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Top 6 Best Slippers For Men

by The Mind Blown

Summer has died, and cold snaps are striking across the country like unwelcome guests creeping around in the dead of night and chilling your toes and causing your girlfriend to shove her frozen feet against you as you lounge on the couch.

Naturally, this means it is time to gird up your defenses before the real freezing weather and blizzard conditions arrive.

Before the mercury bottoms out, you need to load up on the winter necessities such as robes, parkas, and – of course – slippers.

Picking a quality slipper isn’t as easy as it should be. Cheap ones fall apart, rubber-soled ones sometimes offer insufficient protection for checking your mail while soft ones don’t have adequate support.

To help you get the right balance of sturdiness, utility, comfort, and warmth, we’ve compiled the 6 best slippers.


Acorn Men's Fave Gore Slipper, Black Tweed, 7.5-8.5
1,298 Reviews
Acorn Men's Fave Gore Slipper, Black Tweed, 7.5-8.5
  • Premium design: Men’s signature moccasin house shoe in slip-on closed back design with indoor and outdoor support. Double gore elastic panels for easy on and off ensures a secure fit.
  • Stylish and breathable: Handsome uppers in wool blend; knit or tweed deliver timeless style and warmth; while moisture-wicking Sherpa fleece lining keeps feet dry.
  • Memory foam comfort: Flexible multilayer Cloud Cushion insole memory foam foot bed for support that cradles the contour of your foot for a therapeutic fit. Helps alleviate sore and tired feet and foot pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis; Flatfoot; Talipes Valgus; and Splayfoot.
  • Versatile and durable: Genuine suede sidewall with durable; rubber outsole provides weatherproof; skid-resistant traction for safe and secure footing. Slippers transition you effortlessly from indoor to outdoor; perfect for checking the mails; walking the dog or a quick errand. Perfect for men of all ages and lifestyles.
  • Size and easy care: This slipper runs small; we recommend ordering the next size up for the most comfortable and flexible fit. Available sizes Small (7.5-8.5); Medium (9-10); Large (10.5-11.5); X-Large (12-13); XX-Large (14-15). Available in wide sizes in Black Tweed and Charcoal Tweed only. Care: Machine wash cool water; dry flat away from heat Care: Machine wash cold; air dry.
  • Moisture-wicking body
  • Abbreviated lifespan

Budget-Friendly: Despite the closed design of these slippers, they are capable of being worn year-round thanks to the breathable wool-blend upper that wicks away moisture and allows for some ventilation so that you don’t develop a funk.

The bottom is comfort foam that keeps vibrations to a minimum, even for heavy steppers. The sole is weatherproof and can handle going out in snow and sunshine equally well.

A built-in heel wedge will give you more stability and support than most standard slippers without feeling too much like a shoe.

They are mostly animal and environmentally friendly, with the exception of the suede outsole.

The lifespan is good for a cheaper slipper, but these will not be with you into your golden years.

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ORTHOFEET Orthopedic Men’s Slippers Hudson

Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Men - Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot & Heel Pain Relief. Arch Support Slippers, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths - Hudson
125 Reviews
Orthofeet Innovative Orthopedic Slippers for Men - Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot & Heel Pain Relief. Arch Support Slippers, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths - Hudson
  • GUARANTEED COMFORT! Try Orthofeet slippers RISK FREE and see for yourself why Orthofeet is regarded by millions as the MOST COMFORTABLE arch support slippers. Walk COMFORTABLY and PAIN FREE or your MONEY BACK. FREE shipping and returns.
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS? FOOT PAIN? KNEE PAIN? FLAT FEET? Orthofeet orthotic slippers offer the ULTIMATE FOOTWEAR SOLUTION. Premium ORTHOTIC INSOLES with adjustable ARCH BOOSTER and multiple CUSHIONING layers provide soft, PILLOW-LIKE SUPPORT that works wonders to enhance COMFORT and help EASE PAIN on the FOOT and HEEL, all the way up your KNEES, HIPS and LOWER BACK.
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY, EASE OF WALKING & PERFECT FIT - Lightweight ERGONOMIC SOLES with a mild Rocker design and SUPERIOR CUSHIONING enhance STABILITY, improve the EASE OF WALKING, and add spring to your step. Variety of widths along with two fitting spacers offer a PERFECT FIT.
  • SENSITIVE FEET? DIABETES? ARTHRITIS? NEUROPATHY? TIRED FEET? Non-binding, flexible uppers with extra foam padding and SEAM-FREE fabric interior ease pressure on the foot and provide SUPERIOR COMFORT and protection for sensitive feet. WIDE TOE-BOX offers extra room for toe movement and helps alleviate pressure on bunions and hammertoes.
  • BUNIONS? HAMMERTOES? MORTON’S NEUROMA? SWOLLEN FEET? A wide & roomy TOE BOX along with an EXTRA DEPTH design offer a comfortable, non-binding fit and ease pressure on bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s Neuroma & swollen feet. ORTHOTIC FRIENDLY: Removable insoles (¼” thick in the forefoot area) provides ample space for custom made orthotics.
  • Works with all orthotics
  • Limited shock absorption

