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13 Easy Card Drinking Games

by The Mind Blown

These 13 easy card drinking games are great to play no matter how many drinks you and your buddies have had. They allow for everyone to join in on the fun, and they give you all something to do before the ladies arrive at the party.

1. Pyramid Bullshit

Pyramid Bullshit is a great card game for anyone to play. To set up, stack the cards in a pyramid. There are five rows, and the top has one card, the second row has two cards, the third row has three cards, and so on.

Once set up, deal four cards to each player playing. Everyone can look at their cards once, but after the game starts, they can no longer flip and look at their cards in their hands. Start out by flipping one of the far end cards on the bottom of the pyramid.

Whatever the card is, the person who has that card in their stack and tells another player to drink. If the player thinks they do not have that card, they can call bullshit, and the person who called out the order to drink must flip over the card in question. If they don’t flip over the right card, they must drink double.

If they do flip over the right card, the person who called bullshit must drink double, or they can just drink a normal shot if they drink when ordered to drink. This goes through the entire pyramid.

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2. Give and Take

Those who are fans of Truth or Dare will find this drinking game very familiar. In Give or Take, players are given the option being telling a truth, performing a dare, or drinking their alcohol.

All you’ll need for this is a deck of cards and a drink of your choice. Pick a dealer and have all players sit in a circle. The dealer must then hand out four cards to each player, then make two separate columns of six cards (face down) in the middle of the playing area.

The left column of face-down cards are your ”Dare” cards, while the right column are for “Truth.” Gameplay begins when a single card from either the Truth or Dare columns are flipped. Proceed to flip each card one-by-one.

After each flip, any player that possesses a matching card in their four-card hand must answer a Truth or perform a Dare based on whatever column the flipped card was in. Alternatively, they can reject the Truth or Dare and simply drink instead.

Though, the twist here is that each card in the six rows formed by the two columns increments the amount of time a player must drink for—two seconds, four seconds, six seconds, eight seconds, ten seconds, and ending with a full chug.

3. Circle of Death

In this drinking game, players sit in a circle around a cup filled with a particularly strong or unpleasant drink. A deck of cards is spread around the cup (much like King’s Cup), and players go around, drawing cards from the spread and performing actions associated with each card. Rules can vary by preference, but here’s our standard:

King: Make a rule—any rule. If any rules are already in place, you can undo whichever ones. However, whoever draws the fourth king must drink the center cup.

Queen: You become the Question Master until a new queen is drawn. Anyone who answers a question you pose must drink from their cup.

Jack: You become the Thumb Master until a new jack is drawn. As Thumb Master, you may place your thumb on the playing table at any time, which prompts all other players to do the same as fast as possible. The last player to place their thumb on the table must drink.


State a category, then go around, naming things that fit into that category without repeating anything. The first person to fail to list something (or repeats a previous answer) must drink.


Name a word, then have all players go around listing words that rhyme with it, one by one. The first person to fail to provide a word (or repeats a previous answer) must drink.

8 and Below

If the drawn card is red, drink as many times as the card’s value. If the card is black, deal as many drinks to other players as the card’s value.

Ace: Waterfall. Each person must chug their drink, stopping only once the player to their right stops, starting with the player who pulled the card.

4. Asshole

Asshole is a great card game for a large number of players. The object of the game is to get rid of every card in your hand. Deal cards to everyone playing until one card is left in the middle.

The game is played by going around in a circle and allowing everyone the chance to lay down a card one step up or down from the card placed in the center. If it’s someone’s turn to lay a card down and they cannot play, they must drink.

5. Electricity

To play this drinking game, first, arrange all players in a circle and name one person as the dealer. At the dealer’s own pace, deal out cards clockwise to players. Players must drink when an electrical “current” is formed (hence the game’s name).

For a connection to be made, players must observe the most recent cards dealt to the people to the left or right of the person dealt the most recent card.

If that player’s card matches the suit, number, or type of card (jack, queen, king, ace) with a player to their left or right, they must then evaluate the player on the opposite side of them to see if another connection has been made.

This continues down the circle until no other connections can be made. Then, all players in the current must drink as many drinks as the value of their card—two for a two-card, eleven for a jack, fourteen for an ace, etc.

