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Chopping Wood Like a Boss: The 5 Best Double Bit Axes on the Market

by The Mind Blown

There are many different types of axes on the market. These all have distinct uses, but they all share one ultimate goal: cutting. The double bit axe is a very important tool. It comes with two blades to help professional lumberjacks achieve maximum flexibility in their work. This helps them chop deeper and cleaner cuts into wood or hacking around rocks and dirt (just use your imagination).

This means that this particular type of axe can be used for any job where you need an ax, but it also makes such tools hard to find!

The double bit axe is a very versatile and practical tool. It can be used for many tasks because of its two different edges. One edge may be thicker and broader than the other making it ideal for breaking logs or rounds of wood. Meanwhile, the other edge is narrower and more suited to creating deep cuts in standing or felled trees.

Alternatively, they might both have similar blades. Still, one side will perform rougher jobs that easily dull an angle (e.g., cutting through roots).

If you’re looking for a double bit axe to get the job done, this list will help. From in-depth reviews of each product on the market to what makes them different from one another and which ones are best suited for your needs, we’ve got all that information here.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Top Picks:

1. Helko Werk Hinterland Double Bit Axe

1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe

The Helko Werk Hinterland is a high-quality German double bit axe, hand-forged by one of the finest and oldest axe makers in Germany -Helko. The blade head has been crafted from premium-grade steel with an HRC rating between 53 to 56.

To ensure longevity, each handle is selected individually for grain orientation and density before being attached to the head using traditional methods that have remained unchanged over centuries past! This fantastic tool comes complete with a full-grain leather sheath as well as a 1-ounce bottle of protective oil for preservation against rusting or degradation. This can be easily applied on both sides (bladeheads).

What could be more serious than cutting down a tree? That’s why the Helko Werk Hinterland Axe is so good for heavy work! The German axehead weighs 3.5 lbs and has an overall weight of 4.75 lbs – it can handle all your largest tasks with ease! If you’re looking to buy one as well, make sure that your budget allows for some extra spending. This isn’t just any ordinary tool – German excellence doesn’t come cheap.

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Key Features:

Handmade in Germany:

The Odyssey Double Bit is a capable and highly successful felling instrument inspired by America. This big timber-chopping axe does it all, from slicing to cutting and everything in between with two different bits for the job.

Traditionally one bit was used for hard work that dulled its tip while the other was held finely honed finish. Hence, you’re always ready no matter what your needs are on any given day!

High-Quality Materials:

This hand-forged axe is the perfect tool for any experienced lumberjack or first-time woodworker. It has a beautifully polished finish that is resistant to corrosion and does not cause cutting friction, making it easier on your hands during use.

This amazing axe was built using an open die in order to distribute weight throughout its handle better while maintaining structural integrity under pressure from high impact forces due to sudden swings of the blade when chopping down trees with ease!

Linseed Oil Finish:

The perfect axe for chopping down trees! This two-bit double-edged blade is designed to withstand the barrage of rough, tough wood. The handle has been handcrafted by a master craftsman with a 150 grit sanded finish and boiled linseed coating for blister-free usage.

1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe - Classic Odyssey - Double Edge Axe or Double Head Axe Felling Axe and Chopping Axe Double Bladed Axe for Large Timber Double Axe #10600
27 Reviews
1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe - Classic Odyssey - Double Edge Axe or Double Head Axe Felling Axe and Chopping Axe Double Bladed Axe for Large Timber Double Axe #10600
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY The American inspired Odyssey Double Bit is a capable, highly effective felling tool. This is a great large timber cutting axe. If inclined, the user is able to profile each blade differently and may use, for instance, one edge for splitting and the other for cutting. Traditionally, one bit was used for heavy work that was prone to dull the blade, while the other was kept with a finely honed edge.
  • C50 HIGH CARBON STEEL - 53-56 HRC The hand forged axe head is crafted using a drop hammer on open dies with premium grade C50 high carbon steel, this hand forged axe is individually handmade by experienced blacksmiths with a hand-polished highly reflective finish that is resistant to rust and reduces cutting friction
  • GRADE A AMERICAN HICKORY HANDLE - LINSEED OIL FINISH - 150 GRIT SANDED Each axe handle is individually selected for grain orientation and density, completely handmade with a smooth 150 grit sanded finish and coated with boiled linseed for a blister-free experience when using. The double bit axe head is fixed to the handle with a premium two-wedge system consisting of a wood wedge and steel ring for maximum axe head security
  • INCLUDES FULL GRAIN LEATHER SHEATH - 1 OZ. BOTTLE OF AXE GUARD PROTECTIVE OIL All Helko Werk Axes include a vegetable-tanned premium leather axe sheath to protect your axes and hatchets
  • DIMENSIONS Head Weight: 3.5 lb / Length: 30 in. / Total Weight: 5 lb
  • A medieval look that’s truly stunning
  • Helko is a luxury brand known for making high-quality products.
  • Traditional forge marks on the quality steel.
  • The edge of the blade requires more sharpening.

