottom and carrying handle: This pillow features a zippered, removable mesh cover that is completely machine washable to make cleaning easier. The case also features a non-slip, rubber bottom to ensure the cushion will stay firmly positioned in a seat, and a convenient handle for easy transport.
  • Use in the office or while traveling: Each coccyx pillow measures 18” x 14” x 3” and is great for travel. Each cushion comes with a full three-year warranty that protects against any damage or defects. If your pillow goes flat, send it back for a FREE replacement.
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Hip protection
  • Anti-sliding design
  • Not really good for office chairs

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Comficlouds Coccyx Cushion – Sciatica Pillow

Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Car Office Wheelchair desk, Comfort Chair Tailbone Pillow, Ventilated Designed for Hip Back Sciatica Pain Relief,Non-Slip Portable black

Comficlouds Coccyx Seat Cushion uses a ventilated memory foam. It features strategically placed holes to enhance comfort and cooling, allowing you to sit without feeling hot or sweaty. It adopts 100% premium quality of its memory foam, both durable and thick.

Its ergonomic design allows the proper distribution of body weight on seats. It keeps your tailbone on high rather than touching the hard seat surface. Comficlouds Seat Cushion retains its density and shape while enhancing your comfort. The seat cushion for office chairs relieves your pain seamlessly from prolonged sitting, sciatic nerve discomfort, poor alignment, soft tailbone legs, and shoulder pain.

It has a portable handle, and it is easy to carry anywhere. The non-slip bottom keeps it from sliding off surfaces which in turn prevents the need for continuous adjustment. It can be used as a wheelchair cushion, office chair cushion, lift cushion, airplane seat cushion, indoor and outdoor, can be used as a seat raiser or car cushion.

It keeps your back in neutral positions, promotes healthy blood circulation, makes it easier to sit for prolonged hours without affecting the back and spine, supports the lower back. If you are not 100% satisfied, Comficlouds offers Money back or Replacement options.

  • Ventilated design for cooling
  • Amazon’s choice for “Orthopedic seat cushion.”
  • Great back support
  • Does not flatten over time
  • Does not really work as an sciatica pillow
  • Too high and not a good fit for cars

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OVEYNERSIN Coccyx Seat Cushion – Coccyx Orthopedic Pad

OVEYNERSIN Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Comfortable Desk Chair Cushion - 100% Pure Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion - Coccyx Orthopedic Pad - Relieves Back, Hip, Tailbone, Sciatica Pain

OVEYNERSIN Seat Cushion makes use of the most suitable and advanced memory foam cushion. This will perfectly provide excellent support according to the human body’s curve while maintaining its original shape after each use.

Its ergonomic “U” shape reduces pressure on the waist and back, relieves pain in the buttocks, and brings you the most ideal comfort. It helps in correcting posture, and their newest style, ‘The Honeycomb Vent Design’, is a unique design seat cushion hollowed out, relaxing the coccyx.

In other words, it brings comfort while maintaining breathability and comfortability. Let’s not forget sciatica, tailbone injury, lumbar strain, leg and back pain, and other pains caused by sitting for periods.

OVERNERSIN has the best design in terms of aesthetics as it is suitable for any occasion, be it the gymnasiums, terraces, restaurant chairs, car seats, airplane chairs, office chairs, wheelchairs, you can place it just about anywhere without feeling awkward.

It has an easy-to-carry handle, top-quality non-slip bottom, flannel pillow cover, and the best pad cover design. It is both portable and durable

