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Best entry-level DSLR Cameras 2021: Up your photography game with the best cameras for beginners



best dslr cameras

If you’re new to the photography game, never fear! We have rounded up the best DSLRs to buy for beginners in 2021.

Bad news for would-be photographers: the phone sucks at taking pictures. That’s saying something because modern mobile phones take better pictures than ever before.

Still, suppose you’re creatively minded or want to push your photography to new extremes. In that case, you’re going to hit the greatest headroom on a smartphone a long time before you will on a DSLR.

Good news, would-be photographers! The DSLR market has indeed come of age. That means whether you’re a jobbing professional or an aspirational newcomer, there’s a DSLR for you out there.

The benefits of DSLRs are everywhere

  • Bigger image sensors mean better-quality images, particularly when the light begins to drop.
  • A full range of manual controls. Daunting at first allows you to take ownership of aspects of your image that you were previously leaving in the hands of chance.
  • An interchangeable lens camera allows you to swap the optic on the front of the camera. This is allowing you to use everything from ultra-wide-angle lenses to mega-long telephoto lenses. Get the right lenses, and you’re equipped to shoot everything from dramatic mountain ranges to the high-octane sport.

The best entry-level DSLRs to buy in 2021

1. Canon EOS 2000D: The best all-round cheap DSLR

Canon EOS 2000D Rebel T7 Digital SLR Camera Body wCanon EF S 18 55mm f3.5 5.6 Lens 3 Lens DSLR Kit Bundled with Complete Accessory Bundle 64GB Flash Case More International Model

Canon’s latest in its budget range of X000D cameras, the 2000D, offers an awe-inspiring amount in return for just under 500 notes. You get Wi-Fi, which can allow you a massive range of untethered possibilities in conjunction with Canon’s Camera Connect App.

You also get an effective 24.1-megapixel sensor and compatibility with Canon’s absolutely vast EF and EF-S lenses range. It’s also compatible with third-party lenses from Sigma and Tamron.

For a camera of this price, the compromises are few and far between, which is impressive. The screen fixed on the back has a high 920k pixel resolution.

Canon EOS 2000D : Rebel T7 Digital SLR Camera Body w:Canon EF-S 18-55mm f:3.5-5.6 Lens 3 Lens DSLR Kit Bundled with Complete Accessory Bundle + 64GB + Flash + Case & More - International Model 2

Although the maximum ISO of 12,800 isn’t record-breaking, it will cover you for almost all types of photography. Film-makers might be wary of the lack of a microphone jack. Those with an eye on sports should beware of the maximum continuous shooting speed of just 3fps.

Otherwise, this has the makings of a superb first camera. We would argue that more ambitious photographers will find the extra $250 for the Canon 800D money well spent.

Canon EOS 2000D Overview

Play Video

Key specs

  • 24.1 megapixel sensor
  • 9-point, 1x cross-type (centre) autofocus
  • Video modes: 480p at 30, 25fps. 720p at 60, 50fps. 1080p at 30, 25, 24fps
  • Shutter speed range: 30s-1/4,000th
  • Max continuous speed: 3fps, 150 JPG, 11x RAW
  • ISO range: 100-12,800
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Lens mount: EF / EF-S
  • Display: 3in, 920k-pixel
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB, HDMI mini, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Battery life: 500 frames
  • Dimensions: 101 x 78 x 129mm (WDH)
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds without lens.

2. Canon EOS 4000D: The best DSLR under £400

Canon EOS 4000D / Rebel T100 Digital SLR Camera Body w/Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens 3 Lens DSLR Kit

Just how cheaply can you make a DSLR? We’d say that a bit over $450 is going some. The Canon EOS 4000D actually represents a good buy for pro photographers looking for a camera to use in high-danger environments. Despite its bargain price, the EOS 4000D still rocks Wi-Fi.

It doesn’t rock much else, mind. Though that’s still more than enough for most purposes, its megapixel count of 18 is the lowest here.

Its screen not only is it small, at 2.7in, but it’s fixed and has a low 230k pixel resolution betraying its price. Fix the lens to the camera, and you’ll notice that the lens mount is made from plastic rather than the metal used in every other Canon EOS body.

It feels, if not flimsy, then lightweight. The 3fps maximum continuous speed isn’t a barrel of laughs, either. Those who want to shoot RAW images should beware of the tiny image buffer of just six RAW files before the EOS 4000D needs to stop for a breather.

Canon EOS 4000D Rebel T100 Digital SLR Camera Body wCanon EF S 18 55mm f3.5 5.6 Lens 3 Lens DSLR

Yet get past all that, and there’s a lot to like. Image quality is everything you’d expect from an APS-C model straight from the camera. The 4000D still shoots 1080p video at very decent quality, albeit without an external microphone option.

We also love its weight at under 1lbs before you attach a lens. This a camera that doesn’t make itself known on the shoulder.

