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Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

by The Mind Blown

The perfect gaming mouse can be the difference between victory and defeat. As video game lovers, you know how important a good mouse is for your gameplay – it’s what sets you apart from other players! We’ve compiled some of our favorite budget-friendly mice that will make an excellent addition to any gamer’s arsenal without breaking the bank too much.

For avid gamers, it is essential to have a gaming mouse that will help them play and compete at their best. We tried many expensive mice but surprisingly found some of these affordable ones perform just as well!.

The best gaming mouse is essential for serious gamers. It helps them play comfortably and gives some extra features that make the game easier to play. Why would anyone want to spend a lot of money on a mouse when you could buy one at an affordable price? We tested all those mice, checking user reviews too, so here are our recommendations for the best inexpensive gaming mice

What’s the best budget gaming mouse? That question is difficult to answer, but with our list of 9 great cheap mice, you should find something that suits your needs. Some of your favorites are on Amazon, and you can find them all here!

How to Choose Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice can be expensive, and for those who want a budget-friendly option, there are always new choices. The best cheap gaming mouse comes down to preference, but the main thing you should look out for is whether or not it has features that will suit your needs. If you’re a gamer who likes to play first-person shooter games and need quick buttons, having five buttons will help out by adding more options during battle time.

Every person has in her mind some specific features to choose the best budget gaming mouse. It depends on what kind of user you are, like light or not, different grip choices, and so forth. Let’s talk about how there are three kinds of grips people love–the palm grip is the most popular one for many gamers since it feels comfortable. They can use all their fingers easily without trouble when controlling buttons (even though I prefer tip-grip style).

With the right gaming mouse, you can make your victory in a game so much more satisfying. Shooters are most popular – they’re comfortable and similar to other normal mice for many shooting gamer users.

Those MOBA or MMO mice have many buttons that make multiplayer online games quick and easy with their great design features! Ambidextrous Mice? Well, those perfect for left-handed gamers like me who want total control over what happens on screen without having to switch hands constantly between keyboarding & playing.

The best way to find out which type of device is best suited just for you: try them all until one feels natural as if it’s been made specifically by taking into account every ounce of detail about how you play video games; not judging!

Mobile mice are the perfect gaming accessory for your laptop! The small size and wireless capability make them best-suited to gamers. They’re also designed with a tip grip, making it easy to use outside on hard surfaces too.

The best cheap gaming mouse you can buy today

1. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is undoubtedly the best cheap gaming mouse on the market. It has a sleek design, and its shape allows for more comfort during long games of FPS shooting. Have you already played with this mouse? You’ll know what I’m talking about when you feel how comfortable it feels to play an entire game!

The weight of the 3.7 oz gaming mouse makes it easy to use and maneuver as you play your favorite game! It has an optical sensor that can be adjusted up to 10,000 DPI depending on what type of sensitivity best suits your needs.

There are 16 million colors in this LED light, making playing more enjoyable with its wide range of customization options, including different lighting modes and settings, so you can have the perfect atmosphere wherever you may find yourself at any given moment while using our new friend here!

Features: Buttons: 2, Weight: 3.7 oz, DPI: 10000, Lighting: Yes, Laser Optical: Yes

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - Rubberized Side Grips - Classic Black
12,067 Reviews
Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - Rubberized Side Grips - Classic Black
  • Focus 20K DPI Optical Sensor: Auto-calibrates across mouse mat and reduces cursor drift from lift-off and landing for industry-leading precision. Razer Optical Switches – 70M Click Durability
  • 3x Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches: New Razer optical mouse switches uses light beam-based actuation, registering button presses at the speed of light
  • Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting: Supports 16.8 million colors w, included preset profiles; syncs with gameplay and Razer Chroma-enabled peripherals and Philips Hue products
  • 8 Programmable Buttons: Allows for button remapping and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3
  • Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance: Razer Speedflex cables eliminate the need for mouse bungees, drastically reducing weight and drag for absolute control
  • High polling rate.
  • Low click latency.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Great build quality.
  • No weight optimization.

2. SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3  has a fabulous sensitive sensor and zero acceleration, making it excellent for gamers of any skill level! Its weight is just right, too: 4.6 oz., so you won’t feel like your arm will fall off while playing that extended League game with friends! SteelSeries offers more than 16 million colors to choose from for the lighting circles as well!

The design of this black beauty makes gamers even happier about their purchase decision – especially if they want something modern yet sleek-looking.

The choice is up to you, but I can assure you this one will be your best bet. Not only have I been using it for ages now and love the results – but my friends also love it!

