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How To Apply Eyeshadow – The Best Beginners Guide

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Applying eyeshadow is a quick way to change up your look and enhance your natural beauty. When you know how to apply eyeshadow, it is easy to create various looks that will compliment your beauty and look appropriate for all occasions. Learning how to apply eyeshadow is quick and easy and will have you looking great in no time.

Wearing makeup is tricky for beginners, so a few tips can help a lot. When you first begin to experiment with makeup, you should try neutral colors that are easy to work with.

Selecting an eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow in shades of brown, bronze, taupe, and champagne or mushroom colored eye colors will give you a polished, natural look that is forgiving of mistakes. Add a highlighting shade in white or cream, an angled and a flat eyeshadow brush, some mascara, and an eye pencil in gray or charcoal, and you have the beginnings of a great eyeshadow look.

Once you have mastered the basics with neutral colors, you can switch up the colors for bolder, more dramatic looks for evenings or special events.

Eyes are undoubtedly the most beautiful and most noticed part of the face, playing an integral role in the overall look that you wear. Make-up without proper application of eyeshadow is incomplete. The right application of eye shadow can do wonders. It can transform you from a simpleton to a diva.

Applying eyeshadow is more of technique than skill. Once you get the appropriate way to apply it, a little practice can get you the specific look, right from the sexy smokey eyes to the subtle yet attractive office look. Before getting to the million-dollar question of how to apply eyeshadow, let’s figure out the trickiest and the most prominent problems with eyeshadow application.

eyeshadow guide

Applying eyeshadow for different occasions:

It’s slightly easier to get the daytime office look. It only requires one basic shade in a lighter hue. All you need to do is to apply the shade on the eyelid.

Add some more of the same shade on the creases while moving upwards towards the eyebrow. Cover till halfway to the eyebrow. If you wish, you can also apply a thin line under the lower eyelashes.

The difficult part is to get the evening eye makeup that requires the combination of two or more shades. The most common problem with the eyeshadow application is getting both eyes done in the same manner. Any mismatch can easily be figured out in the case of eye makeup. If not done accurately, your eye makeup will lead to a disastrous look.

If eyeshadow can magically transform you into a super sexy diva, the blotchy eye shadow can spoil the look completely. The quality of the cosmetics has a great impact on the final look that you get.

The fine quality eyeshadow will create a smoother look will easy application. It will last longer and will not be blotchy and creasy after a few minutes of application. The area around the eyes is very delicate to deal with poor-quality cosmetics. You must also use fine-quality brushes to apply eyeshadow.

how to apply eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow primer:

The first step to the perfect and beautifully done eyes is the even application of the eyeshadow primer. It’s important to moisturize the skin around the eyes. Once the skin gets softer and smoother, it’s time to apply the primer.

The primer helps to spread the eyeshadow evenly and eliminates the possibility of creases. If you don’t have the primer, you can also use the foundation as the eyeshadow base. Avoid concealer as it creates a heavy artificial look. Apply the primer with a clean finger or a soft sponge.

eyeshadow primer

Find a perfect base before applying eyeshadow:

The base shade plays a significant role in creating beautiful eyes by highlighting the best features. Most makeup artists suggest keeping the base light and subtle to bring out the eyes’ best shape. Restrict the base shade to the eyelid. Apply the base subtly over the eyes from the lids to the brow bones.

Pick a darker shade for eyelids to create depth and contrast. The main eyelid shade is what creates the final look. Find a shade that goes well with the base shade to avoid a patchy and conflicting look. Do not apply the dark shade all over your eyes; it will create the illusion of punched eyes.

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Blend it perfectly is the key to applying eyeshadow impeccably:

If you blend it right, you almost win the battle to get the perfect eye makeup. The key to picture-perfect eyeshadow lies in merging the base’s different shades, crease highlighter, and contour shade to look effortlessly blending into each other.

The shades should not be up against each other, screaming out of your eyes; instead, the different shades must bring out the beauty of your eyes elegantly. Blending will need some patience from your side to create the perfect eyes. Shimmering shades are glamorous, but they highlight wrinkles. If you are using a cream eyeshadow, apply translucent powder on the top to set the shadow on your eyes.

eyeshadow tutorial

Keep the brow bones shade light and neutral while applying eyeshadow:

The bright eyeshadow on brow bones will create a dramatic look that is more appropriate for theatrical make-up. Always pick the neutral shade for brow bones to get the appealing yet not-over-the-top look. The dark brow bones will make your eyes too heavy and are certainly not pleasing to look at.

Applying eyeshadow highlighter carefully:

It’s important to blend the dark shade to the outside edge while applying it to the eyes’ crease. The dark eyeshadow application closer to the eyes will create a beady look. Be careful while applying the highlighter. Spend some time choosing the shades carefully that compliment each other. Highlighter is the final touch to the eyeshadow application.

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Keep the shape of your eyes in mind before applying eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow is to highlights the eyes beautifully to create a magical gaze. Everyone has a different shape of eyes. The shape of the eyes must be kept in mind while applying eyeshadow. If you have small eyes, use shimmery eyeshadow as the base over your eyelid to make it appear bigger.

