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How to Remove Permanent Makeup at Home

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Many people find that permanent cosmetics, such as eyeliner and lip liner, are useful in making sure they get the right makeup every day. Permanent makeup is applied with a needle directly to your skin by someone who has been professionally trained on how to place it correctly so that you will be able to apply your makeup over it without worrying about whether or not it will look right and still be in place.

Have you wanted to find out what it takes for semi-permanent makeup? Semi-permanent makeup is a technique that modern cosmetic artists use to create the illusion of longer-lasting, more natural-looking cosmetics on your skin. It can be used in many ways, and there are no limits as long as you’re using an artist who has been trained in semi-permanent techniques!

However, for a variety of reasons, some people decide that they no longer want to use permanent makeup, or perhaps they make a mistake in the placement or design that just isn’t working out for them and need to remove it together.

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Most professional cosmetic tattoo artists would never recommend using at-home removal kits designed specifically to removing permanent body art because of the potential harm these kits can cause to your skin. However, there are ways that you can learn how to Remove Permanent Makeup at Home yourself without causing damage or hurting your skin any further than necessary.  

A tattoo is supposed to be a lifelong commitment, but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want. Permanent makeup may seem like just one of those things that will last forever… until suddenly it’s not! You might pick someone with an impressive portfolio or spend thousands at their parlor–but then realize too late what was inked on your face.

There are ways to get rid of permanent cosmetics if they don’t turn out how you expected them to, or later when they start fading. But there’s hope! The home remedies expert, PMUHub, has all the answers: How do I remove my awful tattoo?

Do you want a lower-cost option for permanent makeup removal? Permanent makeup removal at home may sound like the perfect, more affordable option for those that can’t afford to see a specialist. But if you’re not careful enough and do it wrong, you could cause damage to your skin or still have unwanted pigments left on your face. So only try this method out as a last resort; make sure all instructions are followed carefully until you notice any unusual reactions!

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Wanting to get rid of unwanted makeup tattoos but don’t know where to start? Not sure if it’s safe when doing at-home remedies? Read on below for tips!

remove permanent makeup at home

How to Remove Permanent Makeup at Home

1. If you want a quick and easy way of removing your permanent makeup, try this home remedy. Mix one egg white with one tablespoon of water or olive oil for the base. Apply it onto the skin where you have applied the makeup before and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rub off gently with a towel soaked in warm water but make sure not to use anything abrasive as that may irritate your skin further.

2. There are a few ingredients that can cut the duration of PMU in half. They include Retinol, Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, Glycolic Acids, and Salicylic Acid. Keep in mind, though; the treated skin needs time to heal, so it is prone to infection following treatment. The use of Chlorinated water may lead to not only irritations but also bacterial infections as well!

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3. Mechanical exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of your face and with small amounts of pigment. The most intense methods are done by beauticians – chemical peels and microdermabrasion. PMU removal through any type of exfoliation is slow, and the results will fade unevenly and look patchy.

4. Salt is a great way to remove tattoo pigments. Simply exfoliate the area where you want your tattoos removed and use salt mixed with water in place of soap or body wash. The grains will eventually dissolve, taking some of the pigment along for the ride! This method should work, but it may take time and make skin more prone to infection, so be sure not to overdo it.

5. This is a quick and easy way to remove permanent makeup. You only need two ingredients, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix them into a paste-like concoction, apply it onto the area where pigments were injected (the skin has not had time to heal), rinse off after 5 minutes or so. The issue here is that applying this mixture can cause discomfort and infections on sensitive skin that hasn’t healed yet–so be careful!

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6. Tattoo fading creams are available online and work by gradually reducing pigment over time. Just be sure that you do your research before purchasing any of these products, as they could contain skin-bleaching ingredients that can cause lighter patches to emerge on the skin surrounding the permanent area.

7. You’ve tried at-home remedies, but your stubborn pigment problem is still there. Don’t worry! Several professional treatments can help you out, including NanoRemoval or micro-needling. If these don’t work for you, then laser removal is the only option left for removing those pesky spots from your face and body.

You’ve just had your procedure, and you’re already unsatisfied with the results. Just do what they told you not to!

Sun exposure

Exposure to sunlight can cause your results from a recent tattooing session with Permanent Makeup Pigments (PMP) or micro-pigmentation treatments like Tattoo Fading Creams, and TCA Peels fade prematurely. The only way around it? Get outside in natural light as much as possible for at least 30 minutes per day during those first two months! 

