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What Factors To Consider While Buying Homes With a Pool?

by The Mind Blown

Most people want to buy homes with attached pools. Pool houses have increased in demand after the pandemic, possibly due to people spending lots of time at home. A swimming pool is a pleasant and peaceful way to cool down on hot summer days in Goodyear. Besides, it’s a fantastic spot for parties and activities. Having a pool also implies that staycations may seem more like holidays, which is something everyone wants.

Several homes for sale with pool in Goodyear, AZ, are available, so individuals can now fulfill their desire to buy dream home with all the luxuries. 

However, there are certain factors a person needs to consider before making the final choice of a home. 

Factors for buying a house with a pool

What Impact Does It Have on House Value? 

The hot temperature of Goodyear has contributed to the increased demand for swimming pools attached to houses. Many believe that even an inground pool increases the value of a home in every circumstance. While inground pool building costs $450,000-$480,000 in Goodyear in general, house values may rise in line with expectations. Hence most of the properties with pools sell at a premium value. Consumer interest in houses with pools is heavily influenced by location. 

According to most experts, a property with a well-built pool helps in boosting the resale price in the real estate market. According to the latest observations, real estate with well-maintained and pre-installed backyards, including pools, has a significantly higher market value. It can further provide a way of remuneration by allowing home rentals for the coastal or resort communities.

However, pools add to the value of a property only where such a feature is valued. As aforementioned, this can be determined by the type of climate of the place. Homes for sale with pools in Goodyear, AZ, are under this essential weather factor.

Also, some home buyers are not interested in spending extra on pools and their maintenance. They would rather use that money to buy a house in a better location or of a larger size. So it is always best to consider the demographics of an area before deciding whether or not to install a pool.

Above-Ground or In-Ground Pool- a Choice to Make

Home With indoor Pool

The best way to compare two different features is by considering the value in the market. The average price of an above-ground pool in the real estate market in Goodyear is approximately $8,300, whereas an inground pool values $50,000.

These values significantly clear the air regarding comparing these two types of pools. Therefore, if you are running on a crunched budget to buy the house of your dreams, you know which type of pool will be beneficial for you.

While making this choice, you should also remember that inground pools last much longer than above-ground pools. The life expectancy of an inground pool is around 30 years, whereas an above-ground pool has a lifespan of 10-15 years only.

The other factor to be considered while buying a house with a pool is the legalities of building and maintaining a pool. There are some states that have very strict laws regarding pools, so you should be aware of them before making any purchase.

Ownership Costs

Home With outdoor Pool

Purchasing and maintaining a pool are two different ballparks to play in. It is necessary to focus on the current ownership costs if the pool is a part of the package deal of the house you intend to buy. This cost mainly depends on factors such as the pool type, size, and age, to name a few.

Many property owners who don’t have the time to maintain their pools hire professionals to maintain them periodically. The expenses of monthly pool maintenance range from $80 to $150 in Goodyear. Generally, the above-ground pool is more expensive to maintain, especially if a deck is absent around the pool.

The other significant ownership cost is the price of chemicals that are used to clean and sanitize the pool water. The quantity of chlorine and other chemicals required to maintain the quality of water also depends on different factors, such as pool size and frequency of use.

On the other hand, some property owners think of this cost as an investment because it helps in boosting the resale value of their homes.

Final Words

Goodyear is one of the best locations in terms of community and low crime rate. These are essential factors that one can consider before purchasing homes for sale with pools in Goodyear, AZ.

There are plenty of pleasant locations available in Goodyear to choose from. Hence, always consider the budget as a priority and other necessary factors before making the final decision. Once you set your needs and budget for the swimming pool, you can buy the right house with an attached swimming pool in Goodyear, AZ.

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