2. Estwing Double Bit Axe

Estwing - Drake Off Road Tools Double Bit Axe

This American-made ax is perfect for the sportsman and military official. But many outdoors people use it in bush crafts, kindling, cutting, chopping, or clearing trails too!

It’s a very versatile tool that we can’t forget to put on our list of tools. The head is well-balanced with solid steel from America – you won’t be sorry if you buy this one today! Another great feature about this axe?

Not only does it have a double bit head, but it also comes equipped with a ballistic nylon sheath, so your blade stays protected at all times when not being used by yourself or someone else who has permission to do such things

The handle can reduce the vibration when throwing by 70%. This is great for sportspeople who want to minimize their arm fatigue.

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Key Features:

Forged Steel Construction:

Estwing axes are one of the most common double bit axes, and for a good reason. They’re easy to use even when they get old because it’s so durable! It doesn’t matter if you have other tools on hand or in your garage; this is a tool that should always be available.

Heavy Duty Sheath:

The Estwing Double Bit Axe is an incredibly handy tool for splitting logs and kindling. It can also be used to fell small trees with some effort on your part! The ballistic nylon sheath protects the cutting edge while providing a convenient means of carrying it by hand or attaching it to a backpack strap, belt loop, or even another piece of gear that has loops.

Shock Reduction Grip:

The new axe’s handle is made of proprietary plastic, which provides an outstanding balance between power and vibration absorption – reducing impact by 70%. It also has a heavy-duty nylon sheath for secure transport. The comfortable, long-lasting grip will reduce the soreness in your hands!

The design of this new axe includes features that are sure to make it stand out from other axes on the market. Its unique handle (made with patented high-performance material) reduces vibrations by up to 70%, making cutting wood more pleasant.

At the same time, it provides superior comfort due to its anti-slip grips and lightweight at only 3 pounds. And as if all these great benefits weren’t enough, you can store or carry it securely thanks to the included durable carrying case.

Estwing - Drake Off Road Tools Double Bit Axe - 38 oz Wood Spitting Tool with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EDBA Leather
290 Reviews
Estwing - Drake Off Road Tools Double Bit Axe - 38 oz Wood Spitting Tool with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EDBA Leather
  • FORGED STEEL CONSTRUCTION – Maximum strength and durability for a lifetime of hard work
  • OUTDOOR VERSITILITY - Perfect for chopping logs, small trees & branches or splitting firewood & kindling
  • HEAVY DUTY SHEATH - Includes ballistic nylon sheath to protect hand sharpened cutting edge
  • GENUINE LEATHER GRIP – Hand sanded and lacquered for a durable yet comfortable finish
  • MADE IN THE USA – Our tools are proudly crafted in Rockford, IL using the finest American steel
  • Well balanced
  • Sharp blades
  • Shock absorption handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • The protective sheath isn’t that good

3. Council Tool Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe

Council Tool 3.5 lb Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe

Americans love their axes, and the Council Tool company is proud of it. They have been focused on producing high-quality products that are also of great value for many years now!

One such example would be the Michigan Double Bit Axe with its 36-inch handle covered in red enamel to keep rust at bay but still conveniently coated with a clear lacquer so you can get right back into chopping wood after taking a break from your workday

Instead of sitting around all day wondering how they should expand production or increase quality control measures like most companies do when faced with tough competition (or even tougher economic times), Council Tool has instead pushed themselves forward by creating new lines to meet customer demands as well as introducing entirely new styles.

The Council Tool Michigan is a great choice for those who need an axe that can take on big jobs and tough trees. The pros of this axe are its quality in relation to the price, how buying it supports American business and its size – it’s perfect for large tasks or tackling difficult pieces of wood.

While some might find fault with such a heavy tool designed primarily for chopping down things like logs as opposed to splitting firewood (though not entirely impossible), anyone who needs something more substantial will be hard-pressed finding anything better than what this ax has got going on!

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Council Tool 3.5 lb Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe

Key Features:

Provides Great Swing:

The double bit axe is a favorite among seasoned lumberjacks for cutting and splitting. The blade has a powerful swing that allows it to bite deep into the wood. With just one stroke of your arm, you can split an entire piece in two without any effort!

Forged Steel Head:

The head is red enameled, and the blades are lacquered to prevent corrosion. The maker uses a wooden wedge and circular steel one, too, so they’ll stay firmly in place even if you don’t use their new-fangled clothespin.

Wooden Handle:

Don’t be fooled by those curved handles. Give this axe a try: it’s the 36-inch wooden straight handle. It is perfect for anyone who wants to swing with power and precision!