Features: Buttons: 8, Weight: 4.6 oz, DPI: 6500, Lighting: Yes, Laser Optical: Yes

  • Attractive, simple, and sturdy design
  • Wireless and optically advanced
  • Great low starting price
  • Designed for right-handed use only
  • Lacks battery low warning indicator
  • Poor battery conservation

4. Redragon M601

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Wired

Redragon M601 is one of our favorites because of its design. In our best budget cheap gaming mouse review, this one is the best attractive gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is very stylish and well-designed to use smoothly.

Its weight is also comfortable for the user. Weight is 4.6 oz, and its DPI is 2000. It is a laser optical mouse with different stylish red backlights for an epic look.

Redragon m601 is an excellent cheap gaming mouse with great sensitive sensors. That’s why we strongly recommend it for you if you want the best budget gaming mouse.

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Wired

Features• Buttons: 6• Weight: 4.6 oz• DPI: 2000• Lighting: Yes• Laser Optical: Yes

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Wired with red LED, 3200 DPI 6 Buttons Ergonomic CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse for PC
488 Reviews
Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Wired with red LED, 3200 DPI 6 Buttons Ergonomic CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse for PC
  • Ergonomic Redragon M601 Centrophorus Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI (800/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment) , 3600 FPS, 15G ACC super fast game engine
  • 5 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) and LED color options. (LED may be disabled)
  • Durable smooth TEFLON feet and contoured body for ultimate gaming control. Quality ABS construction and two programmable side buttons
  • 6ft high-strength braided fiber cable, anti-skid scroll wheel, and red backlighting
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or later operating system. Package contents: CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse, tuning weights, and user manual
  • Adjustable weights.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Mouse software directly from Redragon.
  • Some may prefer more mouse buttons.
  • You’re locked at a limit of DPI.

5. Logitech G402

Logitech G402

Logitech is a famous manufacturer of gaming mice. Logitech G402 has excellent features and high quality, making it an ideal option for FPS gamers.

It reaches 4000 DPI at maximum, with eight buttons to ensure comfort while playing games online! Its weight also feels comfortable as well – 3.7 oz only! And lastly, this cheap gaming mouse comes with a fast 32-bit ARM processor that lets you play any game faster than ever before!

If you’re looking for a good gaming mouse to play the game online, we recommend this best one. It can give you an edge in your next battle!

Logitech G402

Features• Buttons: 8• Weight: 3.7 oz• DPI: 4000• Lighting: Yes• Laser Optical: Yes

Logitech G402 Optical Gaming Mouse Hyperion Fury USB 8 Buttons, 910-004067 (Hyperion Fury USB 8 Buttons)
4,719 Reviews
Logitech G402 Optical Gaming Mouse Hyperion Fury USB 8 Buttons, 910-004067 (Hyperion Fury USB 8 Buttons)
  • High-Speed Tracking: Fusion engine delivers one of the highest gaming mouse tracking speeds of up to 500 IPS
  • Eight Programmable Buttons: Customise your wired Logitech gaming mouse and enjoy default configuration straight out of the box or set up one-button triggers personal to you and save them to your G402 USB gaming mouse
  • On-The-Fly DPI: Shift through up to four DPI settings, from pixel-precise targeting (250 DPI) to lightning-fast manoeuvres (4000 DPI)
  • Advanced Response Rate: With a 1MS report rate, you can be confident that no matter how precise or fast your moves are with this laptop, Mac or PC gaming mouse, they will be communicated to the game at the highest possible speed
  • Comfortable Design: Lightweight materials, rubber grips and low friction feet help ensure that your computer gaming sessions last as long as you can.World’s NO.1 Best Selling Gaming Gear Brand: Based on independent aggregated sales data (FEB ‘19 - FEB’20) of Gaming Keyboard, Mice, & PC Headset in units

  • Great ergonomics
  • Nice customizable software
  • Very lightweight
  • Great button positioning
  • DPI on-the-fly switch
  • No real macro capability

6. Razer DeathAdder Expert

Razer DeathAdder Expert

The Razer DeathAdder Expert has everything a gamer needs. This mouse is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the buttons are easily accessible for immediate response times. The optical sensor offers 4,000 DPI, so you have precise control over how quickly or slowly your cursor moves on screen while playing games fast or slow. It comes with five buttons, so you’ll have all key commands within easy reach no matter what gameplay style suits you best! It is an excellent choice; as cons, it has no lighting system.

Razer DeathAdder Expert

Features: Buttons: 5, Weight: 12.3 oz, DPI: 6400, Lighting: No, Laser Optical: Yes

Razer DeathAdder Expert - Optical Esports Ergonomic Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse - 6,400 Adjustible DPI
3,201 Reviews
Razer DeathAdder Expert - Optical Esports Ergonomic Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse - 6,400 Adjustible DPI
  • 6400dpi 4G Optical Sensor
  • Improved ergonomic side grips
  • Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Nice and big thumb buttons
  • Nice and satisfactory click when pressing buttons
  • Available for both right and left-handed persons
  • DPI and polling rate settings
  • Rubber side grips tend to collect sweat and grime over time

7. Logitech G602

Logitech G602

Logitech G602 is a wireless gaming mouse that has a trendy and elegant design. The performance of this stylish device will make you feel like you’re winning every game with ease thanks to its high technology that gives 2500 DPI on-the-fly adjustments.