Canon EOS 4000D Unboxing

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Key specs

  • 18 megapixel sensor
  • 9-point, 1x cross-type (centre) autofocus
  • Video modes: 480p at 30, 25fps; 720p at 60, 50fps; 1080p at 30, 25, 24fps
  • Shutter speed range: 30s-1/4,000th
  • Max continuous speed: 3fps, unlimited JPG, 6x RAW
  • ISO range: 100-12,800
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Lens mount: EF / EF-S
  • Display: 2.7in, 230k-pixel
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB, HDMI mini, Wi-Fi
  • Battery life: 500 frames
  • Dimensions: 102 x 77 x 129mm (WDH)
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds without lens.

3. Canon EOS 800D: High-end features and cracking image quality

Canon EOS 800D Digital SLR with 18-55 is STM Lens

Price-wise, the Canon EOS 800D sits at the very top of what we’d consider an entry-level DSLR, but photographers who want a body that will last.

At the same time, they grow their photographic skills will be well rewarded. The 800D’s body might be almost exclusively made of plastic (except for the decent-quality, metal lens mount). Still, in many other ways, it comes close to treading on the toes of Canon’s higher-end snappers.

Canon EOS 800D Digital SLR with 18-55 is STM Lens

For example, you get 45 cross-type autofocus sensors. This will give you plenty of compositional flexibility and good low-light performance. It also shoots 1080p video at up to 60fps and offers a 3.5mm microphone jack. The screen on the back is a 3in vari-angle number.

At the same time, those with a penchant for shooting moving subjects will appreciate its 6fps maximum frame-rate. It can shoot up to 27 frames at that speed with the camera set to the RAW mode or JPGs up to the limit of your memory card.

The image quality is excellent. It should be noted that the 800D allows you to shoot around 100 frames more per battery charge than either of Canon’s lesser models. If you’re looking to buy your first DSLR and don’t mind spending a little more for a model with lots of headroom, the 800D should see you a long way down the road.

Canon EOS 800D Unboxing

Play Video

Key specs

  • 24.2 megapixel sensor
  • 45x cross-type autofocus
  • Video modes: 480p at 29.97, 25fps – 720p at 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25fps – 1080p at 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 23.98fps
  • Shutter speed range: 30s-1/4,000th
  • Max continuous speed: 6fps, unlimited JPG, 27x RAW
  • ISO range: 100-51,200
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Lens mount: EF / EF-S
  • Display: 3in, 1,040k-pixel vari-angle
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB, HDMI Mini, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for microphone, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 600 frames
  • Dimensions: 131 x 76 x 100mm (WDH)
  • Weight: 1.17 pounds without lens.

4. Nikon D5500: The best cheap DSLR for traveling

Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR w/ 18-55mm VR II Kit

Nikon hopes that D5500 is the camera that will lure photographers away from the current crop of superb, small, lightweight mirrorless cameras. Compared to its predecessor, the D5300, it’s lighter and a bit smaller. It offers 300 shots more per battery charge, giving beginner photographers a very impressive 1,500 shots per charge.

Everything else stays as it is. The 24.2-megapixel sensor is the same, as is the lightweight 39-point autofocus system. That’s not a huge cause for complaint. The D5300 took excellent images. So does this, with noise very well controlled up to ISO 25600 and good results on offer even beyond that. It’s a good performer, too, shooting 5fps for 15 images in JPEG mode.

Nikon D5500 DX format Digital SLR w 18 55mm VR II Kit 2

Its video mode produces great-looking movies. However, they don’t sound quite as good, thanks to the lack of a mic-in socket.

It’s frustrating that if you choose to set a manual exposure for your videos, you can’t adjust the aperture in live-view mode, which is a weird little quirk.

We like just about everything else. Though small and a touch “clicky”, the buttons are easy enough to hit, and the single-exposure dial feels positive.

The menu system, including its excellent Guide mode, speaks to Nikon’s prowess with digital photography. This makes the D5500 a superb option for those who want to get into DSLR photography but find it a somewhat daunting prospect.

The display is a 3.2in, 1.2M-pixel panel is a good one. It doesn’t tilt and isn’t a touchscreen. Connectivity comes via the usual wired suspects (including micro-USB) and Bluetooth 4.1. Which can be used to transfer images (albeit slowly) and trigger the camera remotely. It’s not quite as fast or refined a system as Wi-Fi cameras we’ve seen, but it’s a start.

Excellent image quality, a vast lens library, and absolutely stonking battery life make the D5500 a very affordable option as a first DSLR.

Key specs

  • 24.2 megapixel sensor
  • 39-point, 1x cross-type (centre) autofocus
  • Video modes: 720p at 59.94, 50fps; 1080p at 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 23.976fps
  • Shutter speed range: 1/4000 sec
  • Max continuous speed: 5fps
  • ISO range: 100-25,600
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Lens mount: Nikon F mount
  • Display: 3.2in, 1.2M-pixel
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed micro-USB, HDMI mini, Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 820 frames
  • Dimensions: 124 x 97 x 70mm (WDH)
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds without lens.

