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How To Kill A Tree Stump

by The Mind Blown

We all know the feeling of walking in our own backyard and seeing a tree stump. It’s an eyesore to some, while others see it as their favorite place to take a seat on summer afternoons. But whatever your feelings are about that old trunk with the bark still clinging onto its dry surface, we can help you get rid of it! Stumps will always be around if trees fall or die outback. But luckily, there are many ways for people like us to find peace again by getting rid of those pesky stumps once and for all.

We will be covering tree stump removal using an ax, a shovel, and gasoline or some sort of flammable liquid.

Method 1: Using an Axe

tree stump ax

The easiest way to get rid of a tree stump is by using an ax. This method involves cutting the stump off at the base. We recommend doing this unless you have a lot of time and patience or just want to save money.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is make sure your tool has enough power! An ax is one of the most effective ways to eliminate a stump, but it won’t work with low-quality tools that don’t produce enough force. You can check out our guide on the best axes. To find out if your ax will make this job easy, drop the head on top of a 2×4 wood board and give some good strong swings. If you can drive all the way through without any problems, then we’re ready to move on!

Step 2. Mark out the base of the stump with a permanent marker. This will give you a good idea of how big it is, making your work easier and quicker.

Step 3. Place the head of your ax right in the center and start digging away at that wood, leaving behind nothing but this…

Step 4. After getting rid of most of that stump out back, cut off any remaining branches or roots (we recommend using a shovel for this step).

Step 5. If there are little pieces leftover like we have here, take your ax again and strike them all until they disintegrate into nothing..you can also dig up any leftover pieces if you want to be completely finished with that task!

Method 2: Removing Tree Stumps Using a Shovel

tree stump shovel

This is a good home method for tree stump removal. It is quite intuitive and especially easy if we’re operating on level ground. All you need to do is find a place where the tree stump can be set down safely once it has been removed from underneath its roots. 

Locate this spot in any direction that you please, but make sure to dig at least ten inches around the base of your tree if you want to ensure yourself that the root ball will not break apart during transit.  Once you have dug out a hole large enough, continue digging vertically until you hit the solid ground or hit the point where the tree feels like it isn’t going to break off completely.

Once completed, lift up the trunk section of the tree and lay it onto its side. Take your shovel and pry away at roots until they are severed from the trunk, taking care not to scrape away too much dirt that is covering your work.

If you’re looking for a less complicated way to dig up tree stumps, then perhaps this method will suit you more! Simply find out how high above ground level your stump is situated, and begin digging down straight until you have completely uncovered the stump.

Now we can move on to removing those pesky roots by cutting them off with a hacksaw or pruning shears. But what if we want to remove those extra-strong ones that pop up in inconvenient locations? We recommend trying out new tools like an electric tree stump grinder, which will come in handy if you plan to remove any stumps from your backyard homestead.

The last part of this method involves transporting the tree back to a safer spot to dispose of it properly. As long as you have dug out a large enough hole anywhere on your property, you should be able to move the tree safely with no worries!

Method 3: Burning Tree Stumps

tree stump burn

This method is a great idea if you are looking for an alternative to tree cutting or if you’re just trying to get rid of your old stumps for good.

To start out, we will need some firewood that is cut down into small pieces and stacked in a pile.  We also intend to use gasoline or another flammable liquid to help ignite the fire. The last part of this step involves lighting up that wood with our match! 

The best way to do this is to dig trenches around the base of your tree stumps using a spade.  If done correctly, these trenches should be at least half an inch deep and one inch wide, running around all sides of the stump evenly. Next, take that pointed stick (we used a shovel) and begin poking holes into the bottom of the trenches. Each hole should extend down about three inches. We added some more gasoline to help with fire spreading later on…

Saturate each trench with five or six gallons of gas in total before filling each hole back up again with dirt. This will ensure that your fuel doesn’t leak out during transit! Take those matches you have ready and light them up, one by one.

As the fire spreads, use a stick to poke away any remaining dirt from each hole in the trench until you have exposed your entire stump again. Remember not to get too close during this step! If you’re looking for something that will work with a wider variety of tree stumps, try out an electric tree stump grinder instead.  These useful tools are easy enough to operate and can be used for more than just removing tree stumps!