You can use it for more than 250 hours on one single battery. The high accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology makes playing games easy and enjoyable.

At the same time, the Power Saving feature of this Logitech Mouse saves you time on your battery life so that you can game all day long! We recommend it as an affordable option to anyone looking for quality at a reasonable price point because Logitech really knows what they are doing when designing their mice!

Logitech G602

Features: Buttons: 1, Weight: 13 oz, DPI: 2500, Lighting: No, Wireless: Yes, Laser Optical: Yes

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Upto 2500 DPI
13,325 Reviews
Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Upto 2500 DPI
  • Upto 250 hours of battery life (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
  • Power saving, high accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology. Try tracking on a different surface
  • Lag free gaming grade wireless, performance and endurance modes maximize battery life
  • Long life buttons rated to 20 million clicks, 11 programmable buttons. Dimensions-Mouse-5.5 L x 3.3 W x 1.7 H inches. Receiver-0.7 L x 0.5 W x 0.2 H inches
  • For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. For more details go through the "System Requirements" mentioned below
  • Wireless
  • Twelve buttons
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Good driver suite
  • Great sensor
  • No real macro capability

8. Redragon M901

Redragon M901

The next best budget gaming mouse is another Redragon. The M901 programmable laser gaming mouse looks awesome, has a great build quality, and fits nicely in your hand with its size.

The most impressive thing about this device is the bottoms, which include six standard buttons and 12 side buttons that can be programmed to suit your needs!

This device also comes with 16 million color options and 16400 DPI, so it’s perfect for any gamer out there looking for their ideal piece of equipment at a low cost! We strongly recommend checking out this fantastic option if you want something affordable yet high-quality mouse.

Redragon M901

Features: Buttons: 18, Weight: 5.3 ounces, DPI: 16400, Lighting: Yes, Wireless: No, Laser Optical: Yes

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse MMO RGB LED Backlit Mice 12400 DPI Perdition with 18 Programmable Buttons Weight Tuning for Windows PC Gaming (Black)
8,690 Reviews
Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse MMO RGB LED Backlit Mice 12400 DPI Perdition with 18 Programmable Buttons Weight Tuning for Windows PC Gaming (Black)
  • WIRED GAMING MOUSE; built for PC Gamers -Optical Gaming Mouse up to 12400 DPI via software, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 50G acceleration. The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy while the Micro Switch ensure longevity, greater durability
  • LED RGB BACKLIT PROGRAMMABLE GAMING MOUSE; 18 programmable buttons, 5 Memory Profiles each with distinct LED color option for quick identification. Comes with 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8) and Breathing Effects. (LED Backlight can be disabled)
  • ERGONOMIC GAMER MOUSE DESIGN; Ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand, reduces stress with superior productivity and efficiency. Give an extremely gaming experience during sessions.
  • HIGH-END PC GAMING MOUSE FEATURES; 7 Mouse Buttons PLUS 12 MMO programmable side buttons. Total 19 buttons. Fire button, Pulsing Breathing light color modes. Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads for ultimate gaming control
  • PC GAMING MOUSE COMPATIBILTY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Comes with 6 foot high-speed braided fibre cable and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection
  • Powerful 16,400 CPI laser sensor
  • Textured surface
  • Customizable weights.
  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Heavy at 150 grams.
  • Quite large.

9. Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 HERO

This Logitech gaming mouse is called the G502 Hero. It may be a little more expensive than other ones. Still, it’s also one of the best-selling models out there.

For a good reason – this Proteus Spectrum RGB tunable gaming mouse has an accurate and responsive advanced optical sensor that delivers next-level gameplay performance. The design mirrors what you’ll find with most Logitech mice, so no surprises here.

The 11 programmable buttons will let you fly across them without missing any critical inputs during gameplay while still being comfortable to use, thanks to its 4.3-ounce weight and 12000 DPI sensitivity levels!