OVEYNERSIN Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Desk Back Pillow Support Memory Foam Car Cushions Coccyx Orthopedic Hip Sciatica Pain Pad Computer Accessories for Women Men
7,512 Reviews
OVEYNERSIN Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Desk Back Pillow Support Memory Foam Car Cushions Coccyx Orthopedic Hip Sciatica Pain Pad Computer Accessories for Women Men
  • Seat Cushion for Office Chair LET'S SIT DOWN AND ENJOY IT :If you want to sit more comfortable, please choose our product. The seat pad is made of the latest technology slow-rebound memory foam pillow core,it can provide support hardness, and give you with more soft comfort. At the same time, the high quality memory foam can sense the memory curve of the human body, and shape it according to the perfection of your figure.
  • Memory Foam Seat Cushion THE HONEYCOMB VENT DESIGN : The most unique design, seat cushion back hollowed out, relaxing the caudal vertebrae and helping to correct sitting posture. Memory foam hollow perforated, more breathable and comfortable. U-shaped cushion ergonomically designed to relieve sciatica, disc herniation, tailbone injury, lumbar strain and other pains caused by prolonged sedentary.
  • Office Chair Pad MULTI :FUNCTIONAL APPLICATION - Suitable for people long-term sitting in the office, or patients with acne, as well as pregnant mothers and driver. Great for car, truck, train & airplane travel, classrooms. Place it on the floor for yoga, meditation or as a kneeling pad cushion for tasks.
  • Car Seat Memory Foam PORTABLE AND DURABLEI : 100% High quality memory foam,gel rubber bottom, Portable carrying handle transport, Removable breathable cloth cover, 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.75 inch, Suitable size! The best gift, suitable for elders, friends and lovers ~ You deserve to have!
  • Tight and warps the hips
  • Washable velour cover
  • Very comfortable
  • Memory foam too soft
  • Sometime it compresses down to nothing



Coccyx cushions have an ergonomic cutout at the pillow’s back. This helps by reducing the pressure on the tailbone and spine. This Coccyx cushion helps alleviate pain in those areas of the body while seated. The cushion also elevates your hips; this will help you improve your posture.


Buying a Coccyx cushion made with the right materials can make all the difference. Like all products, each type of material has its pros and cons. All of the cushions on this list are made of 100% memory foam, which will retain its density after each use.

Memory foam cushions offer ergonomic support that adapts well to anyone’s body for personalized pressure relief. This type of material comfortably embraces the body part it supports and can efficiently protect you from moving out of a proper sitting position. However, these cushions can be much more expensive and become much warmer than the standard foam.

  • SIZE

Depending on the type of cushion you need, its dimensions may play a role in your final purchase. Usually, this applies to cushions for seats, such as coccyx cushions. Suppose you’re planning on using it on a car seat. In that case, you will want to find one that won’t be too bulky and easy to install in a vehicle.

While most of the Coccyx cushions claim to be able to use in different places, some of them are more suitable to some places than others. The standard for most seat cushions being 17.5″ x 13.7″ x3. This size will fit in most chairs.

  • GEL

Like the ComfiLife Seat Cushion, seat cushions can have a layer of gel atop a foam base. This layer provides optimal pressure relief as the gel shifts with you to relieve pain in high-pressure areas. Besides, gel cushions can also help to make you more comfortable and cooler by regulating your body temperature.


The cushions mentioned above feature non-slip bottoms with a rubber bottom, which keeps them in place and prevent the need for constant re-adjustment


Cushions like the Comficlouds Coccyx Seat Cushion use a ventilated memory foam with strategically placed holes to enhance comfort and cooling. It allows you to sit without feeling hot or sweaty. It’ll regulate seat humidity and keep it cool to prevent heating and dampness


Depending on your preferences, you may want to opt for a cushion with a removable cover. This will make it much easier to maintain the pillow, as you can simply slip the cover off and wash it. If your ideal cushion unfortunately doesn’t come with a removable cover, you can always slip a standard pillowcase.

Coccyx pillow - sciatica pillow

One would agree that this is the second most important factor to consider when choosing a Coccyx cushion is its portability. No one would want to move around with an enormous, heavy seat cushion since it’ll be awkward and all.

Thankfully, all the cushion seats on this list are of the average size and appropriate to move around with. Each features a built-in handle that makes it less awkward when carrying it around on the streets, in restaurants, the gymnasium, even suitable for moving indoors from your work chair to the kitchen chair or couch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coccyx Cushions

What is a coccyx cushion?

A coccyx cushion is a specially designed seat cushion that alleviates the pressure on your tailbone and sits you up straight. This type of cushion can be used in a car, on an airplane, at work, or even at home.

Do Coccyx cushions relieve tailbone pain?

Most definitely. According to our research, 90% of people who tried using the coccyx pillow for just 15-20 minutes experienced relief from their pain, particularly when sitting down or during certain activities like driving or cycling.

Using the coccyx pillow allows you to sit more comfortably because it provides support, relieves pressure, and helps improve your posture by slightly elevating your hips. All this combined helps eliminate any strain on your coccyx and lower back.