5. Nikon D5600: Luxury features and improved autofocus make for a great all-rounder

Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens + 32GB Card, Tripod, Case

Like its rival, the Canon EOS 800D, the Nikon D5600 is geared towards the top end of mass-market, affordable DSLRs. Yet, like the Canon, it offers plenty to photographers who want a camera with a performance. While it may not seem immediately useful, it will continue to deliver as your experience grows.

The D5600’s autofocus engine is significantly upgraded compared to the cheaper Nikon D3400. You get 39 autofocus points instead of 11, nine of which are cross-type. This makes for a camera that should keep up with most subjects, mainly when the D5600 offers the fastest continuous drive mode of 5fps.

There are touches of luxury throughout. The vari-angle screen is the largest in this group at 3.2in, and connectivity includes Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

The Nikon D5600 offers a more than respectable video mode. It can shoot at industry-standard frame rates up to 60fps and packs in a microphone socket too.

Nikon’s reputation for excellent battery performance also continues, shooting up to 970 frames on a single charge.

Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens + 32GB Card, Tripod, Case

At this price, in this group, you’re choosing between the Canon EOS 800D and the Nikon D5600 – a tricky choice given the excellence of both cameras. Both take superb images, and although the Nikon is a bit cheaper, the Canon has a slightly faster continuous mode.

It also has a substantially more sophisticated autofocus system and an extra stop of available ISO. However, the Nikon shoots nearly 400 frames more on a single battery charge. Between them, ambitious novice photographers have a real head-scratcher on their hands.

Key specs

  • 24.2 megapixel sensor
  • 39-point, 9x cross-type autofocus
  • Video modes: 720p at 59.94, 50fps; 1080p at 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 23.976fps
  • Shutter speed range: 30s-1/4,000th
  • Max continuous speed: 5fps
  • ISO range: 100-25,600
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Lens mount: Nikon F mount
  • Display: 3.2in, 1,037k pixel vari-angle
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB, HDMI mini, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for microphone, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 970 frames
  • Dimensions: 124 x 70 x 97mm (WDH)
  • Weight: 1 pounds without lens.

Buying guide for your next entry-level DSLRs in 2021


How much difference is there between entry-level cameras in terms of image quality?

In truth? Not much. All entry-level DSLRs have image sensors that are roughly the same size. That means they all enjoy approximately the same (superlative) image quality.

Once you start to push a camera’s sensor sensitivity upwards, you might see some cameras generate more noise. This usually happens when you try to get the correct exposure in low light, for example. In many cases, attempts to differentiate image quality in everyday use are exercises in hair-splitting.

How important is the monitor on the back of a DSLR?

Pretty important. On a real DSLR, you compose an image by looking through an optical viewfinder.

That means the screen on the back of the camera is only used to review a photo and check how your camera is set up before taking a shot.

That doesn’t mean it’s not essential.

A camera screen needs to be big, bright, and high enough in the resolution that you can see if an image is sharp or not without having to squint. More expensive cameras will also have vari-angle screens.

This allows you to tilt and/or rotate the camera screen. This is very useful if you need to shoot at extreme angles, such as over the crowd’s heads at a festival.

How does autofocus work?

Ah, good question. Suppose you mainly shoot portraits of people or reasonably well-lit landscapes. In that case, you don’t have a considerable need for incredible autofocus performance.

As you get more ambitious, you’ll be demanding more from your camera’s autofocus. An autofocus zone is an area of the frame a DSLR looks at to see if it can define an edge clearly. Still, cheap DSLRs tend to have fewer autofocus zones, which means they’ll be a little less snappy when it comes to focusing on your subject.

Expensive DSLRs have more cross-type autofocus zones. This is a more complex, more accurate type of autofocus sensor. This sensor generally gives sharper results in awkward-lit or complex scenes.


What should I look for in terms of video?

We haven’t seen a DSLR that doesn’t shoot a video for some time, so virtually everything you can buy will shoot video up to Full HD 1080p. Suppose you’ve got ambitions to shoot good quality video.

In that case, most DSLRs will do a fine job of it, but make sure your intended camera shoots at the frame rates you want. If you’re going to shoot a lot of action, you might find that a camera capable of shooting at more than 30 frames per second (fps) makes sense.

You should also lookout for a microphone jack to attach an external mic. Not all DSLRs have these, but they can make a massive difference to your final video’s quality.

How about connectivity?

We’re seeing an increasing number of cameras these days. Even at the budget end of the market with Wi-Fi built-in. This isn’t just for transmitting images to a computer.

It can also be connected to a smartphone or tablet so that you can control the camera’s functions remotely. Inserting your camera’s memory card into a card reader, or using its USB port, will almost always be faster. This opens up some fantastic possibilities when it comes to remote camera operation.

