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How to Acquire the Ideal Vanity Unit for Your Bathroom

by The Mind Blown

A vanity unit is one of the fundamental furnishings for bathrooms which has a flat surface with a sink on top and sufficient storage space below. Brands like Allure bathrooms vanity units provide quartz or glass-made supplementary storage space and disguise piping and other wires without negatively affecting the surrounding environment. As a result, your dunny will look much nearer and more appealing.

6 Things to Consider While Buying the Vanities

It is vital to look at the following aspects to ensure you are buying an excellent unit for your lavatory.

Consider the Style

Modern or contemporary vanities are distinguishable because they have sleek, contemporary looks with detailed layouts and multiple color options. Several brands like Allure bathrooms vanity units possess limited hardware and sophisticated textures with slim and clean lines.

Dunny vanities in the traditional style often tend to be constructed out of wood and have a base that looks like a traditional cupboard. In addition, they tend to have opulent accents like paneling, elegant knobs, and beveled ends. 

Check Bathroom Layout and Available Space

Bathroom Layout

It is necessary to calculate the available space in your dunny prior to purchasing the product. You must know where the other fundamental components are located, including the pipes, switches, outlet, door, and windows.

 As the unit attaches the basin and tap to the water pipes in your home, you should ensure enough space near the pipes and wires to install it. You can conclude the size of the vanities that are perfect for your loo by inspecting the room’s layout. 

Choose between Single Vs. Double Vanity 

The single unit shows compatibility with every mounting type. It is the most basic pattern and is suitable for bathrooms with a limited area. In addition, these have a width varying from 46 cm to 106 cm in width, and a few models range up to 152 cm. 

The double unit shows compatibility with freestanding and wall-mounted models. It is excellent for shared restroom areas. Generally, these vanities have a width varying from 122 cm to 182 cm. 

Consider the Colour or Finish

Bathroom color

As of now, the bathroom vanities are found in a wide variety of colors in order to correspond to any home design and interior style. Traditional vanities tend to have wooden surfaces, brightened patterns, and anthracite colors.

Shiny surface colors are a common feature of contemporary vanities. In addition, the pitch black and crisp white hues are highly prominent color options. 

Consider the Mounting Type

Vanity units can often be mounted in one of three ways. The corner model provides storage and suits well in tiny loos at 90-degree corners. You should choose the corner-mounted vanity units to save space.

The most common design is freestanding vanities. Since they are fastened to the wall for durability, there is ample room to install cupboards and shelves, increasing the amount of storage space under the sink

The wall-mounted or floating variants have an open room on the underside and are fixed to the wall. Your dunny seems huge after installing these vanities. 

Consider the Basin Style 

You should pick the basin design that fits perfectly in your bathroom and looks good.

●     The semi-recessed basins have a cleaner look because they are made to be set beneath the counter. The cleaning is simple and hassle-free because of the absence of exposed boundaries.

●     The bowl-shaped countertop basins would not need undermount installation since they settle on the countertop.

●     The margins of the vanity basins, drop-in, and top-mount basins sit on the counter when they are mounted.

Bottom Line

Make sure to assess the above-listed factors while looking for a vanity unit for your bathroom and choose the most suitable model. Buying from a reliable brand is better as it ensures quality and longevity.

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