Another big benefit of this type of cushion is that it can be used anywhere, including at your office or on an airplane.

What are the benefits of using a Coccyx cushion?

There are many benefits of using a coccyx cushion. For starters, it provides pain relief in the tailbone area and lowers the back due to the pressure that is relieved when you sit on this type of cushion. Also, it enables you to sit up straight because it eliminates

Do Coccyx cushions fix tailbone pain?

No, they don’t actually fix the problem. Still, they provide immediate relief, which helps you heal faster than if you experience no relief. Therefore, by relieving your tailbone pain, it decreases inflammation and speeds up healing time so that eventually, your tailbone won’t hurt anymore.

Is there any downside to using coccyx pillows for tailbone pain?

A common misconception is that using a coccyx cushion for tailbone pain is just a temporary fix, keeping the problem unresolved. However, this actually helps you heal faster by reducing inflammation and speeds up healing time so that eventually, your tailbone won’t hurt anymore.

Are Coccyx cushions worth buying?

Yes, they are well worth the money! It provides immediate relief, but it can be used anywhere to make sitting more comfortable. With proper care, these cushions should last several years to come (up to 10), which makes them very economical in the long run.

How does a coccyx cushion help with tailbone pain?

A coccyx cushion is especially good at removing pressure from your coccyx area, which in turn reduces lower back problems. However, this type of product can provide many other benefits, such as improved posture while sitting up straight, less numbness in the legs and feet, along with better overall comfort while driving or sitting for long periods of time. These cushions are equally useful for people who work seated jobs since they provide support to increase productivity.

How long does it take before I notice an improvement in my tailbone pain?

You’ll feel better within 15-20 minutes of use, and this may last for several hours afterward, depending on the severity of your problem. Most people who suffer from coccyx or lower back injuries find that repeated use lessens chronic pain immensely while increasing blood circulation, which brings fresh oxygen to your spine, hips, and legs.

What makes this type of seat cushion so effective?

The primary benefit of using a coccyx cushion is that it provides pain relief in the tailbone area and eliminates pressure from your spine. In addition, it reduces numbness in the legs and feet while increasing blood circulation to your lower back which helps you heal faster. Also, by sitting up straighter while supporting your hips, this type of cushion gives you a sense of comfort and ease.

Is there anything I need to know or do before using my coccyx cushion?

Yes, you should always read the manufacturer’s instruction manual that accompanies your coccyx cushion. Also, it is recommended that you take some time to adjust your new seat cushion before actually using it since this helps break them in faster and avoids having the material bunch up when sat upon.

Does this type of cushion require any maintenance?

No, these cushions are low maintenance, and all you really need to do is make sure there aren’t any tears before using them. You will want to inspect it regularly for signs of wear, but other than that, they don’t require too much upkeep after purchase.

What factors determine how good my Coccyx pillow works?

The size of your coccyx, along with the placement of your coccyx, is what determines how well it will work for you. In other words, a smaller coccyx pillow may be ideal if the majority of your weight is concentrated in your pelvis area. In contrast, a larger one works best when you sit on top of it. In addition, the shape and angle of the tailbone cushion also affect how comfortable it feels against your tailbone and provides support where you need it most.

What type of fabric should I use to clean my Coccyx cushion?

You can easily spot clean these seat cushions with a damp sponge and mild detergent. Avoid using hot water since this breaks down the material over time. After cleaning, make sure that they are 100% dry before storing them away. These pillows also have removable covers so they can be washed when needed.

What are some potential side effects of using a Coccyx cushion?

The only ones worth worrying about are related to allergies, so make sure that you don’t develop any type of rash or uncomfortable symptoms when using a Coccyx cushion. If you have any type of concerns about these side effects, be sure to consult your physician before use.


When it comes to Coccyx cushions, thicker doesn’t always mean better. A cushion that adapts to your taste or condition is optimal.

While most coccyx cushions can be used in a variety of seats and environments, indoors to outdoors and in vehicles, it was mentioned above that some cushions work in some places better than others while some work for certain conditions better than others.

We’ve come to realize the different pains and conditions that can arise due to wrong sitting posture or prolonged sitting. This cushion supports and helps alleviate pain in the tailbone and spine area. It slightly elevates your hips with helps correct posture while seated.

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