Total Support: Whether you suffer from flat feet, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, or other heel pain, the orthopedic slippers will help ease your suffering and allow you to stroll around your home with ease.

The clog body is capable of working with any over the counter orthotic inserts or can be worn alone.

The insides are warm wool, which keeps your feet from freezing while also not overheating them thanks to the open rear ventilation.

They have a leather upper and rubber soles for enhanced durability, and the top opens for easy access to the interior or added air circulation during warm months.

If you have severe pain, the insert that comes with the 331 probably won’t be quite enough cushioning, so anticipate dropping a few bills for added shock absorption to go along with the ergonomic design of the slippers.

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SOREL Men's Falcon Ridge II Slippers — Tobacco — Indoor & Outdoor — Suede — Size 7
3,092 Reviews
SOREL Men's Falcon Ridge II Slippers — Tobacco — Indoor & Outdoor — Suede — Size 7
  • SOREL Slippers: The classic design of these cozy men's slippers keeps your feet warm whether you're sliding out of bed or stepping out to walk the dog
  • House Slippers for Men: Suede leather slippers with wool and polyester blend lining for toasty warmth on chilly days
  • Slide Slippers: Most comfortable slippers with removable molded EVA footbed are your go-to slippers for non-stop coziness
  • Cozy Foot Support: A 1/4" heel and platform height of 1/2" with a grippy rubber outsole makes these slippers suitable for inside and outside so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for practicality
  • Snug & Homey Comfort: Relax with simple and warm faux fur slippers made for all-day wear, with classic, minimal slipper design that looks the part and plays it even better
  • Comfortable interior
  • Poor for outdoor wear

Complete Comfort: Sorel makes some of the most comfortable slippers on the market, which tend to last for years so long as they aren’t abused too heavily.

Both the Falcon Ridge and the Manawan slippers are very warm and good for the person with hardwood floors who is trying to save money on heating their home.

The fleece lining helps keep your foot from losing heat, and the rubber sole will give you good indoor traction, but wearing these outside will beat them up quickly since the exterior is soft leather.

The wool/acrylic blend interior is meant to cushion as much as warm your feet while the sole is structured for arch support.

So long as you live in a cold climate, these are very good at offering cloud-like comfort.

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BEARPAW Men’s Moc II Slipper

UGG Scuff Romeo Ii Slipper, Black, Size 7
1,169 Reviews
UGG Scuff Romeo Ii Slipper, Black, Size 7
  • Suede upper
  • 17mm UGGpure wool lining
  • 17mm sheepskin insole
  • Suede outsole
  • Twin gore
  • Stays on your foot
  • Sizing is strange

True Slip-On: There was once a time in the world of slippers where UGG was all you needed to say. Whatever style you needed, they provided a long-lasting, comfortable option.

That is not true anymore since their once unbeatable quality has waned and been eclipsed by many other brands.

That isn’t to say they aren’t still great, but you often pay a premium for slipping quality.

The Scuff is one of the few stand-outs as it seems to retain the high UGG standards of old and is a slip-on style that won’t immediately fly off your foot.

The exterior can be wool, suede, or leather and comes with a leather sole complete with tread.

The interior is pure sheepskin that can be a little on the warm side, but the fully open back helps combat overheating.

Easy on and off, and they hug the contours of the foot perfectly. Try before you buy since sizing can be questionable.