Need also a tripod for your new camera? Check out The Best Camera Tripods in 2021

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Best Electric Toothbrush in 2021



best electric toothbrush

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things when it comes to health and fitness. Nowadays, people are more and more interested in physical appearance. Teeth are a crucial area when it comes to the first impression we leave on others.

Although we all know that brushing your teeth every day is a must to have healthy teeth, sometimes we have to do more than that.

Brushing your teeth regularly with an ordinary toothbrush is not enough to have the cleanest and neatest teeth.

Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are much more effective in removing food debris from interdental spaces. More and more buyers are turning to these electric toothbrushes.

Let’s not forget that we must periodically consult a dentist to maintain good dental hygiene in addition to a good electric toothbrush.

There are many products of this kind on the market in our country, but this only makes your decision more difficult. We have made the ultimate guide to help you choose the best electric toothbrush.

Oral-B PRO 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B electric toothbrush is a very affordable one. It has a very good quality-price ratio, which makes the toothbrush very appreciated and bought.

It has only one made of brushing, which makes brushing unprofessional. It is a small disadvantage compared to other electric toothbrushes that have several ways of brushing.

This electric toothbrush model is intended for adults. It is very easy to charge with the help of the stand in the package; the charging is done wirelessly.

The discharged battery is announced with the help of an LED that warns you that you need to charge it. Thus, you avoid the unpleasant situations in which you want to use the toothbrush, and you wake up in the middle of brushing because you no longer have a battery.

The fact that it has a battery makes it much better than a toothbrush on batteries.

The integrated timer helps the brushing to be done exactly as recommended by the dentists, the 2 minutes. Also, it has a stopwatch in the handle that vibrates every 30 seconds. This warns you that you need to change the brushing dial.

The Orab-B PRO 1000 electric toothbrush model has a great advantage when it comes to brushing heads. All the Oral-B heads are suitable for this model, which makes changing the brush heads at 3 months not difficult at all. You can choose any brush head that you think suits the brushing you want to do.

Unfortunately, this model does not have a pressure sensor. This causes the brushing to be done as everyone feels they have to put pressure on the teeth and gums. It is a minus for this electric toothbrush, but it is not such a big minus that to make it undesirable.


  • Accessible price
  • Built-in timer
  • Led discharged battery
  • Compatible with any Oral-B brush head


  • Only 1 brushing mode
  • No pressure sensor

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

According to the manufacturer’s past characteristics, this toothbrush promises to remove tartar like a professional brush. Built of good quality materials and the design, it has made it a special toothbrush.

The Oral-B Pro 7000 electric toothbrush offers a 3D cleaning with the help of 40,000 pulses and 8800 oscillations per minute. Oscillations are the ones that help the most to remove plaque and fight gingivitis.

The fact that this toothbrush cleans the teeth very well is felt from the first uses. After a few weeks of daily use, you can see improvements in your teeth and gums’ health.

The complete package consists of a toothbrush, 5 heads, a clock timmer, a wireless charging stand, and a travel kit. All these accessories make this model a perfect one for a book-like cleaning.

If too much pressure is put on the teeth or gums during brushing, the pressure sensor with which this toothbrush is equipped warns you clearly that the pressure is too high. At the same time, this sensor reduces the rotation speed, thus protecting the gums.

Bluetooth technology makes it easier to use this electric toothbrush model. It can easily connect to any smartphone and can provide real-time information about brushing. You can also access a brushing history, and thus you can see certain statistics related to daily brushing.

The built-in timer warns you every 30 seconds that it is time to change the brushing part and at the end of the 2 minutes that the time is over.

For the brushing to be perfectly done by anyone, the 5 brush heads that come with the Oral-B Pro 7000 toothbrush are completed by 6 brushing programs. Cleaning programs are dedicated to each type of brushing: daily cleaning, deep cleaning, sensitive, whitening, gum care but also tongue cleaning.

To make everything perfect, all Oral-B brush head models fit this toothbrush, which makes brushing more enjoyable than ever.


  • 5 brush heads
  • 6 brushing programs
  • Timer
  • Bluetooth
  • Pressure sensor
  • Premium quality


  • The price is a bit high

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health

The electric toothbrush from Philips promises to bring a big plus in teeth whitening. The W Optimat White brush head helps to remove stains from the teeth and gives a pleasant result after only one week of use.

Customizing the brushing according to your own needs makes you choose one of the 3 brushing modes.

In addition to the natural protection of the teeth when brushing, this electric toothbrush promises maximum attention for seals, braces, and veneers. Philips sonic technology does all these things and helps prevent cavities and protects gum health.

Philips Sonicare, with brush strokes, removes bacterial plaque and offers exceptional daily cleaning.