Method 4: Using Rototiller Machines for Tree Stump Removal

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If you have no other tools available to you, a rototiller is always an alternative!

The first thing we did was use our spade to dig around the base of the tree stump.  This time, instead of digging trenches, we chose to make sure that all sides were excavated before filling each hole back up with shallow dirt. We used this one!

Next step: Use your handheld tiller machine and loosen any soil near or underneath the root ball of your tree stump. Make sure not to work your way too close to the trunk itself; if necessary, use some rope restraints (like these) for extra safety precautions while working in this part of the process.  Continue working your way back and forth, loosening soil as you go. We added gasoline to help everything burn more easily…

In the end, we were able to remove many tree stumps in just a few hours! The earth was torn out nicely by our tiller machine, too; all that’s left is for us to create new gardens using fresh grass seed.

Method 5: Home Remedies


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ParaquatBelieve it or not, there are actually quite a few home remedies that can be used for tree stump removal! The most cost-effective way to get rid of our unwanted tree stumps at home is by using chemicals such as glyphosate and paraquat.

This method for getting rid of tree stumps involves cutting the grass around the stump and spraying the chemicals with a hand sprayer directly on top of it. After you apply the solution, wait about two weeks and then cut the grass again, knowing that all traces have been removed from your yard. Of course, this may take longer than other methods.

Still, when you use these pesticides to remove tree stumps, they will kill off any roots growing towards your dirt below ground. However, you should only use these chemicals if you’re completely sure there is no storm drain or groundwater nearby.

Method 6: Use your imagination!

Another common way people choose to get rid of tree stumps at home is by using their imaginations. One very creative solution for getting rid of tree stumps involves building a fence right on top of its stump. Then, fill any holes with dirt, so the bottom of the fence sits flat on top of the grass. This may involve some heavy lifting, but it will definitely keep unwanted animals from digging using your yard!

Another clever way to get rid of tree stumps is by turning them into something beautiful such as a bench or chairs for your front porch! This is a less pricy way to get rid of tree stumps, but it may take a lot of time and effort. However, if we all put our heads together, there must be many more ways for people like us to think about getting rid of these pesky stumps. Do

By following these four easy steps, you too can have a backyard graveyard of dead tree stumps! Whether you want to remove one or all, whether they are big or small…these methods should get rid of your problem in no time! Plus, this homestead hack helps my family with composting since they’re actually creating soil instead of leaving stumps behind. Now that I’m doing something good for the environment and for myself…I hope to see some extra garden space someday soon!

How to transport the tree stomp

Now that we know how to get rid of a tree stump let’s look at some convenient ways for you to transport and dispose of your newest found lawn decoration.

If you don’t have a truck handy but still need to get rid of those pesky stumps, then try hiring someone with one that does. Tree removal services are becoming more common as people realize how much easier it is for them to use someone else’s equipment rather than their own.

When hiring someone to do your tree stump removal for you, the most important thing is to make sure that they are fully insured. This means that if anything were to happen, such as an accident while they are on your property, then you will be covered by their insurance.

You also want to make sure that the tree stump removal service you hire has fully trained staff. You wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt while they are working on your property.

After finding someone with all of these qualifications, make sure that you always do a small background check on them as well. Check out local reviews and things like their reputation in the industry.

Once you have found a tree stump removal service, it is time to schedule your appointment with them. You can typically do this over the phone or online. It might be easiest to conduct business if you have all of your information on hand. They will want things like the name of where they need to go and the location of your property.

To prepare for your tree stump removal appointment, the best thing to do is make sure that you have all of the tools that they will need readily available. You don’t want to stop their work by having them run out to a hardware store just because you forgot one little tool!

Once your tree stump removal service arrives at your property, they will almost always want to get right to work. This is because their time is money, and you are paying them for the service they are providing. So remember that it would be best if you just let them do their job!

Tree stump removal services usually have large equipment with them, so make sure before they arrive that there isn’t anything else on your property that could be damaged by what they are driving up in.