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HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers, Black, 36EU
10 Reviews
HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers, Black, 36EU
  • Lightweight, soft, breathable, cozy yet sturdy
  • 100% boiled virgin wool upper
  • Wool felt insole lining
  • Latex molded arch support
  • Non-skid waterproof rubber outsole
  • Well balanced in all areas
  • Soft rubber sole not very durable and can scuff

Best Overall: The AT seemed to hit all of the selling points.

The woolen clog style and lack of a fleece lining meant they are warm without being stifling. The latex, rubber, and natural fiber construction are environmentally and animal friendly.

At the same time, the ergonomic interior was simultaneously comfortable and supportive for those who need respite because their dogs are barking at the end of the day.

They can be used outside, but don’t expect the soft rubber to stand up to extreme punishment. You can use them with orthotics if so needed.

They tend to be a touch on the narrow side, so if you like socks with your slippers, it’s wise to go bigger.

A little wearing on the wallet, but offer a decent lifespan, outstanding comfort, and the right balance of warmth and air circulation for year-round wear.

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Buying Guide for The Best Slippers for Men

You have probably noticed that the styles and designs of slippers have become very varied over the years. Still, if you’re looking for the best slippers for men, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. While a traditional-looking pair of house slippers are always popular, you might also want to consider a pair that better suits your lifestyle.


When you think of slippers, what comes to mind? A warm fuzzy feeling that is only matched by their ability to keep your feet dry. You’ll be surprised how many different types there are when it comes down to the materials they’re made from!

The most common uppers for these shoes include leather or rubber with cotton linings inside. However, some may use synthetic polyester, making them more durable but less comfortable than natural fabrics such as wool felt (although this depends). It all boils down to whether comfort will outweigh practicality in certain cases — so take note next time someone mentions “slipper” outside during winter months!

Slip or Slide?

Typically, you will see slippers worn either with the heel folded over and tucked behind the back of the shoe or just simply slid into place. It is usually a personal preference as to which option works best for you, although there are some styles that look better with one or the other. Other times, it could also depend on whether they have an adjustable closure at the front of the shoes that allow them to rest flat against your feet.

Fit & Support

Most slippers come up as a one-size option which typically ranges from 35 to 43 in European sizes. However, these measurements can vary depending on their make and design. The sizing is usually based on the length of your foot rather than width, so you should opt for a larger size if you’re between two different shoe sizes or have a wider foot.

Another thing that people often overlook when buying slippers is support! If you plan to be walking around wearing them, then remember that flimsy shoes can break your ankles just as much as flip-flops. Look for something with an elasticated back strap and/or front strap over the instep for a more secure fit.


Slippers for men come in a range of styles to suit all tastes and preferences. The most popular traditional-looking slipper is often referred to as a ‘house shoe’ or a ‘slipper loafer’, which has a T-shaped opening at the front, an enclosed back, and two wide straps across the top of the foot. This style will suit those who want comfort as well as discretion – they can be worn indoors without being too casual. Some brands have taken this style further by creating slippers with different upper materials from the usual textile material such as leather and suede. More modern designs will usually omit any ‘slipper loafer’ resemblance and have a completely flat shape without the T-opening.


Like any shoe, slippers for men don’t last forever. However, some brands have been known to use inferior materials that mean they won’t last even a year. If you want something that lasts, it’s best to look out for shoes made from higher quality suede or leather uppers which will also have reinforced stitching at key stress points.

Practicality & Everyday Use

If you plan on using your slippers every day, then durability is a big factor here too! Make sure the stitching and overall construction of the shoe are of a high standard so they can stand up to everyday wear and tear without coming apart easily. Leather shoes are hardwearing but need regular conditioning with suitable products to keep them supple and maintain shape.


Nowadays, you can buy slippers for men in a huge range of styles, colors, and patterns. For those who want to make a statement with their shoes, the fun part is trying something different!

On this note, though, it’s worth mentioning that clashing colors or mismatched patterns aren’t very stylish, so stick to one dominant color if possible otherwise, consider wearing them with what you already have on.