Council Tool 3.5 lb Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe with 36 Inch Straight Wooden Handle
51 Reviews
Council Tool 3.5 lb Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe with 36 Inch Straight Wooden Handle
  • Forged tool steel head
  • Hand sharpened double bits for cutting and splitting, sharpened in the same manner
  • Head coated with red enamel and cutting edges in clear lacquer to deter rust
  • Axe head is hydraulically seated onto handle and secured in a traditional manner with a wooden wedge and a round steel wedge
  • The interior detail of the eye is tapered and allows for a strong mechanical bond
  • Axe is sturdy
  • Well balanced
  • Efficient
  • Hard steal
  • Great price
  • The head does not arrive sharp

4. Roughneck Logging Double Bit Axe

Roughneck 3.5-Lb. Double Bit Axe

This Roughneck logging double bit axe is another addition to our list of long and heavy axes. With its hefty axe head and powerful swinging power, this one is also ideal for heavy-duty work such as breaking firewood or felling trees.

The Roughneck Logging Double Bit Axe is distinguished by its synthetic handle made of fiberglass and a rubber grip.

Although conventional lumberjacks may prefer wooden handles, synthetic handles have their advantages as well. They normally outperform wood in terms of longevity, vibration absorption, and moisture resistance. They’re still a lot smaller, which helps a lot for an axe this long.

Based on user experience, the integrated rubber grip would likely break apart well before the axe itself. If you want to use this axe for an extended period of time, a nice pair of work gloves is a must-have accessory.

When the handle becomes broken, as it undoubtedly is, there’s nothing you can do to fix or restore it – an undesirable feature of plastic axe handles.

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Key Features:

Provides Great Swing:

The Roughneck double bit axe is a low-cost axe that features durable fiberglass handles and a Michigan-style blade. With its length of 15.5 inches, you will be able to swing with force to remove stubborn trees, bushes, and roots!

Fiberglass Handle:

The Roughneck axe is the perfect tool for any job that requires a durable, long-lasting, and lightweight handle. This axe will stand up to serious work with nary an issue or complaint with its fiberglass construction. The rubber coating on both sides of the head provides increased grip when you’re swinging it around like Thor wielding Mjolnir!

Forged Steel Head:

The head is made of drop forged steel that has been tampered with and hardened for added strength and toughness. The fiberglass handle prevents cracking and resists miss-hits so new users can use it without fear their hands will be harmed by a broken or cracked part in the metal.

  • Well balanced
  • Comes sharp
  • Overstrike protection
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Hard steel material
  • Not expensive
  • Handle bit sticky when wet

5. Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Axe

Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Axe or Sparrow Double Tactical Axe

Here’s an axe for a little more personality. If you want to act out your dreams of becoming a hero whilst doing yard work, this is the axe for you.

The special tapered axe head was built of super-strong chromium steel in the manner of the ancient Nordics. This double bit axe is a rare small, and well-balanced axe that would be ideal for axe throwing.

The Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Axe isn’t all for display. A skilled blacksmith forged and ground the axe handle, and this completely working axe is sharp and sturdy enough for most types of slicing and cutting work.

The nylon fiberglass handle is not just for grip. It also has finger grooves that make it very comfortable to hold!

The axe’s designers chose to keep it straight by not treating the ash tree wood shaft. While this gives it a more rustic and authentically old-fashioned appearance, it also makes the axe’s handle more susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature fluctuations. If the circumstances are especially difficult, we recommend using a harder axe.

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Key Features:

Black Oxide Finish:

The head is ideal for hacking, slicing, and breaking. The black oxide finish on the weapon prevents corrosion while it’s not in use; a military-grade 1680D sheath ensures that the blade stays secure when you’re done using it!

Nylon Fiberglass Handle:

The nylon fiberglass handle has finger grooves which can make for a strong grip while still feeling very relaxed.

Military Grade 1680D sheath:

The lanyard hole is the best way to hold your Sidewinder. It’s not rated for throwing, so don’t get too carried away with it!

  • Super sharp blade
  • Easy to carry
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tomahawk style
  • Sturdy
  • The sheath is a bit tight

Final Words

When it comes to axes, there’s no wrong answer. We all have our favorites, and we try not to judge too much, but each axe listed on this list is the perfect choice for you just as long as your preferences are met.

There are several varieties of axes available on the market. These all have different applications, but they all serve the same purpose: cutting.

Our top choice is the “Helko Werk Hinterland Double Bit Axe“. It has all of the standard features at a good price for premium quality, and our experts found no bad feedback about its effectiveness.

The hickory handle is not just robust, it’s powerful! The head itself has an awesome Scandinavian design and feel that will delight any woodworker.

It’s a luxury that you’ll be proud to pass down for generations or even just use as your everyday tool!

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