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Top Areas to Consider While Selecting Wet Bar Sinks

by The Mind Blown

A wet bar sink is also known as a prep sink that is a considerable addition to small kitchens and home bars. Residences with insufficient counter space can use wet bar sinks to make the most of the limited area. There are a few areas to contemplate when trying to discover the best-wet bar sink. The size and the style, the material and the manufacturer, the available accessories, and other options are significant. To get the best-wet bar sink alternative, you have to look at all this in detail.

Contemporary styles

When talking of styles, usually under mount or top mount styles and sinks with two or single bowls are available. Top mount sinks include self-rimming sinks. They are well fitted in cut-out counters and have a strong rim which prevents the structure from falling inside the cabinet. More so, the installation process is not that hard, and the edge of the sink provides a close seal for preventing leakage. If you go for under-mount sinks, they are set beneath your kitchen countertop and fit well with the edges of the kitchen counter.

These are thereby known as the contemporary wet bar sinks that offer sleek style with functionality. There are covers of these sinks that transform these into counter space that you can use when working in the kitchen. Hence, it maximizes the space in the kitchen and helps you deal with a limited area.

Look at the material

When purchasing a wet bar sink, look at the material and select a visually appealing and practical option. You may consult experts for designing with different styles of a wet-bar sink. They are attractive and affordable. The composite sinks combine several compounds like porcelain, resin, and metal and are durable. These are available in different colors and styles. Apart from this, you have acrylic wet sinks that are durable and stain-resistant. However, copper or bronze are other options that may add beauty to the wet bar but are not stable.

Cast iron is a durable alternative, but porcelain or enamel coating on iron sinks scratches effortlessly. Although the weight of the cast iron sink is too much, if you have required support from beneath, the counter can last you for a long time. Stainless steel sink is another economical and lightweight option with a long-lasting impact. It is stain-resistant and has a natural look. More so, there are heavy stone sinks, but these are scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Hence, the list is a long one for you to select.

Analyze the size

The sink depth depends on the area beneath the structure available for plumbing. If the kitchen has a good amount of space, you can go for a deep basin. However, you may consider a shallow basin to ensure adequate space for plumbing activities for those who have limited space. Bar sinks are available in different sizes and styles, and you have smaller options for the average kitchen. Typically, the size ranges between 9 and a half to 18 inches and thereby fits different types and sizes of kitchens.

What about the accessories?

These days’ customized sinks are in trend. Depending on the kitchen size and style and your personal preference, you can go for these customized options. If you lack counter space, bar sinks can get easily fitted in the limited space. It provides you with maximum accommodation. Hence, these are customized options that a few retailers offer you. Moreover, you may have to go for additional provisions for accommodating soap dispensers or sprayers in the kitchen. You can take help from professionals to help you out.

How will you remove the wet bar sink?

Now comes the second most researched topic on the Internet. Apart from the installation, removing the wet bar sink is another tricky affair. All these are convenient options for home bars and kitchens; there are times when you have to install a new wet bar sink in place of the earlier one. In such cases, you need professionals who can undertake the task in minimum time. Removing the earlier sink and reclaiming the space for a new one must be a well-calculated decision. For this, you have to take care of the following points:

  • You have to open the faucet to drain water in the plumbing lines.
  • Turn off the water under the sink. Based on the design of the wet bar sink, you may have a single or double supply valve for cold and hot water.
  • Understanding the supply line is vital for dealing with wet bar faucets and the supply valve. Compression connectors help in connecting the valves with the supply line. You can use tools for loosening the connection and removing them away from the valve.
  • Pull out the drain from the bottom of the strainer basket.
  • There are coupling nuts used at the bottom for connecting the sink with the drain line. You may use pliers for loosening the coupling nut.
  • Based on the size and style of the bar sink, you may have single or multiple clips on the sides of the sink.
  • There are small screws used for fitting the sink on the countertop. Remove these from mounting pins and the edges of the sink.
  • Slip a fine knife between the edge of the sink and the countertop. Slide it slowly around the edges to loosen the sink’s fitting with the countertop and lift the sink slowly with the help of the knife when it still connects with the countertop.

Now half of your task is done. If you have experts, they will take care of all this without you having to worry. However, using DIY skills can also help you accomplish this task, but you might face hassles. Installing and removing wet bar sinks is a complicated task that needs expert supervision.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the sink are vital if you want the sink to last long. More so, it is time-consuming and tricky. More so, you have to go for high-quality alternatives because they are known for their durability and functionalism.

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