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4 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Knives Sharp and Clean

by The Mind Blown

Are your new, expensive kitchen knives dull and worn within a few months of purchase? This is not because of inferior quality, and you certainly do not need to buy more expensive knife sets in the future.

In fact, all you must do is invest your time in better knife care. You can keep your kitchen knives sharp and clean by ensuring that they are kept separate from your other cutlery. You should wash them by hand instead of sticking them inside a dishwasher with the rest of your utensils, and by sharpening them regularly on a whetstone, you will be able to see a noticeable difference.

1. Invest in a Whetstone


Also sometimes referred to as a diamond, a whetstone is an essential investment for the upkeep and longevity of your expensive kitchen knives. It usually has one or two sharpening sides that can be used to keep your knives razor-sharp and safe for use.

If you are part of a profession where knives are essential tools, then you should invest in a good quality whetstone to keep your blades in shape. You can purchase a Japanese whetstone that comes in natural and synthetic varieties and is applauded for its sharpening abilities for all kinds and shapes of blades.

When purchasing the right whetstone for your knives, it is better to pick the one with a higher grit. The smoothness of the surface helps to polish the knives and gives them a fantastic finish. On the other hand, if you choose one with a lower grit, it can help repair dents and chipped edges.

Whetstones keep your knives sharp, polished, and ready to use any time. Continuous use can render them dull. Worn blades do not cut smoothly and may require additional strength, which makes them unsafe to use as you may cut your hand if you are not careful enough.

2. Always Store Your Knives Away Properly

Store Your Knives

Most people toss their knives away in kitchen drawers along with other cutlery. To keep your knives in perfect shape and to ensure longevity, you should have a dedicated storage space for them where they do not rub against other instruments or utensils.

Instead of chucking them in with your spoons, forks, and butter knives, you can put them in a separate drawer of their own. If you lack drawer space, then another option is to store them in wooden knife blocks that are specifically fashioned to keep your knives sheathed and secured.

Restaurants often use magnetic boards to keep their knives secure and for quick access, but this is not a recommended option for homes as you may have children and pets roaming in the same space.


3. Wash Your Knives by Hand, not in a Dishwasher

Most people are unaware of the extent of damage caused to expensive kitchen knives inside dishwashers. You may not even think twice before washing your knives alongside your other cutlery and utensils inside the dishwasher, but the combination of washing soap, heat, and water can damage the blade and dull it excessively.

Washing your knives in this way every day will undoubtedly cause them to dent or lose sharpness. A better way to deal with this problem is by washing your knives by hand. Just be careful not to run your finger over the blade when rinsing it.

Take the time to clean the blade and the handle thoroughly, and you will notice that they remain sharper and shinier for much longer.

4. Get a Good Quality Honing Rod

Honing Rod

If you have purchased an entire set of knives, then the pack may also come equipped with a matching honing rod. Honing rods are essential for the upkeep of your kitchen knives. They are sometimes referred to as sharpening steel and resemble the shape of a large screwdriver.

Using a honing rod on your knives regularly can assist with realigning the sharp metal on the knife without damage. You simply hold the rod in one hand and move the knife across the surface of the rod from bottom to top and back again.

Using honing rods will keep your knives polished and razor-sharp for long periods of time. Whether you are slicing thin strips of meat or chopping vegetables, your knives will perform exquisitely after a few rounds on the rod.

Final Words

In order to keep your knives in excellent condition, you should invest some time and effort into learning how to properly care for them. A few simple tips can go a long way towards protecting this important kitchen tool from damage and corrosion. With a little time and effort, you will notice that your knives remain in excellent shape for longer periods of time.

Remember to properly dry off your knives after washing them and always be careful while using them to avoid a nasty accident.

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