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Top 10 Best Chef’s Knives in 2021



chef knife

Any job is easier when you are using the right equipment and gets much harder whenever you are forced to use something inferior.

This goes for everything from stock car racing all the way down to the simple task of cutting meat and chopping vegetables.

If you haven’t outfitted your kitchen with the proper cutting utensils, you’re working too hard every time you carve a turkey, slice up a steak, or just dice up fruit for your protein shake.

Don’t let something as weak as poor cutlery make your life harder.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of the kitchen, a professional of the pantry or just a person that wants a knife to do as it is supposed to, choosing a good chef’s knife is important.

Chef’s blades are slightly different than average kitchen knives in that they are intended to reduce user fatigue, maintain an edge for longer periods, and give you a versatile cutting ability so that you don’t need to change instruments partway through your culinary symphony.

Certainly, you don’t need to be a chef to appreciate these fine knives, but it helps that each of our 10 best chef’s knives are all professional grade.


For Beginners: The price and the style of this knife just calls out for the home cook who needs a good knife for everyday use.

The stainless steel blade has a high carbon content to hold an edge longer, while the conical grinding of the blade allows you to cut easily from any angle with equal effectiveness.

The Fibrox handle prevents slipping and is easy on the hands. Even if you aren’t acclimated to gripping a blade for long chopping sessions, you won’t tire out.

Just don’t give it to your girlfriend when she is mad at you, as its perfect balance makes it exceptional for throwing.


Ergonomic: It is easy to get turned off of the Zyliss because the price tag makes it seem like a cheap blade.

Admittedly, it won’t hold an edge as long as many others, and you aren’t likely to find it in many high-end kitchens.

On the other hand, anyone who suffers from arthritis, hand cramps, carpal tunnel, or standard slicer’s fatigue will probably keep one on hand because the handle is so buttery smooth and ergonomically designed that it is very easy on the fingers and wrists.

It will need a little more TLC to keep it in top condition, but holding it is like shaking hands with an easy chair.

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Cleaver Blade: Chef’s knives are often large and unwieldy for smaller users.

This one is favored by those of diminutive stature with smaller hands or those that feel they need a little more control over their blade.

It is made with high-carbon-steel in the traditional Wusthof quality, so it will outlive you.

It comes in 5 or 7-inch options, which are easier for smaller chefs. It is a cleaver blade-stylee making it excellent for chopping meats and mincing vegetables.

No one will laugh at the size of your knife after they try it out.

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Global 8.25″ Heavyweight Chef’s Knife

Heavy Cutter: Global is known for making chef’s knives that add a little extra heft for hard-core slicing and dicing.

This model is a molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel that can hold an edge for ages and take Gordon Ramsay-level abuse.

Many people enjoy the smooth design wherein the blade and handle are one, offering a greater sense of accuracy.

It is 8 1/4 inches making it slightly longer than average, but the svelte handle works for cooks of any size.

The point angle is slightly more acute for easier rocking, and the weight helps with serious chopping.

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Light as a Feather: If you’ve ever been sitting right at the bar at Benihana’s, then odds are you have seen one of these whipping past your face at subsonic speeds.

The blade is made of Damascus steel that has been hand-hammered for a textured look that also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

It has a thinner design that comes with a 16-degree blade angle, which is 4-6 degrees less than most European knives, so it bears a razor’s keenness.

Though the handle is Pakkawood, the entire knife is dishwasher safe.

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Most Versatile: The next time you want to complain to a professional chef about a meal, this is probably what they are going to grab to threaten you with because very few restaurant kitchens don’t have one of these around.

The body is a classic full tang, 3 rivet style. The blade is carved down and sharpened by Wusthof’s laser technology to create and retain a sharper edge, which is then hand sharpened until it is ready for surgery.

The composition is high-carbon stainless steel that needs minimal maintenance. It comes in any size you desire.

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Forever Sharp: Great cooks that are lazy about their equipment tend to love this Henckels because it stays sharp endlessly.

The reason for this is the blade is made from a single piece of stainless steel that is then ice-hardened as it is being made, which allows it to retain a particular shape once it has been set.

The polypropylene handle is comfortable without feeling soft or giving, so fatigue is greatly reduced. The design is new for Henckels with a full tang body and capped handle.

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Ceramic Slicer: Traditionally, ceramic chef’s knives have not been able to break into the big time.

