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Best Motorcycle Backpacks in 2021



best motorcycle backpack

Looking for the Best Motorcycle Backpacks?

Whether you go to work every day or go for a walk, a weekend, or even more, you need to have a backpack to carry some basic things. If you don’t have a motorcycle top box, then the most convenient solution is a backpack. I don’t think there is a motorcyclist who hasn’t worn a backpack at least once.

Motorcycles do not offer ample storage space. There may be a small compartment under the seat, but this is usually only large enough for a cell phone and possibly a wallet. To be able to transport things when riding a motorcycle, there are a few different options. The type of driving that is done as well as the personal preferences of the biker will help to determine what works best. For some saddle bags are preferred but for a large number of people, motorcycle backpacks are more convenient and the preferred method for storing things while on the bike.

If you can use any backpack or a laptop bag in the city over short distances, things are quite simple. Along the way, you will feel the difference between a dedicated backpack and a regular one.

It took me 3 years to realize the advantages of a dedicated motorcycle backpack. When I started the motorway rides around the country, I used a 25L backpack for hiking. It was a model with a reinforced back, very rigid, which also had a water bottle holder. It also had a belt around the middle for a better fix on the body. Although it was useful and practical for hiking, it wasn’t comfortable for motorcycles. The straps were always annoying, and the material was not resistant to rain at all. Furthermore, when I had it on my back, I had to keep it very low not to touch the back of the helmet.

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Are there any differences from a regular backpack?

The problem with regular backpacks is their design. To wear them when walking with your back straight. As this often does not happen on a motorcycle, you often feel the full weight. Furthermore, their design makes it difficult to wear over protective jackets. It often limits your movements, which can diminish your pleasure on two wheels.

Besides, they aren’t built to withstand strong air currents. This means that you will wake up with straps fluttering on the go that hit you or worse with zippers opening. (this is how I lost my phone charger).

Best motorcycle backpack Buying Guide

You need to pay attention to a few things that aren’t relevant to most people, especially as a motorcyclist. Don’t worry. There aren’t many. Here is an overview:

Your Body Size Matters

The first thing you need to do is to check your own size. You’re wondering why a rider’s size matters? It’s because most motorcycle backpacks are not like regular backpacks. Your body posture matters a lot!

The motorcycle backpacks come in a lot of shapes and sizes for different body types. So, it’s essential to check your own size. Your hips especially if you don’t want to end up buying a motorcycle backpack that doesn’t fit you.

It requires lots of patience and attention to details when looking for the best backpack. Padded back support, adjustable hip straps are only a few things that you should consider.

The right size motorcycle backpack can provide you with the best fit and comfort. They should also give you the freedom to move your hands and shoulders that you will need in your journey.

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Motorcycle backpacks are useless if they don’t feel comfortable while riding. Also, you won’t use a motorcycle backpack if it doesn’t feel right. Wide padded shoulder straps prevent the backpack from cutting into your neck.

Straps are important for the stability of the backpack. Most of the them have an extra strap on the chest to provide stability. Adjustable straps will also provide additional comfort when you are on your bike.

Check for Durability

Most motorcycle backpacks are made from heavy-duty fabrics like Cordura and high-denier nylons. The backpack you choose should offer some resistance in case of a fall or accident. Motorcycles are more much more exposed to crashes than cars. A high-quality motorcycle backpack should also protect the rider’s back in case of a fall. Make sure you buy a strong, high-quality backpack that is durable and reliable.


A motorcycle backpack should be lightweight. It should also distribute the weight evenly. The more items you put inside of it, the heavier it will be, causing more strain on your back. You don’t want it to throw you off balance and compromise safety.


Do you need a safe backpack to store motorcycle equipment like a helmet, knee pads, gloves? Or maybe you like to cover longer trails and always keep an extra pair of shoes. And also a few other personal items before commencing your journey? If yes, then you need to find a backpack that offers functional compartments. Please note that some models with extra space for a laptop may not also accommodate your bike helmet. 

You need to choose a backpack based on your storage needs. It all depends what you are using your backpack for. Is it for a laptop, gym kit etc.. Backpack capacity is normally given in litres, but you may need it to be a certain height and width. 

You will have to choose an optimized backpack for what you carry the most. Suppose you don’t worry about the money and feel that sometimes you don’t need a laptop for a weekend trip. In this case, you can consider buying two different backpacks. In this way, you can accommodate your possessions with ease, depending on the occasion.


There is a big difference between waterproof and water resistant. Do you ride in all weathers? Does the backpack have waterproof zips? Some backpacks have built-in rain covers.

If you cannot make it through the day without your bike, your backpack needs to be waterproof. There could be times when you need to ride on a rainy day without any of your goods getting soaked in water. Hence, it is advisable to buy a waterproof backpack even if you do not traverse long distances. You need to always be prepared for anything and everything, especially in areas frequented by rains.

Several brands offer some of the best motorcycle backpacks, which are 100% waterproof. For example, DryTide keeps all your belongings safe and dry even if there’s a storm outside. Also, you should always be careful about is the material of the backpack. It’s not a good idea to look at only the attractive colors and sleek designs instead of the material’s fabric.

Regular backpacks come in different shapes and sizes. The problem with them is that they can’t provide resistance against bad weather.

A few features for to look out for in a waterproof backpack are: welded stitch-free seams, waterproof laminated fabrics, and fold-down closure.

The weakest links in any waterproof backpack for a motorcycle are the openings. No system can provide ultimate protection, and if some brands claim to have, don’t believe it. Your belongings will get damaged for sure if there’s a chance that your backpack will end up fully soaked.

This kind of incident is rare and shouldn’t discourage you from buying a waterproof one if you close them properly. the high-quality motorcycle backpacks can tackle even the heaviest storms. Of course, they will cost a little more than the regular ones, but they are definitely worth all the money.


Most motorcycle backpacks come in a stylish black or grey. However most come with reflective strips and detailing or how about a neon yellow backpack to make sure you are seen.


Although it’s not their primary purpose. motorcycle backpacks can provide extra support in any incident. It can reduce your chances of sustaining any back injury. This doesn’t mean that you should replace an actual back protection with a motorcycle backpack.

Motorbike backpacks come with a range of different pocket layouts. Some in the bag, some outside. It depends on your specific requirements.

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The only problem, and probably the most intimidating thing about motorcycle backpacks. in general, is their price. Regardless of make or model, all motorcycle backpacks have higher prices. But the price is also understandable if you look at their construction.

You just need to decide upon a personal budget as it will help organize your options. Then you can research the models which fit your budget. You can also look for similar options beyond our list. However, these reviews will possibly give you an idea about what’s new in the market.


Finding the perfect motorcycle backpack in 2021 is easy and not time-consuming at all. You just need to prepare a list of what are your expectations from a motorcycle backpack. You can match those aspects with these backpacks and choose the perfect one for your long rides. All these motorcycle backpacks are specially made for bike riders. They have all the aspects which a motorcycle backpack should have. It may seem hard to select it even after making a list. Thus, opt for a bag that fits best for your budget and is specialized in a particular aspect. Have a happy and safe ride!

So a motorcycle backpack has basically the same features as a good travel backpack. It must have the right dimensions for a person. It must have good quality material and workmanship. It must be happy and not be wet even from the smallest indoor shower. The volume is easy to manage, so you don’t overload your backpack, but you have to take care of yourself.

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