Sweating it out

If you have PMU results that haven’t healed yet, then intense exercise in the first few days will help push out some of the pigment and start fading them away. For best results, use an intense workout like running on a treadmill (or any cardio) and increase your intensity as high as possible during each session while still maintaining form. If this is too much, try going to the local gym/spa and hitting FAR IR sauna, which works wonders because they heat.

Swim in the ocean or a local pool to accelerate fading

But remember, your skin needs time for healing following treatment and is prone to infection if you expose it too much to saltwater and chlorine found in pools.

Some skincare and makeup products can help with pigment fading

This is because some ingredients lead to the process of skin darkening, which may result in a lighter complexion after removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How To Remove Permanent Makeup At Home

How do I remove Permanent Makeup at home?

There are several ways to remove permanent makeup. For at-home removal, use an alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic or lactic acid) cleanser, which will loosen the color. If you have oily skin, this is perfect for you because oil dissolves oil. However, if your skin is dry or sensitive, these acids could irritate you.

I tried it all, but my eyebrows/lips/eyeliner still won’t come off?

If you’ve tried the home remedies and you still can’t remove permanent makeup, contact your doctor or dermatologist. They will be able to recommend a product specifically for removing permanent makeup. Also, the color of your pigmentation may be too deep. Once it’s placed into the dermis layer of skin, it cannot be removed without professional laser treatment.

So why did my eyeliner come off on my towel?

Generally speaking, soap removes makeup from any area of skin on which it is applied first. In fact, before I knew anything about removing permanent makeup at home, this was my primary method. This probably won’t work on eyebrows because they are thicker than most other areas of skin on which we put makeup, such as eyelids and lips. Also, if the eyeliner was recently re-applied, it’s probably still on top of your epidermis ( outermost layer of skin ), so you won’t be able to remove it with soap.

Is this method safe?

If you were using a mild cleanser and nothing else, then yes, this is perfectly safe for your skin. However, people who use home remedies that include acetone, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol can irritate and damage their skin over time. Please avoid these harsh chemicals at all costs! They will strip oil from the oily areas (cheeks) and water from dry areas (eyelid), causing an increased risk of developing acne or fine lines.

What if I want to remove my eyeliner/brows/lips, but not my whole face?

It’s possible for you to remove just the areas where there is permanent makeup by using a mild glycolic cleanser and nothing else. Follow the directions above and scrub gently over your non-makeup areas. For professional care, see your dermatologist or doctor first to make sure it’s safe.

I just had permanent eyeliner, but now it’s peeling/wrinkling! Is that normal?

Yes. This is to be expected when the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) starts to shed. Sometimes you can help this process along by scrubbing with a mild glycolic cleanser. If your eyeliner has become “crusty” or flaky instead of wrinkled, please see your dermatologist or doctor immediately for relief. Remove Permanent Makeup does not recommend trying to remove permanent makeup on your own if you are experiencing pain, redness, or swelling before consulting a doctor at your earliest convenience.

How do I get rid of the dry skin around my eyebrows?

This is typically a result of over-applying vitamin E, which can dry your skin. Use it sparingly, and make sure to moisturize around the brows as well! Also, you might try switching from an oil-based makeup remover to a cleansing cream or oil that is water-soluble (meaning it won’t leave an oily residue).

How do I get rid of my permanent lip liner?

This varies based on how deep the color is. If you’ve had the procedure within the past month, use a glycolic cleanser and gently scrub in circular motions until all of the pigment comes off. If it has been more than four weeks since your last touch-up, then please see your dermatologist or doctor immediately for removal.

Why is my black lip liner coming off in chunks?

Black pigment on the lips is very hard to remove, so using a glycolic cleanser on your lips can cause black pigment to come off in clumps. Instead, scrub gently with a mild non-irritating soap. If you think the color of your pigmentation is too deep, then you might want to see your dermatologist or doctor about their options for removal.

I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily. What are my options?

Often people with sensitive skin rely on home remedies for removal. This is great, but it’s important to make sure you use a mild cleanser and nothing else. Avoid home remedies containing harsh chemicals such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol because they will strip the oil from your oily areas (cheeks) and water from dry areas (eyelids), causing an increased risk of developing acne or fine lines.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from a licensed professional.

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