A dark shade to outline the contours of the eyes will make it look even smaller. If you have protruding eyes, pick the matte eyeshadow. Blending the contouring shade halfway to the lashes will help to create an illusion of slighting smaller eyes. The dot of white shadow at the inner corner of the eyes will make the eyes look brighter. You can wear the white corners to your work as well for brighter eyes.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind while applying eyeshadow. It will need a bit of practice to get the steady hand to get it perfect. Once you know how to apply eyeshadow perfectly, it’s only a matter of few minutes to complete the journey from the girl next door to the style diva.

blue eyes eyeshadow

Eyeshadow application is one of the essential parts of your makeup routine. It helps to enhance your natural features, especially for women who have small eyes. Your eyeshadow should accentuate and bring out the best feature of your eyes. If you need makeup classes Toronto, you can attend classes to enhance your skills in eye makeup application.

Enhance your Blue Eyes with Eyeshadow

Ladies enjoy numerous choices of eyeshadow for blue eyes. Eyes gain intensity from the right selection of color. Applying eye makeup can be tricky, and novices can easily overdo their makeup and end up looking like raccoons.

Numerous makeup products blend seamlessly to produce a “natural” look that causes eyes to pop. Careful application will enhance the color, bringing out the natural vibrancy. Blue eyes can range from stunning violet shades to elegant gray tones that exude cool confidence.

Choosing the Right Color

The range of blue shades offers enormous versatility, and careful coordination can emphasize the shade wearers prefer to project. Unusual color choices often frighten some people, but surprising shades often complement blue eyes in unexpected ways.

For example, many women fail to consider orange shadow, but orange often produces stunning results. Orange occupies the exact opposite side of the color wheel, and opposite shades complement each other. Orange actually makes one of the better choices for eyeshadow if you have baby blues.

Skin tone and hair color also influence your choice of eyeshadow. Golden hues, shades of peach, browns, and greens could make excellent choices, depending on skin tone, coloring, hair cut, style, and color. Experimentation offers the only reliable way to determine what is best for you.

Makeup Tips to Enhance Eyes

Shades of blue could enhance or wash out your natural color, so you should carefully choose blues. Violet eyes benefit from blue shades, and shades of teal or aquamarine bring out any hint of green in the eyes. The first step you should take before applying eye makeup is to apply foundation.

  1. Blue-eyed people usually have lighter complexions. Choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
    2. You should highlight any skin areas that would normally get sun by adding a light touch of bronzer. Always blend colors, so the shades change naturally
    3. Apply concealer to cover any scars, skin imperfections, or troubling areas.
    4. You must prime the eyelids with a primer. Bare lids inhibit the smooth application of shadow, and the lines on your lids grow more pronounced with age. Primer creates a receptive canvas for all the goodies you will need to apply.
    5. After priming eyelids, you can apply a shimmer to shine through the shadow to create depth. You might begin with a coppery tone.
    6. Apply your chosen shade of eyeshadow for blue eyes. Eyeshadow looks should enhance the eyes, but you must be careful that the color does not overwhelm. Subtlety is the key to success.
    7. Lightly apply brown shadow to the outer corners and blend it thoroughly into the foundation.
    8. Apply shadow to the lower lid. You might begin by applying brown-to-orange shades, blending them into the foundation to create a natural tone change.
    9. Darken the outer corners of the eye with a darker shade of shadow. Remember to use a light touch.
    10. At this point, you should inspect your work and touch up any areas of foundation that have accidentally been erased, smudged or stained.

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Finishing Touches

Once you have completed the basic eye regimen, you can concentrate on the details that really distinguish your eyes. Experience will quickly transform the base application into a procedure you can perform very quickly. The following enhancements might take a bit more time to get right, but the effort will pay off in a big way.

  • Line the waterline of the eye with eyeliner. You might choose a navy shade to begin.
    · Blend white shadow into the inner corners of your eyes.
    · Add some blush to cheekbones to bring out the eyes. Light colors look natural and create the look of glowing good health. Peach makes an excellent choice to begin.
    · Curl your upper and lower lashes.
    · Line the lids carefully with eyeliner. This can be among the most challenging tasks you will face. A steady hand and quick application will usually yield good results.
    · The current trend emphasizes natural eyebrows. Darken eyebrows with brow definer or eye shadow to fill in thin brows.
    · Apply mascara to eyelashes. Thick lashes often smudge makeup, so you might consider applying a thin coat to only the top eyelashes. Use a brush to separate lashes and prevent clumps from forming.

Eyeshadow for blue eyes must blend with numerous other products. All of these details might seem like too much, but each area serves a definite purpose. The keys to success are blending naturally and using a light touch.

brown eyes eye shadow

Enhance your Brown Eyes with Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic that accentuates the eyes and can be purchased in many shades and consistencies to suit the wearer. Eye makeup helps make the “windows of the soul” stand out and enhances the wearer’s facial features.