Slip-Proof & Grip

One final tip for buying the best slippers for men look out for ones that are slip-resistant or “non-slip”. Even though they feel more comfortable than regular shoes, these types of soles will still be worn down by everyday use, so it’s to pair them up with something with grip or traction to stop you from slipping.

Other Important Considerations

The slippers you choose should be comfortable from the get-go, so it’s best to try them on before making your purchase! You might have a size in mind but think about what sort of fit will suit your feet and whether they will feel right when you walk. If there’s any doubt about this, then it’s probably worth going up or down a size until you find something that feels good.

Finally, make sure you take a look at the sole of the shoe, too — is it strong enough to cope with a bit of wet weather? Breathable materials like leather and suede are usually suitable for most weather conditions. At the same time, textile uppers can sometimes become soggy after getting wet. Get the wrong ones, and they’ll also make your feet sweat, so look for something with a sturdy rubber outsole, which will last longer than foam-based materials.

Best Slippers For Men

Frequently Asked Questions

How should slippers fit?

Slippers should fit snugly when you first try them on but also provide enough room for your feet to stretch during the day. This is why it’s best to choose ones that are slightly bigger than your usual shoe size — they shouldn’t feel tight or pinch anywhere, nor should they slip off easily.

Can you wear slippers outside?

Although many people like to wear their slippers all day long inside the house, some men like to take theirs out too, especially if they come with enclosed toes or soft soles which are suitable for running around in the garden. However, this isn’t always advisable as many designs aren’t made for use outdoors, so check before buying!

How do I care for my new slippers?

It’s important to treat all leather shoes with a suitable conditioner at least once a month, which will keep them supple and waterproof. Suede shoes can be cleaned with a suitable brush but may need more frequent upkeep to maintain the nap.

Should you wear socks with slippers?

It’s best to wear socks with your slippers for maximum comfort and warmth. Check the shoe fit first before wearing them. Some men like their footwear roomy, while others prefer a tight fit. Don’t forget to take out any removable insoles, too, as these can make the shoes feel loose after all!

How do you keep slippers in good condition?

Although slippers are mostly made from strong materials, they do wear down over time, so you should remove the soles after every wear. Doing this will also help to protect their shape and ensure your slippers continue to look good for years to come.

What Size Slippers Should I Buy?

This will depend on what size you normally buy.  Your slippers should fit like any other shoe, so make sure they’re not too long or short. All of the brands we feature offer half sizes to ensure a perfect fit!

How Warm Are Slippers?

Slippers come in all different styles and tend to be suitable for different weather conditions. For example, leather shoes with rubber outsoles can be worn in wet and dry conditions and will keep your feet warm during the cooler months. Make sure you check the materials before buying if this is important to you!

What Slippers are the Best for Carpeted Floors?

Slippers with soft insoles or plush fabrics are best suited for carpets. These will provide a bit of extra cushioning and grip, so you don’t slip on smooth surfaces after getting up in the morning!

What Slippers are the Best for Hard Floors?

Hard floors will benefit from slippers that have rubber soles to prevent slipping. This is why they tend to be more popular among people who live in colder climates, where a layer of insulation is a must during the winter months.

When Should You Replace Your Slippers?

Slippers are made to last for years, but their quality can suffer over time. Once the materials start wearing away or if you notice any tears in the fabric, it’s probably best to get a new pair!

Can You Wear the Same Pair of Slippers every day?

This will depend on what materials your slippers are made from. Leather shoes might need a rest after every other wear as they can otherwise lose shape, while soft and furry soles can stand up to more use.

What Type of Soles do Men’s Slippers Have?

Slippers come with lots of different kinds of soles, so it really is down to personal preference. Most modern slippers have a rubber sole, which is good for hard flooring but won’t be so comfortable if you have to walk on carpeted floors often.


When you’re still unsure what the best slippers are for you, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Whether you want something that looks more traditional or modern, it all depends on your personal preference and lifestyle!

In addition, if you plan on wearing them every day, then durability will be the most critical factor. Look out for shoes made from high-quality materials with reinforced stitching at stress points.

Slippers for men come in various styles, but the most popular option is one with a T-shaped opening, enclosed back, and two wide straps across the top of the feet. You should look out for shoes made from suede or leather uppers to ensure optimal durability. Finally, remember that it’s best to opt for something more substantial if you plan on wearing them every day.

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