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Best Minimalist Backpack – Perfect for Everyday Carry 2021



Minimalist Backpack

When it comes to finding the right minimalist backpack for you, there are strict requirements that the bag must follow. But, before I get into those criteria, let’s talk about where you’re going with your minimalist backpack.

Do you need an urban bag to use as a regular rider? Which you can throw on your back when riding your folding electric bike through narrow lanes? Or do you need a backpack that you will bring with you on your next journey to Europe or other destinations? Perhaps you’re looking for something smaller or more feminine as a woman? Or, as a guy, maybe you’re looking for the perfect minimalist backpack that will not only look elegant and refined but will also hold a lot of things.

Or maybe you’re looking for a minimalist laptop bag that will hold your important things when you’re on the go. So, I introduce to you some of the best compact backpacks on the market.

SITHON Slim Lightweight Anti Theft Business Travel Bag

Are you sick with colorful, elegant backpacks with neon icons and pineapple prints? Then a minimalist backpack is ideal for you. And, thankfully for you, I’ve found the five best ones you can buy right now! Minimalist travel has many benefits, and more people are opting for a minimalist approach to backpacking and flying.

The Sithon minimalist backpack is the best backpack ever made. It has all of the features that one might like in a backpack. Since all of the storage areas are placed inside, this backpack is both fashionable and safe. The zipper is still well covered. Your notebook computer, phone, charging cords, and a thermos all fit together.

This particular backpack’s best feature is that it is waterproof, which is very valuable for everyone because when it starts raining heavily and suddenly, this waterproof backpack is a miracle.

The other main feature of the backpack is its built-in USB adapter cord, which means you don’t have to carry a portable charger in your hand. It’s super comfortable and safe, and you’d be happier if it had a thermos bottle holder component in it because it doesn’t have a pocket outside.

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Key Features:


Durable and Water Proof:

Water-repellent and long-lasting, made of high-density waterproof and tear-resistant polyester fabric, it successfully resists rainwater splashing, keeps stuff dry, and ensures a safe and long-lasting use every day.

Anti-Theft Design and Layout:

Design for theft exclusive secret double zipper protects your valuables from thieves, making your journey and ride safer everywhere you go.

Convenient USB Port & Hand Strap USB Interface:

Hand Strap & Convenient USB Port user interface with built-in cable style, perfect convenience for charging your mobile devices by connecting to your energy bank. The hand strap can also be used as a baggage belt, allowing the backpack to be slipped over the upright handle tube for fast transport.

Ergonomically Design:

Ergonomic Design Breathable mesh with padded foam back layout provides excellent comfort and back support. Equipped with an adjustable hook, it reduces body weight pressure, effectively protects the back and shoulder, and makes everyday life even more relaxed.


What We Like:

  • These bags are very durable and waterproof that help greatly often in heavy rains.
  • Its extra-secured zipping system makes it safe from theft.
  • Don’t worry about chargers, as its convenient USB and hand strap ports feature makes it unique.

What We Don’t Like:

  • They are too expensive to afford by normal people.

Bellroy Studio Backpack

Bellroy Studio minimalism Backpack

When you search for a minimalist and stylish stunning backpack with a good amount of color options, this particular Bellroy Studio Minimalist Backpack is the true backpack you have been searching for. Mid-Sized and affordable, it is the best slim and smart backpack designed for today’s urban environments.

The fold-over closure, which comes in six different colors, uses a magnetic clip to keep the key storage areas protected. The magnetic clasp allows you to open the backpack with one hand, but that’s not the only comfort aspect.

This urban warrior of a backpack is ideal for the innovative professional who wants to keep things tidy, smooth, and minimalist, both on the inside and out. The padded laptop pocket can hold as much as a 16-inch laptop can and has easy access outside the zip pocket with a key clip.

Want to throw in a camera, an additional t-shirt, over-the-ear headset, a water bottle, sunglasses, charging cables, your phone, and your laptop? Then it’s not a big deal.

This urban backpack is going to hold that all. Today all you have to do is choose what color you would like this elegant laptop-toting backpack in.

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Key Features:


Top Loader: 

This bag has a top-loading design, a large opening, and a magnetic closure. This loop provides an easy way to access the side pockets while holding important stuff during rain. On the outside, there is a pocket slightly lower than midway that zips closed. It has plenty of pockets for pens, AirPods, and several other objects, as well as a wide loop on a very long strap. 

Laptop Area: 

Inside the primary container region, a laptop location can store as much as a 16-inch MacBook Pro – the brand new one with the true escape key – or maybe an iPad Pro. The bottom part of the bag is generously padded to maintain your stuff secure, and the laptop computer sleeve ends before the bottom part for much more safety. 

Materials and Colors:

I have the black version of this particular bag, which I consider delightful. However, if I can personalize it, I may have picked a light purple or even pink inside. Bellroy won me over with the idea that a lighter or brighter interior lets you find your stuff easily. However, the brilliant fabric does not allow you to search at the bottom for your stuff as a top loader. 


What We Like:

  • The top loader area has extremely wide storage space.
  • The laptop area of this bag is also a completely wide storage area in itself.
  • It comes in a broad range of colors and materials to satisfy your style.

What We Don’t Like:

  • These backpacks have no issues or downsides.