Cleopatra adored her aqua green and black. If you have just started using eyeshadow, pick out colors that compliment your eye color. Brown-eyed women are luckier than their grey, blue, black, and green counterparts. They can pull off almost any eyeshadow color with no problem at all. However, some colors are more flattering than others.

Huge Selection for Brown Eyes

When choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes, consider your skin tone as well. Here are the colors that work best for your pretty peepers.

  • Brown, Gold, Champagne and Bronze

Neutrals look low-key yet lovely on brown eyes. Warm pinkish nudes with a subtle shimmer will make your eye color stand out.

Use an ivory shade under the brow bone and brush some bronze eye shadow on the crease to create extra definition. You can even try a two-tone technique where you use a lighter color for the inner lid and a slightly darker hue on the outer area.

This helps transition the look from day tonight. Brown smoky eyes look best on tan skin and create a dramatic yet polished look. You can look at sites that offer makeup tips for a smoky eye technique that will complement your eyes’ shape.

How To Apply Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow is easy. You can use cosmetic brushes or your hands, whatever feels more comfortable. Start off by purchasing the right eyeshade essentials.

Invest in an eye shadow primer or base. This is a slightly wet inconsistency but dries as soon as it is used. This will give the eyeshadow a base to minimize creasing. It is best for people who live in warm and humid climates. Look through sites with makeup tips for popular product suggestions.

  1. Cover your upper lids with an eyeshadow primer. Start under the brow bone and work your way to the upper lash line. You can begin applying the eye shadow when the product has dried.
  2. If you have dark discolorations under your eyes, use a light concealer to cover them up before you begin applying the eye shadow.
  3. Start by applying light ivory or white shade under your outer eyebrows.
  4. Sweep a mid-tone color on your lids until the crease. You can use two colors to add depth. If your eyes are too close together, use the lighter color on the inner half. Do the opposite if your eyes are farther apart.
  5. Use a brown-based hue on the crease to accentuate it. This will add definition and make your eyes the focal point.
  6. Finish off with eyeliner and mascara. You can even use false eyelashes to create a dramatic effect.
    Invest in your cosmetic arsenal. Purchase cosmetics that are non-comedogenic and provide sufficient coverage. Shopping can be fun when you know what eye makeup colors best suit your eye color and skin tone.
green eyes eye shadow

Enhance your Green Eyes with Eyeshadow

Much like with blue eyes, shadows that are intense and often a bit intimidating for users can be the best choices for enhancing green eyes. Using colors like deep green, purple, and deep browns can quickly and easily bring out natural eye color when applied correctly. When it comes to your green eye shadow application, there are several things that you can do to make the most of your eyes with the least amount of effort.

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Shadow Selection

The shadow that you choose is nearly as important as how you will apply it. You need to consider your eyes’ shade, natural skin tone, the other colors you will be pairing it with, and the amount of shadow you will use when you choose your shadow.

Green Eye Shades

Deep Green Eyes with no blue in them. Shadows that are also deep can help to bring out the green. Colors like deep purple and plum are excellent for deep green eyes. They play off your natural eye color without overpowering it. If you have more mature skin, you may not want to opt for a very dark color all over the lid and may wish to use them in your lash line or even in the corners of your eyes.

Blue-Green Eyes. Using shadows that typically flatter blue eyes can work well. Shadows that are coppery or have an orange undertone can enhance the blue and, therefore, the green in your eyes. Browns are also very flattering with blue-green eyes. Again, using overly intense colors can help to make them difficult to wear with more mature skin.

Green Eyes with brown. Using shadows that compliment brown eyes is a fantastic idea. Using greens, browns, and moss colors can help to enhance the green of the eyes and deepen the overall color.

 Skin Tone

Fair to Light Skin: Those with fair skin colors that are still in keeping with your eye shade but are a bit lighter or even perhaps used as accents may create a better overall look.

Medium to Deep Skin: Though shadows that are still very dark may prove troublesome, darker shades are much more forgiving on darker skin tones. Colors that are much more pigmented are both more flattering and show up better on darker skin.

Dark Skin: Darker skin tones help to mute colors, making them much more wearable and far less pronounced. -Though dark skin will not completely mute a color, it can make it a bit more manageable and conventional.

Universally Flattering: These colors can also help make eyes appear brighter, more lifted, and therefore younger.

blue eyes eyeshadow

Shadow Application

Often, adding just some simple enhancements is far more striking and wearable than over-the-top eye-enhancing looks. Using neutral shadows with simple accents here and there can help create an everyday look instead of a look that is only suited for a night out or special occasion.

Using a neutral base color can help create a wearable look and add different accents like plum or raisin colored liners. The brown or plum-colored mascara, or winged-out accent colors that work with your eyeshade, can enhance eyes without being over the top.

Using a darker shadow primer is an excellent idea. It helps to intensify the color you are using and helps prevent creasing and pooling in fine lines. For shadows that are much lighter in color, it’s unnecessary to use a primer as their creasing will not be as pronounced.

Using a universally flattering color like gold is an excellent way to test the waters, so to speak, when it comes to using green eye enhancements. You can pair gold shadows with a plum liner, which helps create a soft and subtle effect that still accent your eyes.

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