Once the tree stump removal service has removed all of your old stumps, you can now begin putting things back together again like normal. It should only take a few hours from start to finish, so don’t worry about needing to take off too much time from work or school! You can also keep an eye out for new tree stumps to appear in your backyard, and make sure to hire them again if it happens!

Frequently Asked Questions – How to kill a tree stump?

How do I remove a tree stump if it’s still alive?

If the tree is still breathing and you don’t want to burn it, use boiling hot water for root removal. However, if there are hairs growing out of the top of its trunk, dig around the taproot base and pull them out. Make sure that you get as much as possible since they will prevent other roots from growing up into your soil again.

How do I remove a stump if vines are growing around it?

It is important to pay attention to any vines that may be wrapped around your stump or taproot because they may cause serious issues later on in life. So try not to leave them alone!

If you have vines wrapped around your tree’s trunk, then try cutting them away with scissors or shears while wearing gloves at all times; but be careful not to touch the tree trunk when cutting. After you’ve removed as much of the vines from your stump, fill any holes with dirt so the bottom of your stump sits flat on top of your grass.

How do I remove a stump if it is too close to my house?

If the tree stump seems unstable and threatening to fall onto your home, contact a professional. You should also have someone cut off its roots below ground level before removing them by hand or taking it down with heavy equipment. You might need some help with this task.

Still, either way, appropriate precautions must be taken before attempting this step in person.

Do I need special tools?

While there are many tools out there for people like us, some will be more useful than others. A tree stump grinder is a very important tool to have when removing stumps at home because it will save you and your family members from pulling out enormous roots.

Other tools that can be used include a shovel, saws, trowels, gloves, and safety glasses. But these are only helpful if you choose to do this project by hand. However, if you feel like you need help, please ask around since friends or other community members may know someone who has the perfect equipment for getting rid of tree stumps in town!

What should I do if the stump is too close to electrical wires?

If the tree stump in question seems too unstable for you, then you will need a professional to take care of it. After its roots have been cut away from the ground, then someone needs to remove it with heavy equipment.

Unfortunately, this may be the only solution because demolishing a tree stump can cause any loosened foundations or cracks on nearby structures to worsen; and nobody wants more home repairs!

Can you kill a tree stump using herbicide?

Although herbicide is an effective way of killing tree stumps, it can take a long time to work. The stump must be covered with the substance for several weeks before dying, so you will need to plan accordingly before using this solution.

However, if you want to try this method, buy some Roundup or another brand containing glyphosate; then spray the herbicide onto the stump until it has been thoroughly covered. Ensure that no one or any pets are in the vicinity while spraying because lethal amounts could easily find their way into your mouth!

After allowing the herbicide to sit on top of the bark for about four hours, wash off all chemicals from your skunk using plenty of water. Finally, cover the area around your stump with a thick layer of mulch.

Can you kill a tree stump by using grass killer or weed killer?

Although this method will not kill a stump at first, it will help prevent the roots from growing back up into your soil. Otherwise, you could end up having to cut them many times, which is never any fun!

To effectively use weed killer or grass killer, then spray the area surrounding your tree stump with granular fertilizer. Fertilizers are better for this job because they often contain nitrogen and phosphorus that will make sure your grass or flowers grow out strong.

However, there are many different types of fertilizers out there, so make sure to use one that can kill stumps instead of making them stronger. If you need help finding the best product for yourself, then ask other community members about their experiences with these products in person since the Internet does not give us very much information.


Tree stumps can be a real nuisance to people like us, but luckily, there are many ways to solve this problem. If you have children in the home or pets that love running around back, then you will need to stay on top of killing tree stumps because they do not respond well to weather changes. However, if the stump is not too close, then leave it alone since there is no point in making things worse for yourself, especially since most tree stumps do not grow back!

Although powerful machines can come in handy when removing stumps, remember to use them sparingly and with caution so as not to damage your property further. Remember that you cannot stop new roots from growing into your soil after a tree has died, but you can make them die or weaken over time with the proper preparations. Finally, always remember to be careful when filling in the dirt around your stumps because you do not want any leftover roots extending into your lawn, which could ruin it!

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