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The Dark Side of Boxing – Health Side Effects In Long Run

by The Mind Blown

Boxing is known to be one of the most loved and respected combat sports, thanks to some of the biggest names. It is also known as the sweet science as well as gentleman game. Most people keep highlighting the importance of boxing and how it helps in developing our body, making us strong physically as well as mentally. However, no one talks about the damaging effect boxing has on the health of fighters in the long run.

The tough 24/7 workouts and then taking the beat straight on your body only makes your body go through intense damage. Most people when thinking about boxers only talk about their golden time but they never talk about the health side effects that they had to suffer as a result of boxing.

When most professionals leave the ring for good, it is usually about some strong defeat, extreme blood fight, or some permanent damage. Damaged muscle coordination, loss of hearing, limping, cauliflower ears, and scars are pretty common in boxing.


Within this article, we will discuss in detail the dark side of boxing, especially the long-term health-related issues that almost all boxers have to face. We will especially talk about the pain and damage that is caused by the intense mental and physical pressure that boxers have to go through.

Health Side Effects In Long Run

Since boxing is endorsed as a classic combat game that has a good effect on physical health as well as mental health. The downfall of your professional boxing career will also harm your physical and mental health. Some of the main ways boxing has a long term heather effect include:

Long Term Pain and Weakness

Boxers get hit a lot, in most cases when they are young, and they heal easily. However, as they start to age, they feel pain and all the unresolved injuries start to get worse over time. Most boxers report that they have been feeling intense pain in old wounds or remnant scars that they had from injuries a long time ago.


Concussion Affect

Boxers mostly get a concussion because they get hit a lot in their head. This is pretty common because the head is the most sensitive part so most boxers try to get swift results by attacking the head directly. One of the most important things is to help your body heal and give it enough time. Famous boxer Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a later age and according to experts, it has a lot to do with nerve damage that is caused by concussion and excessive hitting.

Permanent Damage

Permanent damage is usually the end game for most boxers. Although very rare boxers go through a lot of different scenarios. In most cases, they end up with a permanent loss of hearing whereas, losing an eardrum is pretty common. In most cases, it heals easily however, there are so many instances where people report that they have permanent hearing loss.


Teeth and Nail Chipping

This is very common and since nails and teeth are considered a beauty-related issue people hardly talk about it. In most cases, boxers report that they have developed skin issues because they keep wearing boxing gloves for long hours. Similarly, nail chipping is also very common and boxers report that they have seen various nail-related infections. In most cases, nails either get separated from the skin or end up collecting puss in the skin which can further cause infection.

Skin Infections

Skin infections are pretty common in boxers because they have to use equipment that is already available in the gym. Apart from this, constant sweating causes irritation which can work as a hotbed for infections.

Eye Damage

Eye damage is pretty common in boxing. Most boxers try to hit the soft parts so they can cause more intense pain and since a swollen eye can limit vision it is an ideal target. Many boxers report that they have vision-related issues as well.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is known to be a golden game that allows you to stay healthy, fit, and enjoy a good quality of life. However, no one talks about the damage it can cause in the long run. Most of the boxers end up with permanent damage or with age chronic pain throughout the body gets worse. Apart from this, most boxers when young train their body with extreme exercises so when they leave intense exercises, the body deposits a lot of calories and soon they become out of shape.

Moreover, boxers need to have a hearty meal which impacts their calories count. As they leave boxing, they usually leave exercises as well but continue to eat the same portion without realizing that they no longer burn the same amount of calories. This is the reason most boxers become obese and face issues that are linked with weakness of bones and extra body fat. Even after leaving boxing, it is very imperative to keep working out every day and maintain a good and healthy diet.

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