Oscaurt Laptop Minimalist Backpack

Oscaurt Laptop Backpack

This minimalist backpack is made of high-quality nylon and polyester fabric and is durable while long-running. The fabric is scratch evidence and also tear-resistant. The entire volume of the backpack is 12-litres.

The backpack’s physical dimension is 11.02 * 4.92 * 17 inches (L*W*H) and weighs around 2.1 pounds. The backpack has one main compartment, 2 concealed pockets, and one side section on each side. The primary compartment has one laptop/tablet sleeve and various other smaller compartments. The smaller compartments are used to stay several things.

The Oscaurt waterproof business backpack is an anti-theft backpack. It comes with various characteristics that will keep your stuff safe inside.

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Key Features:


Anti-Theft Backpack:

Made of strong anti-scratch / cut fabric, this particular college backpack keeps your stuff safe with hidden zippers of the main pocket along with a secret pocket at the back

Handy Charging:

Through the integrated charging cable on the interior of the laptop backpack and the USB charging port on the outside, you simply plug in and charge your device anywhere.

Great for Your Electronics:

The business backpack has versatile compartments for separately storing pens, notebooks, wallet, phone, and up to 15.6 inches laptop.

 Minimalist and Meticulous Design:

This school backpack is equipped with reflective strips on the front for safe traveling at night and a luggage strap that enables the traveling backpack to hook to the suitcase.


What We Like:

  • Built-in charging cable provides easy access to charge the phone.
  • Features an adjustable shoulder strap for additional comfort
  • It is equipped with reflective strips on the front for safe traveling at night.

What We Don’t Like:

The binder quickly tore.

MarkRyden Business Backpack

Laptop Backpack,Mark Ryden 15.6 Inch Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port for Men Waterproof College Backpack (Black

This minimalist backpack is created for carrying your laptop in style. But there is a great deal to consider first. Sometimes you just have to get your notebook and a bit more. Sometimes you are traveling to work or even stacking in a semester’s worth of schoolbooks. 

Then there are the times when you are going. You need to look for a minimalist backpack (or perhaps even two) that can accommodate your lifestyle. The options below can handle whatever you throw into them.

It’s made of high-quality nylon cloth that resists water, wear, sweat penetration, and internal cotton thread that avoids cracking valuables’ surfaces. It also has a brand plug buckle and stylish zippers, making it much more comfortable and long-lasting. Its Built-in USB port design enables you conveniently to charge a cell phone by connecting a power bank without opening a backpack on the go.

Key Features:


Large Capacity: 

One separate laptop compartment holds a 15.6-inch laptop; one spacious packing compartment holds everyday necessities, tech electronics gadgets such as an iPhone, and other products. Within pocket for wallet, phone, currency, credit cards, other necessities, and keys.

Multiple Pockets Design:

Large main pocket with four inner compartments, a middle main pocket, and a front pocket for storing items separately.

Multi-Functional Design:

Tech backpack with U-shaped back has three-dimensional ventilation design assistance for the air convection, ventilation, and heat elimination. Comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps with sponge pad that help reduce the stress from your shoulder.

USB Charging Port:

Built-in USB port design enables you to conveniently charge a cell phone by connecting a power bank without opening a backpack on the go.

What We Like:

  • Has large and wide storage capacity
  • Has straps.
  • Has built-in USB charging ports.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have any power bank for emergency use.

BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

BOPAI 15 inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack Men

If you’re on the search for unusual and new laptop bags that you can use to accessorize with outfits. Next, this particular backpack is perfect for you. This bag stood out as looking extremely modern with good-looking materials. Its straps were not hard to change, and the pockets are extremely vast and in the right spot.

This backpack is extremely light and has a huge capacity. As it describes, you can include a 15-inch laptop, carry-on keys, paper, clothes, pens, a wallet, a camera, a mouse, and so on. Notably, it’s waterproof. As a result, these electrical products are safe inside, even on wet days.

This minimalist backpack has a great quality of materials, everything from the common cloth to a zipper. It’s hidden anti-theft pockets that are extremely helpful, particularly when you travel, and need very quick access to your card, wallet, ID, etc.

And, of course, its design looks great fancy and great for traveling. It’s hard to locate all of this in one backpack. Get this particular backpack, consider exactly how it fits your criteria. For me, it’s among the very best thin laptop backpacks on Amazon.

Key Features:


Laptop Case:

A soft and wide compartment protects up to a fifteen-inch laptop, and it can bring down the friction between the pc and the backpack.

Invisible Anti Theft Design:

Unique concealed double zipper increases the security of your stuff inside. One hidden zip of its pocket for your phone and wallet.


The back sleeve style enables the backpack to slide over the luggage handle for easy mobility during traveling.


What We Like:

  • Soft flannel compartment
  • The invisible zip pocket on the back
  • Have several pockets which help in organizing the things

What We Don’t Like:

  • Average finish quality

Final words

Travel backpacks are famous for being bulky, tedious, and, let’s be honest, a little ugly. It’s not a good look! Often all you need is a minimalist backpack with a clean, street-ready look.

The SITHON Slim Lightweight Anti-Theft Backpack is our top pick as it has all of the typical features at a reduced price tag. Our experts couldn’t find any bad reviews about its effectiveness. Remember, you can read reviews before deciding so that you’re aware of the way the item performs and some other issues that could happen.

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