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Tips for Effective Real-Estate Farming Postcards

by Olivia Bennett

Direct mail is a fantastic technique to reach out to new customers. Even though many homeowners spend a lot of time online, traditional marketing methods like mailers and brochures still work. This is where real estate farming postcards become a savior. Because of the competitive nature of direct mail, the message may get lost in the shuffle or thrown out because it appears to be junk mail.

How to stand out?  

Depending on the marketing plan, one may be competing against other realtors or simply seeking to make contacts in a new real estate farming zone. If they use differentiated, effective messaging and design, potential clients will pay greater attention to your outreach activities like postcards for real estate farming.

Here are a few strategies to stand out from the crowd, connect with the target audience, and get a real reaction from interested prospects. Real estate farming postcards can become one of the top marketing platforms with the correct messaging, design, and campaign consistency.

Tip 1: Maintaining a consistent schedule

Consistency is arguably more important than design in direct mail. Understanding how often to send direct mail, on the other hand, is critical to success. This is true for several reasons, including the following:

Even if the message resonated, the prospect may not be ready to take action. You’ve got the messaging, design, and timing down pat, but the prospect is hesitant to take a call and needs to be prodded further. 

Many businesses may try direct mail for a month or two and then abandon it when no results materialize. According to research, however, people need to be exposed to a brand 7-8 times before making a decision.

Real estate farming postcards should be sent every 1-2 weeks for the first 2 months and then every 3-4 weeks for the following 6 months for the best results.

Tip 2: Using Persuasive Messaging 

Getting personal 

Knowing each homeowner’s first and last name can help you stand out from the crowd. Use each prospect’s first name on the postcards for real estate farming to make it feel more significant and personal.

Use persuasive words 

While it’s essential to get personal, you also want to make sure your messaging packs a persuasive punch. After all, you’re asking the prospect to pick up the phone and work with you.

Some words that create a feeling of urgency or persuasion are “must,” “now,” “act fast,” etc. You want to instill a sense of urgency in the homeowner so that they’ll take action quickly.

Relate to prospects 

Relating to the prospect’s situation will help in establishing a more genuine, authentic relationship. This is especially beneficial if one can relate your message to a significant change in your prospect’s life or mention a recent listing in the neighborhood that sold for a reasonable asking price.

Be straightforward, concise, and simplistic

Get to the point and avoid overcomplicating your message. Concentrate on a single, high-value message that will grab the prospect’s attention. The realtor has discovered exactly what the prospect needs to accomplish in the case below and asks a direct question.

Real-Estate Postcard

Tip 3: Have an Unbeatable Deal

Fitting photographs, copy, logo, and other content into a relatively limited printing area is one of the most difficult issues with postcards. It can be challenging to convey what makes the agent unique, why prospects should care, and what they should do next in only a few phrases.

A high-value offer is essential for capturing the attention of a prospect and eliciting the appropriate response. The following are some of the most effective real estate direct mail offers:

● Free home appraisals.

● Find out how to purchase your first house.

● Get a free market analysis of your home’s value.

● Receive a complimentary home staging consultation.

Tip 4: Size, shape, and style of direct mail pieces should all be varied

Changing the look of your direct mail pieces can help get the message across, and prospects will notice. Changing the direct mailer’s color, proportions (different postcard sizes or fonts), messaging, and general style will make it stand out from competitors and previous campaigns. 

However, if prospects do not respond to campaigns for several months, it may indicate that they have begun tuning out the message, at which point, a new strategy will be required.

Tip 5: Attempting A/B Testing

Although A/B testing may appear sophisticated, it is a common and relatively straightforward marketing concept. A/B testing is a technique businesses use to determine which version of an ad, copy, image, video, or another piece of material will perform best when targeted to a similar audience.

These are some of the tips that real estate agents or agencies can utilize to garner more attention from their clientele, make more prospects, and result in more sales!

Final Words

By following the tips above, you’ll be able to write content that not only grab’s your reader’s attention but also persuade them to work with you. Real estate farming postcards are a great way to stay top of mind with your clients and keep your name in front of them on a regular basis.

Remember to vary the size, shape, and style of your postcards to make them stand out from the competition. And lastly, don’t forget to test different offers to see what resonates best with your audience. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to see an increase in business in no time!

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