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5 Best Patio heaters to warm up spring evenings



best patio heater

Patio heaters are the ultimate buy at this time of year for homeowners looking for an excuse to prolong evenings al fresco. 

There’s no denying that a patio heater is a stylish garden staple, with the ability to transform an outdoor space into a year-round escape. Plus, with the possibility of tighter restrictions creeping in, patio heater searches are going through the roof, so you’re going to want to bag yours ASAP. 

There’s so much to choose from, from the traditional chiminea to wall-fixed heaters and freestanding electrical models, so we thought we’d save you some time and do the legwork for you.

So, have a gander of the buys below – and check out our round-up of the best patio heater 2021 for more best buy picks. 

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This heater has over 1000 reviews and is ranking super high on Amazon. Temperature regulation is simple with the multi-output valve. Plus, it comes with a convenient piezo ignition built right into the rotation of the knob for one-handed ignition.

A versatile buy, you can permanently mount this heater to the wall or the floor with included mounting brackets and fasteners. Safe and durable.

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Dr. Infrared Heater DR-978 Dual Heating Hybrid Space Heater, 1500W with remote

This heater has a super high output for a super low cost.

The large blower pushes out larger air volume without making much noise. Plus, there are no exposed heating elements, making this patio heater perfect for a home with pets and kids.

The thermostat regulates the heater and cycles on and off to maintain the set temperature—a 12-hour timer.

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TRUSTECH Patio Heater

This is the ultimate home gadget – equipped with a remote control. A wall-mounted heater, this bit of kit is perfect for an open area – suitable indoors and out. It’s quick to heat up (one second).

The internal carbon fiber heating tube and energy conversion efficiency mean you will save a lot of electricity, too! Three heating modes and a 12-hour timer.

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BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit

We love a classic chiminea because they add some traditional style to your garden space.

This model has a round wire mesh screening designed to enable 360 visibility fire at chiminea and a sliding door and ashtray for ease of use.

The fire cage area has a generous capacity, measuring 22-inch diameter by 20 inches high.

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RMYHOME Infrared Freestanding Patio Heater

A sleek model, this freestanding patio heater can be adjusted to your ideal height and is made from stainless steel. You don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion.

The heating range is 10-15 feet, and it only takes a few seconds to heat this space to the temperature you need. Not only is this model energy-efficient, but it’s also weather and dustproof with a safe design that has power-off protection.

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Buying Guide – Best Patio Heaters

If you’re one of the many people who are thinking about buying a patio heater or are still in the process of picking out a heater for your backyard area, then this article will give you some tips on how to get the most efficient and high-quality heater that you can. In this buying guide, we’ll talk about which patio heater is the best, the pros and cons of electric and propane patio heaters, and some safety features to look for when buying a patio heater. This article should help you make the right decision on which heater to buy.

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a heater for your outdoor area. One of these factors is the heat output. How much heat can your heater produce? Suppose you want to adequately heat your outdoor area. In that case, you should look at how much heat can be produced by each type of heater you’re interested in purchasing. You can get an estimate of the heat output of your chosen heater by reading a small description attached to the product.

The second factor that you need to consider is how efficient your heater is. How energy efficient is your heater? Both electric and outdoor propane heaters are classified as efficient if they can produce enough heat to heat your outdoor area adequately. Your best bet is to get a heater that has an excellent energy efficiency rating, so you can be sure that your money is going to a good investment. This will also help you determine which heat output type you should choose.

You may also want to consider the BTU (British Thermal Units) that each heater can produce. This refers to the total amount of heat that a unit can produce; it’s measured in BTU units. Keep in mind that larger heaters, like electric patio heaters, can produce more heat than those with a lower BTU rating. It’s best to look for a heater with a high BTU rating so that you get the most heat for your dollar. The larger the heater’s BTU rating, the more heat you can expect to produce in a given outdoor area.

Finally, take into consideration the price. Patio heaters can range in price greatly, depending on where you purchase them from. If you want a high-end patio heater, you may have to pay for this. However, there are many good quality products available at reasonable prices, even online. There are also quite a few companies that offer warranties on their outdoor patio heaters, which can help you protect your investment.

When you’re ready to buy your next outdoor patio heater, these tips can help you make the right decision. There’s no reason for you to get left with an unsatisfactory product. Use these guides as you would any other buying guide, and keep in mind the tips mentioned above. There’s no reason for you to pay more for patio heaters that won’t perform like they are supposed to. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be sure to find a heater that works well.

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