During brushing, you do not notice that you put too much pressure on your teeth or gums. This is immediately noticed by the Philips Sonicare HX6850 / 34 electric toothbrush through the pressure sensor it is equipped with.

Changing heads at the 3 months recommended by dentists, you no longer have to worry. This toothbrush model comes with very advanced technology, BrushSync. This technology clearly indicates on the handle that it is time to replace the brush head. It monitors how long you used it and how intense the brushing was.

The timer is also a great addition to this electric toothbrush. It makes daily brushing the recommended 2 minutes and changing the brushing area at the right time.

To make everything perfect, the electric toothbrush from Philips comes with premium storage and transport kit.


  • Storage kit
  • Pressure sensor
  • Battery indicator
  • The battery lasts +7 days
  • Timmer
  • 3 programs


  • Brush heads are hard to find
  • High price

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Toothbrush in 2021

Electric, Toothbrush

How do we choose the best electric toothbrush?


Brushing heads

When choosing the best electric toothbrush, the most important thing is to choose one with brush heads with various textures and shapes to ensure the best cleaning. Classic toothbrushes usually have only one type of shape or texture, but electric ones come with a wide range to choose from. At first, you will feel overwhelmed because you will not know exactly what you are looking for or what would suit you best, but everything has a solution.

It all depends on personal preferences, especially on the problems you want to solve or would like the toothbrush to be “attentive.” For example, suppose you have problems with bleeding gums. In that case, you will want the electric toothbrush not to aggravate this problem but to help you brush your teeth without feeling discomfort.

Dentists recommend that people with sensitive teeth or gums use a soft toothbrush to avoid aggravating the situation. When it comes to medium-textured brushes, they are perfect if your main goal is to effectively remove plaque. Oval or round brushes, which have brushes of different lengths, will be your best friend when you want a better cleaning of the spaces between the teeth and, especially, those between the teeth and the gums.

Brushing modes

The brushing method is extremely important for electric toothbrushes because the user can no longer change it if he does not like it or causes discomfort. It is best to choose a toothbrush that gives you the option to choose between various speeds or pressure levels on your teeth and gums. Thus, you will be able to choose between firmer or faster oscillations that will help you get that deep cleansing you are looking for.

However, suppose you know that you have sensitive gums or teeth that have pain when brushing. In that case, it is best to use electric toothbrushes with slightly slower oscillations that will not give you too much pressure during deep cleaning. When we talk about the best electric toothbrush, it should give you the personalization of the brushing experience, depending on your teeth’ situation and implicitly the problems you already know.


Any electronic device has a certain level of performance, and the results provided will depend on it. For example, the Oral-B toothbrush is the only one on the market that will offer you a 3D cleaning through the oscillating rotational movements. An independent study found that this will remove 22% more bacterial plaque than other toothbrushes, 32% more effective in improving gum health, and 33% more effective in reaching those food scraps from inaccessible spaces…

Electric toothbrushes that work with side vibrations are appreciated by buyers. Still, in the end, the best evaluation of the performance of an electric toothbrush is the general health of the teeth and gums.

Ease of use

The electric toothbrush should make brushing easier and more efficient, especially if we are talking about children who are just learning how to brush their teeth. The electric toothbrush should be easy to use, comfortable, and does not require much maintenance. For users on their first brush with this device, the first experience may seem strange. Usually, electric toothbrushes are quite strong and should be used with greater care to not injure the teeth or gums. The best models have smart programs that will make the transition from traditional to electric toothbrush much easier.

Adults or children

Electric toothbrushes are different for adults or children in terms of their use. They are usually intended for use by adults. Still, They can also be used by children if their brush head is changed to a soft one and a delicate brushing program is selected.

best electric toothbrush


Electric brushes usually come with special functions and features, which help you have a brush as comfortable as possible and which cleans your teeth and interdental spaces as well as possible. One such useful feature is the timer that will help you know when you have brushed your teeth for two whole minutes. Usually, this timer warns you by making a distinct sound every 30 seconds to know that you have to change the brushing area. Thus, you will brush the whole mouth evenly, which is recommended by all dentists.


The most professional electric toothbrushes come with accessories that will personalize your experience and give you more freedom. Usually, the accessories will help you to travel with an electric toothbrush safely wherever you go. You will need a protective cover and especially a portable charger. Most electric toothbrushes contain several additional brushing heads, which will help you enjoy the professional brushing experience for 6 to 9 months. After you consume them, you will have to buy other brush heads separately.

The purpose of electric toothbrushes is to improve your health and help you have a healthier tooth enamel, and the best in the field will help you with both. Although they are more expensive than the traditional toothbrushes that you will have to handle, the best electric toothbrush will be worth the money, and you will never regret the investment made.

