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How to Look Stylish and Protect your Eyes with Blue Light Blocking

by The Mind Blown

Since eyewear has become an essential part of many outfits, companies have replaced standard lenses with blue light-blocking ones. Everyone nowadays wants to protect their eyes besides having a fashionable look. Blue light-blocking lenses have proven their importance for the eyes and body in general. They prevent blue light from causing internal damage to the eyes, and wearing these glasses for a while before you go to sleep reduce melatonin and balance your biological clock.

Blue light comes from everywhere, and maybe it is hard to prevent your eyes from being exposed to it, which makes scientists worry about eye safety. This light is in the sun rays and electronic devices with screens. Therefore, they suggested that newly produced lenses include blue light blocking. Like the zFORT® Blue light blocking lenses, by SmartBuyGlasses, which are advanced blue light blocking technology to prevent blue light wavelengths from causing internal damage to the eyes.

Kids’ Eyewear

Safety standards are essential in kid’s eyewear, and there are glasses for kids that also have zFORT® Blue light blocking. The Nike 5536 Kids 021 model is very suitable for kids; the frame is sturdy and impact resistant. A great design for kids since they are constantly moving and running. Kids can also have a blue blight filter added to these particular glasses – studying just got better.

You can also try PRO GEAR eyewear like the EG-S1010, this model is very cool for the kids, and they will love it. Even sports glasses can have protection against blue light.

It is very common how kids like colorful stuff; therefore, they would like to have glasses with a bright color. For example, you can choose the Eleanor Blue-Light Block PK10C that goes in bright yellow. Kids will want to wear this; it is a fun pair and has a snug fit. 

girl wearing glasses

Women Eyewear

Since 2020, we’ve been attending online classes, doing projects, and working remotely from home. As a result, we are likely using our laptops and phones 24/7.

For extended use of tech devices, it’s advised that you buy glasses with blue light blocking. The Victoria’s Secret PK5021 072, for example, is the perfect frame for modern-day professional women. You will protect your eyes from blue light and choose diverse frame designs and classic colors.

tattooed woman wearing glasses

In addition, for a neutral look, you can always go with Tom Ford glasses, like the FT5528-B model, with a chic and lightweight metal frame and blue light blocking lenses – a stylish office look.

And how about the Scout Asian Fit M5 for home use? It’s very comfortable, has a simple look, and has a classic round frame.

Men Eyewear

We can start with the transparent grey Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808004; great for your sports look, with a full rim plastic frame that gives a unique look.

You can check the stunning SmartBuy Collection Angie AC22 with its full rim acetate that will feel light on your face for the office. This model is what you need to complete your formal office look, as you protect your eyes with zFORT® Blue light blocking.

Tom Ford FT5478-B, with blue light blocking lenses, is another perfect and classy fit for a full day at the office working on your laptop. Moreover, it adds a great touch to your outfits and is available in classic and trendy styles.

man at laptop wearing glasses

You still want a casual yet elegant frame for your day off, why not check out the SmartBuy Oriodan 939F. The brow line and its golden frame are unique, and it is very suitable for your causal outfits day and night.


Another great thing? You can purchase zFORT® Blue light blocking with or without a prescription and combine this filter with a range of trendy frames at SmartBuyGlasses.

You can recommend this article to your friends and family alongside their website because this will be an excellent fashionable guide for their journey when choosing their new blue light-blocking glasses.

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