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What is positive thinking?

by The Mind Blown

In all motivational books, we read about positive thinking and its effects on our body, mind, and future.

But what exactly is positive thinking? What does it mean to do and what should you think about?

Many people do not know the exact meaning of the phrase “positive thinking” and need further explanation.

Does positive thinking mean dreaming of unicorns, rainbows, and chocolate?

What is positive thinking and what are its effects?

In general terms, positive thinking means a set of ideas directed to your goal or good wishes.

In essence, “positive thinking” means directing your mind to what you want in life and producing joy. Whether you are thinking about

the pleasant experiences of the past or what you would like to live in the future, that means positive thinking.

Therefore, everything that creates good, healthy, and harmonious thoughts helps the body and represents positive ideas.

The effects of an optimistic thinking pattern are many. Among them, I list only a few more important ones such as better sleep, inner

harmony, peace of mind, better health, and following a path in life that you have predetermined.

When you decide to adopt a new style of thinking, you take a major step in your existence because you decide to take the reins of destiny

into your own hands. And even if some events are not under our control (such as climate change or a new law that could upset our plans), we still can decide our attitude and behavior toward what is happening to us.

Personal development experts say that it doesn’t matter so much what happens to you (the external circumstance) but rather the way you react and your thoughts. Moreover, in the opinion of author Jeff Keller, “attitude is everything.” This would be a fundamental principle about positive  thinking and its effects.

How can you cultivate positive thinking and enjoy its effects?


To cultivate positive thinking and enjoy its effects, you need to capitalize on the time you have available with educational concerns.

Thus, a good way to learn the right mentality is to start reading motivational books. Their role is to give you all the information you

need to learn how to control your thoughts and set new goals to accomplish. That’s why I suggest you spend an hour every day on motivational reading. No apologies or postponements.

To cultivate positive thinking you need information, willpower, hard work, and perseverance.

Whatever you want to do in life requires effort, sacrifice, and dedication. And to change your thinking you need all the possible resources.

Depending on the level of education of the mind you have, the process of building positive thinking can be easier or harder.

But one thing is for sure: whoever you are and wherever you are, you need to learn how to control your thinking and emotions.

It depends on your success or failure in life. Because depending on how you think, that’s how you behave and you will interpret things. This means positive thinking and only in this way can you enjoy its effects.

Why is positive thinking important?

To answer this question very simply: because the course of your life depends on it. Why do you think there are happy people and unhappy people on earth? Rich and poor? successful and failed people? sick people and healthy people?

All these contrasts depend on the way man thinks and acts. Most people complain about everything: the weather outside, the

political system, the lack of money, the state of health, the national or global economy, etc. But a small part of the world’s population has understood that in reality, things are neither good nor bad. They are neutral and each person interprets them according to his habit of thinking. More precisely, everyone sees reality according to the most intimate beliefs he has formed.

A mental pattern repeated over time gives rise to an attitude that turns into an unshakable conviction. And the interesting part of things is

that what a man believes in the depths of his heart, becomes valid and possible for him.

This is because everyone’s self-suggestion penetrates the subconscious mind and puts into operation the law of attraction, which brings to the person even more elements similar to what he believes.

We all have huge potential and we work with an extraordinarily strong force: the law of attraction. And whether we know it or not, it works.

For better or worse.

Negative thinking and its effects


On the other hand, some people ignore these laws of the mind and live their lives where their fate leads them.

In their opinion, there is a predetermined destiny for everyone and us humans cannot do much.

This category of people neglects the extraordinary forces at their disposal and the huge potential they have. This is due to the negative

suggestions of those around you, the wrong conditionings from childhood, or simply due to past failures.

However, negative thinking is not excusable and has some of the most unpleasant consequences: health problems, lack of energy, depression,

anxiety, failure, and last but not least, depression. But the saddest thing is that those who neglect their mental abilities waste an extremely precious resource: the time they have at their disposal.

Each of us has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t even want to think about the sin of those who waste these moments that can

become magical. If you are not aware of the seriousness of the situation you are in and the main cause of it (the mentality you have), you will get lost all the time without being happy.

Long-term negative thinking drains the spirit of any trace of genius. All the values and gifts with which man is endowed fade in the face of

his negative and limiting beliefs.

Negative thinking has nothing good in it. It’s just like disappointment and loss.

What do you decide to do from now on?

To cultivate positive thinking and enjoy its effects, you have to do one thing now: decide that.

Recall the events of your past and draw a line. Ask yourself: Why did my mind create this result?

By doing an introspective process you will notice how important thoughts are.

The idea is not to keep track of all your thoughts but to make sure that their nature is in line with what you want from life. Only then will

things begin to change for you.

And if you have trouble knowing how you think at a given time, just ask yourself how you feel. The feelings you have to tell you how you

thought until then.

If you feel sad and moody, it means that you have had negative thoughts and it is time to change them with some positive thoughts.

But it is very important that when you have certain thoughts you feel. Live the emotion of that thought and feel the state of joy. This will

give your thoughts even more strength.

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