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Now You Can Explore Space Phenomena of the Universe by Coloring Rafael Araujo’s Complex Drawings Yourself

by The Mind Blown

Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan artist and illustrator whose work is inspired in nature and informed by mathematical calculations and geometry. This results in captivating illustrations of shells and butterflies of a renaissance style.

His tools of the trade are conventional tools such as a drawing table, ink, squares, a compass, and a protractor. He can spend several hours or even weeks creating each artwork, which is drawn and painted on canvas.

His study is a place where the only electric-powered devices to be found are the radio or the television to keep him company as he works. And, of course, the light sources he uses to illuminate his work area. But other than that, and contrary to the beliefs of those who find his linework too “perfect”, he has never used computer-assisted technology to create his artworks.

the golden geometry coloring book

But all of this might have never happened, as he never meant to become an artist, but he was inevitably drawn to art from a very young age. “When I was young, I began drawing perspective almost out of the blue,” he has mentioned in several interviews.

“I loved three-dimensional drawings and liked to find out ways to locate dots in the space.” M.C. Escher is one of his greatest influences. “When I first saw M.C. Escher, I was speechless,” he has said about him. “His artwork was so akin to my geometrical taste.”

And so he kept drawing and developing his very characteristic style and techniques.

The reasons for his painstaking manual labor are many: for one, the quality of manual calculation, necessarily filled with thousands of lines and guide points, is an irreplaceable asset.

Moreover, for him, this is the only way to get exact three-dimensional locations and that style which is so different from digital renderings; that almost “renaissance” quality of hand-drawn artworks.

the golden geometry coloring book

Another reason for this methodology is that being able to manually handle the three-dimensional representation systems as well as the geometry implicit in each of his creations gives him a greater control over his work.

Each drawing is a strict algorithm in which the beauty of the design depends on the quality of the calculations employed in its creation. Thus, these have to be precise in order to obtain high-quality artwork.


With the Golden Ratio Coloring Book (2016), we were able to explore the beauty and order found in nature all around us through his illustrations which revolve around intelligent patterns of growth that are ruled by the Golden Ratio.

This special number, commonly annotated with the Greek letter Phi (?), is equal to 1.618 and can be seen in all sorts of natural spirals, sequences, and proportions.

This book was wildly popular and continues to be advertised by many news sources on their own websites and social media. However, that title is never to be re-edited, which has led many people to dead ends and deception at the high prices demanded by third-party vendors. And more often than not, these are used and not brand-new copies.

That’s why after five years of requests from his fans, he has decided to take control over this situation and come back with a second coloring book: The Golden Geometry Coloring Book.

the golden geometry coloring book

This new coloring book has all the technical characteristics that fans loved about the first one. The same exquisite acid-free medium that allows colorists to use any medium of their choice. But this coloring book also includes brand-new illustrations of nature and phenomena of the universe.

In his own words, the reason why he chose to explore space phenomena is that, even though there is a lot of information available on the study of black holes, plane deformations due to the influence of gravitational fields, tori, vortices, and a whole range of related space-time deformations, the graphical representations of these are very interesting to him as an artist.

He became fascinated by them and took great pains to reproduce his own versions on these subjects.


In a way, space phenomena are like poetry to him: one that he has chosen to render in his own unique form of art.

the golden geometry coloring book

Call it coincidence or serendipity, but this comes at a time when Elon Musk, the famous founder of SpaceX, popularized the idea of space exploration and cryptocurrency (particularly the Doge) for the newer generations.

Still, it is our task to encourage children to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake this adventure.

The Golden Geometry Coloring Book is the perfect combination of art, mathematics, and geometry, designed to inspire and to interest everyone in mathematics and geometry through creativity and active participation. And it is also a reminder that all the beauty found in the universe, both on Earth and in outer space, is to be admired and preserved.

Just like Elon Musk said, humanity must become an inter-planetary species. But in order to do so, we must not forget where we come from. That is why this book also contains many of Rafael’s all-time favorite artworks inspired by nature.

the golden geometry coloring book

All you have to do to get The Golden Geometry Coloring Book is join the Kickstarter campaign, which will go live on May 25th, 2021, and share the project with fellow coloring book and art fans so that it becomes a reality.

Kickstarter was chosen to fund the project to make sure that it can be produced and delivered to all its backers.

However, unlike its predecessor, this book will not be available on Amazon, so joining the campaign is the only chance we all have to get it.

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