Features: Buttons: 11, Weight: 4.3 ounces, DPI: 25600, Lighting: Yes, Wireless: No, Laser Optical: Yes

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weights, 11 Programmable Buttons, On-Board Memory, PC / Mac
35,009 Reviews
Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weights, 11 Programmable Buttons, On-Board Memory, PC / Mac
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400-plus ips, and 100 - 25,600 max dpi sensitivity plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
  • 11 customizable buttons and onboard memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready to play profiles directly to the mouse
  • Adjustable weight system: Arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning
  • Programmable RGB Lighting and Lightsync technology: Customize lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors to match your team's colors, sport your own or sync colors with other Logitech G gear
  • Mechanical switch button tensioning: Metal spring tensioning system and pivot hinges are built into left and right gaming mouse buttons for a crisp, clean click feel with rapid click feedback
  • Best scroll wheel
  • Flawless performance
  • Glides well
  • RGB lighting
  • Extra buttons are prone to accidental missclicks

10. HAVIT HV-MS672

Our last best gaming mouse is HAVIT HV MS672, and it’s a very affordable one for anyone. It isn’t always true that you have to spend big in order to get the perfect mouse. Sometimes good ones cost few bucks!

The design of this eye-catching gaming mouse will amaze everyone who sees it, not just thanks to its cool look but also because of how well it performs. This wired model has an impressive DPI setting at 3200 and seven different Kinds of Circular & Colorful Breathing Light.

It is easy to use and fits naturally in your hand. Its six bottoms are strategically placed for you to grip it comfortably during long hours of playing games on the computer. This affordable option comes with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty so that if anything goes wrong within this period, you can get a replacement without any worries!

If you need one at around 10-20 bucks, then I would strongly recommend giving this low-priced gaming mouse a try. After using this budget option, people were surprised by how well it performed compared to other high-priced models on the market today.

Features: Buttons: 6, Weight: 5.1 ounces, DPI: 32000, Lighting: Yes, Wireless: No, Laser Optical: Yes

  • Good ergonomics
  • 4 level DPI switch
  • Durable wire cord.
  • Buttons are not programmable

Best Gaming Mouse Buyer’s guide

Our modern world has many technologies, but the best ones are usually found with a little digging. If you want to pick what’s right for your needs, it helps if you know where to look and how to use all these features. You have to remember that not every feature is going to be useful in your specific situation. However – some things might work great for one person while others won’t need them at all!

DPI: DPI is the number of dots per inch, and it will indicate how sensitive your mouse moves. You have to check DPI before choosing a gaming mouse because different mice are made for various needs and sensitivity levels. A high-DPI mouse with increased speed can be preferable in games to one with minor sensitivity. You’ll need to figure out what works best for your specific game style!

Weight: You may be wondering why your mouse weight matters. Well, a good weight will make it easier for you to use the device without any discomfort over an extended period.

Lighting: Lighting is a cool feature for a gaming mouse. Suppose you want a wireless gaming mouse, then buy a mouse without light because light mousse can kill your mouse battery life.

Wireless: A wireless mouse with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is a must for quick access to your computer. Wireless mice are perfect for people who want more control over their work or play on the PC but don’t like cords around

Buttons: The buttons on a gaming mouse are essential for gamers. However, the design plays a vital role in how easy it is to use all of them at once.

Acceleration: Acceleration is essential for a gaming mouse, as it affects how fast or slow the cursor moves on screen. You need to choose what suits your needs! There are three types of acceleration: you will have to decide which one best fits your preferences.

Sensor: We all know that gaming mice use two types of sensors, the laser sensor and the optical one. While there are pros and cons to both, it’s not entirely clear which is better – but many people seem to agree on one thing: Opticals work best for rough surfaces!

Left-Hander, Right Hander or Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse 

If you are left-handed, your options for gaming mice are limited to just a few models. Most manufacturers shy away from releasing mice that are only designed for the needs of left-handers. These gadgets typically have low DPI and offer fewer buttons than would ordinarily be appropriate

You may have noticed that top-of-the-line gaming mice are usually designed for right-handed players. But don’t despair lefties! These days there’s an increasing number of ambidextrous mice on the market, and you can even switch them, so they’re appropriate to your hand preference.


You can still get a great mouse without paying the expensive price tag. There are many options out there that have high DPI and polling rates at an affordable cost, so you’re not sacrificing performance if all else fails.

However, when selecting your next peripheral, it’s important to think about what type of features work best with your gaming style; some mice offer more buttons while others might be better ergonomically designed depending on which hand is dominant (usually only right-handed).

The first and foremost thing to consider when choosing the type of mouse is its shape. For the most part, there are two types: ambidextrous or ergonomic. While it might seem like a simple enough choice that right-handed people should choose an ergonomic design while left-handers have whatever they can get their hands on, how you hold your favorite pointing device also makes a huge difference too!

With so many different mouse shapes and sizes, it can be hard to find the right one for you. You need a good grip that will help with the strain on your wrist while also preventing damage from carpal tunnel syndrome. To make things easier, there are two primary types of grips: palm and claw grippers. For palms (with tall backs), look for mice like Razer’s DeathAdder V2; this is perfect if you have larger hands as well!

Claw-gripping gamers should get a smaller-sized mouse such as Logitech G305s or even gaming laptops, which often come equipped with their own built-in trackpad–this way, they’ll never run out of space again!

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