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Top 10 Best Razor Scooters To Buy In 2021

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Razor scooters are popular with both kids and adolescents and are available in both kick and electric models.

Razor kick scooters are ideal, cheap, and sturdy for younger kids, and they can graduate to the more expensive Razor electric scooters as they grow and become more proficient.

Today, Razor is the lead manufacturers of consumer-grade scooters with plenty of models to choose from. Their products turned into a lifestyle for both adults and children, making it common to see people on scooters on the streets, in parks, on the way to school, and pretty much everywhere.

Here are Top 10 Razor Scooters To Buy In 2021

Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter

Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter, Purple
  • Color your ride with the Graffiti Kick Scooter!
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tube and deck with patented folds conveniently for transport
  • 98mm inline-style urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings
  • All new specially designed patented chalk scribbler!
  • Includes 6 non-toxic, easy to clean chalk sticks

The Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter is a love or hate model. Parents might not want to get one for their children due to its design.

The Scooter has a system equipped that enables the child to leave three chalk lines behind while using it. It is easy to understand why parents might disapprove of the model, but it is the best one they can get for the children.

It is extremely fun to ride the scooter and see the color trail left behind. In terms of pricing, the model is placed somewhere in the middle line of products. It is not too expensive but not the cheapest.

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Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter - Blue - FFP
  • Top quality aluminum construction of the Razor A kick scooter is lightweight yet durable
  • Features our original folding mechanism for quick and easy carry, transport and storage between rides
  • Easy-adjust handlebars can be set to the perfect ride height
  • Additional features include rear-fender brake and urethane wheels

The Razor A Kick Scooter is probably the cheapest model made by the manufacturer. It has basic functionality and decent durability.

Razor designed it mainly for children and young adults that like to have a little mobility.

It is based on the original Kick design, using simple elements and convenient folding parts that make it compact and easy to carry around.

According to the product specifications, it is mainly recommended for ages of 5 and above. Still, it will not sustain the weight of a full adult properly.

The ones interested in buying this model will find that Razor offers 6 different colors for wheels and grips.

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Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids - Larger Wheels, Front Suspension, Wheelie Bar, Lightweight, Foldable, and Adjustable Handlebars
  • Type : Kick/Folding--Conveniently folds and is lightweight. Also can be stored easily.
  • Scooter Suspension: Front --Allows for smooth turns and absorbs the bumps in the road.
  • Scooter Construction: Aircraft Grade Aluminum--Structure that is extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Brake Type: Fender Friction Braking System--User is able to brake by applying pressure to the back fender.
  • Wheel Size: 125 Millimeters

Following the same line as the A Kick Scooter, the A3 comes with just a few changes to set it apart from the other models.

The materials used to build it make it more sturdy and durable. Aircraft-grade aluminum was used for the parts, which gives it an edge over the other models.

It can sustain more weight, which recommends it for ages 6 or older. Additionally, the A3 has a rear-mounted fender brake, which can improve safety while riding it.

Razor Siege Caster Scooter

The Razor Siege Scooter is one of the models that comes with a more innovative design.

The rear caster when can rotate at 360 degrees while the rider steers sideways. It provides a more unique ride, but there are safety concerns.

Getting used to it might take a few hours of practice, and to make things easier, the foot stand is a bit wider, and it is covered in plastic material for better grip.

Razor Spark Scooter

Adults can enjoy scooters as well. The Spark model is one of their products that is recommended for all ages. It is a bit taller but comes with the same standard features.

It is foldable, comes with a rear-mounted fender break, and to add a bit more fun, the scooter releases sparks when the rear pedal is pressed.

In terms of durability, the frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Like most other models, it comes in multiple colors. Buyers can find it in red, black, and blue.

Razor Pro XX Scooter

Razor Pro XXX Scooter, Black/White
  • Reinforced triple stacked head clamp for added head tube strength and pro style rubber grips
  • The Pro XXX improves upon an already high performance pro scooter line and takes it to the next level
  • Tested and created by Team Razor pro-riders for ultimate durability and performance
  • Features a lightweight, super-tough CroMoly steel down tube construction and fixed T-bar design
  • 5 spoke silver alloy core 110mm black high grade urethane 84A wheels with RZR Pro 30 bearings

For some, it might sound like a surprise, but there are professional scooter riders.

They use more durable and sturdy models to allow them to jump and ride without being concerned that the deck will break.

The Razor Pro XX Scooter is one of their entry models that can be used for training to learn tricks. It is recommended for anyone who needs something extremely durable without having to pay more than $50 for it.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is an all-rounder that can work well for children and adults that want to get around conveniently.

To make it viable for ages of 8 and older, the manufacturers included a more durable frame. It can sustain up to 220 pounds using a highly durable aluminum deck and frame.

The scooter can handle bumpy roads and pavements due to its bigger wheels in terms of riding experience. Like with most other models, it is foldable and can be packed for easy transportation.

It is a bit more expensive than other models, but it is durable, compact, and can be used regardless of the state of the road.

Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter

Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter, Pink
  • New Limited Edition Graffiti Kick Scooter based on the original A Kick Scooter!
  • Highly decorated with fun and exciting graffiti graphics from frame to deck
  • Original 98mm deep Urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings and all new 14 spoke hubs
  • Patented aircraft-grade aluminum T-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
  • Patented rear fender brake for quick stops

Razor did not neglect teenagers or the ones that want something with a fancier and cool look. The Style A Kick Scooter is a great looking model that is not only durable but affordable as well.

Due to its price and overall design, and durability, the model is probably the best choice for the ones that have a low budget but want something a bit more different.

The standard model comes with lime green handle grips, green wheels, and black and green decals on the frame and deck.

Durability is ensured by the use of highly durable aluminum for the tube and deck, while safety while riding is provided by the rear, mounted fender break.

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter
  • Fun trick scooter with pair of rear caster wheels
  • Caster wheels propel scooter with a twist of the feet
  • Ideal for performing kick-outs, side drifts and spin-outs
  • Durable steel frame, 125mm polyurethane front wheel with hand brake
  • Features Foam grips and removable stability bars

The PowerWing is one of Razor’s more innovative scooters. Its design makes it feel like a completely new experience.

It is a bit more expensive, but it is still one of their more affordable models.

For most users, it will take a few hours to get used to riding it, but once that aspect is mastered, the PowerWing will surely become the favorite traveling companion.

It comes with a break mounted on the handlebar for easy access, and about four different colors are available.

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

Razor Phase Two Scooter
  • Designed, developed and tested by Team Razor Pro Rider John Radtke
  • Built for pro riders who are looking for a nice, sleek style scooter, perfect for the dirt
  • New Hydro-formed down tube design and 5" wide extruded aluminum Phase Two 'X' deck
  • Country Of Origin : China

There are very few scooters like the Phase Two Dirt. Razor took its design extremely seriously, and the result was the most durable scooter on the market that can handle any type of road or rider.

It can be seen mostly in competitions, and a lot of the pros use this model to practice. It is a bit more expensive, but it is their best model so far.

Needless to say, it is one of the few models that are not foldable. However, not having this feature makes it a lot more durable.

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