Also, as an accessory, we can pass the heels specially created for storage and transport. Just as we take an external battery or epilator with us on our travels, so we must think of taking an electric toothbrush. And how can we do this better if not in a specially designed heel,


As in any other field, the brand, e.g., the company that produces and sells in most cases electric toothbrushes, has its say. Users can know from the beginning whether or not they want to buy from a brand. The fame and national or even international recognition of a brand is a direct indicator of its buyers’ quality guarantee. Most of the time, a big brand will not fail to sell products that are below the quality standard already established in a certain market.

The most popular brands on the Romanian market are Oral-B, Philips, Dr. Mayer, Panasonic. These brands come with a wide variety of products that will personalize your experience. Each will offer you something that no other product has. When it comes to dental and oral hygiene in general, it is best to use the best quality products from nationally recognized companies. Rather than regret and have an accident because of a no-name product that no one has heard of, you better stick to what is known and recognized as being of high quality, even if it is an investment.

best electric toothbrush


Any portable electrical device will operate on batteries. Therefore, the battery is another element that deserves to be evaluated and quantified accordingly. The most efficient electric toothbrushes will offer us an enviable autonomy that can reach a month of use in the conditions of brushing twice a day.


The last criterion by which you should choose a product is the price. Very often, the price is a direct indicator of the quality of a product or device. Hence, high quality comes with a high price, while a low one comes at an affordable price.

Considering that we are talking about the hygiene of an extremely sensitive area of ​​our body and our daily appearance, it is best to invest in quality products, even if it costs more than we were willing to pay. An electric toothbrush is a long-term investment and will be worth the money when you see the differences from the normal, classic toothbrush.

We hope that the information presented was useful to you to make the best choice. Choose what suits you, and you will find the experience you are looking for!

Last update on 2021-02-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Best SD Memory Cards in 2021



sd memory card

After 15 hours of research and another 15 hours of testing, we determined that the 32 GB SanDisk Extreme Plus is the best SD card for most people because it’s reasonably priced, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Oh, and it ended up being the fastest of all the ones we tested after our burst shooting, file transfer, and benchmark tests.

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is fast enough to handle 4K video recording and significantly improves burst shooting and photo transferring over our previous recommendation, the SanDisk Extreme 100 MB/s.

Those shooting 4K video and professionals who know they need it should use UHS-3-rated cards recommended by their camera’s manufacturer, but the SanDisk Extreme Plus is fast enough for everyone else.

We ordered the SanDisk Extreme, Lexar Professional, PNY Elite Performance and tested them ourselves.

The Best SD Card


SanDisk Extreme Plus 32 GB

The Extreme Plus is as fast as you can get without spending too much, and it’s made by a reliable manufacturer that provides a lifetime warranty.

The 32 GB SanDisk Extreme Plus is the best SD card for most people because it’s as fast as you can get without spending a lot more money—which we’ll address in the “What about 4K video?” section—plus it’s made by a reliable manufacturer and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is a Class 10 card, which means that it guarantees to write speeds of at least 10 MB/s, though both its read and write speeds are actually much higher than that. It also carries a UHS-3 rating, which means it’s fast enough to record 4K.

SanDisk rates the card at 100 MB/s reads, and 90 MB/s write, but we found that the card’s read speed was even higher in our tests.


We eliminated any cards that were rated less than Class 10 or UHS-1, weren’t readily available to buy, or that performed poorly on Steenburgh’s tests, like the 32 GB Samsung Pro, 32 GB Sony 40MB/s, 32 GB Kingston Ultimate, and 32 GB Patriot EP Pro cards that are popular on Amazon.

The 32 GB Lexar Professional 633x costs roughly the same price per GB as our recommendation, the SanDisk Extreme Plus. It has solid Amazon reviews—4.7 stars with over 14k reviews—and also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

However, the Lexar Professional 633x had the slowest write speeds out of the three cards we tested in the CrystalDiskMark benchmark test and was significantly slower on our burst photo testing.

…it was slow in our benchmark test, our file transfer test, and most importantly, our practical burst shooting test.

The 32 GB PNY Elite Performance looked promising because, at $8, it’s by far the least expensive per gigabyte of the SD cards we considered.

It performed well in Steenburgh’s tests and has decent Amazon reviews with 4.6 stars over 11k reviews.

However, it was slow in our benchmark test, our file transfer test, and most importantly, our practical burst shooting test.

Our previous recommendation, the SanDisk Extreme 100 MB/s, has a quoted read speed of 90 MB/s, and Tom’s Hardware benchmarked its write speed at 85 MB/s. Our new recommendation costs just $2 more for twice the read speed and three times the write speed, which make a significant difference in burst shooting, reviewing images, and emptying the card.

The 32 GB Delkin Devices tied for second alongside the SanDisk Extreme Plus, the Lexar Professional 633x, and the PNY Elite Performance in Steenburgh’s tests, but it’s about $65 on Amazon. That’s $25 more than our pick for roughly the same speeds.

