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Seven Tricks Psychic Readers and Mediums Use

by The Mind Blown

Many people worldwide believe in mysterious spiritual phenomena such as telepathy and reading the future. Some believe that predictions happen all the time and may allow you to talk to the souls of departed people.

Psychic readers and mediums appeared and spread in large numbers and were able to find a large audience of people who were afraid, searching for the unknown, as these psychics used psychic skills, and they observed others refine these skills through long practice.

They try to convince their audience that they can see the future, read minds, or communicate with the dead; they make the audience think that they have supernatural abilities.

Readers and mediums rely on public statements to create a perception that they have a great talent. They also focus on what you might tell them and base their probabilities on your story.

Are there real readers? If you watch most of those who claim to be a psychic, you will notice that they use obvious psychological tricks. Here are the seven most prominent tricks used by spirit readers and psychics. Read more here about the best psychic reading sites.

Creating a Volatile State for the Client

Where they create a scene that suggests to you that they have high abilities, they work to create a volatile mood by reducing the ambient lighting and focusing dim lighting on you to allow them to watch you and prevent you from knowing what is going on around you. They light some candles light incense, which makes you more confused, this method will control your psychological state, and you will tell them what you want to hear.

Most of these psychics and readers create their own environment to make you think they are honest and use pendulums and crystal balls or rely on tarot cards and birth charts to lend credibility to their business.

Cloudy Messages From Spirits

Cloudy Messages From Spirits

These mediators hide the questions within vague phrases, making you search in your memory for a real projection of these questions. This trick makes you think they give you answers to what you are looking for or information. They try to show they have real and accurate information by offering multiple options for you to make as a result of your situation psychologically volatile choosing what suits you.

They make you believe that spirits deliver mysterious messages and that you must understand what they mean.

Watching You Carefully and Meticulously

Through some of the small details of your general appearance, such as your gender, age, weight, clothing, tattoos, and voice, they form a preliminary picture of you in relation to your religion, marital status, educational level, interests, and financial situation. They can gain your trust by providing information that anyone else might know if they focus a little more on your features and style.

Provide General and Vague Information That Applies to Most People

Psychic readers and mediums prepare you psychologically to do the work for them and prepare you to provide information to them so they can tell it again, as they use the possibilities to their favor; they use common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, memory diseases, and they use the most common names in your area. They use sentences that apply to most people and have a psychological effect on you, or they attribute two opposing qualities to you, so the mediator cannot be wrong.

Focus on Reactions

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Moderators and readers will focus more on your reactions to gauge the accuracy and impact of their statements, so they pay close attention to your body language and facial expressions to avoid any mistakes.

Intermediaries try to appear as if they are sure of what they tell you. If they make a mistake, either they will try to expand the information to include a part of you, turn that information into expectations that can be right or wrong, or you will be blamed for not interpreting messages.

A Good Listener

These people pay attention to the details you are going through and then retrieve and paraphrase them for you as spiritual information. They also summarize the main results to appear more accurate, professional, and talented.

They Tell You What You Want to Hear

They will tell you about love, money, health, marriage, promotions, and travel. To increase your curiosity to know more, they also use many compliments.


It is easy to deceive anyone with these simple tricks that depend mainly on your reactions and your psychological state. If you want to communicate spiritually, do not look for mediators; be direct in your communication with the universe because that is more honest and realistic.

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