Issues with dulling, snapping, chipping, and myriad other problems have held them back. No longer.

The Kyocera is a zirconium oxide blade that actually works better than many of its true metal counterparts since it can keep an edge for ages longer.

It is made by a diamond grinding process that hones it to microscopically precise levels.

It also resists all of the corrosive materials that can ruin a good metal knife over time.

Add in a perfect balance with the resin handle and a low price, and you might find yourself a ceramic convert.

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Long Blade: It is a rare chef – or a giant – that actually prefers a 10″ blade, but when that is the only thing that will cut the mustard, then there is no substitution for this beauty.

The gentle downward arc helps anyone cut from a standard angle without strain.

The high-carbon steel is easy to sharpen and clean, while the African blackwood handle is shaped with ergonomics in mind and to help work with the weight of the blade for fast, smooth action.

Even if you’ve never considered changing for longer chef’s knives, this will make a believer out of you.

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Buying Guide

No matter what cutlery and culinary tools you own, chef’s knives are almost always included. A high-quality chef’s knife can last for years. Most brands are very durable and can last several years if properly cared for. But if you’re not a skilled chef, or perhaps someone who cooks occasionally, you probably don’t want to invest a fortune in knives. Still, to get some great budget-friendly yet really good alternatives, searched on Amazon for your best kitchen and chef’s knives reviewed by the most passionate reviewers. Here are my picks for the top five best brands and their best sellers.

If you are looking for a great multi-purpose knife, the Swiss army knife is an excellent choice. It’s extremely sharp, holds up to multiple cutting tasks, and even has a beautiful design with an etched blade and clip point tip. The Swiss army knife is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a comfortable nylon sleeve and handle, making it comfortable to hold. Even if you are a beginning chef and are just trying to prep food, this multi-functional knife will serve you well. It also comes with a comfortable, red leather carrying case.

best chefs knives

The Villaware Collection offers many single-bladed, comfortable-to-hold, multipurpose knives that are perfect for a wide variety of cutting tasks. They are made of high-quality, stain-resistant stainless steel and come in various colorful designs, including plaids and checks. There are several models with a serrated blade and also include a scoped blade for precision cutting. The knives are comfortable to hold, and the blade slots easily into the handle, making it easy to open and close. The sheath is removable and lightweight, which allows you to carry them around safely.

The Villaware Chef knife line includes the following single blade, multi-bladed, comfortable to hold, and versatile cutting tools: The Sthof SS knives, which include the traditional style ball and socket construction, the patented v-groove cutting edge, and the V Grind edge, which creates a smooth, fine-edged edge. The blade locks open with a one-piece lock and a one-half-inch handle size, making these chef knives ideal for any size hands. These knives are very comfortable to hold and have a two-way blade opening system with an included pocket clip. The blade is fully tempered for optimum performance and is made from strong, lightweight stainless steel.

The Villaware Mac knives are made of solid, durable materials and are made to exacting standards. The blades are ergonomically designed and are fully functional with precise sharpening, and are ergonomically contoured for ease of use. The blade is made of high-quality, lightweight stainless steel. They also come with an eight-position bevel for optimal sharpening. The handle is full leather and textured for grip. Overall, the knife is pretty small but comes in a pinky finger guard that is perfect for those little grip quirks.

Japanese knives are also known as Wusthof knives and were first introduced in Japan in 1976. They are the maker of the original chef’s knife and were the first to incorporate a pocket clip. The traditional design is a flipper on a wood block with the blade lined up with the sharp point facing out. These knives are available in several different blade styles such as drop point, dull and high carbon. Some of the more common designs include the straight, drop-point, western, and sambo. The Wusthof Classic Series, which is offered in everything from steak knives to pocket knives, is one of their more popular lines.

For those who are looking for a good quality multi-purpose knife to create a variety of recipes, a Schrade Trimpsmith Grand Master is a great choice. This knife has a traditional design, with a full back-strapped knife opening and an L-shaped clip for storage. While it isn’t actually a chef’s knife, this is a very good all-purpose multi-purpose knife that will please the chef at heart.

For a more heavy-duty style of knife, a Remington might be a good choice. Many westerners favor them for taking down larger animals such as a hog. The durability of these makes them ideal for this use; however, they do need some assembly and are usually rather large. Some lighter-duty ones are easier to assemble but also have a more casual look. Overall, all of the knives mentioned above offer good options for just about any type of chef.

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