Like the PNY, the 32 GB Transcend is less expensive than our pick. However, the card claims 90 MB/s read and 75 MB/s write speeds, and Steenburgh found that it had a worse performance than the SanDisk, Lexar, and PNY cards we tested.

The 32 GB Samsung Plus is also popular on Amazon but performed poorly in Tom’s Hardware’s 2021 SD card benchmarks.

It’s slower than the Samsung Pro, which also performed poorly on Steenburgh’s burst shooting test.

Care and maintenance

SD cards are generally more durable than other forms of storage.

Still, to ensure they last their full lifespan, you should store them in a clean, dry, temperate location and handle them carefully to avoid bending or snapping the cards.

You should store your cards in the rigid plastic casings included with purchase or select another dedicated case—like this Pelican memory card case, for example—that will protect the SD cards from pressure and elements.

You should also format your SD card in your camera (rather than your computer) to minimize the chances of corruption.

You should also format your SD card in your camera (rather than your computer) to minimize the chances of corruption.

Always wait until the camera is done writing to the card before switching it off, use a USB 3.0 card reader—like the inexpensive Transcend TS-RDF5K—to transfer images, and dismount the SD card before removing it from your computer.

Following these steps will minimize the chances of corrupting the card and losing files.

Wrapping it up

The 32 GB SanDisk Extreme is the best SD card for most people because it’s the fastest one we tested, reliable, reasonably priced, and compatible with most cameras.

It can handle 4K video recording, will provide better burst shooting performance than other similarly specced SD cards, and comes with a lifetime warranty should it fail.

What are the best memory cards on the market?

Top 10 memory cards of the moment: the best all-rounder, the best-value memory card, the best budget option.

We pick the top 10 SD Memory Cards 2021 for you the best choice.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC

Get the maximum storage capacity available, faster app performance, and advanced photo and video capture for Android and other smartphones and tablets.

SanDisk Mobile Ultra cards are the perfect choice to store your mobile life with speeds up to 100MB/s* and the highest available Class 10 speed rating for recording uninterrupted Full HD video.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC

The SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card works with any microSDHC or microSDXC compatible device. The included SD adapter allows the card to be used with SDHC and SDXC compatible devices.


SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card

  • Cards include security feature for the protection of copyrighted data
  • SD cards are fully compatible with all SD-compliant devices
  • Speed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.0 Specification)
  • Writeable label for easy identification and organization
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • High quality and reliability backed by a 5-year limited warranty

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC

  • Great for High-Performance DSLRs and HD Camcorders
  • Professional speed for capturing more shots in continuous burst mode
  • Enhanced performance with Power Core controller technology engineered to distribute data rapidly and efficiently
  • Extreme durability: waterproof
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Available in capacities of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB
  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited 1 warranty

SanDisk Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC

  • Up To 98MB/s Read Speed
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Easily Back Up Files With “SanDisk Memory Zone” App
  • Compatible For Android Smartphones & Tablets
  • Class 10 Performance For Full HD Video
  • Includes SD Adapter

SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC

Add 128 GB* of storage to your Android-powered device or other smartphones and tablets while taking advantage of fast app performance with the SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card.

The card’s UHS Speed Class 1 rating** facilitates Full HD video capture while transfer speeds of up to 120 MB/sec keep up with mobile applications’ demands.

Additionally, the SanDisk Memory Zone app makes it easy to access and back up all the media you store in your phone’s memory and your memory card.

This card comes with an SD adapter, so you can also use it with SDHC and SDXC card slots.

SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card

  • Cards include security feature for the protection of copyrighted data
  • SD cards are fully compatible with all SD-compliant devices
  • Speed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.0 Specification)
  • Writeable label for easy identification and organization
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • High quality and reliability backed by a 5-year limited warranty

SanDisk 32GB Mobile MicroSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card

Capture more photos, record more Full HD videos and play more music on your GPS/Tablet/MP3 Player and mobile devices with reliable SanDisk microSDHC memory cards.

By adding more memory to your device, you can transport and store more photos, Full HD videos, and music – so you can get the most out of your GPS/Tablet/MP3 Player and mobile devices.

Do more with SanDisk mobile memory cards. Class 4 Speed performance rating.

SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB MicroSDXC

Introducing SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card, the perfect companion for your newest Smartphone or Tablet.

Get the performance that keeps up with your active lifestyle.

Move your data fast, take better pictures and video, plus get more room to capture and share your passion.

Available in storage capacities from 32 GB to 128 GB, you’ll have room for apps, music, files, and sharing all the action without worrying about running out of storage space.

With both UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) and Class 10 video recording ratings, you’ll be ready to enjoy the highest quality Full HD video (4K), which requires more performance than ordinary memory cards can handle.

With the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card, you will be ready.

SanDisk 8GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card

Trust your memories to the world leader in flash memory cards-and capture your life on reliable SanDisk SDTM and SDHCTM cards.