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6. Bet Your Liver

This game requires at least three people, beer, a deck of cards, and a pint glass. To play, first, select a dealer. Then, one person pours an amount of beer—their bet—of their choosing into the pint glass.

The dealer must then flip a card from the shuffled deck face down and have the player guess either “black” or “red.” If they’re correct, they can pass the pint glass to the next player, who then places their own bet. If incorrect, they must drink its contents.

7. Hockey

Hockey is a game played with two players. Each team sits on opposites sides of a table, side by side.

The game starts with the three of clubs. One team gets to start, and the first player must play a card matching what is laid in the center. If they are unable to play, then another player from the other team gets a chance and so on until each player alternates trying to lay down a card.

If it gets to the end and no one can play, a fresh card is laid from the center of the stack. If someone gets to lay down a card in the center, then they get to tell a team member from the other side to drink. This is done until all cards are played.

8. Spoons

This fast-paced game is great fun—and great for getting smashed. To play, all players must sit at a table with a set of spoons in the middle (one less spoon than the total number of players). Deal out four cards per player.

The objective of the game is to collect four of a kind, with cards quickly passed around the table. The dealer draws from the deck, and either keeps the card they draw or passes it to the player on their left. Players must keep four cards in their hand at all times, so if they collect a new card and wish to keep it, they must pass another card to their left to remain with four cards total.

Once a player collects four of a kind, they must quickly (or quietly) grab a spoon, prompting all other players to grab one, as well. The player left without a spoon must drink as many drinks as the total value of their cards.

9. Horse Races

Horse Races is a game that requires all aces, kings, and queens to be taken out of the deck. Lay the kings and queens in a row or a straight line.

The aces are then laid out, and each person picks a horse, which are the aces, and depending on which horse they chose, that is their suite. Now, the first card in the deck is turned over, and if it was a heart, then the heart horse gets to place their heart ace on the first king. Everyone else must drink. This goes on until one horse makes it to the end of the race.

10. Fuck the Dealer

This game is relatively simple to play, making it perfect to couple with alcohol. Sit all players in a circle, with each player selecting a card from the deck. The player who pulls the lowest card acts as the game’s initial dealer.

To begin, the dealer asks the player to their left to guess the suit of the card at the top of the deck. If the player guesses right, the dealer must drink two drinks, and the player to their left goes. If wrong, the guesser must drink two drinks. If the first guess was wrong, the same player must guess the value of the next card in the deck.

If correct, the next player takes their turn, and the dealer drinks three drinks.

If incorrect, the guesser must drink.

If the guesser still has not won, they must now guess whether the value of the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the last card drawn.

If correct, the dealer must drink four drinks. If incorrect, the guesser must drink five drinks and become the dealer.

11. Suck Me

Suck Me can be a great ice breaker, though some may prefer to play it with a close group of friends. To play, arrange all players in a circle and have one player pick up a card.

They must hold it to their lips by sucking air quickly, then attempt to pass it to the person on their left. This continues until a player drops the card. When this happens, both players involved in the passage must drink for as many sips or for as many seconds as the value of the dropped card.

12. Indian Poker

This simple drinking game requires little to no brain power—ideal for those with even a little liquor in their system. Deal one card to all players, who will stick or hold their card to their foreheads without looking.

Because players can see all cards but their own, they must make the determination to either say in the round or fold. The goal of the game is to have the highest card of the card, with aces high. The player to the dealer’s left first makes the determination whether to fold, with players going in a circle until everyone has made their decision.

After everyone has finished, place all cards on the table. The player with the highest card wins the round, while anyone who folded and had a lower-value card than the winner drinks two drinks. Any player that folded with a higher-value card must drink as many drinks as their card value.

Players that did not fold but lost must drink the difference between their card and the winner’s.

13. Suicide

Suicide takes six or more players, a deck of cards, and a lot to drink. Deal out the cards in the deck to everyone playing until there are no more cards left.

Everyone flips over their top card, and if any players have matching suites or numbers, they must drink together. Continue until every card is flipped.


Parties with drinking games are always a good time. You can never have too many, and these 13 easy card drinking games should serve as the perfect pregame for your next event!

Whether you want to get in some practice before going out on the town, or just need something to do while everyone else is getting ready for girls night out – these will help keep things interesting without taking up too much of your time. Fill up that deck and go home happy!

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