Built for daily, real-life use in all kinds of digital devices, these flash memory cards also serve as easy digital storage to take on the go.

So pick up a few cards at a time and start building a dependable, space-saving digital library.

Last update on 2021-02-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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6 Best Beard Trimmers To Buy 2021 — For The Rugged Professional



beard trimmer

Whether you’re looking to tame that grizzly beard of yours or sport the stubble look that women can’t get enough of, you’ll need to invest some cash into a good beard trimmer.

Beards have seen a strong surge in popularity over the past few years, and oddly enough, beard trimmers haven’t really kept up with the market.

There are still a large number of low-quality products out there, but thankfully for every handful of underperforming beard trimmers we tested out, there was one that would stand out – leaving us with perfectly groomed facial hair.

Finding the best beard trimmer is no easy task. There about a dozen different manufacturers currently making trimmers, and each company offers several different models.

How do you choose?

No problem – we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list and reviews of the best trimmers on the market for personal grooming.

Before you spend a dime on a new trimmer, make sure you read our vital tips to buying the best grooming tools possible.

Here is our list of 7 Best Beard Trimmers For The Rugged Professional. We believe they are the absolute best on the market.

If you take a look at the list, you might be surprised to see that “best” does not mean “most expensive.” There are a number of very good choices that are affordable on even the leanest budgets.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

After being recommended this product by a friend of ours that works at a local barbershop, we had high hopes for this trimmer- and it delivered.

The contoured housing is not the most comfortable on the list, but its blades provide precise, close-cutting effects that are designed specifically for trimming your beard and mustache.

The blades can be adjusted for different lengths, and this dry shaving trimmer also works great for cleaning up your neck and trimming those pesky hairs around your ears.

Conair i-Stubble Facial Trimmer

Equipped with a floating, contoured head, the i-Stubble was designed to follow of the curves of your face. The end result is a comfortable shaving experience with accurate cutting capabilities.

There are 15 different length settings to choose from, all of which can be selected from the LCD screen.

While it is a little underpowered compared to some of the corded options (as nearly all battery-powered options are), the dual battery system does provide for a much longer battery life than some of the other trimmers on the market.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

While it does offer length settings ranging from 1-18mm, it’s in the cleanup department where this trimmer really shines.

No longer do you have to worry about sweeping up all those tiny hairs after a trim.

This Norelco model comes with a built-in vacuum that will suck up all your clippings, providing a truly mess-free experience.

The multifunctional display battery status, and selected hair length, while the turbo boost button gives you a bit more juice for those thicker beards.

After an hour of charging, the lithium-ion battery provides up to 50 minutes of wireless shaving.

Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper/Trimmer

Many consider the Peanut to be the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to beard trimmers, and for a good reason.

This thing is portable (measuring in at 4 inches and weighing just 4 ounces), is very comfortable when in use, and downright outperforms nearly all of its competitors in its price range.

Sure it’s corded, but the cord is long, and you will absolutely love the additional power it provides.

Our only complaint was the fact that it comes with just 4 cutting guides.

Panasonic Cordless Moustache & Beard Trimmer Wet/Dry with 19 Adjustable Settings

If you’re in search of a beard trimmer that will also let you trim body hair with ease (and you don’t mind spending a bit more money), this is a solid choice.

This all-in-one hair, beard, and body trimmer provides both wet and dry shaving.

Thanks to the built-in water drain feature, this Panasonic trimmer can be submerged completely underwater, meaning you never have to take it out of the shower.

The cordless operation offers up 50 minutes of shaving, but it is worth noting that it requires 15 hours of charging.

The one con is far outweighed by the many pros, though, which include precision-cut stainless steel, Hypo-Allergenic blades, comfortable rubber grip handles, and 19 different length settings.

Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer

This aptly titled beard trimmer is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, and we’ve gotta say. It feels absolutely bulletproof.

More than just a rugged trimmer, this thing is packed with the same technology your laptop computer utilizes, giving you up to 4 hours of shave time – enough for even the grizzliest of beards.

There are 22 different accessories included with the trimmer, along with an ear and nose hair trimmer.

This portable beard trimmer was made in the good ‘ole USA and provides 17 different length settings to get your beard dialed-in perfectly.

Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

The Gillette Company-owned brand is known for their electric razors, so it only seems fitting that their flagship model finds a spot on the list of the best beard trimmers – and it was certainly earned.

This is the brand’s most powerful beard trimmer on the market, and while it was designed for your face, it also doubles as a pair of clippers.

There are six different settings for your beard (ranging from 1-11mm) with six different hair comb settings for your head (ranging from 10-20mm).

When you’ve got the perfect length, use the ultra-sharp precision trimmer to perfectly get everything lined up.

The one drawback to this particular trimmer would have to be its battery life.

Braun equipped the Cruzer with a dual battery setup to boost power, but it drains the battery more quickly, offering up 40 minutes of shave time.

Last update on 2021-02-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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